«USMALOS»: Salvation of Humanity. The Good Nectar of LOVE

Nine years Light of LOVE has been outflowing into the Universe! Under the Sign of Arias — of Cosmic Spirit-Fire, the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS has Come from the Heavens to Illuminate All Existence with Her Sacred LOVE! It is the Greatest Benefit — Salvation for Earthly people, planets and Cosmic World-Creation! For the Light of Lights — the Omnipresent Mother has Visited this world of sin, mortality and putrefaction, to Expiate Humanity into Eternal Life by Her Great Works and Sacrifice, Sufferings and Blood... The Mother Sacrificially has Come into Darkness, having grounded in the low vibrations of Matter. She Became, as one of many prisoners, having been Humiliated up to the limit, for She has Loved this world infinitely and everything that is in it...

The «USMALOS» Divine-Cosmic ProgRAm of the Universe's Salvation has lasted nine years. By the Spirit of the Mother of Lights, the Slavonic region (Promised Land) with the centre of Ancient-Kievan Russia, Kiev city, is fohatisated; all planets and ethers of the Universe are saturated by Light.

The name of the Apocalyptical ProgRAm of Transformation «USMALOS» – contains a prophetic sense of occurrence in the Universe, that adequately relates to the Cosmic Message of the biblical Revelation of John the Divine. Just because — the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS – «The Woman Clothed in the Sun», Making Victory over «the Beast»! (see the Revelation of John the Divine). The Apocalyptical horsemen — nothing else but a sign of the main planets of Zodiac circle, which arrangement corresponds to the occurrence events.

«A White horse, and he who sat on it had a bow» (Rev.6:2) — that is the planet Jupiter (a bow is an attribute of Sagittarius), having the home in Sagittarius. That is its own symbol. «And another, a red horse; and to him who sat on it, it was granted to take peace from the Earth; and a great sword was given to him». That is the martial Mars, which is located in its house — Aries, and it is very strong. «The third horse is black; and he who sat on it had a pair of scales in his hand». That is Mercury in Libra, in its friendly sign. The Last horseman rides ashen horse; in the image of death — that is Saturn in Scorpio. This sign is hostile for Saturn.

«USMALOS» (literally) is Upiter(Jupiter), Saturn, Мercury, Маrs: where Jupiter is the planet of the Spouse of Eternity Ioann-Peter Vtoroy, Mars is the planet of the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS. Saturn is the planet, which brings surprise events and fate, it is considered as the Son of the Sun. Mercury, according with vedical philosophy is the son of the Moon and Jupiter. «Los» is the ancient name of the constellation the Great Bear. The Seven Stars, which symbolizes the unity of Seven Spirits-Sephirots, forming the big dipper from which streams the living water, washing and spiritualizing all existance. Or Upiter(Jupiter), Saturn, Маrs, Luna (Moon) — (The Moon is the patroness of the «USMALOS» ProgRAm, or a symbol of the female beginning) and «Os» — the Light, Osiris, Sirius-Sоthis. Sirius-Sothis means «Isis» — The Mother of Gods, Who Restored Osiris — Horus to life, the Spouse of Eternity...

И Мой Вселенский Космос Повторит Мне в ответ:
«Ты Любишь Безоглядно на миллиарды лет!
В Твоей Душе навечно сомкнулось Бытиё
Всемудрою змеёю и Царствие Твоё!
Чего же так Печально Плывёшь сквозь мрак планет?
ЛЮБОВЬЮ Изначальной Пульсирует Твой Свет...
Он Весь — Твоё Тваренье и Вся Твоя ЛЮБОВЬ...»
О, Благое РАжденье! Супруг Единый Мой!
С Тобой лишь только в Силах Азъ по Земле Идти
Тернистою Тропою Священного Пути!..

11April 1990 year the Mother of Lights Descended from the Heavens to Fulfill Law of LOVE. From that day, 9 Holy, Perfect years have passed of God's Great LOVE — the period of complete Maturing and Giving-Birth of God's True Generation — «the Great White Brotherhood» «USMALOS». At the cost of Blood, inhuman Sufferings and Torments, the Mother of the World Gave Birth to Her White Wanderer — the Offspring of the future Epoch of Harmony, LOVE and Divine Light! It is the Holy Future of the Sixth RAce of Prophets and the Cosmic Tribe of the Planetary Logoses-Christs — the Children of Light!!!

All those who know Maria DEVI CHRISTOS celebrate this shining Date, in the history of planetary Humanity. It is not by chance that it coincides with the Resurrection Jesus Christos, signifying the Second Coming of the Saviour from Heaven to Earth.

20 centuries ago, Jesus CHRISTOS Predicted the Phenomenon of the Mother of the World:

«And now, I go to My Way, but I will ask My God-Father, and He will direct to you another Consoler (Helper). Listen to Me, it is God's Consoleress, the Holy Spirit, who is One with God, but the world can't receive Her, for it doesn't behold Her or know. But you know Her and She will be known, for SHE will abide in Your Soul...

...Don't be so sad that I leave you, for it is better for Me to leave. If I don't leave you, The Consoler, Holy Spirit will not Come to you...

...When the Holy Spirit will Come in the Power, She will Teach you more and more, and Bring to your remembrance all that I said to you...

Before the Great Lord's Day will Come, the Holy Spirit will open all mysteries...» And Jesus told: «The Holy Spirit Is Truth, and Truth Is God... The Holy Spirit will fill Earth and Air with Holy Breath, and will Open the Path to Perfection and Eternal Life for Human». (The Gospel of Jesus Christos of Aquarius Epoch, Levi 161:35-37; 163:30-33; 172:24).

The Mother of the World Opened for Humanity the Great Mysteries of Cosmos, Taught of the Supreme Divine LOVE all existence; Gave the Salutary Prayer of Light, wich fills with Fohat the Consciousness of believers; She Consecrated and Elevated the Great LOVE between Husband and Wife, Having Put the Beginning of the Cosmic Balance of both genders; Programmed Eternity by the Golden Commandments of the Last Testament of Grace.

Now, «the Great White Brotherhood» «USMALOS» — the Holy Brotherhood and Sisterhood — the Society of the future high-spiritual Humanity, studies and comprehends the Wisdom of the Mother of Light and the Supreme Miracle, that is the Sacred LOVE of God's Two Origins.

The Great prophecies have taken place! But only he, who has eyes, can see it!

«And Two will be One Flesh» (Genesis, 2:24).

Holy Climent Alexandriysky, disciple of Apostle John, kept the unwritten saying of the Isus in the Gospel:

«Salomia asked Him: «When will Thy Kingdom come?» And Jesus told: «When Two will be One and the masculine will transform into feminine and will not be neither masculine, nor feminine».

The Holy Spirit, having Come as the Mother of Gods, didn't humiliate the Male Origin, but connected Him with Yourself forever in One Absolute of Supreme Divinity. The Son Rises as the Spouse of Eternity and as the Father of Lights on the Heaven.

«The Goddess I proclaim Thee... The Mother Esteemed by the Lords, We carry the Fire of Thy Love in our Hearts. In Thy Heart Lives the Giving Beam. In Thy Heart Life Takes Source. So, Cosmos Lives on the Greatness of Two Origins. By this way We Hold Sacred Goddess behind All Limits» (Teaching Agni-Yoga, «Hierarchy»).

The Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS and Her Spouse of Eternity, John the Divine — Revived Horus, the Vessel of God's LOVE Ioann-Peter Vtoroy, are One today with the Spirit of the Blessed Harmony of Origins, with the Holy Spirit of Perfection of Eternal Life! Let the Holy LOVE be glorified by Heaven and Ephers, by Earth and Stars, by Water and Fire! Everything that is living, is full of reverence of Holy Exctasy of Nirvana, that Is the Supreme LOVE of the Holy Mother and the Father-Son! Rejoices! It is Triumph! ABSOLUTE LOVE is the Goddess of the World-Creation! She Nourishes the sinful planet Earth and releases it from a great adultery, for the Mother of Lights Herself has Come to Manifest all Magnetism and Electricity of the Supreme-Cosmic Power: LOVE! And all that is lifeless will come to life and will be resurrected from Fohat of the Living Divine LOVE! Everything is One: Earth and Heaven, Fire and Water, Father and Mother, Mother of Lights and Humanity! So was! So is! So will be! The Glorious Heavenly Sign has been approaching: Apocaliptical: «Woman Clothed with the Sun; and the Moon under Her feet, and on Her Head crowned with twelve stars. And She was with child, and She cried out, being in labor and in pain to give birth» (Revelation, 12:1-2).

V.Soloviev in his «Sophie» predicted:

«Sophia-Divine Wisdom, Her Staying on Earth Completes in God's capacity, about this fact witnesses the sixth stage of Her Perfection , that is Grace... After Grace Sophia will be Glorified... New substantial knowledge about Human Being, God and Universe will be given on the threshold of Aquarius Epoch at the territory of Russia and Ukraine...» (V.S. Soloviev, letter 6, 1875 г.).

Kiev — New IeRUSalem is filled with the Holy Spirit! The Universal Bells with Beneficial Chime greats the Birth Day of Holy Sophia — Mother of Gods! Day of the Second Coming of CHRISTOS! His Lightful Resurrection! The Lightful Child of Eternity of the Mother of the World and the Spouse of Eternity, «the Great White Brotherhood» «USMALOS» is born from LOVE from Above! All Existence is full of Gladness; the Cosmos is impregnated by Good Nectar of the GOD's Fohatical LOVE!!! Glory! Glory! Glory! USMALOS! AUM RA! URA!

The Mother of the World