The Fiery World

The Fiery World is the World of the mental-forms — is a condition of the pure Fohat, visible and manifested in all Force. To situating in it a Logos will can highlight anyone mental-form and to direct it on any distance, in any galaxy. The force of creation of the mental-form is creative in the Fiery World, for it is impregnated by the purest weight of the Divine Energy, or by the circulatory goldenful substance, that is consist of God. In the Material and other worlds this supersubstance acts in more unloaded kind to not burn the bioessences.

In the Fiery world is prevail the sound spectrum of inflorescence, which is creat the melodious Harmony of Bliss of Divine Elements of the Logos. In all the Law of Two eights is shown [-4] + [4] +8=7, that is the Lord, His Internal Energy, or MARIA (-4) DEVI (+4) CHRISTOS (8) = 7.

The Colour of God's Blood (Fohat) is the colour of gold. When a body Fill with Fohat, it loses the gravitational force and becomes weightless and luminous, filled with a Blood of God.

The Fohat is the Blood of God, which constantly circulates in His Multicomplex Organism (it means Macrocosm). It Depends on the condition of His Bodies, the structure of Blood is changed also. There, where there are no pure flows, saturated With light, are started a slow death, a decomposition, destruction of this or that part of Organism. After that the renovation of God's Blood begins*.

The condition of the planet Earth was extremely critical by April 11, 1990. Especially it took place in a zone of Slavic region, of the Ukraine, the Russia and so on... The Supreme Powers of the Divine Coordination Council directed the Fohatisated Essence of the Revived Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, who has become the catalyst of restoration of the protective function of the Fresh Blood-creation in the Slavic region and on the planet as a whole. There is going the prosess of Fohatisation of space and the real revival by emanations of the great many Usmalians, who believe in the One God of the Earth and Heaven, having condescended in the New Image of Maria DEVI CHRISTOS.

Only through the penetration into Consciousness of the Living God is it possible to enter into the Sanctuary, that is a Sphere of Fire (of Fohat).

In the process of the revival of a cardinal body of the Universe (this is the planet Earth) will be restored the all sistem of the world-creation. The heart of the Universe will fill with the fresh concentrated Energy of Quantum, which acts on the planet Earth from Maria DEVI CHRISTOS nowadays. The creation of the powerful Egregor** of the Mother of the World will promote to the prosess of the Supreme Fohatisation of the atoms of the living matter and space, which nowdays is poisoned by the demonic essences.

Zones on the planet, where Maria DEVI CHRISTOS has appeared, have been filled with the Fohat and restored. Her presence on the Earth creates the powerful barrie to the influence of the demonic Satan's energies.

The Heart of the Material world (the Earth) is filled with the Divine Fohat of Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS nowadays. Mother Meera has been preparing the transition into the new temporary circuit, that is the World of the Heavenly Kingdom of the Transformed Humanity.

Mother of the World
1992 (the Wanderings in the Slavic countries)