The Birth of the Sixth RAce

«Десять лет мы сознанью объявили войну,
Чтоб понятья в планету совместились одну;
В девяностом, весною — Пришествия год,
В девяносто девятом — наш Лунный Восход.
Озарит Лунным Светом все лица Земли,
Что поверить в знаменья сердцами смогли,
Оживут за сердцами земные глаза,
Наяву, вдруг, разверзнутся, вмиг, Небеса!
И Пришельцев Послы Неба будут встречать,
И покинут планету, что носила печать
Только смерти и боли, обнищала в любви...»

(From the «Послания Солунянам»)

The Information about the ProgRAm Salvation Earth «USMALOS», the Spiritual brethren of the Moon gave notice to earthlings in the end of 1989s year — early 1990 year. The Phenomenon of the Mother of the World and Her Stellar Ambassadors were predicted on the Divine language of poetry clearly and exactly. It was in 1990, in the spring, — Accomplished the Descent of the Holy Spirit in the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS to the Promised Land in Kiev — the New JeRUSalem. 9 years the Universe has been filling by the Luminous Light of the Mother of the World, who Fohatisates with Her Spirit the Space and Time. Everything that was predicted by Progenitress of the Sixth RAce Maria DEVI CHRISTOS was fulfilled! It is beyond the comprehension for the ignorant minds, that the Mother of the World is the Light of the planet, Nourishing all the living! For without this Saving Power, the Earth would lose the balance and perished long ago, defeated by the universal evil.

Dominating over time, the Mother of the World Kindly Opened the Horizons of the Future, having Showed the Way into the Infinite Eternity. How many barriers and thorns Maria DEVI CHRISTOS overcame with fortitude on Her Path, before She Performed and Affirmed the Holy: Woman is the GODESS OF LOVE, CHRISTOS and Messiah of the Aquarius Epoch; Husband and Wife are the One GODHEAD; LOVE is a Unity of Spirit and Matter, of Fire and Water, of Terrestrial and Celestial — Divine Coition!

The Mother of the World, by Her Blazing Coming has accomplished the Universal Transition of the human consciousness into the consciousness of the Sixth Oracular RAce. Where the Harmony of Two Origins will be working according to Cosmic Laws.

Today, the Mother Harmonises Two Great Origins: Male and Female on the Universal Scales, fulfilling not simply the Messianic Role of the Great Avatar and Spiritual Teacher, but also as the Female Origin, She is United with the Great Male Origin at the same time, EIN-SOPH, THE MOTHER OF LIGHT — THE ABSOLUTE OF UNIVERSE! For, namely Maria DEVI CHRISTOS Teaches to Divine LOVE, Showing the Holy Example of Relationships between Husband and Wife of the New Epoch.

The eighth commandment of the Eternal Life Doctrine of THE MOTHER OF THE WORLD Maria DEVI CHRISTOS breaks old bases of the sinful family of the leaving millennium: «The conjugal ties without LOVE and Harmony is adultery! The lust is outside of Spirituality — is the mental immorality!»

Truly, the Universal Femininity is the First Who Tests on Herself the revolutionary novelty of Cleanness of Spiritual and Physiological Relations of the Nature of Genders. So it was in the Spiritual World! So it is Fulfilled by Her nowadays! So It will be in Eternity! For the modern society has approached to the fatal end of its sinful existence, having lost the balance of genders and thus, having opened a wide abyss of Darkness! The beginning of end of this obscurantism became the Flaming Phenomenon of the Holy LOVE in the Female Image of the Sacred Mother. With Her Great Coming, the devil have poured out on a surface all poison of inhumanness, infernal relationships between genders: unbridled sex, debauch, replacement of the True Divine values of soul — by cruelty of customs and temporary furious carnality... All that finally has broken the leaving century and still more contrasted the Ascending Sacred LOVE of the Mother of Lights and Her Spouse of Eternity, Whom She Praised in Her Divine Word, thus having Raised in the Heaven Kingdom. And There only the Holy Spirit is Reign! The LOVE of the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS — Ioann-Peter the Second — Merged with the Holy Spirit, for: the High Step of Fulfillment!

For the first time in the history of mankind the Mother of the World Showed the novelty of relationships among Priesthood: the Holy Brothers and Sisters — are equal in everything. Their relationships are built on the Principles of Holy LOVE, activated by the Last Testament. It is occurring Harmonization relations between husband and wife inside the Holy Priesthood of the Great White Brotherhood. Today many couples are blessed by the Holy Union of Wedding Ceremony that is an Ordination to the Unified Light Ring of the Universal LOVE!

When the Cosmic Transformation of the planet by Light Consciousness of the Mother of the World Will take place, the experience of the Holy LOVE will be manifested on the New Earth, which we name as Bohemia ( that means: God is Mother/rus). The Husband and Wife in the Sixth RAce will become the Cosmic Collaborators, Confessors and Co-Creators of the Mother of the World and the Spouse of Eternity. There will never be treachery and betrayal, for the Holy Union would become full and harmonious. All seven internal spheres will merge in the uniform golden aura of LOVE, and the Spouses in their unity become the similarity of Absolute. Beauty, Spirituality, Health will be Components of the Holy families. Children will be born without pain and without karma. The Woman will be Identical to God-Mother, and Man — to God-Father. The Sixth RAce of the prophets will become the revived Atlantis, grown wise with Universal Experience of Holy LOVE of the Mother of the World and the Spouse of Eternity.

Today, We are not understood and not perceived by sinful mass of the middle level of consciousness, which is afraid of us.

But all, that were sinful, humiliated and trampled in centuries — the Mother of the World has Consecrated, Uplifted and Upgraded!

The future New Community of the Enlightened Mankind of the Mother of the World — the Great White Brotherhood studies from The Creator of LOVE, finds the Supreme Knowledge and Experience at the school of priests of the third millennium. For the Teaching of Maria DEVI CHRISTOS is available to all thirsting but designed for the sixth and seventh levels of consciousness (the consciousness of the prophets and Christs).

That's why, My Children, I Give You the Knowledge of Divine Wisdom, without which there is nothing and wouldn't be up to the present! Welcome to the Kingdom of Universal LOVE, which Illuminates everything in the Universe. For there is no other choice before Humanity today. The master of Darkness goes behind, and the consciousness of earthly people is quite ready to his coming. Everyone who comprehends Me, is protected from evil and he will enter in the Eternal Life. For the Epoch of Light, Beauty and Harmony where LOVE Reigns is coming today! AUM RA! URA!

Mother of the World