«The Stay on the Earth Sofia — Divine Wisdom —
is Finishing as the God, about what Her Sixth level
testifies Perfection — Diving Grace... After Diving
Grace Sofia expects the Glory... New intrinsic knowledge
about the Person, the God and the Universe
will appear on the threshold of Era of the Aquarius
in territory of Russia and Ukraine...»
(V.S. Solovyov, 6 letter, 1875).

It is 22 years-lassos from the moment of the Phenomenon in the Spirit of Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS — Sofia (Sothis) — the Wife Dressed in the Sun, on a planet the Earth!

It is the period of three sevens and unity with which begins the new stage of a life. It is the optimum period for Execution of Mission of Mother of the World and Her ProgRAm of Fohatization of Light on the Earth! For this multidifficult period, by Sufferings, by Freedom, by the Life (though unless it is possible to estimate Invaluable Experience of Messianizm of Mother of the World???), — Maria DEVI CHRISTOS Has made all and Has created for the future Sixth RACE of earth dwellers within New Space and World! It is also Invaluable Work! Invaluable Way! It is also the Feat! On April, 11th, 1990 in thickness of a centuries-old Matter from the Absolute Kingdom of Holy Spirit Descends Ein-Sof in person, and in Russian — Single Sofia, it is literally: Burdened! Descends in the Image of the Woman in the world of rough patriarchy where the female is humiliated to a limit impossible and trampled by man's feet. It is Feat — to declare publicly: «I am — Mother of the World, the Woman-CHRISTOS, the Messiah and the Savior of the Earth!» and to realize These Words into Reality — Thorny Spiritual Way and Give Herself up to the world, wallowed in sins... It is natural, when thousand Slavs turned into New BELIEF have gone for Maria DEVI CHRISTOS; it has revolted and has frightened fathers of a patriarchy and their world government preparing a killing exit of «Messiah» — the Black Prince of Darkness. And these devilish tentacles made all possible to discredit and slander the Progenitress of all real — the Great Mother Sofia. Whose arrival to Russia was natural and predicted by centuries... And when all Darkness has fallen upon Maria DEVI CHRISTOS and Born from She the Great White Brotherhood, many doubted and run up, as it was 20 centuries ago on Golgotha of Jesus CHRISTOS... And most of Slavs, in searches of «the best way», has lost vision and has gone for dark guides to Darkness, in a chasm...

It is a lot of Trials and Thorns have befallen on the Way of Mother of the World. But Great SHE, WHITE MOTHER — Has passed through all and Has directed to Stars together with those who has know She, has received and has been learnt by She... But those who has betrayed She, having descended on a way of Darkness and harming to Light ProgRAm («USMALOS»), — will not find themselves the justification in one of the worlds and spaces for to go against Mother of the World, against Light and Holy Spirit, the Darkness and its attendants can only... And their destiny — heavy darkness where is not present live and able to see.

Mother of the World for the 22 years-lassos Has prepared the Way and Consciousness of a planet to the New Sky and to New Land, as well as it has been predicted by Jesus CHRISTOS. She Has glorified His Name and the Name of Singular Sofia in Which all Heavenly Forces and Terrestrial are comprised! Maria DEVI CHRISTOS Has weaved Light Transform for the Earth which will soon Change in BOHEMIA (the God — There is Mother!) also will enter into Light Sphere of the New World realizing The Creator and Bathing Her Light Spiritual Beams! Let Become So! All was Preparing by Mother of Light already for transition of a planet the Earth and the enlightened mankind in New Eon, to Ayr of Light of Mother of the World, Cosmic Love and HARMONY! Let Become So! It remains little: to Separate Good from evil, White from black and to Elect the souls, ready to live in the conditions of Spiritual Kingdom of Light and the Law Great МААТ — Mothers-Maitreya of the Third Millennium! Let Become So! The Testament of Mother of the World is a Testament with new mankind, the Testament of Cosmic Love and Justice, the Testament of Holy Spirit and the World Primordial!

