About the Fire

What is an element of Fire? Fire — is liquid plasma. The play of light from red (female) to violet (male.) The manifestation of Fire seen on the Earth — is the form of Fohat, cleaning everything that goes through it.

Fire has some forms of manifestation. Their Basis are:

  • The liquid plasma is the terrestrial element.
  • The Dry plasmatic substance is Fire of the Sun, burning through All existance, in the process of its distribution.
  • The Fohatic Fire is the Light element of the Planetary Logos — the Sphere of the Fiery World.
  • The Inner biological Fire — is the temperature of body, created by a condion of its bodies.
  • The Psycho-Energy Fire — is the Lightful quantum energy, saved by a bioessence.

With a strong dose of fire (any of its kinds) there can be a burning, that is artificial and a fatal transition from one condion into another.

Fire is the element of cleaning. Fire — is life. Without fire there comes death of All existance, becouse it is one of the forms of the Heavenly Fohat's manifestation.

Fire — symbolizes the eternal spirit, the male beginning.

The Opposite element to Fire is Water. A symbol — of a Female Beginning. Fire contains plus and minus in itself , t.e. it is a center of two poles.

Water — The form of reflection of two Beginnings (plus and minus), in other words, water represents in itself an advanced dilute Fohat. Water transforms into steam, the steam — into ice. On structure of atoms and manifestation, Ice-Water is the opposite form of Fire. Water can flood Fire, and Fire can evaporate the Water. But the inter-opposite elements are required in the simultaneous existence, as male and female, creating Harmony of All Existance.

Fire brings death. Water brings life. And on the contrary, Fire supports life, and water can deprive it. The Stagnation of Water, as well as the fading of Fire are death. But both conditions of elements revive new forms of life. For everything is comparative and goes without interruption in the structure of the World-Creation. And the movement — are the living mechanisms of the Lord's creative work.

Air — The form of the invisible, liquid Fohat, combining in itself elements of two basic natural elements — Fire and Water.

In the atmosphere of the planet Earth all natural elements of God the Creator are expressed: Fire, Water, Air, Ether, Earth. For this is one of the most perfect receptacles of the Creator, materialized for the condensed bioessence. If not the pernicious influence of Antigod's destructive energies, the planet Earth would be an Eternal Divine Observatory, to which the Lord constantly directed His new Gift of Creation.

Today the planet Earth is reduced to the condition of self-destruction, for it became the gathering of dark satanic forces and energies, directed to the destruction of all the Divine.

But the living Fire of the Mother of the World Will transform all existance with Her Fohatic Divine Force of LOVE and accomplishment...

The «USMALOS» ProgRAm is the ProgRAm of transfrmation of the golden rest — 144 thousand of God's children — It will be realized completely, with the help of global influence of the Fohat's Forbear — of the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS.

The magnet of the Mother of the World — Maria DEVI CHRISTOS will take from the disastrous foul place, all those who deliberately are ready for Transformation and they will have an opportunity of complete self-realization.

Cosmos is constant evolution. Nothing repeats twice, for it is unique in the new manifestation. The second coming of God into the sinful world as a Great Monada (Soul) of the Mother both the Heavenly Father (Jesus-Mary) and Terrestrial (Adam — Eve), essentially differs from a level of the lady Mary and Jesus Christ's Monada, who visited our planet almost 2000 years ago. Today that Soul is enriched by the experience of passing through all forms of Divine Manifestation, on the Earth and in the Sky. Now, that Soul is Absolute of the Living God — Maria DEVI CHRISTOS the Supreme Divine Personality, having four Divine Faces (Adam, Eve, Jesus, Mary), Merged in a Uniform Image!

Mother of the World
1992 (the Wanderings in the Slavic countries)