A Far from earthly example of Super-Fohatisation represents itself in the spiritual Flesh and Soul of Maria DEVI CHRISTOS. At the moment of death, Her body and Soul have appeared in a Heavenly Sphere. Before that, Her Subtle Body vested in white clothes, having accepted the Heavenly form identical, has passed through a Space corridor escorted by two polar-opposite essences (Angels), which not only carefully accompanied prospective Mother of the World in Her Spheres, but also had an inspired dialogue with Maria about the Love for Her Beloved Jesus Christos. In the process of Ascention there was a dump of all six Bodies. From liquid plasma Her Essence transformed into mental cloudlet and completely bared the soul, it put on an air of the Luminous Fohat and was directed in a Spiritual Sphere. After the cleaning of all Bodies and awakening of all space energies, was accomplished an Explantation — Joining Planetary Logos Jesus Christos and His Eternal Beloved Maria (Isis), Mother of the Gods. After that, Monada of Maria DEVI CHRISTOS has Entered in a New Luminary, Which is a New Star today, coming nearer to the Earth. After the polarity reversal the Luminary will become the New Sun and Moon. It's Light will Be Constant and there shall no longer be night. It is the Spiritual Light of the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS!

The first experience of Maria Magdalene Ascension was in the third day after Her death. The Second — on April 11, 1990 year — the leading Maria to the World of Holy SPIRIT and entering of the Light Body of Planetary Logos Jesus Christos* in Her! There was a Merge of Two Divine Beginnings — in the Uniform Essence of the Mother of the World Sophia!

After returning from the Heavenly Sphere into the former Form, the Light Body of the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS radiated unbelievable flashes of Fohat during several hours, the lightnings illuminated a room, where She was Located, vibrations of Light and Sound rended in the atmosphere of the room. The bright golden flashes lightened a wall and a ceiling. The hands and the legs radiated Fohatic Energy, internal Light-Fire. The flesh has stoped to be material. The body tested antigravitation and it seemed weightless. The matter of hands and legs represented itself the bodiless Fohatisated substance, which enables to heal and to consecrate with Light of Holy Spirit a space on hundreds of meters. In the first instants of The Resurrection, the Transfigurated Body of Maria DEVI CHRISTOS Reclined in the Heavenly sarcophagus, in which the New Essence of the Mother of Gods was Transformed on the Earth and Resurrected for the New Mission — Messiah and Savior of all things.

The first Words, uttered by Revived Maria DEVI CHRISTOS under the ringing of bells, in the white majestic clothes, were: «I am the Messiah!» There were eyewitnesses of the occurrence, which Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, not having accepted the terrestrial frequency of radiations yet, right away She had wished to heal. Having stretched their hands a distance of 1,5 meters to the Hands of the Mother of the World, the amazed eyewitnesses have accepted an Absolute Frequency of Energy — Fohat. Thus they have received a Seal of Life, not knowing about the Future Transfiguration. (In the day of the Judgment MAAT they will obviously realize it!)

In this way the Second Coming from Heavens of the Most High Mother of Light — Sophia, Divine Wisdom, Cosmic Sothis has come to pass. The Similar Fohatisation any living essence did not test. The Father of Heaven (Osiris-Horus) Jesus Christos Has Incorporated with His Mother and Beloved Maria-Isis, Which Spiritual Form is Eternal. For between the Mother and Jesus Christos — the direct communication: «I am and the Son are One». And the Son — is same as the Father. So Osiris-Horus, having entered in a Body of The Mother, Has Transformed the Eternal Form of the Supreme Sophia in the Earth, which descended on the Earth, as the Supreme Divine Person — Maria DEVI CHRISTOS. For that One , Who Gives Birth to God, undoubtedly is Higher, therefore — is the Creator, Self-Creatress! Keter — is for Binah and Hokma, but Ein-Sof is for all Universe! The Absolute Power and Will — is Creator!

The partial entry into Fohat experienced by Moses, which was almost 3500 years ago. So, after contact with the Holy Spirit on Sion, (the Mother of Light has appeared in the face of Moses as a burning bush, it was the Fohat) the face of Moses brightly shined and he had to hide his face from the people for a whole week. And after that, there was a recovery of the prophet's spiritual sight. But what hath been done to them on — at that time was a necessary measure for the people instead of the Spirit of God has made a «golden calf».

Apostle Paul saw the Light — the Living Fohat. That was a Transforma of the Spiritual Body of Jesus Christos. After that vision he lost his sight, then received his sight — and believed. From the jew he turned into the christian. Although he fundamentally distorted teaching of Christos lifted up himself and humiliating Feminine That Christos did not separate from the Male. Paul consciously served the dark forces.

A Pentecost — The Holy Ghost has left on the Apostles in the form of fiery tongues. The Fiery tongues of flame also were the clots of Fohatical Energy Hary (Holy Spirit).

There is a lot of such examples. But, nobody becomes blessed not having received the certain dose of Fohat. But to contain in itself all completeness of Fohat is possible only for it's Progenitress — That One, who Gives Birth to Light — Mother of the World — Primal Ein-Sof.

At the moment of Transformation of mankind will take place the Fohatisation of «the golden rest» — 144 thousands and only the partial Fohatisation of 1/3 people of the planet.

Nowadays the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS fohatisate all the world. The Time of feedback of God's Light to the wicked world soon will expire. The planet is Transformated. The Spiritual Fire burns «tare», and the Golden Ears the Mother of the World and Her reapers will Glean into the Heavenly Bins.

Mother of the World
1992 (the Wanderings in the Slavic countries)
  1. * – Details about an Ex-plantation of the Planetary Logos in a Body of God's Mother, being in Herself Three Hipostasies of the Most High Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, — see «A Phenomenon of the Second Coming of Christos, or an Ex-plantation of Planetary Logos in a Body of the Feminine Beginning!», «An Ascention 11 Nisana 1990», «The Last Testament of The Maria DEVI CHRISTOS», «The SacRAl Book of Isis» of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya and «The Terrestrial Way of Mother of the World».