What is necessary to do for the Victory of Light in the Rus?

Armageddon is coming (MA RA where Don is). In order to Win the Victory of Light by Mother of the World on the Earth, firstly, it is necessary to harmonize consciousness of the Slavs so that it could hold the Absolute Holy Spirit VibRAtions of the Savioress — Mother of Light. They are the Slavs who are the chosen people of this Epoch. The UkRAine — the Rus is the Promised Country of Mother of the World. As it had been predicted by Nostradamus, here, in the latitude of 50°North, the Grace of the Holy Spirit was Shown — Mother — the Comforteress and Messiah of the New Age — MARIA DEVI CHRISTOS! And KIEV is the Mother of the russian cities! And this is a reality of the HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE! For the development of consciousness and its harmonization it is necessary to repeat the Prayer of LIGHT and to learn the Doctrine of Mother of the World, to perceive Her Golden CultUre — «COSMIC POLY-ART OF THE THIRD MILLENIUM»© (

The fact that wicked powers organized their bacchanalia right in the Centre of the Rus — Kiev, had been planned beforehand by the secret world government. It was in the decisive year of 2012 when the Centre of the Rus was chosen as a venue of «Euro-2012». Do you think why? In order to weaken the Rus by prohibitive spending of public funds for games preparation; energy of football fans, radiating from «lower centers» of their bodies (games of chance and weakness to them are a guna of ignorance=tamas) finally destroyed the aura of UkRAine — the Rus’ capital and created chaos and perturbation in the country. With the help of this Euro-Sabbath it was also possible to manipulate our country and put pressure on the government in all aspects. First of all, to draw all the attention to their chief reptile — Yulia Timoshenko-Kapitel’man, a participant of that dark plan of the Earth’s usurpers. Undoubtedly, the UkRAine — Rus card was outplayed by them beforehand, because they had known too well about the Appearance of Mother of the World in the territory of the Ancient Kiev-Rus in order to Strike the Darkness completely!

Incidentally, football was invented by the Earth’s usurpers. A ball symbolized our planet, and 22 arkans, that are 11+11 footballers, kicked it in the football field until they brought it to their team boundaries and monopolized it…This game was based on wild emotions and passions, which splashing into atmosphere poisoned the whole earth space and caused global cataclysms: earthquakes, asteroid falls, etc.

So, the football Euro- Sabbath was accomplished this summer in Kiev. And this wicked scene was completed by Kievan governors’ lack of will and stupidity…

They let Euro-fans defecate and urinate right on the lawns in the center of the capital! For immoral Europeans it’s certainly a norm of behavior! Until the middle of the nineteenth century there had not been any toilets or detergents or any understanding of personal hygiene in Europe, and any contact with water caused panic and fear with Europeans! The «holy inquisition» disseminated this fear of water, saying that only pagans performed ritual ablutions, but Christians were not allowed to take bath… … «The accused was observed to take bath» — was written in the Inquisition reports on «heretics». It was a vile substitution of true holiness of the early Christians who knew the Doctrine of Jesus Christ and loved water.

The whole Europe, in particular, England, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, was flooded with excrements and slops, neatness and cleanness were not inherent in those people at all… For example, the Archbishop of Canterbury infested with insects. Isabel of Castile, Queen of Spain (the end of the XV-th century), was washed up only twice in her life — at birth when she was baptized and on her wedding day. Pope Clement V died of dysentery, and pope Clement VII, as well king Philip II, died painfully of scab. Louis XIV stank like «a wild beast». There were lots of such examples. You may learn in more detail about European life of that time from the book «Christianity and ergot». In general, from time immemorial all European cities were flooded with slops, and Europeans of all kinds and classes eased themselves where and when it surprised them. Even the Louvre was polluted everywhere because wasn’t any single toilet there.

It was in the beginning of XVI century that Erasmus of Rotterdam wrote about England: «All floors here are made of clay and covered with marsh reeds, and this «litter» is replaced so seldom that the lower layer remains there for at least 20 years. It is saturated with tar, excrements, urine of humans and dogs, spilt beer, mixed up with fish leftovers and other trash. When the weather changes, such malodour steams from the floor that, in my opinion, could not be useful for one’s health anyhow» (

We could have continued describing other historical facts about filthy Europe and even supplement this material with contemporary photos of its night squares where drunken young people, homosexuals, drug addicts and prostitutes walk and pollute everything around with their biowaste, but we do not want to profane the pages of this Spiritual Publication with such satanism.

