Ruses, Let Conquer The Dragon!

Rus — it means white,
solar, radiant…

Here is behind rather critical, heavy 2011. We lived it, stepped through difficulties, losses, treachery, thorns, but also found reasonably useful life experience. Everything that was good, kind and useful in 2011 — we with gratitude accepted. We go further.

And here, long-awaited and mystical 2012! What prepares for people of Earth this year the Dragon? It is a number of trials on spiritual strength on true spirituality. This is even more critical year than last. The world government hurries up to realize the black plan of global enslavement and destruction of Earth dwellers, and first of all — Slavic Ruses. That, they in every way cover Ukraine and Russia with their stranglehold of EU.  For the so-called «European standards» — is the alien principles and ways of life for Russian soul, and that is cracked the Slavic code of soul and destroyed Our White Race of Light. (There is no question about the «racism», this is the concept of supramundane, color and race is determined by the light of the spirit and the soul of man.) So, the European «values» imposed on the Slavs, — a road to nowhere, it's licentiousness and permissiveness, sexual boom, «the cult of money», Artificial food and plastic mask of face, silicone breasts and a parade of gays, detectives about vampires and debility channeling, «American-style democracy» and total control over your every move, «Barbie doll» and thirst of profit, man to man — the wolf, and instead of «independent states» — a total dependence on a world government — the handful of reptilian-mutant clowns in the male and female clothing.

More often look at the Sky. And you will see not only the approaching Star Mother of the World, but also NATO vultures circling above our Russia. This is chemtreils. They plow our sky chemical trails and constantly sprayed on the heads of the Slavs and other peoples of the deadly poison. The atmosphere of the planet, the surrounding space is filled with these poisons. It's — biological and bacteriological weapons — weapons of mass destruction, it is — a war against the living. Why did the rulers of states give «good» for such destruction of the Slavic lands and people? Because they are totally dependent and under the influence of a world government.  Do you think why NATO fighters wipe prosperous countries and independent rulers off the face of the Earth? Because the world monster disadvantageous the good conditions of life on the Earth, and those who do not obey, — declared «dictators» or «enemies» and physically destroyed. And they held others in fear. So, probably, there is no sense to list all «delights» of today's invasion into life of the Russian person of this cholera which is generously sponsored by powers of darkness. What we breathe, what we eat, what we believe, where we live, in which conditions we work, etc. — you know yourself.

Today the world — at the last line. And I Warned you about it in 1990. But all looking for paradise on the earth. And you must look for it in your souls.

And so, today is dying fertile soil, is not born yields again (even onions on the box is not taking root in water, and happily doesn’t shoots in winter young green feathers). And is there winter today in general? It is December, and behind a window +10oС.

Dark forces conceived to deprive all living natural foods, to cause hunger, to poison the planet and humans. And after a deadly spray of chemtreils dying animals and plants, not to mention the people. Domestic rabbits, for example, having tasted the poisoned grass, whole families are dying out.

People sick and die, children are born already sick. Because the black servants, reptilians, for a long time and all methods, etch our Nature and people.

Pro-Western mass «culture» assimilated Slavs — an animal, people degraded, live low instincts. Children behave like adults. And the world is like one of the 28 hellish worlds of lower planetary systems. This is the sad symptoms of the end of life, crash of the terrestrial world where the evil, deception, cynicism, insidiousness, theft, predatoriness, fornication, lie, madness, dirt freely feels…

Earth today is poisoned and radiates negative energy, which feed on reptilians and the prince of Darkness. Your life force leaves, and you don't notice this because got used to vibrate on the lower centers, drowning in these vices. A continuous flow of sexual energy is not transformed into the heart center cause the full degradation of the soul and psychic disorders.

And nearby, is influenced of negatives, all live degrades: plants, animals, children. And it is very beneficial to the dark forces. They feed the waste and low-lying vibrations, which are poisoning the world around us.

