Black Code of Darkness

«Mother of Light — is Divine Wisdom. Her Victory over Darkness — Is Self-knowledge Matter-Lucida. And when Take Place This Victory, the Universe, which is located in the center of the Earth — will acquire Greatness, and a Human — Immortality!»

(Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya).

«Everything that a man thinks supernatural in his own life — is unnatural, and all that is unnatural, it offends the Deity... That's what needs to know the real sage. There is nothing extraordinary; even the Mother of Gods, as it shows the Nature, Is Pattern. Nature — is Her Law, Her Thought; Nature — it is She Herself, and if She Could Refute Nature, She Could Encroach on Her Own Existence, and it would be God’s Suicide»

(E.Levi. «The great secret or occultism unveiled»).
«...Because Woman will Reside
to Reign in the Highest Degree;
She will Determine the course of future events
and Prescribe Her Philosophy to man.
She Will be Mother of this millennium,
following our millennium.
She will Be after the era of devil
To Radiate Mother’s Affectionate Tenderness.
She ill Be after a barbarity era,
To embody Beauty.
The millennium following this millennium —
will turn into the Age of Enlightenment:
People will love each other,
to share everything, to dream,
and their dreams will be executed…»
(John of Jerusalem. The XII century).

For a quarter century, truthful information about Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS either intentionally silenced, or publicly issued only registered slander about Her. It is the legates of the secret world government handiwork, who are specifically preparing Antichrist’s withdrawal and the enslavement of earthlings total chipization. Zombie-mass is ready. For all these years, with the help of zombie-media invested in the minds of people a negative image of the «sectarian», instead of truthful information about the Phenomenon of World Femininity and Her Spiritual Path, in a Field That Creates the Unique CultUre of the Golden Age — «The Cosmic Polyart of the Third Millennium of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya»©. To learn the Truth about Maria DEVI CHRISTOS is possible only visit Her sites. But for a quarter of century, for some reason, none of the philosopher, cultural scientist or publicist have not tried to study Cosmic Proceedings of the Mother of the World, Her Doctrine and Spiritual Path in original. All the «ideologues» just beat about the bush, and the basis of the base are continuing to ignore, once it is unprofitable for them, and seems to be they very afraid! Suddenly their goodwill tarnish, or will be prosecuted for «sedition». They so did not want to recognize the Messiah of Jesus Christos in Person, did they? And exposed him desecration, judgment, and execution... In the early 90's, when began rampant harassment of Women-Messiah — for publishing truthful about Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, normal journalists dismissed from their jobs. That is why it became accepted to write only custom libels, or to invent dirty slanderous insinuations-movies about the Messiah of the Aquarian Age. The media masters — vassals of the world government — the black priesthood of Set, who control consciousness of the masses told to scribblers so. Do you emember how many years in Ukraine published false nonsense of V.Shokina, godfather Poroshenko’s child? This tongue-tied liar constantly spread false stories about Maria DEVI Christos. And for that he rose through the ranks as one of the servants of Hell. Although he, the evil one, in 1993 stood in the detention center of the Security Service of Ukraine before She on knees, repeating that She — Not Guilty. Not so long ago his odious figure everything could watch as General Prosecutor of Ukraine, where from he fled overseas with steal capital. And karmic decoupling still waiting ahead, such grief-liars, for their deeds are black in the sight of the LORD, they revolted against the Light of Sophia the Wisdom of God...

