Slavs, open your eyes!

The old wisdom says: the world makes idols for itself, but drives away and hates those who are not of this world…

The Ukraine together with Kiev — the centre of the Ancient Kievan Rus, the Mother of the Russian cities — is a centerpiece on the map of the Universe today. Wicked powers headed by the secret world government have pursued a course for a full and total annihilation of the Rus — the Ukraine. But this is no accident. From olden times the prophets and wise men have known that it is the Rus where TransfiguRAtion will start, because it is there the Great Mother of the World Will Come and gathered up Her White Host of the incorruptible Slavs into the Single God’s ArRay.

Following the dark service guides, the abundant country, rich with natural resources and beautiful habitations turned into ruins and world disposal site during the years of the so-called «independence».

On August 29, 2005 the Ministry of Health Protection (MHP) of the Ukraine and the Ministry of Defense of the USA concluded an agreement on cooperation to prevent dissemination of technologies, pathogens and knowledge which could be used in the biological weapon development.

Under this document, a number of Ukranian Research-Development institutions received USD 200 million for research of the most dangerous pathogen microorganisms (

The construction of the world «warehouse» for storage of highly dangerous viruses in the territory of the Ukraine (it is planned to build approximately 9 of such stations) is nothing than an item in the plan to annihilate of the Slavic RAce. There is only one such laboratory in the USA and no such lethal disease spots in other countries. But in the Ukraine these stations for storage of viruses and research of highly dangerous infections are opened in a stately manner with gladness and pomp! Why do the Slavs sign their own death sentence so naively and (!) with their own hand? Have you ever thought about for whom is it advantageous? The answer is clear: for the world-monster — the devourer of human souls.

Since olden times the Russian spirit of the Slavs has been their mysterious protection from enemies. It was unity and loyalty to their Motherland — the Rus — that provided the Slavs with combat might and victory in all battles. The Slavs revered Great Sophia — Mother of Heaven who had numerous Faces and Names. And the race was integral, multidimensional, mighty, and inwardly rich. But what happened to the old Aryan race? Where was that stone found where they once stumbled over and thereafter couldn’t recover their feet again? The stone became the head of the stone which was rejected by the builders. They rejected their soul, their flesh, their nature and Celestial origin — rejected the Single Mother of the Universe. The One who was called Motherland and who headed the race holding a sword in her hands: Mother — Progenitress, Patroness («Bereginya»), Lada Goddess, Golden Woman («Zlata baba») — the Hyperborean Shrine…

Whatever you call Her, Her Essence will not change and Her Power will not diminish. But the race born of yore in Heaven is weak and sick without Her in matter («Materiya» in Russian) (Mater («Mother» in Russian) and Ya («I» in Russian): Mother of Terra (of the Earth) and I). Androcentric society has never brought any welfare and abundance, love and peace to the earthlings. The Golden Age of Mother-Goddess came when Alive Goddess Came Back to people and with her own hands Created the True Kingdom of LOVE, Light and Abundance. In the shining of Great Mother’s Essence and Spirituality the planet blossomed out like a rose.

Today the mankind goes through the most difficult period in its centuries-old history, namely — experiences a fall into the world of rude, spiritually deprived substance (matter) where respective powers — usurpers of the Earth — rule. They control the world government, and the world government, their pet project, rules the whole world via its subordinates (leaders of the states), destroys these states inwardly and annihilates the whole nations, and in the first place — great race of the Slavs: White Cosmic Race of the Great Mother of Light. They have been doing this since the Fall of Principle Archangel Lucifer. Since that time the wicked powers have done their best to destroy the former unity of the Slavs. Ages ago they started their campaign against the Great Rus and with a help of sycophants divided It into pieces, plundered, sold out, and enriched themselves at Its expense and now parasitize on Its exhausted body. A good support for this dark plot was provided by Judeo-Christian religions with their grasping service guides: foreign preachers, godless priests and ignorant servile people, namely, the so-called «evangelists», «orthodox believers» and Catholics deceived by the mummer «pope» who concentrated all treasures of the world in his own hands. The Vatican citadel is one of the secret places where our planet history is held on custody. But this history is kept under the strict ban because the citadel of lie will collapse if the people learn the truth about Christ and source of the White RAce.