Any day now the system of «The Beast» will bring its vile tag chip «666» (the number of «The Beast»), and the people finally lose all human. Mobile communication, computers, iPads and other modern equipment — is make-shifts for supervision and control of you. «The big brother» observes, traces, and soon, will start to destroy everybody. A man with a microchip implanted under the skin — it is a living target, it is visible from everywhere and nowhere to hide him already, and it makes no sense, it is entirely dependent and manages on the system the «Beast», and not man, but a zombie, a servant of darkness. All of you drive in EU, to quickly chiping, allegedly under the pretext of free movement or rescue from «terrorism». This is — lies. They want to drive you in a single camp, as herd animals, and destroy.

A world government has already prepared scenario of phenomenon Antichrist — the world's «savior», «messiah». This will be show a hologram of the project «Blue Beam», when everybody at once will see and will hear the voice of «God», came down from heaven. They want to control the consciousness of the masses on a global scale by using created virtual technology and global impact on human.  It should not be allowed!

If you are, the Slavs, the Children of Light, whose ancestors came to Earth from Heaven, — admit such a dazzling, bamboozle Reptilians, you are dead! The secret world government and its owner Gagtungr (Antichrist) counts on it.

They are going to arrange it in 2012, but before planning to start a third world war. All darkness is preparing for solving blow on the Earth. And they going to sit in underground bunkers, which have long been prepared for them, in case of global catastrophe, which they intend soon to arrange artificial.

But! It is in 2012 will be 22 year of Divinely-Space ProgRAm «USMALOS» of Rescue and Fohatization of the Earth, which is being led by the Forces of Light in head of Messiah of the Age of Aquarius — Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS. 22 year-lassos Mother of the Light being on the Earth, — Resist to Antichrist and all Darkness of Gagtungr. It is — your Unique Protection, Slavs! It is including Energy. For Fohat (Light) of Mother of the World — a Reliable Shield against all manifestations of the Darkness, It blocks even the label «Beast». Fathers of patriarchy have deprived you of the great knowledge of the Truth, hid She from the world. And the Truth — There is Mother! That, without Which no life either on Earth or in Heaven. That, which call «The Holy Spirit». That, Which Is the First and Last, your Rescuer and Comforter.

Let close their Glorious ranks, regardless of the territory and location. We're — Single White Race of the Light — Rus-Sur-RA-Light! These are darks made substitution by deception, took you in their meshes and divided into territories, the nation, languages. The Slavs — Ruses — are Single Mankind, and you have One Mother Country — Heavenly Mother Sofia-Sothis, Mother of Suria — Rus, and all of you — white ruses. But our Russian Language — Suriysky — Sunny — Primeval — Heaven — Single — the Most Sacred and Oldest in the Earth — Came Forth from the Ma-Russ (Mother Russia — RA — Paradise). And you knowing it — must be strong and be proud of your Word, Came Down from Heaven!

And today, there is a way out of this pitch-black Darkness, whose name is — a lie, an illusion. Appeal to your Slavic Sofia — Great-Russian-Surian Mother with ten thousand names. And Her New Name, Smashing hardest of demons, Including SacRAl Power of the Word: Maria DEVI CHRISTOS!

Anyone who will call This Name — will be saved! Anyone who follows the Great Mother of the World — will inherit the Kingdom of Light on the New Transfigured Earth and the New Heaven!

Every day became stronger the Cosmic Vibration of the Great Mother of Light. She Irradiates the planet with Her LOVE, in spite of Darkness. And the gloomier and more frightening would be around, the Brighter and Stronger will Dash the Power of Fohat of Sofia-Sothis and TRAnsfigure all real by Her Glory and LOVE!

Let, will Bring That Day of Light! Let will come the end of Darkness! Let will Come the Victory of the Transfiguration on the Earth and in the Heaven!

Let There Be Light, LOVE, Good! URA! AUM RA!

Happy New Year 2012! Russ, Let Conquer The Dragon!

Your VVP