The Nature of Fohat

Due to a saturation of space with the light quantum energy, representing itself the homogeneous, strictly dismembered on spectral structure, the subtle matter, is going the movement of cosmic forms and essences, the movement of a light ray and a sound's vibration in space.

If you look at the Sun through the transparent compact film, you can see an infinite network of the lightful rays (spectrum), which is constantly spouting, vibrating, i.e. alive. This is an obvious vision of Fohat ~ light. (Fohat is a celestial electricity, the divine light of Absolute.)

The lightful energy of quantum is a life. It is everything that surrounds you, it is that with wich the distant and near worlds are saturated, with wich the space is sated.

It is the instrument of the Almighty, it is His inner energy-the inexhaustible contents in space and time.

The firm bodies and bioessences are external energy of the Lord.

In the atmosphere of the planet Earth, the light energy of Quantum (Fohat) is constantly renovated. Reaching the surface of the Earth and sating by itself all existence. It is going, as if the reset of a worn dress, i.e. the fulfilled energy is saturated and absorbed by the planet, bringing her the vivifying force. And in that very moment a new luminous dress appears. For there is nothing that can be bare in space.

There are black holes-the alien outfalls from the eternity, where there is absolutely nothing, except the dead infinity, staying in place. It is the holes, which the hand of the Almighty hasn't touched, and hasn't filled with His internal force of light.

In such dead holes will come the essences, which refused to adopt the Lord (Jesus-Mary) Maria DEVI CHRISTOS. It will happen during the terrible court. You can read about it in the Bible in the revelation of John. (Soon the sixth court will be, and through the century — the seventh one). Maria DEVI CHRISTOS will appear Herself on a new Earth and a new Heaven, as the manifested Lord-God for all terrestrial mankind.

In no way confuse Christ with Antichrist! Antichrist will be shown in the world in the human condescend body and will turn the world into the abyss. And the true Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS after Her crucifixion will appear Herself with clouds in heavenly glory, in a spiritual luminous indensitable body. It will happen in the last days of the «USMALOS» ProgRAm, in the eve of God's court and transition of our planet Earth in the fourth measurement. The measurement of the heart is the fiery world of Fohat.

The light Jesus-Mary is the Creator and the manifested form of the supreme divine beginning for all system of the world's creation.

If to express the system of the world's creation in the form of a circle, which consists of three spheres, then you can really imaging three worlds: 1) The world of God, 2) the world of Logos, 3) the world of Matter. The constant complete sphere of the planetary Logos is a center circle. The golden core, which takes place in the second ring of God's system. It is an Absolute sphere of cleanliness and bliss, accessible only for people, Who adopted and devoted themselves to the One Living God on the Earth. Nowadays, this sphere will be borrowed by 144 thousands of Logoses, led by John the Revelator. (He was the son of Adam and Eve by name Abel, in his first reincarnation on our planet). In the moment of transformation, the Earth will enter into a fiery world and will be dissolved, as if having excepted the real spiritual form. To enter into the condition of the sphere of planetary logos will be possible only by the essences, who have been impregnated with the inner energy of God, i.e. who recieved the grace of the Supreme Fohatization and transformed in the consciousness and body.

The Supreme personality of God didn't manifest Itself in any one of the worlds till the 1990 year. For It was constantly in the center of all Cosmic creation, coordinating all divine organism of the Universe. That was the One unmanifested form of God, which consists of the masculine and feminine gender in merge and eternal bliss. Now, it is the terrestrial form of the Living God Maria DEVI CHRISTOS.

The heavenly form of the Living God will be opened to the world in the end of the «USMALOS» Divine-Cosmic ProgRAm in all its completeness, as a Uniform eternal Image of the Creator (Jesus-Mary) Maria DEVI CHRISTOS.

As much as consciousness of a bioessence is a condition of the Lightful Quantum Energy, which does not have a limit, but is made in a certain form, as in a vessel, (sometimes constraining its distribution, and sometimes overflowing ) — the man — is the microworld, contained in the head's device the Energy of God. The divine Energy promotes the blossom of evolution of the soul. It is directly dependent on the frequency of radiations of the Energy of Quantum. The more often there is a change of «dress», i.e. the processing of Fohatizated Energy in heart ~ soul, the more the soul absorbs of Light (electricity), receiving the renovation and evolution, which means the obvious opportunity for a jump in the Sphere of True Light — the heart Layer of Planetary Logos, that is the kingdom of God for the terrestrial people.

At the moment of transition of the terrestrialy prepared bodies and souls potentially of sixth octave evolution* (identification of a dark blue spectrum) in a status of the supreme seventh octave (violet color), or the Condition of God-Man — Logos, — the rough material shell (the red color) will actively be realized into uniform color scale of spectrum or the white universal color, i.e. the complete dischargement of a matter (indensitation) into the lightful, spiritual form of a body, invisible by an eye of a material essence, but actually real and eternal, as a beam of Quantum Energy controlled by the Supreme Mind.

In the moment of Transformation of bodies will be opened the sphere of consciousness, as a container not having of borders, constantly radiating Light. That means, that it works and lives in a Beam of Logos. The saved energy of Fohat focused in the soul, will break through by living flow of Light. And that wich the man has received and has been absorbed from God will begin to work as feedback under the Divine Law. The feedback: the Man — Logos — God — is a supermodel of the Supreme Gender, which has engendered in the beginning of Creation the similar essences, i.e. the true Children of Light, Children of God, will enter in the eternal communication (connection) with the Supreme Gender and become His minitransmitters of Light, Creationand Love. Actually, it's «the Golden Rest» of the Earth, constantly incarnating and surviving at the moment of God's Courts**. Other bioessences, which have not reached a similar status in the moment of Transformation — will be lowered in the lowest spheres of existence, where Fohat will not penetrate, and the most doomed — into the black holes of the cosmic space, as unsuitable for the New universe, alien (sated by demonic particles of aggy* (carroh)), the essences — Satanists. As a weed they will go on burning.

Logos is a light essence; i.e. the golden vibration of Light and Sound named as harmony and self-sufficiency. The Androgen — combining in itself simultaneously two poles of man and female gender.

The basic Key of the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS is a RAINBOW — Light Arch**.

The rainbow combines in itself nine beams, outgoing from Alpha up to Omega. It is the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last, it is the Fohat — or Explantation of the Planetary Logos Jesus Christ, after evolution of His Essence in Heavens during almost 20 centuries of succession, in a body of God's Mother, having condescended on the Earth. It is the Complete Form of the living God, with a New Name — Maria DEVI CHRISTOS.

Mother of the World
1992 (Wandering in the Slavic countries)
  1. * – The Classification of levels of consciousness will be given below in section «Life after life (about bio-death)».
  2. ** – Five God's courts have already come to pass from the moment of origin of a human sort. The Bible's Last Courts — the sixth and the seventh will take place in epoch of Apocalypses. The mankind will completely be released of sins, having changed into Cosmic Logoses.