«The SacRAl Book of Isis»

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«The SacRAl Book of Isis» by Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya


«I am Isis — Manifested in the Image of Homo Spiritus (Human Being), but the world can't understand Me, because It doesn't know Me. But I Know, Where I came from. Also I Know, Where I go: I Open to the Earthlings a Cosmic Consciousness — the Spiritual Law and Order МААТ.

I have passed through death, using the Fiery Transform, prepared for Me by E.I. Roerich's in Her last incarnation. She is My predecessress.

Having passed through all dimensions in Subtle Bodies, I have appeared on Sirius and have received there the New Spiritual Body for returning to the Earth as the Mother of the World — the Epoch-making Teacher of the Aquarius Age.

I Prepare smooth transition of the planet Earth into the new dimension — in four-dimensionality. I Base a Powerful-Spiritual-Enlightened Foundation for the future 6th Race on the Earth».

(Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya).

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«The SacRAl Book of Isis» by Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya (Maria DEVI CHRISTOS)
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