Happy New, coming 2012!

The Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS

Dear Earthlings!

Let long-awaited 2012 becomes for you last solving boundary on the Way to Light! To a clear Victory of Light, LOVE and Good! The Day is coming when the nasty reptilians from our planet will be extorted! Let there will come, at last, comprehension of that occurs today with you! Let the internal spirit and force will help you to overcome all forthcoming difficulties! Let your hearts will be filled with the world full of Light, LOVE and Good, Truth and the Reality! Let’s become so!

Let your ears and eyes will be opened, and you will see the Light of True, and will hear the Call of Great Mother of the Universe! Who is Your Rescuer, Savior, the Defender — Sophia-Sothis — the Unique Force Resisting to Harm on the Earth and approaching Darkness!

Let Her Force and Light be with You, STRIKING Darkness by that! Let there will come the prompt Victory of Light! The Victory of Earth Transfiguration! Let the Planetary Quantum Leap into the Light Dimension will take place soon! In New Time! In New Consciousness! In New RACE! Under the Aegis of the Great Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS! Let’s all come true! Let’s Become so!

With New, forthcoming 2012!