About CultUre of Russian Spirit, or Time of Pyramids

«No one sword can upset the Culture of Spirit. Human mind can temporarily evade from primary sources, but again in definite time will return to them by renovated power of the Spirit…

Where there is a Culture of Spirit, there it cannot be destroyed already. It is possible to kill a civilization. But the Culture of Spirit is immortal»


The concept «Russian Spirit» is familiar to everyone since the childhood from the Russian national fairy tales and fairy tales of Pushkin, Bazhov, Afanasyev. It is not just a combination of words, but mythologem, opening a historical cut of epoch when still Russian epical heroes, titans, giants, «since olden days the nice people» won any evil spirits, darkness by the Russian Spirit. Russian Spirit helped the Slavic people constantly: and in war with Swedes, and with Napoleonic army, and in the Great Patriotic War… But, what to enumerate events and wars! During the great history of Russian people the enemy constantly tried to break and destroy, separate and eradicate a mighty tribe of Slavs. But never before and nobody was not able to make it and it will not be possible!

For the Great Russian Spirit is a Superterrestrial Divine power, and dark powers can not to overcome it, in what ever image they would be shown!

Russian Spirit is based on the Culture of Spirit. The Culture of Russian Spirit is a powerful centre of Light round which all mankind is warmed.

Let's separately examine etymology of the word «culture». This word is primary had a direct communication with the earth, a field and agriculture. And it is clear, before the life has arisen — the fertile soil has been filled by a seed. And, when the seed has sprouted, there was a culture. Without Spirit’s participation — the Stream of Primary Light, the culture would not sprout from the Mother-Earth and would not be in light…

N.K. Roerich interpreted a word «culture» as «the honouring of Light». «The cult, — reflected the artist, — always remains honouring of the Good Beginning, and the word «Ur» reminds us the old east root integrated with Light, fire».

In the twentieth century the word «culture» has passed with A.Belov's name which seriously tried to comprehend culture as a category. In the report of «a culture Way» he marked: «Concept of «culture» differs unusual complexity, it is easier to define concept of « science», «art», «life». The Culture is integrity, organic connection of many parties of human activity; the problems of culture in the true sense arise only when life, art, science, Human Being and a society are organized in one system. The culture is a style of life, and it is the creativity of life in this style, but not unconscious, it is conscious and realized. The culture is defined by growth of human consciousness; it is the story about growth of ours ‘I’; it is individual and universal simultaneously; it assumes crossing of an individual and universal. The Crossing is ours ‘I’, it is unique intuition given to us; the culture always is the culture of any ‘I’».

The word-concept «CultUre» is literally consists of two bases: «Cult» — the doctrine, system of sights, a science; and «Ur» — light, gold, spiritual light, the sun, the Deity, Glory.

Precisely, such was the primary sense of the word CultUre. What is now accommodate this concept? We will not go far: just turn on the TV or look in mass-media. And then you will open a container of a surrogate, spiritless, cynical, repulsive, humiliating, worthless and immoral mass «culture» — the anticulture destroying the person from within, forming a negative way of life where all basic values tempered with, and the person degrades and plunges into darkness. The Alien to Human Spirit, ideologue, helps to degrade through all possible channels, cultivating greed, corruption, alcohol, drugs, violence and murder. And this Satanism more and more grows around our long-suffering Mother-Rus’.

But, dear Ruses, do not fall into despair and madness, fear and hopelessness! On any action there is a counteraction, on any poison there is also an antidote … Remember, how our great Russian genius A.S. Pushkin wrote: «In character of the people — not to be afraid of weariness, physical sufferings; in character of this nation is observed the patience and activity, cheerfulness and grief, the sharpest contrasts have incorporated in it…The people which one hundred years ago, has defended the beard, will defend, nowadays, the head!»

Truly to say, when the human being will gain a spiritual vision, will open in himself a soul- temple, will glance in the roots, the sources and realizes his mission on the earth, — then he will become the unit of the Universe, will shine in spirit and, like the Creator, will create the world around himself!

It is the Golden CultUre of the Mother of the World, the Doctrine about Light, which will put the human being on a deity level and will open to him the Immemorial Truth — Omniscience, and will revive Human Being of the Sixth Race. During the epoch of Aquarius, when the equilateral cardinal cross of merge of two great epoch opens on the Heavenly Map (see the scheme №1 more low), the Silent Sphinx (four biblical faces: the Lion, the Taurus, the Human Being (the Aquarius) and the Scorpion), at last, will open the Great Secret to the world.

