EU — the running knot for Slavs or Armageddon

«Не надо несбыточных грёз,
Не надо красивых утопий.
Мы старый решаем вопрос:
Кто мы в этой старой Европе?
Да, так, Мы — Славяне! Иным
Доныне ль наш род ненавистен?
Легендой ли кажутся им
Слова исторических истин?»

...Russia Authority (Vedy — Devy, literally: the Knowledge of Goddess) — Souria — White, — Radiant Race — Rassia — Lights RA — Light! So that’s brings this Overworld Name of the Slav Heaven original Home. This is the Divine Russian White Saint Race went to the Earth of the Great Devy Bosom — the Light Mother. And to expel a primordiality Russian-Slavs — it is beyond one’s power of the reptiloids*, europeids, hybrids and clon-golems!

The Power Light Egregor of the White Sourian Race Orian — Slavs — it is very powerful. And this is the objective reality! The ancient Russians weren’t the inhabitants any small settlement on the Earth but the ones of all Universe that named Russia — Sourian! And the Epoch Transformation of the Russia comes, Her return to one’s circles, the unity of all white-god’s souls who have been separated by the dark forces a long time. The reptiloid parasites, inhabited the depths of Earth, have sticked to their instiable fibres to its people. By their dark Set’s priests (the Dark Duke) they have created the secret world government and the superintendent Judaic clans who have been deceived by their owners and organizing to themselves wealfare with zeal are the first sacrifices of these reptiles.

But most of all the Dark masters are afraid of Light and denunciation. They hate the Russian-Slavs in every way humiliating the God Race, dream of separation and transformation them to their slaves. Today the Russian people found oneself in the chains of deception, lie illusion. But the daybreak approaches! In the russian’s blood — the swastika deoxyribonucleic and this Russian Spirit Fire will never fade won’t transform them to operating zombies servants of Gagtoungr himself (the Dark Duke — Antichrist).

Now the world reptiloids were affected: their plans for total Slav’s enslavement and their treacherous projects fail.

A long time the accent was done to UkRAine — the Russian Heart. In 2004 the transoceanic manipulators have taken to Kiev their orange puppet and carried away the tradesmen into their nets but the meditation people wasn’t tempted by the promised «goods». And this reptiloid’s adventure failed too. People saw «leaders» of this bacchanalia. The next step of the darks: to create a pseudo-messia for the Ukrainians in the person of «madame U» — Timoshenko. She has repainted to white color of Holiness and infringed on the Universe’s Mother to Great’s Throne Whose Name is Maria DEVI CHRISTOS ! But this project of darks was neutralized by the Great Mother’s Power. After that they made a noise to whole world about this figure on the chessboard of the secret world government and have begun to curse UkRAine. European Union (EU) and U.Timoshenko have found themselves on the same scales of the backstairs snake-leader. What was the result of it? Nothing came of it ! The darks decoy by all of forces to UkRAine into their den. One of the hopeless way is joining the EU (European Union) — it’s the world’s running knot for all countries gone to it, complete dependence on reptiloids, the direct way to nowhere, to abyss, to hades. It’s very interesting to know how today do the people live of ex-socialist states so-called «Slav’s people», entered to EU? Poland, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania are to complete dependence (economic, politic and civil) of the world monster. And the inveigling into wars of the peaceable countries — is it really the progressive way the development of civilization? It is an accumulating of terrible karma. And what does these people eat? Genomodificated products. What do these «Europeans» think about? Nothing, about money only. Cult of money sex, perversion and cruelty, deception profit have transformed the normal people to bestial. Look at the European popular «culture»: expositions of the euro- american art, sculptors so — called the modal installations? These are mortally dangerous «masterpieces» concentrating themselves the destroyed energetics of the unhealthy conscience. And music — it is more terrible! Listen, what today do the modern «stars» sing ? They glorify their instincts of the lower chakrs. And films ? Lechery and cynicism, crueltry and profit. And books? It is the hell for soul.

What may do «West» to Slav’s soul? Nothing except for moral degradation and death. Modern humanity goes to decease’s way, representation itself a handling herd. Reptiles control by world. For the 20 years «independent» in UkRAine the Judea moneylenders — Dark’s servants have absorbed the half country if not more with its power industrial production, agriculture, self- provision of the people. Today Ukraine is — in a debt hole, depended on creditors, a lot of people are — on the edge of beggary (in contradistinction to local authorities). Young people were moral degenerated and these wounding people it only remains for them to mark with the satan’s sigh «number Beast 666» — to chip and exterminate forever. Recall the words of the american general A.Dallas, that today were realized yet: «…we’ll quietly substitute their values (Russian) for the false ones and make to believe them for these. How? We’ll found our sympathizers, assistances and allies in the Russia itself. Episode by episode the great tragedy of the distraction the most rebellious people on the Earth a final and irreversible die away its self-knowledge will be play. For example

