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«...There is nothing concealed that will not be revealed! Over the 26 Fire YEARS of The Messianic Way the Incarnate Mother of the World Has Given earthlings Everything they need for Eternity and Immortality of soul. KNOWLEDGE of Wise Sophia — is Sacred and Priceless. All That is Stated to Her Word, Written by Hand, sounded by Voice — are Shining Gold Placers of Multicolored of Her WORLD. Eternal Kingdom of Light, where The Queen — Reigning Aegis — is Lighting the whole UNIVERSE with Her Light. This is Gold of Spirit. World of Light, Harmony, Perfection. Single Sophia Loves Her UNIVERSE and Responsibilities for It. Invasion of the darks to Her Planet — is the test for earthlings, check on Fidelity to Consubstantial Mother. Will they remember? Will they call Her Holy Spirit, Light Spirit for help? Only with Her Name on the lips and in the heart — you can overcome all obstacles and difficulties on the Way to Light. The wayfarer with the luminaire in heart will not go astray and will reach Inspiration Top. Weak in spirit, unsure of Strength and Power of the Wise Sophia will shudder. Only the long-suffering, loving and faithful Will Be Gathered under the Wings of Sophia and have not known death» (Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya. «LADY OF SUNRISE», 21.09.2016)