On the scheme it is shown, how the epoch of the Lion (Time of building of the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx mirror the Epoch of the Aquarius, and the Epoch of the Aquarius which has already entered into the historical course, opens the New Circle of Human Life, or the Beginning of a new Solar year which lasts 25 thousand 920 years. So, the mankind enters not simply a New Time, but also in the New Energetic Layer, passes in the New Time Vortex, in a new circle of life. And it is the new dimension, new consciousness, New Earth and New Heaven, which were predicted in the Bible: «the Revelation of John the Divine». And this is the Great Process, rejoice! For in the Age of Aquarius — the Age of the Holy Spirit on the Map of the Universe, particular, the key place is given to our Mother-Rus (Russia). And it is not without reason, for She, the Holy, takes the beginning from the Origins of Shining RA: RA-Sia (Shining RA), Rasa (Race), Ros… The Truth hidden in Thy Name!

The scheme of the Solar Year

The scheme of the Solar Year

The Solar year — 25920 years. One epoch — 2160 years. The Leo age opens the Epoch of the First Time — the Time of building the Great Pyramid and Sphinx, 12960 years ago. The Aquarius Age — is the Epoch of the Last Time and the beginning of the New Solar Year.

Certainly, all new in this world, hardly drive a tunnel for itself, because old rags, trash and junk still lay on a way and prevents to advance.

But evolution in the Universe — it is a natural process. Now, the planet chokes with a stench of negative radiations in which there lives all world, its breath is fetid, and life waters — are dead. Naturally, the Earth is intensively clearing itself, dumps from itself all objectionable, especially the parasites devouring it from within. Pole Reverse is the great space process of the change of magnetic poles of the Earth. Clearance and deliverance of the Earth from age-old dirt go at a full speed, that’s why all ulcer, all evil spirits and Satanism in the death agony climbs from their holes to outside and try to poison all surrounding space. But the Cosmos does not doze, seeing as the Universe heart — the planet Earth, perishes. It actively sends the Cosmic Forces to help.

Our heroic compatriot, the teacher of Live Ethics H.I. Roerich in the beginning of last century wrote about a role of Russia: «The Heavy terms, the heavy times! But the Best Country becomes the cosmic basis of balance in the world. The Best country becomes the most building and the finest. Our country learns ardent blossom after manifestation of cosmic signs of Prosperity … The Best country also will become the youngest. Nobody will concern it. It will not be mentioned by space signs and will go by special, by independent way, in cooperation with Cosmic Forces, the Forces of Light».

And additionally: «It is such a terrible time, that only with the greatest fidelity and solidarity it is possible to pass to the great term, definite term of the New World. Unity and mutual respect among the most spiritual conscious minds and hearts will help very much in this great action» (H.I. Roerich. On the Path of Spirit. p.561).

Think, why the ancient Slavic kind since earliest time was invincible and mighty? The answer (Otvet — in Russian) — is simple (ot Ved (from Veda) — from knowing, from knowledge). Russian Spirit fed it. And the spirit was filled with thought — thinking. The thinking was expressed by a word. A word — by a letter. The letter — by an image.

The classic language of rus was alive and magic. The Great Russian word filled the Human Being from within with the Luminous vibration. And a Human Being was alive, breathing word — logos, and spoke using his voice (golos). He contained the world of spirit inside and was perfect.

Primary light language was the language of hymns, poetry, language of the Heavens and Stars.

«О, Пламенный! С Небес Зходящий!
Ты весь в Слиянии с Водой!
Язык Святой и Настоящий!
Ты — НЕБА Светоч Золотой…»

The Cult RA was in Russia! It is the honouring of knowledge and the Divine Light, the Absolute of Spiritual Substance Irradiating all Living with Light of LOVE, the Holly Spirit. The Universe, the Astral and Fiery Worlds were created by Light. The light Matrix was condensed, and the Matter World emerged, and the measure of all things was manifested in it: the Human Being. And everything what is above was displayed below. A principle of hermetism, or differently: Merging of Terrestrial and Celestial, allowed the human being to feel himslef in the centre of the Universe and to have with the Light Source a constant straight contact and a feedback. This explains all the power and the will of the ancient ruses.

Russian Language was the only means of the Universal and all-human communication. Russian word had such a force that it was possible to make any miracles, and, if to speak on the language of science, — you could materialize thoughts into things. The Russian word «thing» (vesch’) — from (Veschat’) = to broadcast, to speak. It was enough, for the Russian wise human being (everyone was a wise human being), to cloth the idea into the word, to pronounce it, and immediately a thing was materialized. The human being could levitates and highly move by air easily and freely. Do you remember, from fairy tales: «boots-fast walkers», «magic tablecloth», «carpet-plane», «dairy-rivers and honey coasts»? The whole flying cities existed . It not a fiction, but the knowledge of the Universal Laws, Natural Laws, in other words, the knowledge of the Science of Light and application of this Knowledge in your life. Before, the cutting of Russian language by Cyril and Methodius, the Russian man was a witch-doctor, i.e. he possessed of Absolute Knowledge. For he knew his ancient Universal language, each letter of which, vibrated and represented the whole spiritual massage from Above. And by any chance: the Old Slavic Language has been brought to the Earth by Gods. They also taught the ancient ruses to decode letters and rightly using words. But during the Epoch of the Lion, 12-13 thousand years ago when evil again has revealed itself, there was a Cosmic Catastrophe. Since that time the Great Sphinx with a head of the Goddess Isis and the Pyramids — became the monuments of the Greatest Cosmic Civilization, whose Founders spoke in old Slavonic language. And this is the confirmed fact by genius scientists and researchers of histories. Among them, Peter Oreshkin, who’s in opposition to the fabrications of linguists Z.F. Champollion, who «decoded» Egyptian hieroglyphics, proved the contrary. The ancient Egyptians did not have «hierogliphical writings» (Hieroglyphics), but they had a phonetic whiting system: they talked and wrote in the Old Slavonic language!

««The damnation of Tutankhamen», witch says, that anyone who enters the pharaoh’s tomb, he will die. So, Champollion has deciphered signature over the hall of a tomb of the unknown person — and so it known in all «scientific treatises» of Egyptology. P.P. Oreshkin has read this inscription as follows:

«Through centuries She bears the Truth for living,
The One you try to kill,
putting the Barriers».

...Such is a fine precept of wise people; such is one line from the message, at last, reached the addressee in millennia...

...There is a huge Sphinx in a valley of Nile — a being with a body of a lion and a head of a woman, with the big art carved out of a monolithic stone. What thought was put in pawn by founders in its inscription, which it is called to illustrate? On old slavonic language this thought sounds great and philosophically: «I Look at your vanity»» (A.A. Luchin. Slavs: light and darkness of history).

Some words about the Sphinx. He was named Horahty or Hathor that in Russian means literally: «hata» (house), the house of Horus, Sun, Horst, Christ. And Hathor — the Great Mother — Personified the Sun House. The Solar (Sun) Goddess gave birth to the Sun and was clothing with Him. «A Woman, clothed with the Sun» — this is symbol of the Great Mother of the Apocalypse. A five-pointed star in a circle — this sign is embodied in «Rolls of pyramids» as symbol of Duat — the Heavenly World. One of fragments says: «Orion is «swallowed» by Duat (allegory — sunset in the west), and Living (rising sun) is cleared on Horizon…». Duat imply the Heavenly sphere, where a star prepares for the appearance, i.e. — a new birth. As the sun ascends and is cleared on horizon, stars Orion and Sirius plunge in Duat.

Therefore Duat, giving rise to stars; it was personified with the Great Goddess-Mother. And Constellation of the Lion — a place where the Sun is shown in a summer solstice. The sphinx will open the secret during the Epoch of the Aquarius.

Confirming that the Slavic writing and the spiritual Culture over 12 thousand years is the fact that at the time of Isis and Osiris (super civilization founders, on the 30o N latitude), the source of worship was the Light of One RA. Russian river Volga was called by this name. But with Coming Christianity, the river RA has been depersonalized and named by a derivative word from «voda» (water) «vlaga» (moisture) — Volga. The Milky Way (the Heavenly River of the Life, or Milk of the Great Mother) in territory of Ancient Egypt (country Kamit) displayed Nile. And it was the uniform roots of the great people of ancient ruses.

Ancient vedic sources also confirm, that the country Kamit has been based by nine White Gods who have come from the Severa (North) (Se-VeRA — knowing RА). They were also called the Ennead of Star Gods. They come from Belovodye (RAssenia) route Antlan (Atlantis) — Kamit (Ancient Egypt). They founded the greatest Culture on this land, which confirmed by the Great Pyramids, the Sphinx, space constructions in Karnak (Luxor) etc.

And it testifies that the white people have been formed almost 13 thousand years ago, and besides, freely traveled from a galaxy to a galaxy, let alone such stars, as Sirius and Orion.

Various «scientists» for centuries hide the truth from mankind, left by the Tribe of Star Gods on the Earth, but today , the stones have already started talking! The Great Pyramids and the Sphinx are a Heavenly Revelation of Gods for you, ruses! First of all, it is the most exact map of the Sky — on the Earth, showing stars, ages and ways to return to the Spiritual World — Duat — the Kingdom of Light. This is also a reminder of a tragedy – the cosmic catastrophe, which the people caused by their acts…

But priesthood hides from mankind space knowledge and the truth of a life of our Gods: Heavenly Mother, the Father and the Son constantly visiting our planet throughout all history of its existence to give to people True Heavenly Knowledge, to help to overcome the world evil. Dark forces carefully hide it from the world, for they do not wish that the human being was spiritual, for it is easier to operate unspiritual human being.

For example, when our Russian princes by means of the Byzantian church have decided to receive the unlimited government, they have enjected a violent christening of Russia. Before christianization there was a Veche which pushed aside princes of the power if their affairs were not acceptable by the people. Since then, Russian has lost the rich mentality. The history, writing, language, vedic knowledge, chronology have been gradually changed by a Judaism and emasculated from the memory of the Great People.

And with changing of ancient Russian, reduction the number of letters, introduction of the Vatican calendar, the people completely have lost the communication with Cosmos. They lost the ability to think multidimensionally and make by the means of words different wonderful creations. Ruses have lost multidimensionality of thinking and together with it the cosmic memory has gone, as well as Knowledge of Power Sources and TRUTH of the life, possibility freely to travel by galaxies and the entire Universe. These all were a part of the Ancient Powerful Universal CultUre.

The history of the ancient ruses on the Earth began in the wonderful Paradise conditions of the Northern country Hyperboreya, near 20 thousand years ago, after it the time has come for Lemuria and Atlantis, the Ancient Egypt — great witness to that. There wasn't such earth where the foot of our great ancestors — ancient ruses would not stepped. And everywhere they lived there were mighty centers of the ancient vedic Knowledge. Till nowadays the Scientiest and Archeologists continue to open these priceless hiding places of the Great Universal Culture. Inspite of the fact that the dark forces constantly have been destroying our cosmic symbols — letters and books, and with them the access to Cosmic knowledge, the Slavic proto-writing, nevertheless, has reached our times! It is the Runes, the Tripoli letters, different ways of cryptography: the flower letters, the nodular letters etc.

«The magician gets from a hiding place painted birch box. On the box there are the paintings which have grown dull from time, there was drawn a semibird-semiperson Gamaun. He opens it and hangs threads with knots on a framework. That is not simple knots, these are signs of words, which one can sing and create magic. The magician unwinds a ball and started to sings songs… «Arrive, Gamaun, a prophetic bird…»» (A.Asov. Slavs Runes and «Accordion’s hymn»).

The ancient Slavonic Alphabet consisted of 147 multidimensional letters. There was a secret language of ancient rus «devanagari» (meaning: the Virgin on the Mountain) — it is the language of the dance, performed by the Initiated priestess which transferred sign-letters and the whole messages.

In Sodom and Gomorrah the priests cut off number of letters to 56 signs. Cyril and Methodius have shortened it till 43-44 letters. Peter I cut to 37. And Lunacharsky has finished to 33 letters. And now they try to reduce number of the remained letters. But each letter — this is whole heavenly treasure. And gradually losing letters, we lose words, and with words we lose our mentality and memory. The human being without memory — is the human being without soul. So, the dark powers try to destroy the Great Russian Nation… And this done throughout all history of the Cosmic Race, though its roots planted all over the World.

After separation of the Universal Cosmic Race of the Earth on the nations and languages, when the United Supper terrestrial Culture was hidden by dark forces, the Earth has entered into the chain of Karmic Epochs and later It has got the name Terra. It is became the biographic code of the Planet. (See «The Book of Magic Symbols-Letters of All-Enlightened Grammatics». Issue. №1).

The Terra — means the Tower of RА, House of RA. The Sacral Russian Language, though, has undergone many distortions and changes during the history of existence, but , nevertheless, it has kept its spiritual and enlightened basis roots!

«The word RUS (Russia) is a unifying and justifying Beginner of all kinds of Matters Rising to Cosmos, that (Cosmoses) in the development becomes the Universes. Lets admire Beauty of a writing of the Great Word :

— is the letter «rekuche» — does this letter reminds you a sprouting Seed of the Tree of Mental, head brain and spinal cord. Such projection is so multidimensional objects for consciousness of human-earthlings.

— «uк» — y — the male chromosome (igrek-chromosome), come on land by Heavenly Humanity (Heavenly People). A science on knowledge to the new basics.

— «slovo» — c — a cherishing word. A sign nourishing present for future, or a sign of the Unification of Heavenly and Terrestrial Forces.

— «er» — a soft sign. What reminds this sign? — We see the ability to generalise all the best, reached in the Concentrate of a sprouting Seed of Tree of Mental and the Essence of the human thinking ascending to Cosmos. It is possible, only with ability to Co-Create the New Universes, where the Human Being-Creator ascends (instead of the agressors).

Our Planet Earth is One of Creations All Lighting Russia. Its Sign is letter) — a spiral vertical Ascension, in particular, Unifying Heaven and Earth. It is the Factor — DNA — a spiral. Studying the Reading and writing can return them the Mighty Right of Earthlings to Unify Heaven and Earth» (See «Bukovnik VseYasvetnoy Gramoty». Issue. №1)

So, Light RA — the Spiritual Sun of Russia, the Light of Divine Spirit shines in roots of Russian Sacramental words. And these words should be repeated more often in Prayers and Mantras and These Magical Words will not allow dark forces to destroy the Russian Spirit, the Universal Russian CultUre for all nations of the Planet Earth. For, Russia is strong, while its sacred language is alive and pure.

Repeat these words out loud and see how the space around you will be transformed:

(read transkription from Russian, like in Latin)

The Light Formula

«ZdRAvstvuy RAssvet! RAduisya RA’sia! CultURA i PRAvda PRAvyat RAzumom! PreobRAzhenie RAduzhnoy StRAni — RAya — KRAya PrekRAsnogo! VozvRAschaetsya SfeRA URA! ZdRAvie PRAschurov — ObRAzovannost' PiRAmidi! StRAzhey VRAta RAskriti! PRAv' PRAzdnik, VeRA! IzbRAnnie, ObRAtilis’ k RA! KRAsota v HRAmine Vedayuschih RA! URA!»*
«Прекрасная Память
БАЖЕНственных Слов
в основе лежит
Из Памяти этой
Черпает Духовное

So, on the Earth before the Flood there was a supercivilization of the highest level of CultURE, the Universal Platform of Knowledge. The Language and the Human was One — protoslavic.

«Our ancestors weren't inhabitants of a farm, not a certain region and, finally, are not just inhabitants of the Earth. They were inhabitants of the Universe. Look, as they perceive the world surrounding them and the universal law on which there should live people:

«Cow Zemun (that is constellation of a Taurus) has gone to the dark blue seas (Sky) to eat a grass and to give Milk. And that milk flowed on the abyss of heaven and lighted by stars above them in the night. And we see, how that Milk shines to us, and it is Way of Truth, other way we should not take to go»

Milk is the Milky Way, our Galaxy. We should go on this way, by the way of the law operating the Galaxy and the whole Universe» (J.V. Mizun, J.G. Mizun. «Vedic Russia»).

If to turn the look back on an epoch of the Leo, the First Time, we will see the same images. Cow Zemun — is the Symbol of Universal Mother — Goddess Isis, the Milky Way — is the river RA, or heavenly silt (fertility) — Nile. A star Sirius — a brightest star of the Sky — is the symbol of Isis , and a symbol of Russia. The name Sirius — is from Iriy, i.e. from Light Kingdom. Iriy is the Russian word having the same value.

Horus — the Son of Isis — is Horst, Sun RА, the Christos. Roots of words are from here: «horosho» (well), «gora» (mountain), «horizon», «gorod» (city), «horovod» (round dance), «horoscope» etc.

Horus was represented with a head of the Falcon and the sun on a head. The word «falcon» designates a circle, «kolo», i.e. like to the Sun.

The name «Slavs» has passed a number of stages of evolution, leaving from the modern name: slovene — sklovene — sklavy — s’klavy — sokolovy — sokol (falcon) … «the Clear falcon» was the reference to Russian princes. And they named God-father by the name Falcon in Russia.

