About the Mother of the World

«The word «preOBRAZHENIE» (TRANSFORMATION) opens the most ancient SacRAl Mystery about the Phenomenon of the Great Mother of Light — «The Wife Clothed with the Sun». Pre Obraz (Image) ZHENY (Wife), i.e. Face and Image of the Mother of the World — Sophia the Wisdom of Light is Opening to the world. The World Soul, Which with Her Imperishable Light, TRAnsforms the consciousness of the Earth, Revealing to mankind the Real World of Spirit. And a person sees, transforms in the spirit, knows his First-Origin of Creation, acquires true spirituality. This is — the Ancientest Progenitress of the Solar System the Mother of the World Sva, or «Matari Sva» (Aryans’ Mother Sva). She is Kabbalists’ Ein-Sof, Siriusian-Surian Sophis-Sothis — Isis, Judaic Shekinah, Buddhists’ Tara, Slavic BAGARADANA, Sophia the Wise. This is the Prime-Energy of all structure of the Universe: the Mother of RA, She Who Procreated all habitable World of Spirit and Matter from the Lightbringer Womb. The World of Matter is called in honor of the Mother-Progenitress: Mother and «I» (Az). Ancient ancestors of the human race revered the Mother of the World Sophia the Wise as the One Universal Mother of All Existence. The period of patriarchy completely washed out from consciousness of earthlings «Image of Wife», the Great Mother, Whose Reflection carries the genetic memory of mankind.

Today, it is time to return the Ancient Doctrine of Sophia the Wisdom, Whose Name is called holy cathedrals. And it's THAT Time of Sophia, which sages and prophets, thinkers and philosophers have long dreamed of and heralded. And among them: Jesus CHRISTOS, Giordano Bruno, Nostradamus, Vladimir Solovyov, S.Bulgakov, poets Blok and Beliy, D.Andreev, Jacob Boehme, Paracelsus, Swedenborg, Helena and Nicholas Roerich, A.Teodoridi, Vanga and many other. I say nothing of numerous ancient sources of Hyperborea, Schumer, Ancient Egypt and artifacts of all continents, opening up the truth about the hIsTory and Creation of the Universe. And the Absolute of Universe — Primordial Ein-Sof — Sophia the Wisdom, the Great Mother of All Things Was Creating the World of Spirit and Matter!» («Духовное сохранение генофонда современной цивилизации на пике смены Формаций в Преддверии Квантового Скачка Солнечной Системы»).

Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya
Виктория ПреобРАженская. О Матери Мира

The Book «About the Mother of the World»

In the New Book of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya the main Quotations about Sophia the Wisdom of Light are Collected from the Teaching and Fragments of the SacRAl Poetry of the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS. This will make it easier for the learners to study this Topic, and also will literally quote the Author, using this Book, as a manual for studying the Inexhaustible Treasury of the World Feminine — the Mother of the World, the Revelator and the Spiritual Teacher of the New Age of the Holy Spirit — the Age of Aquarius. The Book is designed for a selected circle of readers interested in this topic.

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Cosmic Meaning of the Name of the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS

The Great Sun of Glory Mother of the World Rises above the planet. And soon the Energy of the Holy Spirit will tRAnsform the world with Light. The Great BAGHAMAT — Mother of all Bha, the Supreme Truth and the Light of Lights in the Universe — Ein-Sof, Sophia the Wisdom of Light — Matari, MARIA — Mother of Aryans, Ist — Truth, Who Was Born Everything.

The Name of the Supreme Goddess Person: MARIA DEVI CHRISTOS. Here is Its literal Esoteric Meaning: Maria (Army) MA — Mother of Aria; DEVI (Knowledge of BHA) — the Sovereign Aegis Almighty Isis (Isida, Is Ast — Star, sida — sitting; Jesus, Isus — Is — Isis, us — throne: Seated on the Throne of Sirius, and Throne — is the name of the planet Sirius and, at the same time, the Symbol of Isis); CHRISTOS (ХРИСТОС)CHR (ХР) — Female Chromosome of Rus, Light, HR (ХР) — Chorus, Sun, IS — Isis, Truth, Key of Life — Key of Life, OS — Osiris, Light (Orion-Sirius). Let read the Name — Cosmic Abbreviation from right to left: SOTSIRHC (СОТСИРХ)SOTIs (Sophia) Sirius, Х — is a symbol of two worlds (Spiritual and Earthly, two PyRAmides — upper and lower). VibRAtion of SacRAl Name of the Mother of the World — Strikes hordes of dark reptilians. Who is afraid to say This Sacred Name is in the power of Seth's servants and is surrounded by darkness, who hates This Name — will lose cosmic memory forever and will follow the dark ones. It is such harsh Truth from the Mother of the World — AvaTARA of the Age of Aquarius.

But the Mercy of the Mother of the World is Unlimited! She Loves Her Child, no matter how careless it was. She will surely Give the Chance of Salvation to every soul. And if the world renounces the mark of the beast «666», — the Kingdom of Light will Open for everyone at the same time!

Mother of the World

Prophecies about the Phenomenon of the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS

The Phenomenon of the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS

«A quarter of century on Earth is residing the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS. Her Epochal Phenomenon Was Made of 11 Nissans 1990 on the 48th degree (Donetsk), as well as Nostradamus and other prophets, Saint aged men and clairvoyants has foretold. And at 50 degrees (Kiev), the Phenomenon of the Truth of the Mother of the World was fulfilled. And This Phenomenon Was Open to all, but only sighted knew their Savior. 25 years Mother of the World Prepares the Planetary Transition to the New Formation of the Sixth RAce of the planet Earth and the entire Solar System. Soon Complete Quantization of Spaces and Ethereals of the Overground World Will Made» («THE EPOCHAL PHENOMENON OF THE MOTHER OF THE WORLD: 11 OF NISAN 1990»).

Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya

Spiritual Heritage of the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS

Учение Матери Мира Марии ДЭВИ ХРИСТОС

The Teaching of Maria DEVI CHRISTOS

The Book «The Terrestrial Way of Mother of the World»

«The Terrestrial Way of Mother of the World» — It Is the Book-Revelation, the Book-Testimony, the Book-Scripture. This — is an Autobiographical Narration, which opens not only the Hidden Pages of Life, but also the events of Apocalyptic time, which was predicted in the «Revelation of John». These are Valuable hIsTORical Facts from the Life and Work of the Messiah of the Age of Aquarius, the Woman-Warrior, the Woman-Pioneer — Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, Who Threw the Challenge Whole Patriarchal World.

This Book — is Sacred. And will Serve as a Talisman for those who crave the Salvation of the soul and the Coming TRAnsformation…

Author's Film «CHRISTOS-SOPHIA — Is the Savior of Rus»

In the film, the Basic Aspects of the Teaching of the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS; were Expounded from the First Person; the Mysteries of Being: past, present and future of mankind were Revealed; the plans of the world government to enslave the earth were Exposed.

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«The Terrestrial Way of Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS»