Basic Formulas (BlokInformation)

The Teaching of Maria DEVI CHRISTOS — is the Science of Light, about the Device of the World, the whole System of Universe, about the Absolute Love, about the Transformation and Fohatization of humanity. This is the Universal Teaching Disclosing the EsoTeric Secrets of the Divine World.

Main Aspects — include notions about the Supreme Divine Person, the New Time Circle, which includes the planet Earth; the reincarnation of Divine Monads; Future; Thin Angelic and Spiritual Worlds; Transformation of earthlings; the Law of Eternity is revealed. The microstructure of the human aura; diagnosis of the state of mind and body; EsoTerism of the Cosmic-Divine ProgRAm «USMALOS», etc are also Revealed.

In these Records Data was Emphasizes entry into the Intra-Divine Sacraments of Space and Light.

The Mother of the World

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