The Victory — for us, Ruses!

Every day, the Earth more and more approaching the Day of Light Intensification, the Day of Liberation from invaders. Today, Dark Forces, and among them humanoid reptilians, concentrated here. For the Earth was created by Mother o the universe, as a blissful planet for embodied souls, that they have experience here at the Life School. And, of course, the planet was created with all conditions for the full life of earthlings. But, that the life did not seem PaRAdise to earthlings, dark launched here the insidious tentacles. And the more souls have forgotten about their Progenitress — Supreme Mother, the more darks have struck the planet and its inhabitants. They have created the cults, have deformed Real Reflection of Light, and the most terrible — have humiliated and have slandered the Great Mother of LIGHT — Mother of Gods Which Appears twice: in the Beginning when Creates the World, and when Collects the souls grown up in it, i.e. — in the end!

The planet the Earth has passed five levels of the consciousness, five steps of dedication. And after each step of soul fell all lower and lower and comprehended material experience.

On a way there were Space Conductors, Spiritual Teachers which prepared souls to the more condensed way of life. They helped them not to be blinded in the darkness, not to lose a clue, but not all bore, and the thread broke off. Then dark teachers came and definitively put out souls, leading them in lowlands of sins and vices. The Fifth RAce has fallen on the period of Kali-Yuga — centuries of ignorance and oblivion of the Kingdom of Light of the Great Mother of Ein-Sof — Sofia Wise — Sothis. Though in the beginning of its foundation Great Teachers Osiris and Isis with Their assistants came to the Earth on Space Whitemara — the Ship-giant and have laid the foundation for new RAce, gave Spiritual Culture, constructed megaliths-temples. But, of course, without the Cosmic Drama on the Earth has not done. Seth — the incarnation Lucifer, Prince of Darkness in spite of Shemsu-сhorus (Seven Lights) — dedicated followers of Isis, Osiris and Their Son Horus, — brought down all Their spiritual endeavors to zero. For he distorted everything in his patriarchal way. The priests of Amon — Seth ministers to our days continue to do their evil action in the world. And the mankind lives for a long time on laws of darkness and has completely undergone to its total influence. Many souls so have plunged today into darkness, that they identify with their physical bodies. Not casually, the theory of transformation of soul has been emasculated in the bible, which was presented to earth dwellers by Son of Isis and Osiris Jesus Christ (HORST) — the Planetary Logos together with His Spouse Maria (Magdalena) — Supreme Priestess of Isis. Precisely, She was let Jesus (Jes — Is — Isis, us — throne) in the Great Pyramid AST into the secret of Great Magic (Maha – Mahinia — the Priestess Magiess, Master). And when Jesus spoke to pupils: «I and the Father — One!» He had in view of Osiris, whose Embodiment He Was. For in spite of orthodox Judaism where the Goddess-mother was replaced with «god-father» Amon (Amin — changed Amon), — Jesus and Maria gave pure CHRISTIANITY, i.e. CULT of Isis, Osiris and Chorus. For the Name the CHRIST (Christos) means literally: ХR (CHR) — Chorus, IS — Isis, Key of Eternal Life — the Key of the Eternal Life, OS — Osiris. Or: SOTSIRHC Sithis (Sofia) the Sun.

