Musical and Theatrical Mystery «The Wife of Orion» of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya

Director: V.V. PreobRAzhenskaya.

Author of the Scenario: V.V. PreobRAzhenskaya.

Composer: V.V. PreobRAzhenskaya.

Music and execution: V.V. PreobRAzhenskaya.

The Musical and Theatrical Mystery was created based on poetic, piece on music and «SacRAl Book of Isis» of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya.

The epoch of Aquarius creates in the Universe the New Mystery of the Mother of the World, Goddess Isis of ten thousand Names.

At an entrance into a sacred Labyrinth (a wheel of reincarnations) stands Horus, Son of Isis. He symbolizes humanity. Before Horus, there is a heavy way of risings and fallings, the path of the warrior which leads to perfection. Horus wanders in the Labyrinth of Time. But it is time to leave the Labyrinth already, having found the Way to the Bosom of the Great Mother of Light. Horus hears the Call of the Goddess, and connects with the Great Mother, Glorifying Her, covered by the Gold of Her Universal Wings. At last, He has found Himself, and cognized the Truth.

Next: the Ascension of Horus into the Kingdom of Light: the Starry Rostau-Duat, where Orion (Osiris) and Sirius (Isis) wait for Horus to unite with the Father (Osiris). Isis-Sotis and the Star Hierarchy, on the way of Ascension of Horus into the Heavenly Duat, help Him to become «A star, as a live soul...». Horus comprehends Eternity...

At the same time the Wife of Orion, the Goddess Isis, soaring in the form of White Bird over the renovated Earth, enters into the fourth dimension. She admires the Beauty and Harmony of the new world created by Her. She has won a Victory over the Dragon who constantly pursued «The Wife and Her Seed» on the Earth. The dragon made slaves of humanity, having put on all the weak-willed the black seals of death (the label of the beast).

Having passed through the Time of Great Sorrow, the White Star Tribe resists the Dragon led by the Wife of Orion.

The long-awaited Victory of Light takes place.

And now, Isis is on Orion, and Her Beloved Hor-Os (Horus-Osiris). She, at last, has Executed the Universal Mission: She has won a Vctory over the insidious Seth — World Evil —through Her Beauty, Wisdom and LOVE!

The Sixth Race, Revived by the Great Mother, came to the New Earth-Bohema and glorified The Progenitress! Mankind has entered the Golden Age of LOVE, Beauty and Harmony — the Epoch of the Mother of the World.