Meanwhile, there are still different sources a lot of explicit prophecy about the Appearance of the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS in Rus! (!-tajna-yavleniya-materi-mira) But, unfortunately, nobody still has understood it, or has pretended that he has not noticed. The subject forbidden by dark! And masses zombified against Their Saviour. A narrow mind can not see by eyes and hear by ears. They see only that imposes media, «public opinion» that is, the existing system the Beast. All the prophecies about the Phenomenon of Sophia gradually veiled, erase, or interpreted as advantageous appropriate time and circumstances of this moment. And if some prophecy is casual made public, then will surely explain it as the one-sided patriarchal consciousness allows. How many movies appear on Youtube on the theme of Rescue and Revival Rus, but everywhere is juggling of facts and distortion of prophecies about the Savior of Rus — the Queen of Heaven. For example, a well-known professor, Doctor of Economics, PhD and conceptual analyst V.A. Efimov quotes by heart A.S. Pushkin’s poetic lines of «Who knows the land where the Sky shines»:

«You, inspired Rafael?
Forget a young Jewish woman,
Baby-god cradle,
Realize Unearthly beauty,
Realize joy in Heaven
Write us another Mary,
With another baby in her arms

And he is trying to interpret the prophetic lines of the poet in his own way, comparing Ludmila from «Ruslan and Ludmilla» with Rus. But he don’t understand that Lyudmila — it is not his «dear people» — «collective image of Rus», and the Image of the Queen of Heaven — Mother of the World. Even A.S. Pushkin prophetically foretold in his poetry the Coming Phenomenon of Sophia the Wisdom in Rus. But is it someone will say in public or will think about it? Of course not. Because, the black code of Darkness completely has stuck in the minds of even the most educated Slavs. Although Russian word «obrazovanniy» («educated») means, first of all, creative thinking and awareness Images of That, Whose Eternal Name — is TRUTH.

Patriarchal philosophers, analysts, honored men that trying to instruct the people «spiritually» are saying what they want, but not about the Mother of the World. Although Maria DEVI CHRISTOS a long time ago has Given the Holistic Spiritual Knowledge, Universal Doctrine, PhiloSophy, New ideological paradigm, Aimed at Reviving Russia, Golden CultUre for transfigured humanity of the Sixth RAce, as Russian sophiologist V.Solovyev foreshadowed. It would be useful to anyone who is not alien to the fate of Russia, familiarize with the Works of Mother of the World. To examine carefully This Heavenly Knowledge and spread among the Slavs, and do not «fabricate» some own «spiritual ideas» and speculation. But the black code, which lies in the consciousness of earthlings, do not allow them to accept the Wisdom of God in Female Images — the Personal Aspect and to follow Her into the Spiritual-Lighting Abode where Reigns Eternity and Immortality. Or maybe because if they will take Sophia, everyone will have to leave their seats and portfolios, and especially it is concern religious leaders. Did they want that, all those who are now so good living in Russia? I think no. And clever men would have to visit sites of the Mother of the World: and with heart and mind to explore Spiritual Heritage, that was Given by Feminine World in the Person Maria DEVI CHRISTOS. But, unfortunately, so far, panic fear and ignorance does not allow them to do so. Well, the world already appeared at the deadlock of patriarchal wars and ideologies, and the last that remained: so it is to accept Antichrist as pseudo-savior. Humanity has very little free time for disclosure of dilapidated dogmas. Today all Darkness uses ignorance of half asleep earthlings. At that time, Satan creates all the new artifices in order to totally control and destroy human consciousness and soul. Well, you will look for soon and you will not find, will call, but I will not hear you, blind men! For, you should take the Living and not the dead! This world worships the dead and their remains. And while The Living Mother of the World is still Staying on Earth — few people know about Her and follow Paths of Wisdom. For: «the road to hell is broad, but is Narrow the Way to Kingdom of Heaven»...


Аз — с вами, нарад Руси!
Но вам ли узрить Софию?
Когда лишь «на небеси»
всё ждёте Христа-Мессию.
Защита для всей Планеты!
Все, кто до Христа дорос, —
Спасутся Молитвою Света.
И Светом Марии Земной —
в Покровах Софии Небесной.
Кому по Пути со Мной, —
тот с Новой Молитвою-Песней
Взойдёт в Вечный РАй ЛЮБВИ,
когда Трубный Глас услышит!
И в Небо взлетит от Земли,
когда Духом Святым задышет!
Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya