The Victory of the Great Sofia — Grace and Glory!

The man became sick and crippled since that time when the bare patriarchy overthrew the Great Goddess-Mother into the abyss. The relationship between the sexes defiled, the flesh defiled, and love itself became defective, because it lost the sanctity and it’s magic.

Matriarchal Goddess — was a Matrix of all Things, Protection, Basis, Law, Righteousness, and LOVE. Essence of the Nature and the Light Supreme Divine Person were inseparable in The Circle of rotation. The Spouse-son and the Father of the world was Born of the Bosom of the Great Mother and was Her Guard, Adorer, Ideal Principle Embodying Her Spiritual-Lighting Ideas. Light Canvas of the Universe has many faces looked at habitable planets, Sun-Moons and Stars. The person was discovered in Man and Woman, giving your loved consciousness of the Great Beloved Mother. It was an ideal attitude, full of light perception of life, grace staying in the Matter, reflecting the Spiritual Plan, Heavenly Domestic System.

The space rang Music of Harmony. All living things bathed in Love. It was the Golden Age of Greatness of the Goddess-Beloved-Mother of the One Person, and Her Creations, mostly in Whom was Her Spouse-Son.

Everything was in bloom and fragrant, there were no wars, violence and sin. Flesh — was a divine creation and shone from inside. Fine parts of a body didn't cause shame for how the Mother’s Creation, Creation of Life, and Creation of LOVE can be shameful? The world didn't know a sin.

And only the Higher Archangel of Light, fallen in roughly material plan, knowing Her Nature, — has envied, has become proud and has distorted space in his own way. This was the product of Evil and all sinful kingdom of Darkness. For the Great Mother of the World was Forced to Give him Her Championship. And as soon as She Stepped away from Her Creation — it immediately became without lighting space of lies, illusions and sin. The woman has lost her divine status, and husband became looked at her as his own thing, which he can do as like. A woman who humbles herself — became like a kind of thing with which man could do at his discretion. Sacred, healthy, high-grade children have ceased to be born. Because woman as her flesh — was humiliated and shameful in the person of men.

The most Ancient Sacral Knowledge was closed from people. The Knowledge of the Connection into a Single Unit of Heaven and Earth, Spirit and Matter, Men and Women, God and Goddess, Light and Darkness, Fire and Water, Gold and Silver, Thought and Sound. The world is coming down into the abyss below, lost its nature. Higher Plans closed, the person has lost the memory, has entered into a wheel endlessly embodiments, immersed in karma. Prince of Darkness, with his minions in the face of the fallen angels, — had triumphed: the whole world of darkness descended into the matter and hided the Face of the Great Mother by the black veil of lies.

The conspirators, reptiles — Gagtungr servants — have decided to destroy the Earth. They introduced their technology, the secret government, by which subordinated to themselves whole world and States and started to turn inside out everything, and finally destroy... Today it is a black action reached its apogee: the introduction into the subconscious of the person with the help of nanotechnology — «label of the beast». These are — microchips with which destroyed all human principles, and the man himself. The world is under the total control of Antichrist, which are subordinated these forces, headed by the world government, that holding in their hands all the riches of the world and globally controlling all inhabitants of the Earth. About it has been predicted even in «Revelation», and all — already is visible today.

To save Her Creation from destruction, despite the entry in a hell of a patriarchal world, descended from the Spiritual World the Great Mother Goddess — Absolute KNOWLEDGE and LOVE. She didn’t defile, Staying in perverted world in the Human Body, and experienced all Sufferings, completing Her long-term Work of Awakening Her elects from the illusory world of darkness which they found themselves and have forgotten their spiritual origin. 144,000 awakening souls — resist the plan of the dark forces: to destroy the planet Earth. At the head of the Selected Divine Tribe — Is a Lord of a Shambhala, the Avatar of Light, Mather of the World. The Dark and Light Subject only to Her. Only the Great She transforms the consciousness of the universe and of man, like God. Just the Great She — Is the Shield and the Savior of the Earth. Just the Great She — Is the WAY, KNOWLEDGE and Eternal LIFE. Soon the world will be Given the Last SIGN from Above! And if people do not appeal to Their Progenitress-pitch darkness will shroud their souls.

But know: how it was difficult in this kingdom of darkness, the Great Mather of the World — Sofia Wise — Will Finish This Way by Completeness Victory of Light! Transfiguration of all Real! Let There Will Come a Glory and Grace of the Great Sophia in all Worlds and Spaces! URA! AUM RA!

Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya