The Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors

In the Age of Aquarius the Ancient Kievan Rus — is the promised land, for here as a Messiah-Savior, the Mother of the World — the Cosmic Sofia-Sothis Maria DEVI CHRISTOS Staying already 22 years-Lassos. World Womanhood Appeared on the Slavic land, in order to separate «darnel» from «wheat» and to TRAnsfigure the planet Earth by Holy Spirit — Powerful Divine Energy of Fohat-Light of Mother of the Universe. The basis idea of Her many-sided Mission consist in this Cosmic Action. But now besides unfolding in reality the mystery of struggle between good and evil, the Epochal Teacher of Spirit put for earth dwellers of Sixth Race the Siriusian Supramundane CultUre. For the Spiritual Abode of Osiris, Isis and Gorus (Horus) — it is the System of Sirius-Orion. This is Cosmic Abode of Organizers of Solar System, Our Superterrestrial Suria-Rus — the Heavenly ROSTAU (Duat).

The Mistress of the Universe Gave Keys to the Kingdom of Light to Earthlings, Showing the Way for the Elect in Eternity. So, it came ARMAGEDDON (MA RA — Mother of Light, where the Don), here is the meaning of the apocalyptic word!

What is happening today in the Ancient Kievan Rus — it's a real battle between the Forces of Light and Darkness. At the head of the Forces of Light Should White Mother of the World with a flaming sword of the Spirit and at the head of dark forces — himself Gagtungr — Black Prince of Darkness. But the white begin the first and win! And Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS Exposes to destruction all plans of darkness. But on Earth, where invaders-reptilians for a long time run the show in human guises — this achieved by a huge titanic Effort. Especially as the tribe of Gagtungr tries to spread out from within and to destroy rebellious «since ancient times the glorious people»… The people whose roots come from the Heavenly Suria-Rus! Here is a battle for life and death... Victorious Sofia Will Clears Russia from the invaders, and reptiles very soon! And Her White Warriors of Light will help She in that!

When the last initiates Ruses — Shemsu Gor — left the planet Earth, during the fourth dynasty Pharaoh (about 2500 BC), the invaders-reptilians zealously undertook to destroy all traces of the White Space Race of Ruses. First of all, they got down to Our Universal-PaRAdisiacal-Siriusian-Surskiy-Russian Language. The sacred words were turned into blasphemous, centers of Intergalactic-Siriusian-Paradise CultUre — veiled in every way, were plundered and destroyed. Dark invaders still hate everything associated with the memory of Our Ancient Cosmic Homeland. The darkness deprived humanity of the True Knowledge of the Absolute, Nature and Man, when humiliate the Great Mother-Goddess. And History of Russian Family has been rewritten and misrepresented to destroy the century-old memory of the Slavs and their degeneracy in the world...

The Primary Lighting Language of the RA — Paradise, Sunny, Surskiy, and Russian — was a means of communication throughout the Universe. It was the diverse Language, vibrating polyphonic and color. Spoken words magically worked, embodied in the forms and events. At a difficult moment in Russia they always called to the aid the Mother « of Kin, one of Her names was the HOMELAND. And the Sacred Her Name — is IEVE or IHVH (iod, hi, way, hi). Such protective words were called as «Russian mat» and were the most sacred. When the dark invaders invaded into the Kingdom Ruses, they turned the sacred words of abuse, for all that has been associated with the Great Mother, the dark humiliated and hated. Thus, the human consciousness has been cut off and defective, and the Holy Russian language gradually disintegrated in the dialect, has lost its integrity and magic. In principle, it happened with accident of Atlantis, and Organizers of the Fifth Race (present) Siriusian Deities returned to mankind Culture, the Cult of Light and Eden Language. But, as Kali Yuga has come — the Iron Age of degradation of human consciousness, the darkness became the winners in the kingdom of crooked mirrors of the illusory world of lies.