Servants of Antichrist, nasty reptilian humanoids and their world government — have begun to move, feeling the fast death, and try to keep in every way the power on the Earth, it is more to plunder and to poison the planet, and souls of earth dwellers to turn into Darkness. Look in the Sky, it stinks from the offspring of NATO chemtreils which tireless, day and night, poison space of the Earth and all live with the bacteriological weapon: the extended similarity of clouds and a strip from them are the poisons dumped by them. It is war against defenseless, not knowing Slavs. Their purpose — to destroy everybody, and marked with a black label of «Animal» — nanochip — to reduce in the bottom demonic systems where is nothing except suffering, and to eat their low energy. For this reason EU and the USA — the Darkness citadel — so zealously took the Kievan Russia and Russia in hand. They very hurry up to realize plans of black servants headed by Gagtungr — their leader. Probably, the world will see him soon.

But We doing everything possible to destroy plans of Darkness and the world government. Everyone sane — exposes today their dark plans and follows Mother of Light! Let Join, light souls! Today Mother of the World Does all possible to reduce sufferings of earth dwellers, to reduce days of dark kingdom of Antichrist, not to admit a label-chip and its Prince on Slavic lands. But at Time of the Harvest there are not enough Makers! It is necessary tireless assistants realizing in what precipice the world government pushes a planet — a small group of reptilians humanoids in suits and dresses...

It is necessary to expose everywhere the system «Beast», his black label-nanochip, pseudo-values of the West by which the Slavic world today is already infected: corruption, general animal sex, anticulture, a cult of money, a cult of material benefits, immorality, predatoriness, rage, egoism, hatred to each other, ugly reptilian «beauty standards», russophobe etc. It — is awful! This generation has not the future: children for twenty years, so-called «independence» of the former republics USSR, — are transformed into the corrupted adults, which souls are only sex and thirst of a profit... It is crash of your civilization, earth dwellers; it is full degradation of your world for which all of you so keep... The End to it has come! The end!!!

And about it all of you still were warned 22 years ago by Primordial Slavic Caring-Mother Sofia, Having specified the Way to Transformation by that who will follow She. But you had terrestrial guidebooks which have led you up a blind alley. Old have destroyed and new did not manage to construct! Because without spiritual Sight and the Spiritual Leader any way  d o o m s  death... So, earth dwellers! And you have very little time to think about choosing way: all will mark soon, as in the uniform world camp, three sixes of Beast. It is notorious EU there tightens all in a crowd, in paws of Antichrist. And its handy Timoshenko-Kapitelman in Ukraine, «mother» of orange revolution paid by the world government, — the demonic reptile who pass as «the savior». She has not power and authority against Force and Spiritual Power of Mother of the World of Maria DEVI CHRISTOS! For she encroached on Inaccessible and seduced a half-Ukraine in Darkness! Expose all who goes against Slavic peoples, against Our Space WHITE RACE, against Our Sacred Suria-Russia. For Which centre today crave to seize reptilians and to destroy recalcitrant Russia! About it, darks, you can only dream!

Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS — Mother of the Universe and Russia — not in vain Has spent 22 years-lassos in Russia! And now, THE VICTORY OF TRANSFORMATION — is for Mother of Light, Mother of Russia-Suria MARIA DEVI CHRISTOS! LET BECOME SO! Do, Slavs, the solving choice: to follow black servants of Antichrist in Darkness and on infinitely torments, or — in the Sixth RAce to the New Transfigured Earth and in the New Sky — for Mother of Light! Time of Quantum Jump of a planet depends on your choice in Light Sphere! How soon will become on Light Way, than more chances to block a way to Darkness and its seizure of earth dwellers in the deadly blades! Expose Darkness and its henchmen of lie! This you will speed up defeat of reptilians, eager to destroy the Earth. In the beginning they have divided all people into narrow national sights and religions, and now dominate over you! Be vigilant, does not remain any more time on a start. 22 years were marking time and have got into a spiritless hole «headed by» their patriarchs of the male sects-religions. Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS — Has One Religion: Russia UNIVERSE, KINGDOM OF LIGHT! And knowing This Her Sons and Daughters — the White Tribe of Heavens! Therefore, the masses, going by illusory way in Darkness, are space substitutes, and the Way for the Chosen — the Way of Russia, the Way of Light, the Way of Akmat (Ahmad) — White Mother of Russia! You get to decide, where and for whom to go on...

Last Mission of Mother of the World: to Collect together white souls and to Turn them in Kingdom of Light where the Eternal Life and Supperterrestrial Love are Staying, — IT WILL BE SUCCESSFULLY SOLVED! AUM RA! All GLORY Coessential Progenitress, THE NATIVE LAND, MOTHER-SVA, Isis-Sothis, Sofia — Maria DEVI CHRISTOS! URA!!!

Your Loving —