The White Race is the Beginning and the End of all civilizations. It is the Basis and the Crown of the planet Earth. It is Light and the Salt of the Universe.

The Long-Suffering Mother Rus, Our Heavenly Suria! How much sorrow You have supped and how many cups of woe, got from Your undoers, You, Dear, will drain…

But let us return to the Ukraine. Standing U kRaya («standing at the edge»)Oko RAIna («Eye of RAIna») — that is how esoterically we can interpret Its name. Even though the Rus was renamed okraina («outskirt»). That were wicked powers that depersonalized our Slavic Rus in order to deaden Her.

The Rus is Suria, the Light, Sun, Sirius and Paradise, but an impersonal name «The Ukraine» means an outskirt. And since that very moment the wicked powers have started their purposeful invasion of Her Holy Of Holies. These reptiles tore Her dress, turned Her into a beggar and let the foreigners abuse Her. Whereas there was an early warning of this!

In 1990 the Planetary Appearance of Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS took place in the Centre of Old Kiev Rus — city of Kiev — a new JeTHE RUSalem.

She prophetically exposed the sinful world and disclosed the prepared adoption of «the mark of the Beast 666» — microchips, warned against Apocalyptic events on the Earth, changing of poles and prophesied the coming Kingdom of the Light — the Epoch of Great Mother — the TrasfiguRAtion. She showed the Way to the Light and Gave the Spiritual KNOWLEDGE to people. But the world didn’t accept Its Savioress, and the wicked powers did their best to discredit and slander Her by concealing Her True White Image. Thus the Slavic world fell into abyss at a speed of sound having rejected the Cosmic Envoy — Its Savioress — Great Mother of the World. The wicked powers imprisoned Her, and so people followed impostors and pseudo-saviors. We can give one example of this.

The whole world has learned about Yulia Timoshenko, the leader of «the orange revolution» of 2004. These were the reptiles who implemented their deceitful plan of separation and annihilation of the Slavic Race. Their legates played the roles in the scenario. Dividing the Ukraine into the East and West, and thus weakened it inwardly and completely separated it from Russia. That’s because the Ukraine is a polygon between the certain worlds fighting for its territory. Transoceanic scenarists rubbed their hands because of the success — «finally, the Pearl of the Rus is in our hands». But the «orange princess» got absorbed in playing and didn’t relax; she liked so much to rule the mass of the deceived Slavs. But soon the reputation of the orange revolution leaders broke down and then Igor Lepshin, an astrologer and political engineer, came to support Yulia Timoshenko. He created a new image for her — an image of a certain «savioress of the Ukraine» and announced that «the stars had told her a fate of the White Lady who would save the Ukraine and the world». In order to achieve a full president power in the election of 2010, Pani Timoshenko had to convert from the «orange princess» into the «White Lady» — the «savioress of The Ukraine and the whole world». Immediately were put in motion the prophecies by Vanga on «the Great White Brotherhood» (White Host of Mother of the World), the Nostradamus prediction of the «Great Lady». And the business-lady Ju. audaciously encroached on the White Garments of Holiness of Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, the Great Mother of the World. She changed her image dramatically – dyed her hair white, braided her head with a plait looking like a diadem, changed her clothing in white coloured… And even her party bearing a revealing name «BYuT» (Block of Yulia Timoshenko, «beat» in Russian) she also dressed in white suites and shirts. The Byut-deputies believed that they were the «white host» of Timoshenko, and that she was their «mother-savioress». That is how the wicked powers arranged this replacement successfully! And people longing for salvation easily believed in this, but, truly, mainly those who stroke their fancy to the orange Americanized bacchanalia.

Mrs. Timoshenko (Kapitelman by her grandfather family name) stole not only Ukrainian gas, but also the White Garments of the Great Mother of the World, thus encroaching on Her Divine Image. The difference is that the White Garments of Maria DEVI CHRISTOS were made of simple cotton and linen cloth and dresses of Yulia Vladimirovna belonged to the famous brand of Louis Vuitton.

What kind of the world salvation could we talk about if the White Color of the Savior is used in clothing of an oligarch-woman having billions, being a person who is far from Spirituality and Cosmic Absolute Knowledge which should have the Mother of the World…

Besides, even from a material point of view, such an immeasurably rich person could have shared her wealth with its people feeling the need for money. At the end of the day, during the President elections of 2010 Yulia Vladimirovna equated herself with the Ukraine. But as it turned out – these were political technologies for creation of her new image as a «savioress».

As it’s said in the New Testament: «… It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God …». And this is true. Are the oligarchs-capitalists able to understand common people who have to cut and contrive? Certainly, they are not. As, by the way, an inveterate materialist would hardly elevate his consciousness up to a level of a god-man of the seventh octave. But as the saying goes: «Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's».

Has Y.Timoshenko offered the Ukraine a new way of development? No, she has not. She came to politics from a big business after the arrest of her «godfather» Pavel Lazarenko who joined the Kuchma opposition. She had nowhere to go but to become an oppositionist in order to escape her punishment for the robbed… And the world backstage helped the «gas princess» to rise to the political Olympus having lavishly paid the orange revolution of 2004 after which a global cataclysm happened. Following the way of the wicked powers, Timoshenko didn’t just push the Rus to an abyss but she also activated the «anti-USMALOS» program — a campaign of the wicked powers who are doing their best to annihilate the population of the Earth. While the Divine-Cosmic ProgRAm «USMALOS» means the Universal ProgRAm of Salvation of the Earth and is aimed at a complete Victory of the Light and TransfiguRAtion of the Universe. The ProgRAm has been run by Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, Mother of the World, for 21 year.

Probably the main indicator of the wrong way Y. Timoshenko has chosen was the fiasco she experienced in the president elections of 2010 at a mystic age of 49 (7x7). For the elections of 2010 Y.Timoshenko came in an image of «the white lady». But impostors and pseudo-saviors are not accepted by Cosmos. The requirements will be imposed in the grand scheme of things. But this world likes such pseudo-saviors because they are «tarred with the same brush»…

The White Mother (Akmat) Appeared in the Ukraine in 1990 to notify the Slavs in advance about an imminent plot of the wicked powers. She was the first to disclose the system «Zver» («Beast»), warning against total chipping of the mankind. But people even didn’t think about this and laughed at everything they had heard.

The orthodox priests were chasing Maria DEVI CHRISTOS in every possible way, and intimidated their endarkened flock by Her. Mother of the World and Her followers were accused by the authorities of the system «Zver» disclosure. The community laymen turned enthusiasts and pioneers belonging to the White Host of the Light by Mother of the World who stepped open-faced into the darkness — into «people’s enemies» having disseminated bogeyman stories about «zombieing», «coding», «self-immolation». And people followed the dark reptile — service guides — mummers and «the repainted». Thus they chose the road of degradation having approached an abyss.

Today the Ukraine has already prepared for the total chipping of its population. That is a precondition to join the European Union which the Ukraine is so eager to become a member of. The orange «revolution» headed by Y.Timoshenko, V.Yuschenko and their comrades-in-arms made its contribution to this process.

While the True Savior — Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS — was disclosing plots of the wicked powers and trying in every possible way to postpone the implementation of «the mark of the beast 666», a cheat-red fox lady Yu. Received — in the Boryspol’ airport of Kiev — the goods — a lethal vaccine with micro-chips and intimidated the whole Ukraine with a non-existent pandemia. Today it’s not a secret anymore that the vaccine has been delivered to the Ukraine with a purpose of secret chipping of the population.

Very soon earthlings will get the Last Cosmic Warning. Unless they come to reason and open their eyes to what is going on, and unless the Slavic population would shake off these evil spirits and strengthen the bonds of brotherhood by uniting into the White Host of Great Mother, then the world will face a complete destruction. And there is no time left! Just a bit longer and these mummer-reptiles will take the control over the whole planet population by annihilating it completely. Don’t you really understand that wicked powers are leading you astray? Why don’t you distinguish the True Veil of White Mother from a black veil of the? The wicked powers achieve their goals by all means (literally from Russian — walk over dead bodies) for their own sake and for achievement of overall sovereignty. They are rude materialists who are far from anything humanistic. They use religions to hold in leash the endarkened masses. Ignorance and fear are the main instruments of their control over people. Thus they mortify intellect and light in people’s souls. Lie, hatred, anger, illegality — those are the main principles of their control over the human consciousness.