In Egypt — the Land of Ruses KAMIT (Ak Mat) strolled linguist Zh.Champollion and cut down from the evidence of ancient language which was spoken Star Gods of and tribe Shemsu Gors. Thus he cowardly hid the phonetic alphabet of the Slavs, syllabary, left in the pyramids, the Sphinx and everywhere in the tombs... And Arabs with pleasure continued to destroy traces of Cosmic CultUre of ancient ruses-siriusian. Those centers ancient culture of the Slavs was destroyed in other countries and among them Greece, Ancient Rome, Stounhenzhd, Ankh-Hor, Turkey, Iraq and others. To this day, the Earth opens its priceless evidence of the Ancient CultUre of the Cosmic Eden RAce of earthlings and refutes the reptilian myth «about Eve and her ‘sins’», «the birth of the First Woman from Adam's rib» — this is invention dark ideologues, which have imposed psevdokult, which mutated in patriarchal religions of the world.

And now, the world has come to its final degeneration due to deception and seduction of the dark forces. They have quietly invaded over the centuries and, step by step, destroyed Sacred CultUre of ancient ruses. Russian Language was constantly cut off and from 147 multidimensional letters was reduced to 33. They continue to reduce it until now. So, with the falling power of Ancient Kievan Rus, the Slavs have lost their original language and culture. A man with a clipped language and consciousness has degraded to an animal that is observed today on the planet... The darkness, knowing that they will come the end from the Appearance of Siriusian Mother Suria in Russia, gradually erased from the memory of earthlings the knowledge about this Event, which was predicted in all the sacred sources. Dark forces were preparing a total seizure of power on Earth for Her Arrival. Not surprisingly, that when it divided KI-EVAN Rus, the center became known as simply «okraina», i.e. most of the earth, the land, the country that has become a faceless name «Ukraine», and the people, «ukrainians». Although, to the early twentieth century, the territory which inhabited by the ancient ruses, called RUS that mean: Suria, Sunny PaRAdise. And what happened to the language of Ancient Kievan Rus? And language, respectively, turned into «ukrainian».

And it was created in the late nineteenth century in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, as an artificial language, and the haters all Russian, normanists tried to do it, which titanium Russian thought Mikhail Lomonosov has struggled. They created this language to the Russian population, in order to bring it to ethnocide — the total eradication of the entire Russian... Beginning in the 1920s — 1930s, during the so-called Ukrainization Russia, Ukrainian language was subject to numerous upgrades in order to withdraw completely from the Russian, and even the Church Slavonic languages. Polish became a source of loan of alien words, and in Russian began to appear polonizm — the Polish words and expressions. So there was Ukrainian which year after year russophobes continued to clear of russisms. Standards of the «Ukrainian» pronunciation were specially created, which completely distinguishes this language from the Great Russian.

«It is not necessary to identify Ukrainian and a Little-Russian dialect.

Ukrainian — separate, exclusively literary, half-dead language which without support of the state is doomed to destruction… Little-Russian dialect — is a dialect of Russian language, a living spoken language, known in our time and has experienced the impact of the official Ukrainian, named surzhik» (Ukrainian language. The material from the free Russian encyclopedia «Tradition»).

Anything that breaks up and disappears. It is learned well by the dark invaders of Russia (in Its supramundane significance!). Hitler had a motto: «divide and conquer». And those, who tore White Dress of Russia — obtained humiliation of ruses and Our Native Land. They will not apologize for centuries! Narrow national thinking — it is, above all, ignorant narrowness of mind, and it leads to the collapse and destruction of any civilization.

Mother of the World Creates One Universal Rus, full of pure, holy souls. RUS — THIS IS THE UNIVERSE! AND HER PEOPLE — GREAT and SPIRITUAL! And very soon will CAME TRANSFIGURATION of RUS, Universe will illumine by the Holy Spirit of MOTHER of SPIRIT HERSELF — MDX! Maria DEVI CHRISTOS — Slavic SOFIA Works on this for 22 Lassos-years.

