The Revelation, or Taking down the Cover of Isis

The Solar System was born in Embrace of Siriusian Goddess RA — Isis: the Great Mother, with the ten thousand Names. Celestial PARADISE was reflection of Spiritual Plan of Mother of Light in person, Ancestor of all that lives, and primordial Transformed in the Spiritual System of SIRIUS. Grains of Spirit from the System of Sirius have been growing on all Universes. And the Universe (great Village, settlement) was filled with Light of the Gold Indivisible of Siriusian CultURE.

A CultURE — is Cult of Light, Spirit, Gold of Shining Unissencety Mother RA — MaRA — ruled in everything living, sounding and colored, radiant Cosmos. For Cosmy (coshmy) — in Russian — hair of Great Mother, like an antenna of the Indivisible Power System, filled the Universe of Her Fohatic Light Power of Eternal Spirit. Cosmos vibrated, breathed, shone in plenitude transparent spaces of thin-sounded of Pure Idea. The Great SamaDhi — She Herself Breathing — Energy of Mother of Light, Holy Spirit, Maria DEVI CHRISTOS — Mother of Spirit was reigning. And all living and all inhabitants of Universe felt the higher state of bliss.

The populated planets and Star Systems were protected by demigods. Demigods, similar to Great Mother of Light and Her Father, Son, Spouse, dominated in every system. Their ancient names are entered in History of Earth, as names of veda gods and goddesses: Indra, Zeus, Perun, Poseidon, Dazhbog, Kupala, Perunisia, Zhiva (Diva), Devana, Lelya, Kolyada, Radunisia and other. And Great Mother stood at the head of Skies and Iriy — Ancestor IS-RA or RA-IS — Istina (Truth). She Gave birth the Sun — Osiris-Horus.

Is Toriya — in russian — the Way of True, Isis, motioning all that lives of torus (so, as a Light in Eternity!), — saves memory of flying cities-spheres, intergalactic and interplanetary flights and travels on WhitemaRAs (White MaRAs) and Vimans (ship-invisible beings), capable to change from thought and to fly, similarly thought, everywhere. «Man» — means «mind». 144 capsule-Vimans located in Whitemara.

Today many words store the true information on our history. But, as, the mankind degraded in a matter, having assimilated to illusion language human has changed and has lost the protogenic figurative value. Many concepts have changed, and words have deformed, have filled with negatives, both many names and words have lost the initial sense. But, nevertheless, certificates of sacred places and signs Universal have still remained in sacred names and titles.

About that everywhere was Indivisible CultURe of Great Mother of Suri-Russia, say many words.

Here, for example, names of places where there have passed Shemsu-Gors — an imperial tribe of Great Mother — the Sarmat (Sar-tsar, RAs-White, mat-Mother, in Russian — White Mother).

IsRAel (Isis RA God). Today, so is named the country, where have given way to death Son of Isis — Jesus-Chorus-Christ (İX — Isis — Chorus — the Sun). Ierusalim — Ie-Rus-al-im — Ey Ma Rusi, Ey Ma Sur'i — Mothers Sur'i, Maria, Ey-Rusalii-Ma city, Mil Asur Ey.

So the city of death of Son of Isis, Spouse of Isis, It — Father of Heaven — Osiris is named. So is named the City of Heavenly which will go down from Heavens to the Earth, and 144 thousand «in white robes» — White Hosts of Mother of Light — white Light-Russy inter into it.

Si-On — Ki-On (Kiev!) — a place of Phenomenon of Isis — Mother of Light in the end of times. About this City it is spoken in «Book of Kolyada», about this City it is told in the Bible, only the human hand has changed much. But similarity remains. Twelve stones of Holy City of Ierusalim have not changed in these sources, and here the Female Principle is emasculated completely. But, nevertheless, some certificates remained: twelve gates, twelve stones…

«Был построен Храм на семи верстах,
на восьмидесяти возведён столбах –
высоко-высоко в Поднебесии.
А вкруг Храма посажен Ирийский сад,
огорожен тыном серебряным,
и на всех столбах стоят свечки,
что вовеки не угасают.
Был тот Храм длиной
шестьдесят локтей,
в поперечину — двадцать
и тридцать — ввысь.
Были в Храме окна решётчатые,
были двери в Храме чеканные.
Был внутри Он обложен золотом
и каменьями драгоценными.
И двенадцать дверей,
и двенадцать окон
были каменьями изукрашены:
сердоликом, топазом и изумрудом;
халкидоном, сапфиром и ясписом;
гиацинтом, агатом и аметистом;
хризолитом, бериллом и ониксом.
Оживали на стенах Храма
птицы каменные и звери,
поднимались к небу деревья,
травы вились, цветы цвели»
(Книга Коляды, IV, 2).

«And I, John, have seen Holy City Jerusalem, new, descending from the God from the Sky, prepared, as the bride decorated for the husband» (Revelation 21:2).

Irian City of Rusies is an ancient, vedic City of Siriusian Metaculture — Mila Suria Ey (Ierusalim, Jerusalem) also had twelve gates and twelve stones, shining the Rainbow…

Syria — s Iria — in Russian (from Iria), MitRA — MTR (Mother, Mother RA). KMT — HMT (Kamit, Hamit — AkMat — White Mother). RAI (Paradise) — YARA, where İ (Й, Я) is a Male Principle, and RA — is a Female, where are Light and Sound, Soul and Reason, the Bosom of Great MTR — Mother Sothis (Sofis — Sofia, that means «Burdened»).

Sothis-Sirius, sota-in Russian (honeycomb) — is a primary cell of the Light Information, a coach of Light and Sound two pyRAmidal triangles: Female and Male in merger, a hexahedRAl base of all Real. Mother — Sirius-Sothis keep the Amrita-nectar — Elixir of Immortality in hexahendRAl Vessel of Eternity: in the Sacred GRAal! It is the Light of RА and the key Word-Sound that known only Isis. It is Her Philosophical Stone (Kamen — in Russian): Ka — ak (soul, white); men — nem (mind, consciousness; silence); it is literally: white silence of soul, purity. Man (men) — a name of First terrestrial androgin. From here the name of Goddess of Love — Kama (soul of Mother, Mother of soul, or: Ak-Mat, Ahmad — White Mother). Two triangles in merge is a core of sphere of the Universe, its basic formula.

«Chintamani (The Stone from Orion)» /October 21, 2006/ Canvas, оil. 80x90
«Chintamani (The Stone from Orion)», 2006

There is why all people worship to stone Altar. Alatyr «is white-inflammable stone» which, under ancient legends, has fallen from the Sky and has connected itself all worlds. On the Alatyr stone was cut Lows of Light. Altar (Al — golden, TaRA — Goddess of the Light); from here the name of the Earth: Terra — Tower RA — Earth RA.

Such is sacral value ancient Egypt stone «ben-ben», that means «the seed of gods», and a stone of Orion — «chintamani».

In «Revelation» also it is spoken about «a white stone»: «…to the winning I will allow to taste a secret god-send, and I will give him a white stone, and on a stone the written New Name which nobody knows, besides, who receives…» (2.17).

About the Phenomenon in the end of times of Siriusian Goddess Isis, Mother Sothis — Sofia Burdened also it is told in «Revelation»: «Now a Great Sig Appeared in Heaven: a Woman Clothed with the Sun, with the Moon under Her feet, and on Her Head a garland of twelve stars. Then being with child, She cried out in labor and in pain to give birth» (12:1-2).

It is a Goddess Iriy — Isis, Sothis, the Shown Sofia — God’s Wisdom. She is the Centre of Universe, the Sun — RA, «on Her Рead a garland of twelve stars». It is a new Zodiac circle from 12 constellations.

«With the Moon under Her feet…» — the Moon — Siriusian Whitemara, with which help after catastrophe 13 thousand years ago the Siriusian Nefers (Gods), at the head by Isis, have transformed the Solar System. The orbit of rotation of the Sun round the Earth has been changed for 365, 25 days within a year. The moonlight became paler, since the Moon has lost 1/5 part of the size: was , and became . The first symbol symbolizes burdened Sirius-Sofia, or the Kingdom of Light-Duat (Rostau), and the second is a symbol of the Absolute — Mothers of Light RА. And it is valid, Nefers having gone down from the Moon to the Earth, in a point of median meridian — 300 northern latitude and they did one’s the utmost to create on the Earth which has suffered from cataclysms conditions for origin of present Fifth Race. Luna (the Moon) — lono (bosom) had a name Selena, that means: Beloe poselenie (White settlement). From Her name there were words: «Selo» (Village), «Poselenie» (settlement), and «Vselennaya» (the Universe). Becouse, precisely thanks to bosom (lono) of Selena to the Earth from Iriy (s Iriya) (Sirius) has been delivered all necessary for its development. White rice as one of the basic cereals of a food has been delivered from Sirius: Ris (rice) — sir, Sirius. «You what, from the Moon have fallen down?» — ordinary expression stores history about landing Lunar Viman with Nefers.

When Nefers have constructed the Space Laboratory on the Earth named КМТ — Каmit (from here words: chemistry and alchemy), has earned the Interstellar Mega Complex AST. AST — it is the Name of Isis and means — the Star of Sirius . So, the Great PyRAmid was named. Precisely in the Great PiRAmid AST has been ciphered the messianic prophecy, warning mankind about the Second Coming of Christ I Image Isis in person in the end of the Fifth Race before planetary Quantum Jump.

«A Woman Clothed with the Sun», — RA — the Light of Iriy! Eternity Light! «Gospel» — «Evangelie» (in Russian) — Eva — the Name of Woman, the Life, An — God, gelium — the Sun) — «a Woman Clothed with the Sun», — the Got Mother. Later, the Image of Siriusian (Suriyskoy, Russkoy) Isis came in Christianity, as the Image of Mother and Wife of Jesus Christ (Son of Isis — Gorus, Horus (Is, Hr — Ис Хр — in Russian) İX — Isis — Horus — Sun).

«Then being with child, She cried out in labor and in pain to give birth…» Burdened by Light Sophia-Sothis — is Mother of Light RA! Mother RA, MARA — .

Nostradamus forecasted about Phenomenon of Great Mother — Holy Spirit (also in his name ciphered the information about Phenomenon. «Nostradamus» — it means — «White Lady»).

Here is his prophecy:

«...The great kingdom of Antichrist will come. But the Good fortune of Spirit Sacred, begun with 48 degrees (Doneck city — the birthplace of Mather of the World), will cause resettlement of the people and will expel disgusting Antichrist... And before there will be a solar eclipse, the most dark that happened from the date of creation of the world till sufferings and Jesus Christ death and, then, up to now. Also there will be in October a great movement. And it will be so cruel, as if the Earth has got off from the natural way and has plunged into eternal Darkness. Before spring, and after it there will be extreme changes, transformations of empires and the strong earthquakes interfaced to unknown growth of new Babylon. And the horror of the first sacrifice will lead to increase in number of contemptible daughters. 73 years all it more and also will last seven months.

And after this from a kind THAT will be allocated that during so long period remained barren. (Barren was considered Isis, She has conceived Gorus after death Osiris, Having revived His body by the higher Magic — by Author). It is about 50 degrees (Kiev city) and will update christian church…»

Similar history about «barren Isis» repeated two thousand years ago, when incarnated Gorus (Horus) Jesus Christ was crucifix by Israelite, and suffered death on the cross. Beloved Wife Mary (Maria) (MagdaLena — mag — ordaining, great; «lena» — the Universe (Vselennaya — in Russian), Selena — Great Universe) — incarnated Goddess Isis, healed disfigured body Herself Beloved, recover Him to life, and soon She has conceived the wonderful and lovely child from the Divine Spouse.

When time of Her new Phenomenon in the IMAGE of Mother of Light RА in the end of a Fifth, most by fallen of Races human was executed, She Was, as well as has been predicted, with 48° (Donetsk) in the centre of Russia on 50° — (Kiev) — New Jerusalem. She was with the New Name and the Titanic Universal ProgRAm of Rescue of mankind to prepare for 22 years (22 lassos) consciousness of the Earth for transition in a new time coil — the Sixth RAce. But She was anticipated by an artful Set and (together with baby Gorus — John-Peter Vtoroy embodiment — Divine Spouse of Maria DEVI CHRISTOS) has hidden in a dungeon, as well as 13 thousand years ago. But despite constant intrigues of Dark Forces, Great МатMother RА again Has won!

Being the Spiritual Teacher of the Divine-Space ProgRAm «USMALOS» (Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Moon, Orion, Sirius), Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS Has made all planned from Above. Also has wholly Won back the Mystery of the Victory of Light over Harm and Dark in the Universe.

The Moon as the Space WhitemaRA, served for Mother of Light as a link with a super civilization of System Sirius-Orion.

Finishing small digression in HISory, should reveal to earth dwellers the basic Secret of the Name the CHRIST (CHRISTOS).

The Universal Secret of the Universe is hidden in this sacred Word:

This is the NAME OF SIRIUSIAN TRIAD: Son, Mother, Father, or the Eternal Duad of Mother RA Isis and Father of Heaven — Osiris!


Xp (Chr) — Xx — Female Chromosome RА, Russia, Suriya;

Хр (Chr) — Chorus — the Sun;

XP-ст (CHR-st) — (Horst) — the Solstice — on December, 25th Revival Osiris;

Ис (Is) — Isis, Istina (True);

Т (T) a cross таu — a cross of sufferings and a key of Eternal Life Isis; the Cross of connection of Two Universal Beginnings of Mother and Father (the Son, the Spouse);

ОС (OS) — Osiris, Light.


Сот (SOT) — Honeycombs of Isis, Sothis (Sirius), Sofia (Burdened);

Сирх (SIRH) — Sirius, Сир — Osiris, RA, the Sun, the Wife Closed with the Sun, — the Gospel! URA!

is the Sun of Russia — Great Mother of Light — Maytreaya (Triune Mother). It is Her Female Name; it is the Bosom of Her Eternal Light. It is the Absolute of Ejn-Sofas. Sofis — Sothis-Isis, Mothe-Sofia, or Maria Power (holding supreme power sovereign) Aegis Vsederzhitel Jesus CHRIST. (İХ — Isis — Sothis). Her Star comes nearer to the Earth! Her 4th comet (4th horseman of the Apocalypse) has already come nearer to the Earth and was showed in the Sky! Her Time Has Approached! Mahashakty — the Rescuer of the Universe it is indefatigable Lays the Way from the Earth to Suria-Rus for the future Sixth RAce of the Changed mankind. In Iriy! URA!

Русь Моя Венчальная
Златоглава Матушка
Звёздная Одна!
Свои Зёрна Сеяла,
во Вселенной Веяла,
ПроРАстила все Миры
Белая СтРАна!
РАдана Единая
Моя Лебединая!
Изис — Матерь
Вечности —
Создала Тебя!
Хор – Светильник
КРАсный Сокол —
Сотис в Сотах Спрятала,
Мёдом Облекла.
Укачала на волнах,
от беды Спасла!
Ожерелье в каменьях
РАзлеталось, капало,
будто Слёзы Матери,
в Солнечных Лугах.
В росах отРАжением
Семиликой РАдуги,
в воздухах останками,
в водах и парах.
Золотые розсыпи
памятью — Вселенскою
в Солнечной Обители
РАзселили стРАх.
Сурьюшка, Любимая!
Матерь Златокрылая!
Совершится РАдуга,
Орион Единственный
выйдет в Небо Новое
и прольёт Свой Белый
на Тебя, Сполна!
ВозРАдится Племя
Сурьи Златоликой РА
в чистоте полей!
И Возстанет Русов
Маха-Матерь Славная
Возсияет Золотом
Неземных Огней!
Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya