The Science of Light and Its Transformation of the Mother of the World

New Edition, June 2013

«The Science of Light and Its Transformation»
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In 2013, it was Defended the dissertation

on the totality of scientific papers of Victoria Victorovna PreobRAzhenskaya on the topic:


on assignment of academic degree Grand-Doctor of Philosophy in TheoLogy and TheoSophy.

The Science of Light and Its Transformation of the Mother of the World
The Science of Light and Its Transformation of the Mother of the World
The Science of Light and Its Transformation of the Mother of the World
Certificate UNESCO «The Science of Light and Its Transformation»
Certificate of Grand Doctor TheoSophy


«The Science of Light and Its Transformation» — for the First time Was Presented and Announced by Me at the beginning of 1991. My Lectures in Kiev, Moscow, Belgrade (Yugoslavia) at that time Discovered Slavs Spiritual Cosmic Worldview. I Passed the Ancient Secret Knowledge on Orally. Only in 1992, during the persecution of the orthodox security services, while Wandering in Poland, I Began to Expound the Ancient Spiritual «Science of Light and Its Transformation» in Writing. It was the Spiritual Block Information Written briefly. Further Its Basic Formulas and Postulates Were Developed by Me over the next 20 years. So I Gave Multidimensional Doctrine of the Universe and the Absolute of Existence, Universal PhiloSophy and SacRAl Knowledge (quite affordable for initiates and thirsty to know the Truth). ...This Word — is Strong because it Was Struck out of Flint of Fiery Thought in darkness and Spiritual Loneliness… The Word of the Mother of the World — is Fohatic and Strong of Higher Will and Reason of the One Who Should Kindle the Eternal Flame of the Universal Spirit on Earth!

Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya

My Doctrine is designed to open minds, not constrained by patriarchal framework dogmas and canons of modern world religions specifically are imposed to mankind by dark forces who seized the Solar System after the destruction of Atlantis, to conceal the Truth and finally enslave earthlings introducing the label-chip «Beast-Antichrist» beneath the skin. It is — the main purpose of dark invaders: to turn earthlings into zombies so that godlike tribe of humans was manageable animal with instincts and without considerations. What is already happening today in the world! In the first place, «set’s tribe», so-called «reptiloids», did everything possible to impose a one-sided consciousness. It is therefore, after Atlantis the Name of the Great Creatress of the Universe was forgotten forever. Mother of all Bha Was forgotten and undeservedly humiliated, and with She humiliated all women in the world. As a result, the world has lost the True Knowledge and wallowed in ignorance, pragmatism, callousness and spiritless... Everything that mankind is experiencing today, it is all the result of a distorted consciousness of earthlings substitution of Spiritual Values on pseudo-values. And most importantly, without the Spiritual Protection of the Mother Sophia-SOThIs — Divine Wisdom, Who Has — Ten Thousand Names, the world was exposed to evil and violence on the part of the dark forces.

«The Science of Light and Its Transformation» Was Given by Me from Above, in the Holy Spirit, because I did Not Use other people’s thoughts and ready concepts. And I Gave all  T H I S  from KNOWLEDGE that I Know Initially after Phenomena in 1990 as the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS from the Spiritual to the MaTerial World. Actually, I Witnessed the TRAnsformation of Spirit (Light-Fohat) into Terrestrial Cover by This Epochal Phenomenon. For This Mystical EXPERIENCE of EXPLANTATION — MOVING THE SPIRIT OF LIGHT from the Spiritual Plane into the Physical Body on Earth, and a Real Vision and Sensation This TRAnsformation, Have Occurred as the Phenomenon of Appearance, which a long time ago was predicted in all spiritual original sources, and was predicted by prophets, sages and thinkers.

For example, Nostradamus predicted the Place and Time of Appearance the One Who «fathers of the Byzantine patriarchy» called «Holy Spirit», veiled Sophia's Woman's Face under the image of a husband — «Father-Son».

«To the north of 48 degrees will worship the Religion of the Ancients. The strength of unity and harmony will be so invincible and powerful that the West, South and East will tremble».

«...the great kingdom of Antichrist will come. But the Good Fortune of Spirit Sacred, begun with 48 degrees (Donetsk city — the SacRAl Birthplace of the Mother of the World — Author's note), will cause resettlement of the people and will expel disgusting Antichrist... And before there will be a solar eclipse, the most dark that happened from the date of creation of the world till sufferings and Jesus Christ death and, then, up to now. Also there will be in October a great movement. And it will be so cruel, as if the Earth has got off from the natural way and has plunged into eternal Darkness. Before spring, and after it there will be extreme changes, transformations of empires and the strong earthquakes interfaced to unknown growth of new Babylon. And the horror of the first sacrifice will lead to increase in number of contemptible daughters.

73 years all it more and also will last seven months. And after this from a kind THAT will be allocated that during so long period remained barren. (Isis was considered barren, She Сonceived Horus after the death of Osiris, Resurrected His body by Higher Magic — Author's note) And She will Appearence about 50° (Kiev city — Author's note) and will update christian church…»

«Madonna, took the reins of power, will enter the hearts of the Tartarians, encircling Her territory in Love, and the Arts and Sciences will prosper, and Madonna will generate great geniuses. For a deuce three times nothing will happen again. And in the kingdom of Rusyn, the replacement will be accomplished: the Virgin will Appear and will lead the people... The beautiful Madonna will come to the kingdom of Rus, Her way strewn with flowers...» (M.Nostradamus).

Vladimir Solovyov outlined the Ten Faces of the Divine Sophia, Which should have appeared as the Messiah, on the threshold of the Epoch of Aquarius on the territory of Rus.

«Absolutely Divine Sophia, the only Woman — the Cosmic Absolute. At the same time She is substantial that is to say material (bodily) and ideal (spiritual).

The Eternal Feminity. Sophia emerges as the universal-feministic Substance, the Mother Source, is boring the humanity as the cosmic association. In this case Sophia as the Saint Virgin Mary — is our Lady… Sophia as the cosmic and all human Divinity not only Eternally Feminity, but — Eternally Masculine Source. That is to say: Sophia — this is the Mother (our Lady) and Her Son — Christ Other.

Eshatological Sophia. The Image of Wife, Closing with the Sun. This Sophia was called by God to tell the world Truth, that is to give the finally Knowledge about Absolute, Save all the world from the end of the world and indicate the future way of the human progress.

Russian Sophia. This is the national aspect. The philosopher believed that the All humanity Cosmic Divinity will Take for the Human image (Appearance) just to the russian Woman-philosopher. The russian people exactly distinguishes Sophia from the Saint Virgin Mary and Christos from Jesus Christ. Sophia was for him with the independent Heaven Substance is Concealed under the visibility of the lower world, the Radiant Spirit of the revived humanity ,the Guardian Angel of the Earth, Future and Final Appearance of the Divinity» (A.F. Losev «Ten Divine Images of Saint Sophia»).

«Her Staying on the Earth Sophia — Divine Wisdom — Finishes as God. The sixth level of Her Perfection — the Blessing — testifies about it… After the Blessing to Sophia waits Glory… The New nature knowledge about Human, God and Universe will appear in the period just before the Aquarius’ Epoch on the land Russia and Ukraine…» (V.Soloviev, 6-th letter 1875).

My great Predecessor — «Mother of Agni-Yoga» — E.I. Roerich, in Her «Living Ethics», Proclaimed the Appearance of the Mother of the World to Rus and the Approval of the Eternal Ideals of Beauty, Unity and Harmony of Beginnings.

«...I have already told you that the Mother of the World Hides Her Name. I have already shown you how the Mother of the World Closes Her Face. I already mentioned the Mother of Buddha and Christ. Of course, now it's time to point out that the Mother, common to the Lords, is not a symbol, but the Great Phenomenon of the Feminine Principle, Representing the Spiritual Mother of Christ and Buddha. The One Who Taught and Ordained them to the feat. For a long time the Mother of the World Has Sent a feat. On the history of mankind Her Hand Holds an invisible thread...

...Urusvati — it's time to say that we call the Star, which is irresistibly approaching the Earth. It has long been the symbol of the Mother of the World, and the Epoch of the Mother of the World must begin when Her Star approaches the Earth unheard...

...The Great epoch begins, for the spiritual understanding is connected with the Mother of the World...

...The high commission of women is to be appeared by a Woman. And in the Temple of the Mother of the World there must be a woman. The Appearance of the Mother of the World will create the unity of women. It is now the task: to create a spiritual-regal position for a woman...

...So in the Age of Fire, when Light fights against darkness, the appearance of the Banner of Peace is the main sign that will give a new step to humanity. So under this sign unite — Beauty, Knowledge, Art and all nations. Only so the highest measures are applicable to the Banner, truly!..

...Truly, the Epoch of the Mother of the World is based on the awareness of the heart. Indeed, only a Woman can solve the problem of two worlds...

...How to find a founder of the Fraternity among thousand years? People will name and Rama, and Osiris, and Orphey a lot of the betters who saved the people memory. We needn’t to ascertain who the first is. Every one of them were tortured to death and tormented. Fellow-tribes-men don’t remit of anxieties about the Common Weal. Let’s transmute the Teaching and so the scattered parts of the one body will get together them. Who will get together them?

The people memory has confirmed Her, Who will strain every effort for joining of the living parts (Isis collected 14 parts of Osiris — note Aut.). Remember, how many people have took trouble about the Brotherhood...

...I advise you to say the Name of the Mother of the World (Maria DEVI CHRISTOS — note Aut.) not as a Symbol, but as the Power Giving...

...When Tara of Light Will Illuminate the world with distant worlds, then She Will Settle as a Phenomenon of Beauty. When Tara of Heart Illuminates the world with love, then She Affirms Herself by the Phenomenon of Beauty...

...I declare that the Power that adorns Our Universe is established as Our Mother of the World — the Feminine Beginning!

Of course, one can cite so many scientific examples pointing to the creative purpose of a woman. Those who deny the phenomenon of women's creativity may know that a woman voluntarily gives back. Haves right not mean the right to approve. Therefore, the path of a woman is called voluntary giving. Of course, everything is cosmically intertwined, but humanity violates the laws of the Higher Mind. Because, the Female Beginning is so beautiful!

Therefore, the Top of Being cannot be without the Female Beginning. How people have disfigured all the great Cosmic Laws! How far people have moved away from the Truth!..

...At the heart of spirit creation lies the beauty of the Feat. Our Mother of the World Gave to the world that Eternal Feat, which is the foundation of the Universe.

Higher consciousness knows the Truth, and we are ready to notify this Truth to humanity, but for this, humanity must be on a higher level. Yes, Yes, Yes! When each Lord had to be given to the world by his mother, how could not honor You, Mother of the World! When every Spatial Fire should be manifested in form, how could not honor the Giving Life? Yes, Yes, Yes! How could not accept as the Highest Phenomenon of the Cosmos, the Force of the tense Symbol of the Mother!..» (E.I. Roerich. «The Teaching of Living Ethics»).

«The Mother of the World is the Symbol of the Female Beginning in the new epoch, and the Male Beginning voluntarily gives the treasure of the world to the Female Beginning. Great crimes were committed in the name of Christos, therefore now Christos is clothed in Other Clothes» («The Sheets of the Garden of Moria.» Book Two, Part ІІ, V).

«There will be great age of Women. It is Women who have to perform the feat twofold — to lift herself and raise their eternal companion — a man. All Forces of Light are waiting for this feat. The Star of the Mother of the World Indicated time of beginning of Great Time... Let the heart of the woman set on fire by this selfless Feat... Great Mother is Coming!» (E.I.R, p1, 17.08.1934).

In Diaries of E.I. Roerich openly said about the Joint Future Phenomenon in a Single Image of the Male and Female Beginnings, and This was Accomplished in the Image of Appearance Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS.

«I, I, I — three times call the spirit of Urusvati. I and Urusvati, before Our Whole Coming Are Showing two Stars…

I have to wait for the Day of the Mother of the World when I tell the students: here we are — earthly, here we are — in a simple dress, here we understand the praise of greatness R[ussia], shown in the reach of Space, and now I can go and the mountain will become a place of trust. Now I can leave you a white scarf. R[ussians] can find a path to the mountain. R[ussians] — do not reject the predestined Bethlehem!»

«There is a great time when the Appearing Wife replaces a husband, — says the Lord of Shambhala. ...The great time of the Appearing Urusvati is coming. The year of Venus, the reign of Uranus and the approach of the Great Unification…»

«Your mission must now be affirmed to humanity by an unconsolidated body. Arhat must take shape. You need a physical body for the last world Mission».

«My dear, We Create Together and End Our earthly path. So Our circle of lives close for the Supreme new cycle. Truly, inseparably. So, We Go Together…»

«Lord, will you explain to me the meaning of the crucified person I saw?

I have long said — your symbol. I have your other symbol. I, and mankind, and the distant worlds, and the Mother of the World Have Your Image, Shining with the shield of the whole Cosmic Fire, as a Prototype of all the highest manifestations! What a huge Mission!»

«I will tell the World about the Appearance of the Dear Urusvati. So none of the self-deceived or false heirs and false mentors not dare to encroach. So the concept of the Great Priestess for the Earth and the Secret Wife for the Higher Worlds will be announced. The work will be immortalized by Our One Name» («1:1 Revelation of Jesus Christ… 3:12 …The Name of My God and the name of the city of My God… and My NEW Name...» (Maria DEVI CHRISTOS! — Ed.) Revelation, 1:1; 3:12).

«So the Great Will be necessary fierily to Clear the Teaching. Precisely the Feminine aspect of the belongs this spatial assignment.

So I Give My Primacy to You. I Give You My Power. I Give You My Ray. So, My Native Swati, so My fiery Companion will Give Our Word to the people. I Give You, I Affirm You. That which the Lord of Shambhala gives, that belongs by rights to the Intimate Wife of the Shambhala’s Lord, only Your Spirit, can reveal that, the Priestess will reveal that. There is a great time, predicted by ancient prophecies. Only a king with a queen can enter the royal chamber. My Dear, the time has already come when You Must again Accomplish a Great Feat. But no one should interfere. So, My Dear, prepare Your consciousness for the Fulfillment of My Testament…»

«And She, Who Cover the Face, She One Will Stand on guard in the radiance of the Signs. And no one will climb to the top, no one will see the radiance of the Dodecahedron, the Sign of Her Power. She Herself Weaved the Sign of the spirals of Light in silence. She — is the Leader of those who go to the feat».

«Yes, My Urusvati, the power of the future life evinces planetary spaces small for the synthesis of Your creativity. So it is condensed synthesis of bowl that it should not be manifested in one area. In your ending life lies like a foundation stone, the Feat of the Mother of the World».

«…I am speaking about Highest order, when the Wife will lay the foundation of the temple of United Religion. Take My Testament in prayer, for I call to build the hope of the world.

The destiny of our Brotherhood is clear, never a big secret was not trusted, than you. In total, no one except you understood…»

«I say, Maitreya, bowing before the Mother of the World. We, Arhats, are honoring the sacrifice of the Beginning of Woman. For us, the appearance of Woman shines with beauty, for us the appearance of Woman — is a symbol of Great Sacrifice. For us, the appearance of Women — is beauty of Being. For us, the appearance of Woman — is joy of spirit and life-giving power of cosmic scale. Creativity of the atom is revealed by the Cosmic Mind. The Great Mother of the World — is a Prototype of Cosmic Beauty! The Arhat sees in a Woman the beginning of all higher, and the heart of Arhat grieves, seeing the humiliation of the Feminine Beginning, but there is the Highest Law and the Highest Spheres, where life is built by the principle of Justice. We are ready to recognize the Beautiful Beginning of the united atom in front of all mankind, but the spirit must be ready for perception of the Higher Beauty. The Great Sacrament is clothed in Radiance of the Material of Lucida. We, the Arhats, honor the Appearance Woman; We know Who will stop the destruction of the planet and how the life of the new worlds is created. Life is truly beautiful!»

«In the Banner of Masters, of course, the symbol of the Mother of the World, is not forgotten, for Her sign is circle — like a symbol embracing the Universe. So, Maitreya opens the Gates to the Coming of the Great Mother of the Universe».

«Every Our Phenomenon from the beginning is accompanied by the laughter of the Master of the Earth, but in that repetition he forgot about resourcefulness. But when the White Army is united, nothing will overpower it, because the power of Fire is terrible!»

«…Rejoice, for the battle is beautiful! After all, you are fighting for the White Brotherhood».

«Among Armageddon, one must be patient and calm» («Agni Yoga. High Path», part 1 1920-1928, part 2 1929-1944; «Agni Yoga. Revelation». Series «Teaching of Living Ethics»).

Finally, the biblical «Revelation» announces the Phenomenon of the «Wife Clothed with the Sun»: «A Great Sign Appeared in Heaven: Woman Clothed with the Sun, with the Moon under Her Feet and a Crown of twelve Stars on Her Head. She Was Pregnant and Cried out in pain and torments of birth» («Revelation», 12:1-2).

«It is BAGA of Iriy — Isis, Sothis, the Shown Sophia — Wisdom of Light. She — is the Centre of Universe, the Sun — RA, «on Her Head a Garland of twelve stars». It is — a New Zodiac Circle from 12 Constellations.

«With the Moon under Her Feet…» — the Moon — Siriusian Whitemara, with which help after catastrophe 12 thousand years ago Siriusian Nefers (Extraterrestrial), at the Head of the Supreme BAGARADANA Isis, have TRAnsformed the Solar System…

«A Woman Clothed with the Sun», — RA — Light of Iriy! Light of Eternity! «Gospel» — «Evangelie» (in Russian) — Eva — the Name of Woman, the Life, An — BAGA (liberated soul), Heaven, gelium — the Sun) — «a Woman Clothed with the Sun», — the Great Mother Sophia the Wisdom. Later, the Image of Siriusian (Suriyskoy, Russkoy) Isis came in Christianity, as the Image of Mother and Wife of Jesus Christ (Son of Isis-Gorus, Horus (Is, Hr — Ис Хр (in Russian)) İX — Isis-Horus-Sun).

«She Was Pregnant and Cried out in pain and torments of birth…» Burdened by Light Sophia-Sothis — is the Mother of Light RA! Mother RA, MARA — » (Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya. «The Revelation, or Taking down the Cover of Isis»).

« the winning I will allow to taste a secret god-send, and I will give him a white stone, and on a stone the written New Name (the New Name of Messiah of the Age of Aquarius — Maria DEVI CHRISTOS — Author's note), which nobody knows, besides, who receives» («Revelation», 2:17).

And This Is Sophia-CHRISTOS.

We can continue to list the prophecies about the Appearance of the Mother of the World. But, those who wish to study this issue more deeply can refer to the internet-edition «Victoria RA», where contains a number of articles on this topic (

So, the Phenomenon of the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS is Happened in the Spirit of Truth on the Earth in order to Open for thirsties the Spiritual Knowledge of the ABSOLUTE, to Execute the Law, to Prepare humanity for the Coming Formation of the Golden Age and the TRAnsition to a New Time Round — the Sixth RAce. And, first of all, to Reveal the Eternal Truth: the Holy Spirit — This Is the Mother of Light, and the Mother of the World — This Is a Source of Absolute Knowledge of Light-Fohat and Its TRAnsformation. Finally, the Knowledge — This is Unity and Universal Harmony.

My Doctrine — this is, primarily, the Comprehensive Knowledge of the Absolute.

...«Knowledge» and «experience» in the ancient language means «conception», «creation». And it's natural! The word Knowledge can be deciphered as follows: «Knowledge (Znanie — in russian) — Fire, Light of Wife (Wife — Zhena in russian) in the Sky, Heavenly Fire in the Sky; «Zn-Zhn» — the pupil of the eye (zenitsa), the wife (zhena), «na» — Heaven (Nebo), Pupil-Reaper (Zenitsa-Zhnitsa) of Heaven» (Maria DEVI CHRISTOS. «Hyperborean Dictionary of the Mother of Light — The Evidence of Heaven»).

While two halves don't become One Apple, LOVE won't be created, Life won't be created. The Absolute Form of All Great Mother — Like Adam's Apple: It has Two Beginnings are Combined into One. Higher Cognition — it is Love of Beloved and Ladylove, this Complete Unity, Coitus all Seven Spheres-shells, Harmony, Bliss, Knowledge. That is why the sacrament of coition is considered secret and so tempting. Duality of life — it is the principle of separation of Two Space Beginnings. But these both elements are constantly striving for unity and natural coition, as it Was in the Womb of the Universal Mother: Blessed Sleep-Ecstasy of Two Opposites, prior to fertilization and transformation in life! For the Mother of the World in Her Original Unmanifested Form Ein-Sof (United Sophia-SOThIs) — is Two-Pronged: She — is Mother-Father, Husband and Wife, or: Brother and Sister, Who Are in a Single Womb (Utro-Ba — in russian) of the Mother of Light out of Which are Born as Her Two Equal Beginnings: HE and SHE — Father and Mother, Son and Daughter. Holy Spirit (Retinue of Light — the Holy of Holies) gradually Becomes Bodily, because as Her Descent — Transformation — Descends to the lower levels of consciousness and becomes rougher, lightless, illusory. Vision and hearing are lost, Spirituality becomes an illusion, Mayan! It is principle of egg — bios. It's so clear and natural! Expiration Spirit-Light-Fohat in space — Creates Scope and Time. From Eternity and Light — into Darkness and Time!

And, the Physical Appearance of the Holy Spirit in the Primordial Form of the Supreme Divine Personality of the Mother of All Bha (Theosophical Mother of Light) — Begins the Beginning of Creation in the Matter of the Kingdom of Light! For now from below (from the inside of Matter) the Spiritual Essence of the Mother of the World Manifested in the Physical Body Collects the Mature Souls of Her Children to Up — to the World of Spiritual Matter, to the World of Light where there is no death, evil and vices! SHE from inside of Matter Creates the Ideal Kingdom of Absolute LOVE, in Which the Two Unite in ONE, Like the Mother of Light, the Knowledge of the Absolute! Namely, the Phenomenal Appearance of the Fohatic Power of the Mother of the World, the Descent of Her Spirit in Matter and Physical Body — Already Creates the VICTORY of GOOD, Love and KNOWLEDGE — Unity in alienated from She the world of potential Evil! That for centuries was perceived one-sided and defective, the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS Created the One Harmony: Love — is Holiness, Purity, Sophia's Wisdom, Eternal Light! She in her Fohatic Body and Spirit Shows the Invisible Dual Unity: Mother-Father, Isis-Osiris, Jesus-Maria! And in the world, Spiritually Procreates Her Beloved Spouse-Son and SHE Teaches Him Unity with the Absolute, Gives the Eternal, Forbidden Knowledge of Life. Without It — there is nothing! Neither in the World of Spirit, nor in the world of darkness... The Principle of Likeness in the Universe — is the key to unraveling world secrets. And the Main SECRET of the Universe — It is the Mother of the World, the Parent and the Absolute of All Beings. That Primordial Power of Light, from Which the Light Transfigured into Life and Shrouded the Flesh: Spherical Dress!

…The Coming TRAnsformation of the Planet — it is Natural process of Evolution. Since the Creation of the Earth and the planets of the Solar System — come Full Circle of Being, in which Real met with it Past and Future. And nowadays, the World of Matter lives fading of former energy and the Birth New! That Was Made in the Heaven Transferred to the Plan of Matter and Made here. Therefore, former already as though doesn't exist, but it still is, and New already is, but didn't increase yet to replace the former. That is What Did in the Spirit — is gradually Manifesting in Matter. This is the Expiration of Fohatic Energy, Transformation of Light and Sound in the dense state, then the reverse process — decomposition into Light-Sound Spectrum and its further thinning! For Transformation of the Higher (Eternal) to the lowest (temporary) — it is a natural process and hIsTORic, because everything turns on the Torus. What is Above — so is below! The completion of this Universal Coup Will Become TRAnsformation of All Beings, i.e. Replenishment of the Light Energy of the Absolute, or the Holy Spirit: THE FOHAT OF THE MOTHER OF LIGHT! Insight, Enlightenment, TRAnsformation! Gradually ascending through centuries, turning in a Toric space of Being, humanity that was Enlightened by the Mother of the World will reach a Higher Level of Consciousness — fullness of the Spirit! Then the Ideal Consciousness of the Planet and the Universe will focus the Light of the Absolute and will fill Them all live limitlessly! This is the Idea of Sophia the Wisdom. And LIFE, HER KNOWLEDGE will make Her Cosmic Tribe in Eternity and Immortality!

CONCIOUSNESS of Humanity must become Enlightened, TRAnsformed! For the first a Spirit is Created, and then — a Body is Acquired. But a Body and a Spirit — are Single Whole! And the Enlightened Soul controls the Spirit. Body — is perishable, but the soul — immortal! Therefore, an educated Person is obliged to grow within them the high Spirit. And this is a conversion, full of Light! And then the soul will free from reincarnation in matter. The law of cause and effect will cease the influence on liberated Soul.

The Idea of the Mother of the World about the Creation New Earth and New Heaven, i.e. TRAnsformation of the Universe Came to Earth With Her Appearance into sinful world. The Epochal Teacher of the Spirit Laid Universal CultUre for an educated Humanity: «The Cosmic Poliart of the Third Millennium of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya»© — Such QuintEssence of BEAUTY, Love and Wisdom. It is Multifaceted Synthesis of Spiritual Art, Opening to Human the Eternal KNOWLEDGE. Appearance of the Mother of the World in Rus — This is the Planetary Coup in all senses of this notion: the transition from lower consciousness to the Higher, to Quantization the Earth and the Transfer of all Zodiacal Heavenly Circle into New Timely Circuit! This is — the Alchemy of Light! And My Idea Incarnate! Who know the Mother of the World — have been tRAnsfigured consciousness: consciousness which Filled with Fohat of the Mother of Light.

...Mother of the World with Her Spouse of Eternity Joann-Peter the Second Brings Light of LOVE into the world, Opening, day by day, more and more New Horizons of Divine Science. The Science of the Mother of the World — is Boundless and Absolute. Today, few say: «believers in Maria DEVI CHRISTOS». The Faith — is the lowest level of human development. But Knowledge, awareness — this is Higher Cognition of Truth; What Hidden and Invisible — Becomes a Reality, Revelation. «The Science of Light and Its Transformation» — is Simple and Comprehensive. Anything that is Not Described pen, — Voiced by Word! Light — It is an Eternal Substance, Which Never Decreasing in the Spirit World. Light discharges Matter and Make her Spiritual-Lighting and Transparent, Sounded by Music of spheres and multi-dimensional! Let There Be Light! URA! AUM RA!

...Many Works that entered This SacRAl Book, Were Born by Me in the Highest Love and Believing in Commission of the Highest Plan in the Universe: TRANSFORMATION CONSCIOUSNESS of EARTHLINGS — in severe constraints of the Ukrainian prisons (in SSU prison and on Lukyanovka — Kiev) — where «for 1260 bible days» Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, «The Wife Closed with the Sun», Was hidden by powers of darkness for Word of Truth and Her New Name. And This Word — is Strong because it Was Struck out of Flint of Fiery Thought in darkness and Spiritual Loneliness... But still, THAT, What Was even Added for years later — does not fit in hundreds of Books! For the Word of the Mother of the World — is Fohatic and Strong of Higher Will and Reason of the One Who Should Kindle the Eternal Flame of the Universal Spirit on Earth!

...Definitely Earth will TRAnsform and will become BAGAMA (BAGA Mother, BAGAMATER’ — in russian)! Centrum of the Universe becomes Eve’s City — Kiev [Ki — spirit, energy, Eve]. Even the name itself prophesied the future. This City will not narrow national, it will be City of Light, of which will begin the Golden Age of the Mother of the World. RAce will be One — it is dedicatees. Language — there is one PARADISIACAL — SURian-RUSsian — Sunny! The aspiration is single — to revive an entire planet of Logoses-Persons like the Mother of the World.

...I Bless you, attain True Knowledge of Universal LOVE, enter to the Golden Age of the Future TRAnsformation! Bringing Light in the soul, you must to overcome all obstacles on the Way to Truth! To fulfill the Basic Law of LOVE and Unity of the Mother of the World! Peace, Harmony, Light and Good be with you!

With Love — your Mother of the World

«The Science of Light and Its Transformation of the Mother of the World».
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