About the candle

The golden vibration of a candle — is a clot of Fohat. In contrast to a fire's flame, the flame of a candle hasn't violet-red fire, but a golden one. That means the polarization is observed, the positive(+) and negative(-) particals are completely connected with each other. Where a candle burns, the microstructure of the atmosphere is improved.

Since olden times, the Fire of a candle was considered as the sacred fire. To blow a candle was not allowed, because there was a defiling of the sacred fire. Before, where candles burned, the demonic energies almost wander not. Fire of the candle is sedative, curative, for it polarizes the atmosphere. The meditation on a small light of a candle, easily enters in a condition of pacification and rest. With candles a prayer smoothly flows.

The Fire of an icon-lamp had also the same qualities. Before, evil spirits were afraid of the fire of an icon-lamp, because the element of Fire was not subject any satan's influence. So there was until My Phenomenon, nowadays satan had found authority over all elements, including fire, except to God's Ghost! And therefore, the one protection against satan is Faith in Me — in the Living God —


Mother of the World
1992 (the Wanderings in the Slavic countries)