But also the CHRISTIANITY was completely perverted by servants of the Set. And the orthodox jew Savl (Paul), who hating to death the female beginning was one of them. He also has brought the basic mite in the present deformed Christianity where the woman is a whore and the husband’s slave. And «poor in spirit» — is blissful, for the souls which do not have in from Holy Spirit (Energy of Great Mother) — remain really poor, devastated and silly. And today all world keeps on four main patriarchal religions completely rejecting Supreme Mother of Light — the Creator all real. And instead She on a throne the Lucifer sits. And people worship to him, the nameless father who in Ancient Egypt was known Amon. It is necessary to say a few words about Ancient Egypt. In days of Appearance Isis and Osiris such name was not in general. It was the earth of Siriusian-Rus and confirmation to that is single Universal Siriusian — Sursky — Russian language. And the word «aygiptos» — that means Nile, the Heavenly river — later Greek. For example, well-known words the Sphinx, Hathor, Osiris, Ast, Chemistry etc. — came from Sirius — Suria — Vedic Russia. I will decipher them. A sphinx — from the word a Back (Spina — in Russian), Sleeping: spin-ks, ksh, kosh — the keeper: the Sleeping Keeper of the Sun. Or: HathorHorahty. And really, how many centuries in the image of the Sphinx the Sun-fiery, Lion-headed Goddess Sehmet is sleeping which beautiful face was disfigure with Napoleon's soldiers, having shot She at point blank range, from ignorance and hatred to all is divine-feminine. And Hathor it is a Hata (House) of Chorus (Sun). Later, Divine Son of Isis Falkon-headed Chorus symbolizing the Sun in Russia — Horst, began to call the Sun. And the Sun birth date — at the winter solstice — to assosiate with Christmas Osiris, Chorus, Mitra. Mitra is a Name of the Goddess-Mother: MitMother and female ending RА — means Light. But patriarchal cults all female Deities renamed in male, as darks made the substitution that people over the centuries became estranged fro Their Progenitrix, and their consciousness stopped to perceive the Light and Love of the Great Mother of the World: KMT — KAMIT (the Spirit of Mother). The Name Osiris — means the Light of Sirius. Ast — is the Name of Isis means the Star (st — the stability sitting, standing). Not casually in the hieroglyphic letter the Name of Isis is transferred by the image of throne, i.e. Sitting on the Throne. Even the Star Sirius is named the Throne of Isis. Chemistry — from the name of Ancient Egypt КМТ (КА — Spirit of Mother Kamit). So, in words it is put in pawn History (Is-Toria) (Isis, Tor-light) mankind. And all words are evidence about Great Mother of Light and Her Creation. But the people have forgotten to go deep into the primordial sense of words and lost the memory of their Heavenly origin. It was promoted by servants of the Set and the leader of Darkness in person.

The Appearance Her Son Horst into KieRUSalim was the last attempt to return earthlings into the Bosom of Holy Spirit — Mother of Light — (Ki — universal spirit, energy, RUS — Suria, Sirius, alim — gold, lets read from right to left: Mila Suria Ey, or MaloRosia. The ancient word RUSasalam from right to left so sounds: MaloRosia. So, it mean — the Golden World. From it came Jewish «shalom», that the greeting means: «peace be with you!» and the same sense in Arabian «asalam-alejkum» — derivative of this Russian word. As we know from history, so was the name of the Ancient Rus’ territory with the centre in Kiev (IEVE — Universal Spirit of Eve), or — the name of God — is the holy Word: Iod-He-Vaj-He, today transformed into Russian curse. And 3.5 thousand years ago, high priest Moses once a year at the altar with trepidation pronounced this Word (Moshe — the Messiah), which time o appearance coincides with the appearance of King Akhenaton — Egyptian reformer – sun-worshiper. Which has risen against priests of Amon and has created the cult with his divine spouse Nefertiti that means: Divine has come. But the same reptilians razed their Sun City. Even the inscription over tomb of Tutankhamen, (an incarnate Set) in the Slavic language said: «Through centuries That bears the Truth for living, That you try to kill, Barriers putting». And this fact confirms, that found «tomb of Tutankhamen» did not belong to him, and it belong to Nefertiti (Nefer Tare), whose mummy still have not found, for the names of great Women-goddesses darks always erased from history and defamed…

But the History repeats on spirals Torah of Isis! All events occurred to the same people! And all our Russian Names testify to it! That take, for example, Israel (IsIsis, RALight, Elthe God: Light of Goddess Isis), or the river Jordan: Оr and Dana — heroes of the Slavic epos! Here the answer where Appearance Jesus HORST, to restore the Cult of the Great Sofia — Sothis, the Cult of the Trinity of Father Osiris, Mother Isis and the Son of Chorus that means CHRIST (CHRISTOS)! In the Russian lands occupied with Jews! For whole History goes in a circle. And today all repeats! And though reptilians rewrite it in own way, they are much hiding and veiling, our Russian Word STORES all History of the Universe.

And here, Time of Passing an EXAMINATION has approached at School of the Life of Mother of the World. Her Arrival — the Second Advent of the CHRIST was regular: MARIA DEVI CHRISTOS! About Her Appearance in the end of Times all prophets and seers, aged men and Vedas foretokened. Mother of Russia-Suria Was to Rescue Ruses — Slavs: to deduce them from the pitch Darkness into Light Kingdom, from Whence Sofia Has come to earth dwellers. About Her Appearance it has been foretokened in the third Fatima prophecy of the Sofia-Maria. But Vatican continues to hide this Secret from the world. For to attendants of Amon it is unprofitable, is the Arrival of the Sofia-Sothis is unprofitable. All «fathers» hold the power in their hands, and energy of the bottom centers exasperates today these «fathers» and their whores. For servants of Amon lowered all women on level of whore. Sex and unruliness, distortions and uglinesses are generations of the patriarchal world of darkness. Who really embodies today this illusion on the Earth, at the Time of the ARMAGEDDON (МАRА, where Don: Maria has come from Don — 48 degrees, as predicted Nostradamus)?

The world government into which the main reptilians-humanoids enter supervises over the scenario on enslavement of earth dwellers, and it serves the Prince of Darkness. Nowadays, Forces of Darkness prepare for a solving jump in a chasm. They dream chipping earth dwellers a label of the Animal «666» and to destroy human souls which so diligently grew up on the Earth Mother of the World. Antichrist is going to show himself as «savior» in period a world war and to establish on the Earth a uniform world order. The shadow government already prepares his triumphal exit. Reptilians hurry up to grasp the centre of Russia and to destroy refractory Slavs. They daily dump to Russia from the chemtrails poisons dangerous to a life, the viruses amazing immune system of the person. And nobody prohibits to them to fly over Ukraine and Russia in spite of the fact that the Sky is constantly cut by chemical lines of these NATO monsters. They have split into parts a family of the friendly Slavic people and agitated all world by color revolutions. And the pawns put by them — have played leading roles in this devilish den. Their reptile Timoshenko-Kapitelman was got up in white closes and was called «messiah» of Ukraine on indication of the world government to distract souls from the True Rescuer the Mother of the World MARIA DEVI CHRISTOS.

Which Was on April, 11th, 1990 on 48 degree (Donetsk), as had been predicted by Nostradamus, and on 50 degree (Kiev) Has based the New Religion which has become by the Beginning of Universal CULTURE, Universal Outlook, the Spiritual Science about the Absolute, the Universe and the Person. Russian philosopher-thinker Vladimir Solovyov has foretokened about the Phenomenon of Sofia to Russia and Her Ten Faces. And Mother of «Agni-yoga» Elena Roerich has prepared Her Arrival! And all was Done! But darks took away souls of Slavs from the True Rescuer. And today reptilians from the USA and the European union doesn’t calm down: their card is played, and they did not expect, that Forces of Light will break their scenario. That way they attacked Ukraine, as vultures, and try to release black protege, paid by magnates of the Prince of Darkness. By all means, wish to eclipse Light and Glory of Great Mother and to take away Her souls which She came to Rescue. But far from it! Terms of Passing Universal Examination on wisdom already approach. And to prepare transition of mankind to the New step of dedication — in the Sixth RAce the Epochal Teacher of Spirit — Mother of the Light Has come in Person! And nowadays, soul prepared by Mother of the World to Examination and will pass to the Mistress of the Universe. For whom will they go? In the darkness, a dark reptilians to perdition? Or, in the New Heaven and New Earth, transfigured by the Spirit-Fohat of MARIA DEVI CHRISTOS? It will show level of their old-age preparation. Mother of the Light breaks masks from legates of Darkness and constantly influences occurring events. SHE — is the Board and Rescue from patriarchal ignorance, dominance of godless dogmas and the Animal label.

And already 22 years She Patiently Leading the way the White Tribe of Slavs to Light Victory! Despite constant pressure of Darkness, treachery and persecution, SHE Shines, as the Sun, for kind and malicious, rich and poor, happy and unfortunate, healthy and sick, light and dark. She Shines simply, not demanding any praises and thanks for The Military and Thorny Way-Feat. In the name of the future RAce of the Transformation mankind, in the name of the Victory of Light and Spiritual Glory of Sofia, in the name of the Eternal Life the begun to see clearly souls, grown wise the Life … And here, today the Fruits of Her Many-sided Space Work already start to appear. The world starts to wake up, learn Eternal Supreme Mather-Sofia-Maria. For the Era of Mothers of the World — the Epoch of the Aquarius — grows. Speed of vibrations varies, and people start to realize Appearance МDChMothers of Spirit. And then Her Light becomes stronger, then the most furious the dark try to outwit and entice souls into the traps. All today in their hands, even the TEMPLE (STOREHOUSE of Light of Mother) Sofia Kiev, as a matter of fact the House of Sofia Wise — has appeared darks trap. Precisely in Her Temple in November, 1993, Sofia Has come to Announce to Slavs about Future Reign of Light and to Warn about the end of the leaving world of Darkness. But servants of the Set seized Her and hid to a prison for 1260 days, as well as has been predicted in «Revelation». And reptilians-humanoids had slandered Love, Sanctity and Purity, have led behind themselves trustful souls of Slavs into the abyss.

Nowadays there is an outcome of this drama: in the centre of Europe, the Center of Ancient Kievan Rus' — Kiev. If Slavs unite — dark will come the  E N D ! If will go on call of reptilians to EU — a label-chip do not pass! Mother of the World with Her White Troops now WORKS to admitting chipping in Ukraine and in Russia. And much depends on you, Slavs! If all of you realize it now, — there will Come the Fast VICTORY of Light! If you do not realize, there will be terrible consequences!!! Reptilian S.Bzhezinsky — american polytechnologist — has put forward idea: carrying over of a staff-apartment of EU from Strasbourg to KIEV! And it is already extreme attempts of the secret world government of Antichrist on imposing to Slavs their conditions and definitively ruin Russia! For they sleep and see how to occupy fine, rich with resources and protected from cataclysms the Earth of the Mother-Rus! This to admit is prohibited!!! Here are such trials the darks send to you, Ruses, if only to avert from the True Way into New Planetary KNOWING, and to betray the Russia!

Pray to Great Mother of Sofia — to MARIA DEVI CHRISTOS that Ukraine and Russia have united in one Force against Darkness which severely hates Slavs and tries to destroy all! Aggressors of our planet, in the majority, are in Europe and the USA, and therefrom supervise over all world. Who does not realize this till now, — that under a death sight by hand of Antichrist! You still have One Protection — RUSSIAN MOTHER MARIA DEVI CHRISTOS — MOTHER of SIRIUS — SURIA — SOFIA-SOTHIS! And it is not casual, Our Russian word the CHROMOSOME conceals in itself planetary sense: «CHRO — the Sun, Light; МО — Water, Mother; SOME — Lunar Nectar of Mother Sothis», i.e. the Human Chromosome is a Primary Cosmic CODE of the Great Mother-Progenitress, That Filling souls By Gold Light (Nectar). Know it and aspire to be filled with This Live Fertile Gold Which generously Streams today from Heart, Spirit, Lips, Eyes, Hands of Mother Sofia — Maria DEVI CHRISTOS! So, be filled with Fohatic Gold — Elixir of Immortal, Divine Panacea from Darkness! The VICTORY FOR US, RUSES!!! АUМ RA!