Perhaps, very soon, in the face of great trials, the people of the earth shall understand that the Phenomenon of World Femininity in the Image of the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS — was the Epochal and Final in the Space of this Universe. And for now, humanity is under constant control of the Dark Forces. Darks coped with the task: they turned away Her whole world from Creatress. And only a few children, devoted to her, were able to see in Darkness and ready to step behind the Mother of the World. Sacrificial Lady of Lights descended just into the Darkness, in order to destroy the inside of the dark kingdom of Seth-Amon and Create Weightless Star Bridge to PaRAdise.

By the Star Bridge of the Mother of the World will be able to rise a few, although it is open by Creatress to all Enlightened souls. This Bridge is Weightless and Rainbow, and leads directly into the Kingdom of Light.

Who was crowned by Golden Cross-stamp on their foreheads by the Mother of the World — they will be saved from coming kingdom of Antichrist. The rest will go to the Prince of Darkness. His label-chip is already widely propagandized in Russia, not to mention other countries. People are lulled into a false sense of security, and many are crazy. They are happy to take the mark of the Beast. Yet in 1990, Maria DEVI CHRISTOS Warned people about this label. But no one believed ever come this terrible mystical time. But that the Mother of the World Appeared, to be the First to Expose the impending Darkness and its leader. And so, a quarter century has passed, and today zombie population of the Earth is ready to accept the mark of the Beast. And just because then, at the beginning of the 90th, they in fear rejected the Rescuer…

Modern TV news and variety show cynically destroy in humans the best, habituating them to base passions and vices, and at times, completely destroying human souls. All day long people listen to the radio — low-standard, destructive music, absorbing the negative information, see the infamous television show and nothing more they do not care except for their own use. Lowest parts are general discussed and imposed inhabitants. And it has already become a daily occurrence, people have long been accustomed to vileness, they like it all. Generation of the 1990s has no life basis. Only a few is brought up by educated parents and grandparents, who born in the Soviet Union and have not lost the human values. Most of them descended to the level of animal instincts and reached out to the «values» of Europe — the most indecent and inhuman. Over the past 24 years since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the society became entirely religious and praying to God, but as a whole — immoral and unspiritual. Maybe so became because this society is deceived? The Soviet people didn’t turn to God and didn’t go to church, didn’t celebrate religious holidays and didn’t take part in the ceremonies, but they had real human qualities and were genuinely happy. You can compare movies before 1990 years and present. Then a person and his soul was revered, everyone was kind, cheerful, happy, educated, fearless, in difficult times human hand care and brotherhood was stretched to everybody. And the Victory in the Great Patriotic War was won, thanks to the patriotism and high human qualities of the russian people. And what changed for these years? Where patriotism and true love to each other left? People today are angry and unhappy, are concerning and frightening more and more hate each other, are cursing and conjuring, but consider themselves «believers», «Christians». Why with the appearance of many religious preachers, pastors and churches — people have become inhuman? People always go to the church and in the world continues to increase crime, the cult of sex and money in high esteem — lack of talent and violence, do not stop the war and bloodshed, there is a full public promotion of the Antichrist and his mark! But few people realize what is happening, mind is lulled, and the people are turned by dark in controlled servile flock of biorobots. With the expulsion of the Goddess-Mother darks gradually made the substitution of true values to fake. The person, instead of spiritual advancement, degraded and found himself in networks deception. How slyly the servants of Darkness worked on all levels! All repulsive — in high esteem, but the true Beauty and Spiritual, Love and Kindness — in desecration...

If we look at the time in 5000 years ago, when the Earth could be one of the bloodiest wars — the battle of warring clans for kingdoms on the field of Kurukshetra, led by Avatar Krishna, what detailed in the Mahabharata — here amazes, that together with the vices in humans coexisted the qualities of military valor and honor, honesty and faithfulness the word, an unprecedented heroism and courage, human dignity and true faith. Then from Subtle World really appeared demigods and deities, and helped to knights and brahmins-priests were holy and worthy out of people. Although warriors-kshatriyas had Heavenly weapons and communicate directly with the Gods, and the vedic world was unified harmonious Universe — nevertheless, of that time bloody war has left its mark for centuries. But there was much to learn from the soldiers. On the battlefield fearless heroes went straight into the Open Gate of Heaven with sense of duty fulfilled, having given their lives on the battlefield in the name of the kin. And it is worthy of respect. But the time of knights and warriors ended with the beginning of the Kali Yuga. And that occurs today in this cruel century of hatred and lie, probably, couldn't dream ancestors of mankind even in the worst dream!

To rescue human souls at the end of times — in 1990 in the center of Russia the Heavenly AvaTaRA Maria DEVI CHRISTOS Appeared. Her Phenomenon has stirred the souls of slavs and Open in them the best human qualities. But the darks ordered lies and slander, persecution and harassment of World Femininity. In spite of the persecution, the Mother of the World for the first time since the millennium of Seth’s authorities Put a Woman-Mother at the forefront. She Raised priestess in the Temple of God, and the First, in the Person of High Priestess, Served at the Altar, Saying in Prayer to the One Creatress. She balanced Two Beginnings: Male and Female — the Father and the Mother at the Altar of LOVE as Two free white Wings of the Single Mother of the World. She Opened the Face of the World Feminine — Sophia — Wisdom of God, Laid the Foundations of the CultUre Golden Age, Spiritual Science, Arts, PhiloSophy, TheoSophy, SophioLogy. She Gave the Fundamental Commandments of Eternal Life and uncover the consciousness of man, Raised him to the Divine level.

Of course, All That Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS Did for a quarter century in the World — Crack the code of the dark forces of the enslavement human mind and Open the Way to Eternity and Immortality! But Fighting, Battle, Duel Mother of the World and the Antichrist — Armageddon still goes! Insidious darkness laments and hates Mother. But very SOON the world will cease a miserable existence under the guidance of the forces of world evil. It Is coming New Aeon! Aeon of Light! Still about it said the Son of God, Son of the Mother of the World — Isus (Is-Isis, Us-Throne: Throne of Isis — Sirius) CHRISTOS! At the head of the Universe Will Rise the Queen of Heaven and Earth — Mother of the World — Sophia Wisdom and Her Husband, the King-Father! Let There Be Light! URA! AUM RA!

Звёздный Мост

Аз Иду по Звёздному Мосту!
РАдуга Струится и Ликует!
В Царство Света ИзбРАнных Веду!
Кто Узнает, Тот ВозТОРжествует!
Кто Меня Узнает и Пойдёт
Следом, Собирая все нарады,
Тот навек Безсмертье Обретёт —
Световое Царствие СВАБАды!
Станет Невесомым Звёздный Мост —
Квантовым ПрозРАчным Переходом:
От Иллюзии — в ПростРАнство Белых Звёзд,
От Материи — под Золотые Своды!
Кто сознаньем до Христа дорос,
Тот Пойдёт за Мною в Царство Света!
На ветру Колышется Мой Мост,
Ждёт Возход усталая Планета...
Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya