«The Spirit that Make Pictures Alive»

One day, Her Soul rose up high to the Stars and accepted the Macrocosm of the Universe, has returned to the lifeless body. Transfigured flesh inflamed Fohatic fire, radiating energy, more than 100 X-ray. When Reborn Sofia opened her eyes, the world around Her changed...

So Mother of the World appeared at the Earth and Began to Herald earthlings about the Kingdom of Light, about the New Heaven, about the New Earth, about the Eternal LOVE and Unity of all Things.

The Divine Poetry poured down from Her Vivifying Stream:

В Свету Моего Мира — Сплошная Доброта!
В Доме Моём — Красиво, и Всюду Чистота!
Одежды Кружевные, Прозрачные Крыла!
Сердечные Мотивы, Волшебные Слова!
(Maria DEVI CHRISTOS. «В Моём РАю» («In my Paradise»)).

The Poetry is Esoteric, Mysterious, conceal in the Word the Secret of Life:

«Светослово, Звучащее в Сфере, Является Формой,
Излучающей явную взору структуру Цветка,
Сущность Розы, Сверкающей Светоосновой,
Изходящей по Кругу восьмёркой Креста.
Здесь Нетленное Всё, Духописная Летопись Жизни!
Здесь Любовь и Добро, Окрыляет Творенья Полёт!
В Царстве Света Моём Духоносные Лёгкие Мысли,
Всё, что Здесь Рождено, никогда-никогда не умрёт!..»
(Maria DEVI CHRISTOS. «РАй ЛЮБВИ Моей» («Paradise of my LOVE»)).

Poetry, full of love for the universe:

«ПрекРАсна Белая Луна,
Царица Вся Окружена
Дарами Ночи ожерелий.
И в неге томных откровений
Она Открыла кружева
Своих ночных Одежд
(Maria DEVI CHRISTOS. «Лунная Магия» («Lunar Magic»)).

Love to Her Sacred Country, Her Heavenly people:

«А Утро Нежное Встаёт,
и Отблески Зари Играя,
Творят Неведомый Восход
Страны Святой в Объятьях Рая.
Я Возродила Свой Народ
под Куполом ЛЮБВИ Единой,
Златого Града Небосвод,
Планете, так необходимый...»
(Maria DEVI CHRISTOS. «ВозРАЖДАние Руси» («Renaissance Of Russia»)).

To Thyself Rus:

«Открыла Матерь Неба
        Свой Новый Мир,
И Грянул над
Вселенский Пир!
Русь Святая Восстанет —
        Славян Земля!
И Мать Свою Восславит,
        И Свет Огня!..»
(Maria DEVI CHRISTOS. «Во Славу Руси Славянской» («For the Glory of Slavic Rus»)).

Love for the Russian Language:

«И Просветлённые
Познают Вечный
              Свой Язык,
что Воскружился
              в Мирозданьи,
в Тот Миг,
        когда Мой Свет
(Maria DEVI CHRISTOS. «Язык Света» («Language of Light»)).

Her Beloved Spouse:

«А Ты — Моё Созвездье
Я Небом Отдалась Тебе!
И Возродила ЧелоВека,
Живущего Огнём в Воде,
Луною в Солнце,
        Зимой в Лете,
В Ночи — Сиреневой
Единство Божье —
              в КругоСвете!
Мы — Вечная ЛЮБОВЬ
                      с Тобой!..»
(Maria DEVI CHRISTOS. «Возлюбленному — Тебе!» («To beloved — To You!»)).

The Universal Poetry of Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, Like Herself, — Infinite Source of LIGHT, JOY, and LOVE. As Her Cosmic Music, and Her Singing — the playing of Voice which is starting with Heart are many-sided also. Mother of the World all Her Songs Sinning at the heart center, for it is — the Sanctuary of LOVE. And Her Spiritual Dance — this is the Revelation from Above, the ancient language of the Progenitress of Mankind.

One day the Artist of the Word took a brush and on a canvas showed a picture of Creation of the world, having put Great Secret of Mother-Thought Creating all live and, right there, playing in Matter. «MaTeos» — means: Mother-God, hence the word Ma-te-RA — Light of Lights, is born life. Then, She portrayed Living Moon with Women Face, then — the Great Unmanifested Mother of Light. So Her Paintings began to be born.

Canvases of Maria DEVI CHRISTOS greedily absorbed soft flowing oil, mineral pigments, and paper — is flowering of transparent watercolor, began to play acrylic. She showered Her Creations by old sparkling asterisks and paintings revive: vibrate, ring Her Heavenly Verse-Song, to change their image, day and night. In the rays of the Sun is intensified Her favorite palette: lilac-purple-pink, turquoise, azure. And in the beam of the electric light played mystical phantasmagoria Supramundane Idylls, BEAUTY, Mystery. The Pictures, which She Creates constantly transforming. And it is — a wonder!

They magnets, drawing, — heal and draw into their real world, creating an atmosphere of Perfect Harmony of the internal and the external.

Universality Thought of Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, embodied in Her Word, or in motion with a brush on the canvas — create living images, exciting novelty of its contents. In souls contemplatives awakens once lost, forgotten state of belonging to the Universe. And this — is already the Victory of Light over Darkness!

Here «Swastika of Worlds» floats past and absorb you a torrent of its eternal rotation, «Metagalaxy» rolled their colorful wheel-samsara inside which vibrates timeless understanding of human the diverse world of fires worlds, lights, spirits!

Mystical «Wheels» (Heavenly Hosts) — this is a live Kabbalah, here Mother the World depicts the birth of subtle worlds of Supramundane Space — Sphere, Open only Her Creator.

«Full Moon» — Moonlight flooded all around and gold came on the hills, water, sky. Mysteriously! Heard Lunar Music, carrying away into the beyond...

Maria DEVI CHRISTOS. «The City of Sacred LOVE». /August 11, 2004/ Рaper, mixed technique. 29х21
Maria DEVI CHRISTOS. The City of Sacred LOVE.
/August 11, 2004/ Рaper, mixed technique. 29х21

And here is «The City of Sacred LOVE». The main expression of paintings centered at the top. Here is Pictured the mystical City of Divine LOVE. We see the priestesses and priests in white clothes, perform sacrament fire, the images appear ecstatic dancing women. Someone calls in Prayer to God, someone is taking a secret ritual light creations. And from the right, from the East to the City of Her Creation looks Great Mother of the Gods. On Her head — a golden ball — Symbol of the One God RA, LIGHT, SUN, is shot with green gold, uraeus - in the form of ancient Slavic boat, which symbolizes Unity of the Great RACE of Praslavs, the ancient Egyptians, protosumerians.

Long hair is the Mother of Light loses its curls freely and descends into the Fiery World that is in a merger-Divine Coition two winged creatures — He and She. Pink emphasizes the culmination of blissful ecstasy of LOVE — it is a single entity — the androgyny, which has four arms, four legs and one soul, one mind, one spirit!

Full Breast of the Great Mother splashing milk, which bathe the fabulous animals and all spheres of Her Creation. Lilac color of skin and iod form of embryo shown in Mother cheek — emphasize Her Divine and Transcendent. She is still Creating. And ahead humanity awaits the new novel Oasis Otherness, crowded Holy LOVE of his Mother to the Revival of the Universe.

«Mother of Hyperboreia» /October 12, 2004/  Сanvas on cardboard, oil, minerals. 30х24
Maria DEVI CHRISTOS. «Mother of Hyperboreia».
/October 12, 2004/ Сanvas on cardboard, oil, minerals. 30х24

«Mother of Hyperborea» — it is strong and at the same time feminine Prototype of the Great Mother of the World, That by Thought-Emanation creative worlds and space. Her Face — also in lilac palette that emphasizes Her Supramundane and Unattainability Mind, from Which spheres, stars, galaxies, the worlds and all live are born!

A distinguishing feature of Painting of Maria DEVI CHRISTOS is Her Supramundane Idea about Unity of Human and God, Heaven and Earth, the Moon and the Sun, Man and Woman: Micro-and MacroCosm. The Earth — is the Centrum of Universe. There was Paradise, Edem; here from epoch to epoch appeared the Christ, Avatars, Saints and prophets. Mankind is nurtured in Heaven. That is to Nurture Humanity, bring up him by Her Heavenly Milk (the Milky Way) and the Mother of the World appeared. Today only She can Protect Her Creations from the world's evil and Open Children of Light Way to the Stars! This is the embodied Idea of Maria DEVI CHRISTOS; this is the Meaning of Her Appearance and existence in the world, which is so not ready to accept, to absorb the Nectar of LOVE and All Unboundedness of Mother of the Gods.

She patiently, year after year, despite the hostility of a cynical world, is inclining earthlings on the Cosmic Camerton, whose name — LOVE, JOY, HARMONY, LIGHT!

She likes painting N. Roerich, K.Vasilieva, Leonardo da Vinci. For these artists all his life maintained the ideals of Beauty, Purity, Truth, Sacred of Mother, Sacred of Rus. Sacred Russia — this is the swan song of Maria DEVI CHRISTOS. She sings:

«РАсия — Красавица,
Как Тебя Создать?
Звёздная Скиталица,
Всем землянам Мать!
Златая Лемурия,
В Звёздном Змее-Урии
Мудрость — Государь.
Д’Аари́я Белая,
Лебедь на Воде!
О Тебе Воспела Аз
Гимн Креста в Звезде.
И Огнём — Стозаревым
Фашем в Облаках,
Под Созвездьем Ария
Крест в Твоих Руках!..»
(Maria DEVI CHRISTOS. «Песнь РАсии Славной» («Song of Glorious Russia»)).

«How Mother of the World works, how subject comes to Her, how she Embodies it in the material?» — people experienced in painting asked her. And She Answers:

«With the speed of sound and light! For one evening a Picture, or Music, or a Song can be born. And all Performing on Great Inspiration from Above. When I take a brush, it is not yet visible that will be shown on a canvas, or paper. It happens often that suddenly mystified right in My eyes, human face on the canvas, or the Spirit of Light, or themselves shown out-of-limit revelation. For example, in the Picture «City of Divine LOVE» — the City of LIGHT appeared on his own. This is — watercolor. For brush stroke pulses in time with My Heart. But the thing that makes My Works — it is the Spirit That Makes the Picture Alive and filled with God's Power».

Followers of Mother of the World is very inspired by her Painting, Music, Word and themselves are beginning to create, to express themselves, to open their souls for complete merger with the Divine.

Mothers of the World Bless all eager to drink the Living Water Flowing out of the One Source of Eternal Light...


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