…And then, in 2012, Age of Aquarius — the Holy Spirit — is gaining a run, therefore, the dark forces of clutch at straws, like drowning in an abyss of evil... The invaders, on behalf of executors of their will from the U.S. and EU are trying to tighten of all the forces the Center of Rus in his vile lair, so that a noose to strangle all the Slavic race. They are sending their loyal subjects, to dictate its will on Rus conditions, and, by deception, to impose on everybody its «eurovalues»: the complete sexual decomposition (gay parade), profit cult, vampirism, anti-spirituality…

Information war against Rus, untied by hands of Ukrainian mass media — does the dirty work. This is — the fifth column, working for world government. With their help there is a daily feed by energy of the main reptile of the country — Yu. Timoshenko-Kapitelman thirsting glories and the authorities, as the old woman from A.Pushkin's fairy tale «About the fisherman and a small fish». Mass media daily swings the pendulum towards darkness, to please the misters -reptilians from the shadow government, in order to win this war by destroying the Rus-Ukraine in full... There is an Armageddon.

Not casually, Tymoshenko-Kapitelman (WILL HAMMER — a word what!) used the Egregor of Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS and collected in the activits those who believed that her «white clothes» — Clothes of Purity and the Righteousness of Saviour-Keeper. So mother of Antichrist only could do it, she is — the spouse of the Prince of Darkness! In 2010 the black spouse of lie began on the thin plan sucked by the Powerful Egregor of Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS and cunning to find out information on Sacrament of Her Phenomenon in 1990. And bless her for this role, and included two mystical astrologers. One of them I.Lepshin political strategist astrologer, and the second — well-known P.Globa. Which at last understood what a monster they begot, and regretted their lack of foresight... In due time they deceitfully presented to the whole world the spouse of the Prince of Darkness, ostensibly in image of «White Lady», having made, thereby, inexcusable substitution. For this reason, appropriate herself the «White Clothes» of the Great Mother, the reptile Tymoshenko-Kapitelman aroused to herself a fair Wrath of Heaven. And nowadays, by deception, lie, pretence the orange queen of gas continues to pull vital energy from all Ukraine and whole planet. And feed arrives directly to the Prince of Darkness, the Beast, who is going to get out of the abyss and being there of this theater of absurdity… For her, this world creates all conditions to feel comfortable, even in prison, unlike other prisoners, and to go to her black purpose. For she — is from this world, and the world wallowed in a sin… She hates the Slavs and the country in which she live, she hates the Holy Russian Language and denigrates the Language of Mother of the World, Language of Pushkin, Lomonosov, Language of Isis, Osiris and Horus, Language of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, because they were Slavs... She calls the Russian language: «the language give a damn, the language of crime, the language of corruption and shadow economy…» And is this the person, which russian language was a native language from the birth? This is — another lie and a farce. Mother of the World calls a native Russian language — the Language of Light!

О, Пламенный!
С Небес Сходящий!
Ты весь в Слиянии
        с Водой!
Язык Святой
        и Настоящий!
Ты — НЕБА Светоч

Those who deprived Ukrainians generation of knowledge of Primary Russian in two decades — deprived them present, past and future… Mother of the World Resurrects in Rus Language of Heaven! That the kingdom of crooked mirrors — a darkness kingdom — lost the power on Earth — it is necessary to defend Rus and to unite to all Slavs, then the label of the Beast «666» will pass by Rus. If the USA, EU, and Kapitelman will pull the rope — mark of the Beast — Microchips, total control and complete destruction of the Slavs — will take place. Everything depends how light peoples of Earth will be able to resist the insidious designs of dark forces. The world vulture NATO — on the orders of reptilians predatory destroying peaceful, prosperous countries and their leaders. Today, their mission: to crush Rus — Its History Center — Kiev and take Slavic territories with favorable climate and natural resources. NATO planes do not stop brazenly spraying over the Ukraine and Russia day and night, deadly poisons, biological weapons against the Slavs. And the authorities are silent. Are really ignorant? It is amazing!

President Victor Yanukovych should be disentangled dirty deeds of the previous proteges of the West and the USA. And this is a huge minus in this fight...

Westit is decay and death, the Eastis the life and prosperity. The world is so arranged. And the lights for the night and day on the Law of Nature are born in the East, and dying in the West. On the west bound darkness. From the East — Light! Even with this key, you can follow the right way and that way to lead Rus to Rescue. And She — United! And united rescue from total destruction of Slavs by a label «Beast» — in union of Rus and return Her, Sacred, into place!

I want to expose another popular dark’s myth in nationalist community. Recently, walking around the bike-horror story about Donetsk, the city as «bandits». Orange reptilians started up it. And not without reason. Again terrestrial process activate mysticism. The famous Nostradamus predicted the birth of «the White Lady», Mother of the World, on the 48th degree of a northern latitude, and its Phenomenon on the 50th degree. 50th degree of north latitude, from which will grace of the Holy Spirit — is Stolny KIEV, hail, KieRUSalim, mother of Russian cities! And the 48th — is the legendary Donetsk!

Donetsk — it is the capital Donbass. This is a land of labor and its glorious heroes of workers, with the famous names that have become history. This is the city a million roses and the greenest industrial center in the world. This is a world cultural center, rich in numerous universities, research centers and theaters. It is the city of the people opened by hearts. And though the dark tried to plunder these famous and rich natural resources, industrial land, once feeding all of Ukraine — Donbass people continue to live peacefully and work. And all planet as a whole suffered from a small group of reptilians-invaders… But this city came to the History of Rus, forever as a city of birth of the Messiah — Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS. In ancient times, this place on the planet is the cradle of civilization Ruses living on the shores of the Azov — Pripontida, and their Golden CultUre entered into myths and legends of the peoples of the world. The basis root «dn» — means the bottom, where water is gathered — a symbol of feminine nature, hence — the Slavic Name of the goddess Dana. Jordan River — contains the names of the heroes of Russian folk epic Ora (Orion) and Dana (Dona-Mother). Hence names of rivers with primary consonants «dn» arose: Don, Dnieper, Danube...

And the one who abuses peace Russian-speaking inhabitants of Donbass — assimilates ignorant and without cultural crowd which invaders-reptilians govern. And winds to itself a negative karma…

Of course, as difficult as it may, the outcome of the battle for Rus predetermined! Mother of the World wins the Dark! And She creates a new Suria-Rus, Full of Light, Love, Good! And only those who consciously understand this today — that can really get out of this abyss, and enter the NEW KINGDOM OF LIGHT OF THE GREAT MOTHER SOPHIA-MARIA! This Victory I Wish Victor (winner) Yanukovych (husband), the last hope that the course will be taken to the East, where rises Glory Sun of New Rus! It is necessary to unite to the Slavic countries: Ukraine, Russia, Belarus! Only this way it is possible to regulate economy of the countries and to resist secret plans of the world reptilian government, craving to destroy One Rus, with the center in Kiev, on a root. Only this way it is possible to win this paltry darkness! URA!

I just couldn’t don’t tell about it…

With Love your V.V.P.

Я З Ы К  С В Е Т А

О, Пламенный!
С Небес Сходящий!
Ты весь в Слиянии
        с Водой!
Язык Святой
        и Настоящий!
Ты — НЕБА Светоч
                  Колец —
Есть Пламень Света,
от Матери, —
        Весь Мир РАдящей,
Дающей Жизни
        Свой Венец.
На Языке Небесной
с Огнями Матерь
И Песнь Воды
        Ручьём Тварила,
Сбегающим Огнём
                  с Небес!
И Танец Мерно
и Гамму РАдуги
по Нотам Босиком
Так непонятен
        Мой Язык
и Танец Мой —
Кто в Лоне
                РАждённый, —
Тот переплавит
        Свет Мой вмиг.
И Слово Возпылает
                 Светом —
Наука Матери Небес —
Священным Огненным
РАзкроет Тайну
        Белый Крест.
И Горад Белый
        на РА-Свете
Проявит Лик
        Свой Золотой,
и Истинные Дети Света
Омоются Святой Водой.
И Просветлённые
Познают Вечный Свой Язык,
что Возкружился
        в МиРАзданьи,
в Тот Миг,
        когда Мой Свет Возник!