And the image of Isis with an infant Horus became a prototype of the Christian God-Mother with an infant Jesus.

«The General northern origin of ancient Egyptians and Slavs is proved also by scenes of some archaic myths…

Egyptian falcon-headed Sun-god Hor (Gore) is fully consistent in their description and function of old Slavonic solar deity Horus. Precisely also the name of Ancient Greek Mother of Gods Hathor (it is written Ht-Hr) is deciphered, as the house (monastery) of Horus. Hathor initially personified «sky» and she was represented as the «Heavenly cow» with a solar disk between horns (ancient Greek considered her as the Egyptian Aphrodite — the goddess of love). Because, she has such name, literally meaning «Heavenly sun house». In its structure, besides already noted theonym Horus (c), enters other lexical component «hut», consonant with the same indo-European terms.

The Egyptian word of «hut» = «house» completely corresponds to an East slavic lexeme for designation of dwelling «hata» (V.Dyomin. «Nordic Russia»).

So, these all proves that everywhere had the One Russian CultUre and the One Language. May be that’s why the secret of Ancient-Egyptian civilization hidden from people before now and true history is held back. To the Arabian state is all unprofitable to devote the people that the Ancient-Egyptian Civilization — Time of Russian Gods conducts the readout since times of Atlantis (13 thousand years ago), instead of from the fourth dynasty of Pharaohs as it is written down in history. And this Superterrestrial CultUre is alien to the Arabian mentality. May be therefore, orthodox Egyptologists so carefully hide, that Time of Building of Pyramids and the Sphinx coincides with the epoch of Leo? When the card of Heavens has been transferred to the Earth and everything that above has been reflected below — in the thirtieth parallel. Three pyramids (appropriated to Pharaohs Cheops, Khafre and Menkaure) — displayed exactly a belt of constellation Orion, Sphinx — Constellation of the Leo, the Nile river — the Milky Way, and the Heavenly World was called Rostau. As you can see, a root is the same: «Ros».

Ideal coincidence of pictures in the Sky and on the Earth corresponds to 10500 BC when the arrangement of the Milky Way and three stars of Orion’s Belt at the moment of meridian passage were exact reflexion of a channel of Nile and three Great Pyramids.

Reproducing position in the Sky of a belt of Orion in 10500 BC, three great pyramids of Giza mark very much an important point precessional cycle of these stars in almost 26000 — the lowest point of their movement upwards-downwards on a meridian, when (in terms of the observer at the latitude of Giza) they reach the culminations at height 9 degrees 20 minutes above horizon. In our epoch — the Epoch of the Aquarius — they are approaching to the highest position which may occupy only in a cycle of precession — 58 degrees of 06 minutes above the horizon at the moment of meridian passage. As though in a narrow vertical chink the lever slowly moves: 12960 of top-down, and then 12960 years back, bottom to top (see the scheme №2).

Precession ascent and descent of the Orion’s Belt
on the meridian of the Great Pyramid
in the Age of Leo and the Age of Aquarius

Precession ascent and descent of the Orion’s Belt on the meridian of the Great Pyramid in the Age of Leo and the Age of Aquarius

It turns out, that the beginning and the end are joined together. And it proves, that Russia has approached to the culmination point when again there comes the Epoch of Great Revelations and the Ascension-transformation of Russia to Russia Primary, Sacral, Sacred… CultUre of Spirit again will shine in the Light of the Great RА.

Finally, a few words about nowadays. The Dead spirit of decomposition and devouring of human souls going from the West. Week and helpless people, not knowing roots and spiritual sources, unaware of RA is tempting by this Dead spirit. But the russian people — the people chosen by God. And before the face of great Changes will stand true ruses, not lost Fidelity to the Native land, not lost Conscience, and who found True Spirituality. For that spiritually — is a Daily bread accepted by all measure of Russian Soul. URA!

Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya
  1. * – Literal Translation:
    «Hello, Dаwn! Rejoice RA’siya! CultURE and Truth rule the Mind! The TRAnsformation of the RAinbow country — PaRAdise — the beautiful Land! The Sphere URA is coming back! Health of the ancestors — the formation of a pyRAmid! The Gate is opened by Guards! Govern CelebRAtion, Belief! The Selected Ones addressed to RA! The Beauty is in the Temple of those who knows RA! URA!»