HIsTary of the Slavic Movement of the 90's «The Great White Brotherhood» «USMALOS»

Maria DEVI CHRISTOS (Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya)

In the Teaching of E.I. Roerich «Agni Yoga» much attention was paid to Appearance of the Mother of the World and the future Community of the «Great White Brotherhood» — 144,000 Warriors of Light, which the Future Savior Will Gather.

««...I have already told you that the Mother of the World Hides Her Name. I Have already shown you how the Mother of the World Closes Her Face. I already mentioned the Mother of Buddha and Christ. Of course, now it's time to point out that the Mother, common to the Lords, is not a symbol, but the Great Phenomenon of the Feminine Principle, Representing the Spiritual Mother of Christ and Buddha. The One Who Taught and Ordained them to the feat. For a long time the Mother of the World Has Sent a feat. On the hIsTary of mankind Her Hand Holds an invisible thread...

...Urusvati — it's time to say that we call the Star, which is irresistibly approaching the Earth. It has long been the symbol of the Mother of the World, and the Epoch of the Mother of the World must begin when Her Star approaches the Earth unheard...

...The Great epoch begins, for the spiritual understanding is connected with the Mother of the World...

...The high commission of women is to be appeared by a Woman. And in the Temple of the Mother of the World there must be a woman. The Appearance of the Mother of the World will create the unity of women. It is now the task: to create a spiritual-regal position for a woman...

...So in the Age of Fire, when Light fights against darkness, the appearance of the Banner of Peace is the main sign that will give a new step to humanity. So under this sign unite — Beauty, Knowledge, Art and all nations. Only so the highest measures are applicable to the Banner, truly!..

...Truly, the Epoch of the Mother of the World is based on the awareness of the heart. Indeed, only a Woman can solve the problem of two worlds...

...I advise you to say the Name of the Mother of the World (Maria DEVI CHRISTOS — approx. Aut.) not as a Symbol, but as the Power Giving...

...When Tara of Light Will Illuminate the world with distant worlds, then She Will Settle as a Phenomenon of Beauty. When Tara of Heart Illuminates the world with love, then She Affirms Herself by the Phenomenon of Beauty...

...I declare that the Power that adorns Our Universe is established as Our Mother of the World — the Feminine Beginning!

...At the heart of spirit creation lies the beauty of the Feat. Our Mother of the World Gave to the world that Eternal Feat, which is the foundation of the Universe.

Higher consciousness knows the Truth, and we are ready to notify this Truth to humanity, but for this, humanity must be on a higher level. Yes, Yes, Yes! When each Lord had to be given to the world by his mother, how could not honor You, Mother of the World! When every Spatial Fire should be manifested in form, how could not honor the Giving Life? Yes, Yes, Yes! How could not accept as the Highest Phenomenon of the Cosmos, the Force of the tense Symbol of the Mother!..» (E.I. Roerich. «The Teaching of Living Ethics»).

«The Mother of the World is the Symbol of the Female Beginning in the new epoch, and the Male Beginning voluntarily gives the treasure of the world to the Female Beginning. Great crimes were committed in the name of Christos, therefore now Christos is clothed in Other Clothes» («The Sheets of the Garden of Moria.» Book Two, Part II, V).

«There will be great age of Women. It is Women who have to perform the feat twofold — to lift herself and raise their eternal companion — a man. All Forces of Light are waiting for this feat. The Star of the Mother of the World Indicated time of beginning of Great Time... Let the heart of the woman set on fire by this selfless Feat... Great Mother is Coming!» (Letters. E.I.R, p1, 17.08.1934).

«On April 11, 1990, BOTH Sophia's Beginnings Completed Their Path on Earth, as Her Indivisible Polar Halves, and Returned to the Single Womb of the Primordial Ein-Sof. After the Performance of GOD COITION, the Holistic Monad of Sophia the Wisdom, the Cathedral Soul of the World, Was Revived. SHE Dropped into the Physical Body of Her Feminine Beginning and Appeared in Matter in the Image of the «Wife Clothed with the Sun» — Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS. SHE Appeared in the darkest, last time, in order to Collect Her Golden Seed — the TRAnsformed Humans of the New Earth and the New Heaven.

Sophia's Thorny Path on Earth Became the Last Chance: Rescue fallen humanity, which lost contact with the Mother of the World under the centuries-old rule of the Antichrist-Seth and his servants…» (Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya. «Victoria RA» No. 33, 2016).

«Sophian KNOWLEDGE, Spiritual Science about Sophia, SophioLogia Was Opened to the world by Sophia the Wise — the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, about the Phenomenon of which was predicted in all world prophecies. But the Sacrament of the Phenomenon of Sophia at the end of times in the Physical Body in Rus to this day is obscured by darkness by those, whom Her Coming is hated and disgusted. All ministers of Darkness and Light know this. The Vatican knows, but to recognize the Appearance of Sophia is to lose their regalia and world power. Those who should know is knowing, but recognize Her Appearance is like death for them, for they have long time served the Antichrist, just as the Antichrist behind the «guise of goodness» hides his fierce hatred for the Cult of Light of the Matri-Padma, for the Mother of Light.

