«How?! The embodiment of Sophia…
I am prophetically clear in Her, the
sacred destiny of Russia»

Russian Word of Mother of the World is Strong and Magic! Vo-Ob-RA-Zhen-ie (Imagination) — is a mental representation Image of the Wife (Obraz Zheny — in russian). Pre-Ob-RA-Zhen-ie (Transformation) — is a Fill by Image of the Wife. Voz-Zhen-ie (Kindling) — Filling by Fire Force of the Wife. This is an open for consciousness the SacRAl meaning of the Universe. In Head of MiRAzdaniya (Universe) (MARA-building — Mother of Light — Matra) is Staying its RADAtelnitsa (Parent) and the Base — is the Great Mother, Wife, Truth. Is Rejected by the age-old obscurantism of patriarchal cloth of the black forces of Seth, so hate everything that associated with the Cult of Mother, the Woman Clothed with the Sun, — GOSPEL.

Ancient ancestors worshiped BAGARADANA (Ba-Soul, Ga-motion, RA-Light, Da-Giving, Na-Sky) of Sophia the Wisdom. During the reign of Matriarchal BAGARADana all PriRAda (Nature), Cosmos, Universe — were united constituting of RADAtelnitsa (Parent). From Light Bosom all live was Shown. Matra Sva — Mother of Light — so in the ancient time in Russia called Sophia. And this Tradition went from the Beginning origin of life in the Universe. The True Real picture of the Golden Age of Sophia kept in the pantry of Eternity — the subconscious of all living things. Artifacts history of Cult of the Great Mother — the Triune Maitreya — saves Earth-Mother — Her NatuRAl Incarnation. And it is so natural that did not require any proof. But the consciousness of modern man is cut off by dark minions of Set-Gagtungr and reflects a one-sided blind vision of the world, the Universe. From here all the troubles: war, suffering, illness, death, hatred, evil world, has reached its apogee, which is backed by the full power of the Antichrist...

Sophia Wise — Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, a Phenomenon That was predicted in the world prophecies Opens to the world Sophian KNOWLEDGE, Spiritual Science about Sophia SophioLogy. But the Sophia’s Sacrament of Phenomena in the end of time in the Physical Body in Rus to this day concealed in darkness, those who hated and disgusted Her Coming. All servants of Darkness and Light know This. The Vatican knows, but to recognize the Phenomenon of Sophia — it means losing their regalia and world power. Who must to know, know too, but to accept Her Phenomena — like death for them, for they serve Antichrist a long time, as does the Antichrist for «mask of goodness» hides his fierce hatred of the Cult of Light of Matri-Padma, Mother of Light.

There is nothing concealed that will not be revealed! Over the 26 Fire YEARS of The Messianic Way the Incarnate Mother of the World Has Given earthlings Everything they need for Eternity and Immortality of soul. KNOWLEDGE of Wise Sophia — is Sacred and Priceless. All That is Stated to Her Word, Written by Hand, sounded by Voice — are Shining Gold Placers of Multicolored of Her WORLD. Eternal Kingdom of Light, where The Queen — Reigning Aegis — is Lighting the whole UNIVERSE with Her Light. This is Gold of Spirit. World of Light, Harmony, Perfection. Single Sophia Loves Her UNIVERSE and Responsibilities for It. Invasion of the darks to Her Planet — is the test for earthlings, check on Fidelity to Consubstantial Mother. Will they remember? Will they call Her Holy Spirit, Light Spirit for help? Only with Her Name on the lips and in the heart — you can overcome all obstacles and difficulties on the Way to Light. The wayfarer with the luminaire in heart will not go astray and will reach Inspiration Top. Weak in spirit, unsure of Strength and Power of the Wise Sophia will shudder. Only the long-suffering, loving and faithful Will Be Gathered under the Wings of Sophia and have not known death.

...Such a battle with the Darkness was not yet of age. All the Darkness has gathered on Earth, and arranged hell for those who are without faith. Antichrist in the guise of lies is preparing to rule the world and to tag everybody by his black stamp — mark of the beast. Mass chipization — is a plan of the Antichrist. Anyone who promotes and imposes it — are serving him. And soon he will ingurgitate not only labeled, and his servants. And only who have the Stamp of Light of Sophia the Wisdom, Whose Name: MARIA DEVI CHRISTOS — Will be SAVED and will inherit the Kingdom of Light, for their Life only begins after the TRAnsformation. Golden Age of Matri-Padma is approaching. Therefore hordes of dark are so raging. They know that Sophia Appeared to Strike Darkness with Her Light. Therefore, in his agony they are trying to eat their fill, and dead get drunk, be comforted with iniquity and abomination of desolation in the holy places. Obscurantism is gaining momentum, but the night comes to an end! And the Hour Before Dawn is close, when the Lady of Sunrise on a White Horse with a Flaming Sword in the Right Hand Will Appear in the Clouds and Will Lit Up with Her Imperishable Face and Radiance All Existence! Rejoice, Sons and Daughters of Mother of the World! Ahead — is Victoria of Light! Let there be LIGHT! URA! AUM RA!

Кто Верен

София Ходит по Земле,
но вы Её не узнаёте.
Христовый Свет
           Царит во Тьме,
но в мраке ночи
               вы живёте…
Свершится Час Её Чудес!
Когда Возстанет
                     с Облаками!
И Светом Золотых Небес
РАзсеет Тьму Она Руками!
Кто Верен и идёт за Ней,
во мраке собирая души,
тот в череде последних дней
Её Завета не нарушит.
Печати Зверя не возьмёт,
а Увлечённый Духом Святым,
нарад от гибели спасёт
ПреОбРАзившись Светом
Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya