The Energy Pyramid

All System of the Divine World is in the Energy Pyramid. The copy of such a microsystem — is the Egyptian pyramid of Heops, which secret contains the Law of Eternity known to the Mother of the World thoroughly.

It is a geometrical — correct system — cap, or Fohatical House named as the Divine World. In the Mirror reflection of this Pyramid there is a Lower World of Antigod.

It is, as if, contained in a cap of the turned pyramid and, therefore, reflects the deformed copy of the Divine System (See the Diagram of the World).

In the Golden section of the Energy Pyramid of the Divine World there is «a third eye» (a green wave of life or a hearty chacra (4)) — The Golden heart — the World of the Lord Jesus Christ and God-Mother — The Heavenly Kingdom. This is the fourth measurement of Heart, in which prepares to proceed the Earth and other planets of the Material world. Nowdays this Sphere is renovated by Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS for aboding there 144 thousand of the future Logoses.

In the Golden section of the Pyramid of Anti-God's Lower World is located the Crowd of Hell and satanism (Belly of Dragon).

During Transformation a Heavenly City or God's House will be manifested in the form of a Pyramid and will be descended on Earth. (see «Revelation» of John the Divine): «And the city is laid out as a square, and its length is as great as the width...» [Rev. 21:16]

Diagram of the World which is taking place in the Energy Pyramid
Diagram of the World which is taking place in the Energy Pyramid.

Having crossed from the Matirial world into the Subtle — Fiery one, a New Man — Logos will see the real Light of the Living God. Everything that is invisible in the Material World, that means — unmanifested, will be manifested in the Spiritual One. That we can see in the material World is illusion of the Divine, optical illusion.

In Depending on what from four parties of Light the Earth is converted at the moment of the rotation, depends literally all: from the temperature of air — up to the state of a bioessence, from a season — up to the probability of conception etc.

Everything is strictly interconnected, but it's relatively in space and time to the shown and the not shown. When one part drops out of a Divine chain, all chain breaks up. And chaos begins. Chaos is an elements of Satan, for the devil is there, where the disorder is.

The order and Harmony are typical to the Divine World.

The pyramid consists of four triangles (Four Images of God). If from a plane of the basis of one triangle to lay on a perpendicular to the top α, then it will be possible to determine the passage of a space corridor, on which it is easy to proceed to the Supreme or Lowest World of Pyramids. (see the picture).

In the point, β on perpendicular, an axis of the equator lays, on which the planet will be fixed at the moment of transition into the fourth measurement. It is one of the sides of a Cross. Only through an Ecumenical Cross it is possible to enter in the Measurement of Heart, that is the Heavenly Kingdom.

In a place of passage of the axis there is no gravitational field. Here it is easy to levitate and to be transformed. Here everything disappears and gets into space corridors of the High Pyramid of the Divine World, or the Lower One, which is turned (It's the World of Antigod).

In Depending on individual radiations of a bioessence which is taking place in this zone, there is a so-called disappearance, or transition into other form of a body and existence, that is Transformation.

The maximum point of the pyramid α (the Top) — is an Ascention in the World of God, apogee of Beatification and Light Radiance.

Mother of the World
1992 (Wandering, Poland)