From literature and art we will little by little remove their social essence… Literature, theatre, cinema-all will be represent and glorify the most low-lying human sensations. We will in every way be to support and to stimulate the so-called creators who will be to spread and to rain in the human consciousness the cult of sex, violence, sadism, treachery — any immorality… Loutishness and impudence, falsehood and deception, drunkenness and narcotism, beastial fear vis — a-vis and effrontery, treachery, nationalism and enmity all nations, first of all to the Russian people: all that we’ll neatly and quietly be to cultivate… And some people only, some people we’ll be to guess or realize what is going. But we’ll put them to the helpless situation, made an object ridicule. We’ll find the way to slender them and declare with the dregs of society».

So, reptiles themselves have prepared a ground on the Slav’s land. Because they calumnicated and hided from people Phenomenon to Russia in 1990 Messia — the Universe’s Mother to Great’s Maria DEVI CHRISTOS Who the Arrival was normally and Grant From on High. And since 1993 just all dirt has begun to erode the ukrainian’s and russian’s brains — ethnicly the common Slav’s state. The world was deep in chaos immediately. They have stolen a childhood to the younger generation in the early nineties, taught to play the children to the brutal «adult’ plays» and inculcated habits of easy profit and preying on others. As a result the modern young people of «independent» UkRAine were with «cut» brains (eurostandart), filled abominations a morbid world. For modern schoolboys habitually to see the ugly americano-reptiloid’s monsters with the goggled one’s eyes and the officious importunate forms on the covers of albums, record books, exercise ones. As to cartoons and children’ films — these are the overall propaganda of malformation, violence, satanizm (by A.Dallas). The stream of negative perverted information are infected an awareness of dwellers on the planet Earth and the adult psychology (especially — child one) breaks down. Today the young people of «independent» UkRAine are unbalanced, sex — worried, sick, drunk and spoiled by poison of the americano-european mass infection.

And reptiles are sated of negatives smoking world. For the last procedure of the capture dwellers on the planet Earth — all is ready: with the underskin’s chiping. Then the Beast will go out from abyss and drink with human’s blood.

Really did you, inhabitants of Earth, Slavo-russians understand yet that you live in illusion ? Do you like to be with under the control flock of sheep? How many times can you make comprehend and notify about an imminent for human race?

In UkRAine the new passports had been already done for all citizen with microchips that will be the biometrical dates of human. Each your step will be to control itself. It is the last stage to the total control and enslavement of the person.

All UkRAine was hanged by advertising the big brother’s «all-seeing eye» who already observes to you. The dark «coffin with wheels» — a car with megaphone (fitting out with the latest equipment) — skull and crossbones on the bonnet with eye and inscription «Big Brother» goes. There are such cars on the lower (darks) planet’s systems. Their task is to guide with the biocreatures. In imitation of the preparation to «teleshow» this machine does its dark action. When it slowly goes to town the patrol militia’s cars with blinkers accompany its. At this time stopping on a place of great resort, the operator turn on the destructive sound’s vibrations at all power, putting in fear to passer-by. So a human consciousness are depressed itself. And sound may kill, subjugate and guide with public conscience. This is a ways selection by the aid of that the inhabitants will be easy fall into a trap and they dutiful accept the Beast’s mark «666». I had to observe that in centre of Kiev such car has paralysed with sound the people are in a radius of 200 m.

Assistants of reptiloids — Mass Media are managed with the clients of satan’s ball. Dictate of the reptiloid’s Master are realized by the aid of them (assistants of reptiloids). They inflict one’s views «lows» tastes, «standarts», «leaders» and all that may destroy , first of all Slavs (it’s their opinion). Unfortunately it’s working. But There is a Force Resisting with this satan’s plague. And everyone who address to IT — will be saved. UkRAine-Russia now as a weak exhausted child has the Cover and Support of the Universe’s Mother HERSELF because the battle goes for the future of the planet Earth.

UkRAine it is the Promised Land of the Holy Spirit. Just here in 1990 went down Messia Maria DEVI CHRISTOS. And in several years after Her Appearance reptiloids have begun activity to treat and bully Slavs, with deception and lie to lead away the people from their Saviour. And they leaded away them to abyss and dark. Remember: West won’t save you and quite the contrary you will be in bondage from the world government. The force that may save all people at one moment will never turn up from Heaven yet. Appearance the Universe’s Mother Was At the Time. And then Slavs weren’t infected with the transoceanic plague, but reptiles have deceived you… Now this plague is here yet and plays to you in the last mortal play.

Be wakeful! Wake up! Throw down parasites from yourselves! Look around What do you see? Look at the greedy demoniacal faces, regarding from the billboards: it is really are your ideal and a meaning of life? Look which dirt fill the internet: really this abnormality may like to Slavs? Stop your children from their downfall to abyss: give them more the parent’s love, lead them with the true spiritual cultural values, tell them a truth about the present world. Help the woman! Cease to nourish their bestial predatory instincts! Stop yourselves in pursuit of easy money. Listen the soul’s voice, the Voice of your heart’s Spirit. Acquaint yourself with New CultURe the Universe’s Mother… For to transform consciousness and win this pitch-Darkness around, survive at this cruel time when the planet is in the Gagtungr’s (the Dark Duke) fetters, the Universe’s Mother to Great’s Light only will help you, Her Spirit Light’s Way, Her Knowledge, Her Heterogeneousity of this dark. This is — the only possible way to withstand a Dark. The old egregors are already powerless by this time. The patriarchal gods’ names are dead. Woman — Messia, Saviour, Protecting the Slav’s Race, Sophy — God’s Wisdom Indicates you the Way, Gives you the True Spirit Values, Enriches your souls with Her Love, Vibrations of the Saint Spirit. Call Her Saint Name and you will escape. Her Name is Maria DEVI CHRISTOS as a sword hits the demon’s hordes. Fill with the Universe’s Mother to Great’s Light, reading the Her Light’s Prayer, clear from the filth quickly! We haven’t a moment to spare: the greedy reptiles hate a humanity and enslave it day after day!

Know: UkRAine — Russia will be Saved with the Universe’s Mother to Great! Russians will be consolidated under Her White Victory Banner! On the White One is the Gold octagonning Star of the Universe’s Mother to Great. Ahead is the Victory of TRAnsformation! And sighted will go to Russia, to the Light, to the KNOWLEDGE’s World of the Universe’s Mother to Great, to LOVE, to Eternity and Immortality! Because Russian — this is Radiant, Sunny, White, Spirit! But now Armageddon (MaRA where Don) happens on the Russian Land. And all Slav’s souls, having an urge to return in the Light World and not be destroyed with reptiloids — will reach for the Universe’s Mother to Great’s Light, Her Star already approachs to the Earth! Victory is Ours! Be the Light! URA! Aum RA!

  1. * — after the global catastrophe when the planet Phaeton tore into the Earth’s Lithosphere it’s the stone’s zone from the precious ones and metals was destroyed. During 5 days the multicolor ones’ hail has been covering our planet. Since the Earth has become available for inculcation the alien forces. The vicious civilization Draka headed by Dragon has made use of it. Reptils under the pretext of people have occupied the Earth for to kidnap the inhabitant’s soul, human-mind, force, will and to annihilate the White Gods’ Tribe.


Нам не нужна
такой ценой «свобода»!
Нам не нужна
такой ценой «любовь»!
Крадётся Зверь
через врата народа
на Украину,
чтоб пустить Ей кровь.
Так-кат вонзает
когти в спину.
Так-кат уничтожает
Ты Зверя запустила
             в Украину,
толпа, и первой
он тебя сожрёт!
Вставай, страна,
и сбрось с себя рептилий,
захватчиков дракона
По Святой Воле —
Абсолютной Силой
над миром Своё Знамя
Славяне! Вековое Ваше
издревле поражало
             Тьму и зло!
А ныне — ПРАРАДАлось
Света Семя,
И Вам, Славяне,
крупно повезло!
Здесь Матерь Мира
ПоРАДАла Братство
и Своим Светом
Побеждает Тьму!
И надо всем за руки
       крепко взяться,
и чёрной силе
объявить войну.
Скорей проснитесь,
       Русичи! Славяне!
Сам Киев ждёт
Спасенья от чумы,
сюда приползшей
       из-за океана,
чтоб заковать всех
       в цепи Сетаны...
С Тобою — Твоя Матерь,
С Тобою — Сила Духа
                    и ЛЮБОВЬ!
И Мы с Тобой,
       Моя Страна, —
Насильно Нам с Тобой
       пускают кровь...
Зтерпи Разпятие,
И РАзцветёт Наш
       РАйский Дивный Сад!
Но прежде — слёзы,
       муки, поруганья...
И в Святых Муках
ВозРАдится Златый Град!
Да будет Свет!
И Слава над Тобою!
Свершится Высшей
Дланью неспроста!
Как Матерь Мира,
Ты Своей Судьбою —
Отображаешь Крестный
       Путь Христа.
Испей сю Чашу
и сольёшься с Богом —
Сознанием, впитавшим
       Высший Свет!
И пред Тобой откроется
       Дорога —
в Благую Вечность,
Где страданий нет!
24-25.12.2004 (midnight)