This is a face of Europe where reptiloids from the world government are trying to push the UkRAine into and thus wipe it off the face of the Earth…And recent Euro- Sabbath is nothing else but a cynical and precise rite planned by the reptiloids in order to desecrate the Centre of the Holy Rus…

The famous political scientist and writer Dmitry Vydrin called «Euro-2012» — «catch-2012»:

«I believe that «catch-2012» is that some European politicians went absorbed in playing and even somewhat mad about a free tool to manipulate the Ukraine which they had got hold of. I mean the «Timoshenko case». It’s a rare miracle in politicians» career when they get a chance to influence, put pressure and even manipulate a neighboring country, without spending any money to effect these actions. So they got hold of this very tool, naturally followed by emergence of a temptation and illusion to possible overplays it». (D. Vydrin «European politicians have gone mad about a free tool to manipulate the Ukraine»).

In order to held the Victory of the Rus, president should depart from these double «euro-standards» absolutely unacceptable for the Russian soul and destroying foundations of the normal human life. It’s necessary as soon as possible to unite culturally and economically with our countries – sisters, Russia and Belorussia. It will be a solid counterbalance to alien Europe and the USA with the NATO monster hating so much the Glorious Race of Slavs.

It would be a perfect situation for the Victory of Light if Poland, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, junior sisters of the Mother Rus, exited the crisis European Union and united into a single family of the Slavic States as it had been before. It has already become obvious that the capitalist way of development is disastrous for the mankind! All these nations have common routes — historical, cultural and linguistic. It’s necessary to destroy an insidious plan of the world government of reptiloids-usurpers in the persons of the incredibly rich Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Morgans and of their ilk, dreaming to usurp power over all earthlings and to annihilate them forever! The Slavs should unite to prevent this!

That is why at the beginning of 90-ies Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS having Appeared to Save the planet from destruction, Walked through these countries like the Cosmic White Wanderer, Announcing people of the coming New Epoch of Light — TranfiguRAtion, Warning the Slavs about approaching of total chipping of the mankind with the mark of the Beast-Antichrist. Nowadays the wicked powers do not disguise their plans anymore and impudently annihilate the Rus, Its Holy Language, by means of «dropping out» population with chemical and biological weapon with the help of NATO airplanes flying day and night above our territory…

In order to held the Victory of the Rus, president of Ukraine-Rus, the country which determines destiny of the whole planet, should disseminate the Great Russian Language, suffocated and distorted in every possible way by the wicked powers. Cyril and Methodius, servants of the Black Brotherhood, left Only 55 of 150 cosmic signs-letters, having changed the Russian Alphabet beyond recognition! Then Lunacharsky completed this dark actions and reduced the Alphabet (literally: Cut the tongue, restrict the ability to speak) down to 33 letters…

The Universal Language lost its multidimensional qualities and became significantly poorer, and its continuous pollution with slang, foreign words and swearwords completely deprived it of its life-giving and mighty power that enabled to communicate and understand all living things around! Multidimensionality of consciousness was lost simultaneously with the cutting of Russian Supreme Language of the Nature Itself! Educated («obRAzovany» in Russian) person turned into an ignoramus: «Ignoramus» in mere translation from Russian means «not knowing, blind»…

Everything that was arranged by the Ukrainian nationalists in respect of Russian Language is advantageous for the reptiloids-usurpers of the Earth. The original name of the Earth was TERRA — PALACETEREM» in the ancient Russian) of RA. In this Beautiful («PrekRAsny» in Russian) Palace of Light ruled the Sun-Ra of the Single Mother: Hathor — the House of the Sun. And the waters were transparent and pure, air radiated sevenfold in the rays of the blue star called the Sun — Bosom of Mother…

In order to gain the Victory of the Rus, the Universal Russian Suria-Sirius Language, Language of Light of Great Mother of the World, should become a true language (Language from Iriy («Iriy» is the old name of «Paradise» in Slavic language), or PaRAdise (RAya in Russian)) in the UkRAine! Its Beautiful Word («prekRAsnoye» in Russian) should shine with variety («mnogoobRAziye» in Russian) of letters and all kinds of syllables! Only thus the Slavs will be able to recall and disclose («RAskryt» in Russian) their Cosmic code — by means of the Russian Word key! Therefore, Russian Language of Light should develop in the UkRAine as the Banner of the RUS and its Holy Language! Hurrah («URA» in Russian)!

I would like to quote the Ukrainian hetman Pavel Skoropadsky whose words are sound quite contemporary nowadays. Below is what he wrote about the language of Ukrainians and nationalism:

«A narrow Ukranian idea is completely a product brought to us from Galicia, with its culture in the entirety being worthless to re-plant to us: there is no evidence in favour of a would-be success, and this would be just a crime, because there, strictly speaking, there is no culture at all. As a matter of fact, inhabitants of Galicia «eat crumbs» from the Polish and German tables. Their language, where four of five words are of Polish or German origin, explicitly reflects this fact. (…) The Russian and Ukranian literature existing and freely developing in our nation, we could go great guns. If we abandon now the first culture, we shall be just a litter for other nations and shall be unable to create anything great…» (P.Skoropadsky. «Recollections, end of 1917 — beginning of 1918», Kiev — Philadelphia, 1995, pp.233-234).

There is another most important problem to be solved in order to win the complete Victory of the Rus. That is debunking of the black reptile Yulia Timoshenko-Kapitelman. Even her surname speaks for itself. Let us decipher the word «Kapitelman» — it means «capitalistic mania» or «capitalist». It says it all! As a matter of fact, a word contains a certain vibration and meaning, an image. A name and surname completely define a destiny of the person who bears them. For example, her surname by marriage is «Timoshenko» («Timoshenko» sounds like «Ty moshennitsa» in Russian) which, when literally translated, means «you are a fraud». In this connection we may quote a proverb «God is all-knowing and all-seeing»(«God is not Timoshka, he sees a lot» in Russian).

As soon as the country stops feeding this black Fokerma (mystical wife of the Prince of Darkness) — Yulia Timoshenko-Kapitelman, she will immediately lose her power in delusion of earthlings. And this will be a decisive step towards the Victory of Light! Because the world government staked on her and up to now has been trying to implement its global plan of turning Ukraine-Rus into the Evil’s place of arms by implantation of microchips into a human body and total submission of earthlings’ conciseness to Anti-god. That is why all Euro-commissioners reporting to the world government, are so much concerned about her.

Yulia Timoshenko-Kapitelman plays a leading role in this evil scenario, no wonder that she encroached on the White Garments of Holiness and Purity of Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS! And many Ukrainians, being deceived by her, blindly believe this venal reptile. It’s high time to put her where she belongs to and stop to be ceremonious to her!

What is president of Ukraine afraid of? Being under the Intercession of the Universal Mother of the World, Guiding Cosmic ProgRAm of Salvation of the Earth «USMALOS» — MARIA DEVI CHRISTOS, president of the Rus should rely upon his own reason and purity of thoughts as well as upon Protection of Mother of the Universe. And that is sufficient to go the right way and lead the Slavic people to the Victory. President should not yield to both internal or external pressure! But he should seek to save the country from orange misfortunate service people, leading the country to destruction.

It’s necessary for Russia, Ukraine and Belorussia to unite economically, culturally and strategically! We have a common history and common way to Salvation!

Soon the Earth will do its Quantum Leap to the Dimension of the Light Space. The Sixth RAce will appear to its new spaces («ProstRAnstva» in Russian) where the LAW of Universal LOVE by the Single Mother-Rus Sophia-Maria will sound with Golden vibration. Only advanced consciousness comprehending CHRISTOS WORD — SOPHIA, escaping cataclysms, will manage to get to the Eternal Kingdom of the Rus! THIS Cosmic Action is Led by the Organizer of the Solar system HERSELF Who has Abided in Kiev for 22 years — the Great Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, Whose Appearance was predicted at all times by all prophets and philosophers.

Only by joint efforts of Light Powers, minds and spirits it may be possible to defend Our UkRAine-Rus, Our planet, Our The Most Holy LANDS Galled SUPREME SURIA-THE RUS PARADISAL — THE EYE OF RA (Oko RA’ in Russian)! HURRAH («URA» in Russian)!