There is nothing concealed that will not be revealed! Over the 26 Fire YEARS of The Messianic Way the Incarnate Mother of the World Has Given earthlings Everything they need for Eternity and Immortality of soul. KNOWLEDGE of Wise Sophia — is Sacred and Priceless. All That is Stated to Her Word, Written by Hand, Sounded by Voice — are Shining Gold Placers of Multicolored of Her WORLD. Eternal Kingdom of Light, where The Queen — Reigning Aegis — is Lighting the whole UNIVERSE with Her Light. This is Gold of Spirit. The World of Light, Harmony, Perfection» (Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya. «ВЛАДЫЧИЦА ЗАРИ», 21.09.2016).

Speaking of creating a future Community, the Mother of Agni Yoga wrote: «How to find a founder of the Fraternity among thousand years? People will name and Rama, and Osiris, and Orphey a lot of the betters who saved the people memory. We needn’t to ascertain who the first is. Every one of them were tortured to death and tormented. Fellow-tribes-men don’t remit of anxieties about the Common Weal. Let’s transmute the Teaching and so the scattered parts of the one body will get together them. Who will get together them? The people memory has confirmed Her, Who will strain every effort for joining of the living parts. Remember, how many people have took trouble about the Brotherhood» (E.I. Roerich, «Brotherhood», 575. 1937). AND IT HAPPENED!

AKMAT (White Mother)the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS — Came in 1990 to KIEV, as was predicted by NOSTRADAMUS, and Embodied the idea of E.I. Roerich about the «Great White Brotherhood». Elena Ivanovna knew about Her Future Incarnation in the Image of the Mother of the World. And all Her life had been a preparation for THIS UNIVERSAL FEAT. Incarnating in 1960, She Went to Her Sacramental Mission. And in 1990, after the Fulfillment of EXPLANTATION, She Returned to Earth in the Image of the Mother of the WORLD Maria DEVI CHRISTOS. The Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, 1990. E.I. Roerich, Mother of «Agni Yoga» Putting on the White Clothing of Renunciation, Maria DEVI CHRISTOS for the first time Came out to earthlings with the Spiritual Preaching of LOVE. It Became a Spiritual Revolution during the period of atheistic propaganda of the former USSR... The Woman-Messiah, the High Priest-Baptist Appealing with the Fire Word to the people in the squares of Kiev, Moscow, Minsk, Annunciating about the Coming Transformation and the end of time, Exposing the Coming of the Antichrist and the «mark of the Beast» 666, Maria DEVI CHRISTOS easily Led the mass. Thousands of Slavs, thirsting for Spiritual Light, Purity and Miracle, were drawn to the Magnet of the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS. She Sowed the Highest Heavenly LOVE for the Father-Son Jesus Christos. And the people recognized in Her the Great Mother, Self-forgetful Loving Her Beloved Son... She Healed the sick, Baptized and Converted them to faith in the squares. And although, then, next to Her was the ambitious, selfish and vain Judas (Y. Krivonogov. 1990-93), who constantly prescinded attention from the Savior, continually attracting to himself (and in 1993 he brought Her into custody), people were attracted precisely to Her, as to the Source of Spiritual RAdiance. Only eyewitnesses could feel it. From 1990 to 1992, the Mother of the World Preached Her Fiery Heavenly Teaching in the CIS. And Y. Krivonogov carried his «Krishnaite Vinegret», being a believer of the «Krishna’s Consciousness» community. And this dark patriarchal man deliberately diverted the attention of the slavs from the Appeared to Kiev Messiah. Meanwhile, the followers of the Mother of the World attached to Her Holy Spirit, gathering in the spiritual Communities of the «Great White Brotherhood», which were created in all cities and villages of the former USSR. But the black ministers of Seth were afraid of such an active movement of the followers of the Mother of the World. And they persecuted and an unprecedented campaign of lies against Maria DEVI CHRISTOS and Her Communities. And Yu. Krivonogov became an instrument of dark forces, directed against the Slavic Messiah. His odious figure was very profitable for them, with his help the servants of darkness are success to conceal the Holy Image of the Mother of the World. Many believed slander, for it was terrible. After all, when a lie is «terrible», then more they believe in it. It is precisely lies and slander in the media became the main tools for the struggle of dark forces against the «Wife Clothed with the Sun», — Sophia-Wisdom — Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS and Her «seed» — «Great White Brotherhood» «USMALOS». «So the serpent spewed water out of his mouth like a flood after the Woman, that he might cause Her to be carried away by the flood. But the earth helped the Woman, and the earth opened its mouth and swallowed up the flood which the dragon had spewed out of his mouth. And the dragon was enraged with the Woman, and he went to make war with the rest of Her Offspring...» (Revelation 12:16-17).

In 1993, the Mother of the World on a fabricated case Was hid by the secret services in Kiev SBU prison, where She Announced a hunger strike to protest against repression from the authorities. And then the shameful prolonged trial of the Messiah-Woman began. They tried Her secretly, without openness and publicity. And only custom-made lies were replicated in the media. People have not learned the whole truth about Maria DEVI CHRISTOS and HER White Movement.

After persecutions of 1993, there were almost no numerous communities left. The repressions were too hard; many of them were not willing to endure such tests. And not all of these, scattered throughout the country, communities were spiritually mature and corresponded to the High Spiritual Level, Laid down by the Mother of the World. These were only the first shoots of the future Unified Cosmic Community, which were cynically slandered, crushed and destroyed during the repressions of 1993. After the arrest — all were scattered somewhere, through little faith and out of fear.

But it was not enough just to slander for the dark forces, and the provocateur and impostor K.Linguryan (who calls himself «Kessulof», «Nostradamus», etc.) appeared and began to pretend to be «The remnant of the Church of the Great White Brotherhood USMALOS». And «on behalf» of the «Great White Brotherhood», «USMALOS», began to set up «dates of the end of the world», to publish provocative materials, distort the Word of the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, violating Her Copyright, sowing even more negative and rejection in society towards «The Great White Brotherhood» «USMALOS» and, thereby, doing even more harm to the ProgRAm of Saving the Earth and humanity.

In 1997, after Coming out of imprisonment (1260 days «Wife Clothed with the Sun», Staying «in the desert»), the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS Began to Collect 144,000 — those whom She Called the New Community of the Transformed Humanity. But Darkness created impossible conditions for the Sermons and public Activities of the Mother of the World. And to Collect the aforesaid number turned out to be an Impossible Task. And now only those who do not accept the «number of the beast 666» — total chipization, — will receive the Seals of Light of the Mother of the World and form the New Community of the Transformed Humanity of the Sixth RAce.

Only those who have a living soul and open spiritual-vision, who among the streams of slander and vilifying can reveal the Voice of Truth — the Living Voice of Sophia the Wise, will be able to awaken the Cosmic Consciousness of the Mother of the World within themselves and overcome all obstacles created by the Forces of Darkness on the Path to TRAnsformation.

The «Great White Brotherhood» — is a host of Great Teachers, Great Initiates. But, naturally, the earthly community of the years 91-93 to the Great Initiates has nothing to do. Such on Earth — is only the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS. And She Brings the Universal Fire of Love and Light to the fallen world. And the Spiritual Initiation, the so-called, initiation, which was held by the Will of the Mother of the World, today — is the entry under the Spiritual-Lighting Protective Cover of the Mother of the World, a dedication to serving humanity and the Universe.

Maria DEVI CHRISTOS (Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya)

The «Great White Brotherhood» of 1993 has never been a «religion» or a «sect». It was the Slavic Movement of the White Harbingers, who are in white clothes of renunciation worldly vanity of vanities, on the streets and squares of all Slavic countries and the former USSR, carrying the News of the Appearance of the Mother of the World, the Future of TRAnsformation, warning of the threat of chipization.

HIsTary of the Slavic Movement of the 90's «The Great White Brotherhood» «USMALOS»

It is hIsTary today. But the slander against the Mother of the World and Her disciples continues to pour to this day. Intimidation by the «terrible sect» — the «White Brotherhood» has become an advantageous device in the hands of those who manipulate the public consciousness. For the dark ones are still in fear of Maria DEVI CHRISTOS and Her White Movement of the 90s. The Spiritual Leader of the Slavs in the Person of the Messiah-Woman did not fit into the dark plan for the globalization of the world. To this day, the main task of the dark ministers of Seth — is the denigration and concealment from earthlings of the Slavic Mother of the World — CHRISTOS-SOPHIA, whose Phenomenon Was Natural at the end of the Pisces patriarchal era. To erase Her Luminous Image from the consciousness of the Russian people, just as the Image of the Great Mother — (RADANA), the Russian Sophia-Trinity, which our ancestors originally honored, from the time of Hyperborea and Tartaria, was erased from the memory of the Slavs, — this is their cherished dream, for the dark ones feel their swift end, and their fear is even more intensified.

For, only the Spiritual Power of the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS Really Can Save mankind from destruction in the electronic slavery of the Antichrist. Everything, That Maria DEVI CHRISTOS Announced in the beginning of the 90s — It Was Fulfilled! Antichrist — is at the doorway, the massive chipping on «the mark of the Beast», his mark comes. But people believed in slander and turned away from Their Heavenly Queen, Appearing to Save them from the Antichrist. Only those who will not accept the mark of the Beast will be saved who will receive the Seals of Light CHRISTOS-Sophia.

Anyone who wants to know the whole truth about those events of the 90s — more than twenty years ago, can find all the necessary information in the archive materials of the Site.

Maria DEVI CHRISTOS (Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya)