The Word about the BEAUTY

Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya

...I Wish, that your heart and soul open to the World of Spirituality, Radiant and make up for the Great joy of communion of BEAUTY!

Think about the meaning of this word. It carries the sacRAl information as well as most of the words of our great Russian language. In the ancient eras of Aryan, Atlantis and Hyperborea, using words you can work wonders. But over time, as the planet go deeper into the interior of matter; our holy Russian protolanguage increasingly lost its inner meaning. And dark forces contributed to it.

But the Cosmic Age of Aquarius came. And it is — the Era of the Great Feminine, Air, Light, Harmony, Beauty, comprehension of the Spirituality, which had lost by mankind of the Earth. And soon the earth dwellers will speak again on a single planetary language, because the Earth will TRAnsform by Light.

…So, we turn to the innermost meaning of the word BEAUTY (BEAUTY — in Russian KRASOTA).

«K» — is a prefix meaning communion to something, in this word: an appeal to the «RA».

«RA» — ancient Vedic Name of the One Mother of Gods, the Volga River in ancient times was called — «RA». «RA» — is Light, Absolute, Sun.

«SOTA» — a primary memory cell, or the Universal Information Akasha Chronicles, hexagon composing information code of the planet Earth. Two triangles (male and female) are woven into a single star, whose hexagonal base. This binary component of the Universe, Lighting Harmony of Unity Masculine and Feminine as two equal halves: Father and Mother, Husband and Wife, Lover and Beloved. Not casually, in honeycombs, like Heavenly World, a bee accumulate honey — material information of the Nature.

So BEAUTY (KRASOTA) — is the Storage of Light, Absolute, LOVE!

We turn to one more important word for the Earthlings — CultUre (KultUra — in Russian).

Literally: «Kult» — is a doctrine; cultivate — to create, nurture.

«Ura» — is light, aura, «aurum» — gold.

The sacred sense of this word — is the Science of Light, the Cult of Light, the Science of sacred spiritual Gold. Light — is Fohat, the Holy Divine Energy, which can be called: Shakti, Hari, the Holy Spirit.

Several thousand years ago, our Ancient Slavic CultUre contains the Gold of God’s Spirit, Light, Spiritual Information and Knowledge of the Absolute. And the ancient rus, aryan, was filled with great power, beauty and spirituality. Man has Divine Cosmic Knowledge and was in constant communication with the Absolute of the Universe and the Sacred Nature in Celestial Workshop of the Great Mother. And therefore he could fly and levitate, embodying words, transform objects and transformed, like the builders of the Great Pyramid. Man co-create what today is called the «miracle», because everything around was full of Gold of Primary Intra-Divine Information, and accordingly, the Energy of the Holy Spirit, the Energy of Eternal Life.

The history of the Universe lurks in placers of Russian words, and in the well-known symbols — was laid the spiritual Knowledge. What symbol you wouldn't take — the Divine Secret, a nature, a key to comprehension of the Inner World is displayed in it. Circle, triangle, eight-pointed star, etc. — in these symbols are laid Sacral of the Absolute, Cosmic information for human.

For example: a circle — is a symbol Existence, the Sun, the mother's womb, the Absolute of the Universe, etc.

In all My Creativity is laid the ancient cosmic Knowledge that open to man the vision and hearing of the Spiritual World.

Today, before you open the door to the Outland World of the Universal Cosmic Reality. And it is possible to enter it and learn himself.

It's Time to do it. Because Russia — is the Future of the Planet, its Spiritual potential and the Renaissance!

With Love — Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya