The KINGDOM of the Universal LOVE

«The Great White Brotherhood» «USMALOS» is the Kingdom of Divine LOVE's Triumph. For the first time in the history of mankind the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS has led to the balance the relationships of genders. It is the Greatest Harmony between Husband and Wife as Two Divine Origins, Two Eternal Halves of the Adam Forbidden Apple. For the first time the Mother of the World has Given to taste the Golden Apple of LOVE to Her Children, Having Made It Curative for the initiated.

From the beginning a woman had a war with a serpent, who is a tempter of all living on the Earth. The serpent, knowing that he, «will be struck in the head» by the Wife and Her Seed, has hated the Female Origin for centuries. He has humiliated and despised Him, belittling and oppressing, pursued, «stinging His heel».

From the first days of the creation, the woman bore the stamp of sin on herself. For She was the first one to know what is evil. She was having descended into Matter, after tasting forbidden fruit.

The Great Harmony of Two Origins was violated, defiled. The Masculine origin has raised and humiliated the Firstling Feminine. That Energy Descended from the Heavens, for the Highest Archangel — Lucifer became proud of His Grander and desired to be more than the Great Mother, and that is why was overthrown in the very lowest layers protomatter, becoming the embodiment of the World's Evil.

From the beginning Adam and Eve were Holy, for, they entirely Completed each other and Were Single Essence as the Mother of Light. LOVE dwelled with them and She didn't allow to break the Harmony of Unity with the Spirit of the Progenitress. The immersion into Matter has caused a sin, moving off the Supreme Mother, and more and more coming into contact with Satan, because he is personified himself Prince of the Material World, or Darkness. But Adam and Eve remained faithful to each other till the last days, as the Sacred Primogenitors of mankind, Descended from PaRAdise, although from the first moments have come into conflict with evil. Light of LOVE of Primogenitors was absorbed by the full Darkness of the ungovernable ignorance of descendants. For the Harmony of Origins was broken, and instead of it, took place the lechery, immorality and polygamy. The Male principle has risen above the Female; Nature of Holiness Unity of genders has turned into sin, shame and humiliation. And the Pure Energy of Salutary LOVE was regenerated into illness, sufferings, hatred, and has become a poison, which poisons everything that's alive. Such an experience was gained by the mankind — herd slaves of dark world, not knowing the Divine LOVE.

During many ages, in every Epoch The Mother of the World comes to RAces, manifesting Herself in different Images in order to God's Children didn't assimilate Satan's herd, and lived by the Law of Harmony of Eternal LOVE. But every time mankind repeated the law of the Lucifer: divide and dominate, spilling innocent blood, starting senseless wars and humanity completely lost Cosmic Mind. The Cosmic Neters, giving Knowledge of LOVE always expelled and were not taken sublunar world.

At last, our planet has fallen into the abyss of sin, and chaos became the element of ruler of Darkness, which turned all living being. But the Great Cosmic Evolution, Powers of Destiny and Spirit of Eternity didn't allow perishing for Divine Sons and Daughters, who must take the terrestrial experience of fighting with the evil. Apocalyptical «Woman Clothed with the Sun», the Mother of the World, Sophia — Divine Wisdom, SPIRIT OF LOVE and Light has Come at the end of ages to Balance the Masculine and Feminine on the Universal Scales, Gave the Epoch of Supreme Harmony. Everything that was profaned and humiliated — Mother of the World has Illuminated and Uplifted Otherwise it could not be! For only World Femininity Could Appear Mother of the World, and to Oppose Herself to the rotten canons Autocracy of Machismo in everything!

…Oh, how miserable and poor this world! It is the poor, defective tribe of children of Darkness, blindly obeying lawlessness of the devil…

Open your eyes! There is nothing above the Divine LOVE of the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS and the Spouse of Eternity Ioann-Peter the Second, is not taken by these patients outgoing world of sin, is rejected into Eternity the Cosmic Neters from the far Sirius, for immediate Abode of LOVE in the Universe — Sothis.

Ethers of the planet Earth is magnetized today by the Electricity of the Supreme Sacred LOVE of the Mother of the Worlds and the Spouse of Eternity. There is nothing stronger than That the Most Powerful Charge! For, the Energy of Holiness Masculine and Feminine, Unity and Harmony are already on the Earth and in the Universe! This Flame Burns the old clothes of sinful humanity, creating new, white and eternal ones! For 144 thousand Successors of the Holy LOVE, but will be ascended into the Abode of Eternal Shines of Sophian Glory! The Divine Glory — Is Ein-Sof, the Mother of the World, Radiating Pure Gold of Fohatical the Most Holy LOVE!

The Child of the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS — is a New Generation of Enlightened Mankind, that living by the Law of the High Cosmic LOVE. They are the first, who followed by the Creatress! The Sacred Circle of Brotherhood and Sisterhood for the first time are acquiring the good of the Universal Equality, Harmony and Unity in LOVE. Having flamed with the Sun of the Radiant WOMAN, the priests and priestesses, brothers and sisters receive the Great MERCY of Sacred Weddings in the Temple of God’s LOVE. Mother of the World in person and the Spouse of Heaven are Crowned the future representatives of the Sixth RAce, taking today Experience of Lighting LOVE of the Mother of the World.

The Mother of the World Connected the Terrestrial and Celestial, the Father and Mother, the Divine and Human into One Circle of Golden Rotation of the Absolute of Lights! And there is no Higher Power, than the Holy LOVE of the Mother of the World! Rejoice Children of Light!

MOTHER of LOVE and Light