If in the beginning of 90-ies the Ukraine would have accepted Its Cosmic Mother Maria DEVI CHRISTOS who Appeared from the Heaven, the whole world had been already transfigured. But the scenario was played otherwise.

In November, 1993, Mother of the World, defamed and humbled, persecuted and trampled, Appeared in St. Sophia Cathedral in Kiev as it was predicted by Holy Scriptures in order to reveal the truth to people. By the order of the authorities she was seized there and then imprisoned. In the pre-trial prison of Security Service of the Ukraine, and later in the Lukyanovka prison and «red prison camp» of Dzerzhinsk, Maria DEVI CHRISTOS humbly drained the cup of Divine Prisoner Sufferings. She had no personal doctor even though Her health had declined, there were no windows in prison cells (and She came through lots of cells since she was transferred from one cell to another with a purpose to worsen her conditions). But they did not break the Spirit of Mother of the World. In the prison cells with Her, serving their time in jail, were not intelligent women but lice-ridden tramps and murderers, drug addicts and thieves.

She spent ten months in one pressure-cell together with a she-cannibal serving her repeat prison term. But She never complained about bad conditions of stay in a prison. Because prisoners smoked cruelly day and night in the cells, and there were 10-20 people in one cell instead of permitted 3-4, Mother of the World — Spiritual and Super-Sensitive — literally suffocated with evil-smelling tobacco stench. She wasn’t supplied every day with pure drinking water and home-made food like Mrs. Timoshenko. Permanent provocations from «stool pigeons» («hens») created unbearable conditions for Her stay. Sometimes some pulvises were added to Her food, and so Maria DEVI CHRISTOS was about to faint in the court. But She compliantly suffered everything. Despite the letters and requests from Human Rights Groups to discharge Her from prison (including from «Helsinki-90» group) the world kept silence as to that unprecedented discreditable framed-up «case». They Were Passing Judgement on Conscientiae. But mass media people continued to lie through their teeth and tell bogeyman stories about Maria DEVI CHRISTOS and Her White Host. Nobody felt sympathy for Her except the kind and devoted. There was a special-order vicious abuse; lies and libel were disseminated in millions of issues. «The White» were discredited and defamed.

In spite of a total long-term pressure from the wicked powers, under hellish jail and prison camps conditions, Mother of the World went on Working for the Benefit of the Universe and Mankind. It was within the damp walls of the pre-trial prison of Security Service of the Ukraine and Lukyanovka prison in Kiev that Maria DEVI CHRISTOS wrote the Eternal lines of the Holy Scriptures: Esoteric Poetry, Theosophy, Scientific Studies, priceless letters to the «Brotherhood», the Main Commandments of the Covenant of Eternal Life and Her Last Covenant to the earthlings. Despite permanent oppression and betrayals She endured with Honor all Trials of the Prisoner having spent 4 years in the jail; She got liberty staying Pure and Strong-Willed, Feminine and Loving this miserable cruel world of the Earth. She is Messiah of the New Age. And there is not and won’t be any other Savior of the Rus.

These lines have been written not to reproach the unspiritual world, its rulers and people who are far from understanding the Truth, but for edification of those who try disguise under the «White Garments» of Righteousness and Spirituality.

Y.Timoshenko is not the Ukraine hero and savior. She is a person under the world government charge. She should not have encroached upon the Unattainable — she would have got everything she is aching for with every fiber of her being. Wherefore the one who is supported by Mother of the World is the one who prospers. But the one who encroaches on Her Throne will end up with nothing…

And the darkness having no its own disguise, always tries to cover Light. But Light be Light therefor in order to TransfiguRAte any Darkness.

By the Name of Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS
Light is Created!
By the Name of Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS
Light Flows!
By the Name of Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS
Light Defeats Darkness!
By the Name of Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS
Light Repulses Darkness!