The treacherous plans of reptiloids were Destroyed by THE SOPHIA-SOTHIS WILL!

The Ukraine’s population was reduced four thousand according to the information of June 2012. It is no mere chance that four years of «independence» a size of the Ukraine’s population feel from 52 to 45… The reptiloid’s plan for the extermination the inhabitants of the Earth especially Slavs is…embodied… Just because that the inhabitants of the Earth didn’t take their Saviour-Messiah, the Mother of the World MARIA DEVI CHRISTOS Gone down to Kiev in 1990. Just at the time for All to hear the Mother of the World was Warning to the Slavs about the approaching orgy of the darks and Collecting everyone over Her Light-Wear Cover. But reptiloids have thrown the weaks and disbelievers. As a result this promised to do the reptiloid Allen Dalles-an American general the USA political secret service head in Europe — has done! This is the fragment of his speech: «…we’ll quietly substitute their values (Russian) for the false ones and make to believe them for these. How? We’ll found our sympathizers, assistances and allies in the Russia itself. Episode by episode the great tragedy of the destruction the most rebellious people on the Earth a final irreversible die away its self-knowledge will be play. For example, from literature and art we will little by little remove their social essence…Literature, theatre, cinema — all will be represent and glorify the most low-lying human sensations. We will in every way be to support and to stimulate the so-called creators who will be to spread and to ram in the human consciousness the cult of sex, violence, sadism, treachery-any immorality. Loutishness and impudence, falsehood and deception, drunkenness and narcotism, beastial fear vis-a-vis and effrontery, treachery, nationalism and enmity of all nations, first of all to the Russian people: all that we’ll neatly and quietly be to cultivate…

And some people only, some people will be to guess or realize what is doing. But we’ll put them to the helpless situation, made them an object of ridicule. We’ll find the way to slander them and declare with dregs of society…».

By your tacit consent, Slavs, this nightmare was inculcate to the life and goes on to demoralize the human souls. You were deceived. You were inflicted «the myth about the totalitarian sect» the Great White Brotherhood and everyone have bullied with Cosmic Name your Slavonic Savior Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, the Right Supreme Power, That Went in good time for to Notify you about an approaching trouble, to Protect you and Go out from the evil world, suffering crash into the Renovated Light Kingdom. And by initially it was foretold about Her Epoch-Phenomenon. E.Roerich with all her life was preparing the Mother of the WorldArrival and Her Community — the White Army of Light. E.Roerich was writing: «How to find a founder of the FRATERNITY among thousand years? People will name and Rama and Osiris and Orphey a lot of the betters who saved the people memory. We needn’t to ascertain who the first is. Every one of them were tortured to death and tormented. Fellow-tribes-men don’t remit of anxieties about the Common Weal. Let’s transmute itself Theory and so the scattered parts of the one body will get together them. Who will get together them?

The people memory has confirmed SHE who will strain every effort for joining of the living parts. (Isis has got together 14 Osiris’ parts. – Auth.)

I advise to pronounce the Name Mother of the World not as a Symbol but as the Power Giving…».

…Those thousands who went to Her seen Light of the Great Mother of the World but wandered off when the reptiloid team sent the Messiah to prison… Many people were intimidated and leaded astray by the Gagtungr-Antichrist dark attendants that Slav’s Sophia and Her Cosmic Sons and Daughters have been going for quite 22 years… But it is the TIME TO GET TOGETHER THE ARMY OF LIGHT OF THE GREAT MOTHER OF THE WORLD and uphold Our SAINT RUSSIA, make it impossible to reploids of the secret world’s government Slavs to transform in slaves and the world- a single concentration camp. Ukraine now — it is the Universe’s Centre! And Kiev — New KIeRUSalim — Mila Souria (Malorossia). It’s the Slav-russian-arian historical centre. Ukraine is Sirius, Russia-Orion. It is — two communicating vessels of the eternity. Here the souls were embodied who will fill up the ranges White Cosmic Arm of the Great Sophia-Sothis, and at the moment of the Quantum Jump the Earth will move to New Time Turn to 6-th (Sixth) RAce. The Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS — is the Leader of the God-Cosmic PROGRAMME «USMALOS» — the PROGRAMME (PreObrazhenie Gora-RA Materi Mira (TRAnsformation of Horus-RA of Mother of the World)) Saving of the Earth from the Dark Powers.

The aim of each prudent person — to expose by the all methods to masking reptiloids and their secret world government, the handful of mortal bankers (rotshilds-morgans-rockphellers), operating with rulers of all lands, exerting pressure upon states of the United Russia (especially up Ukraine, Russia and Belorussia) by NATO and EU.

So in 2004 the reptilian U.Timoshenko-Kapitelman took the Old Kievan-Russia to transoceanic monsters with her paid and zombing nationalists. As a result the Ukraine’s economic has found undermined thoroughly and the reptiloids have seized all the military industrial complex. The state has lost a moral-basis strategy and incured debts. It has become weaker and dependent upon foreign capital-reptiloids.

U.Timoshenko has just put up the Russia to a gulf. Day and night the NATO’s carron crows destroy Ukrainians with the chemical and bacteriological arms by the chemtrails. Look at the sky-above our heads there are a lot of pestilent clouds as the strips, steps, zigzags, feathers — these are the pulverized salts of barium and aluminum falling out as atmospheric precipitation the nature and people mortally poison. Regular injection poisons into the planet atmosphere, it breaks an ecology not only but it decomposes the human immunity system, violates the reproduction man and woman function. Animals suffer from it too. It’s very destructively for our fertile soils. An incessant open genocide goes to our inhabitants and population of neighboring fraternal lands.

Genetic-changed productions which were filled up all the shelves of supermarkets are as the additional means of extermination of Slavs. Particularly as for the alcohol drinks and bear where there are a lot of woman’s hormones with the preservatives, it destroys the reproduction human function for good.

The inhabitants’ vaccination kills too. Timoshenko as the prime-minister on the pretext «pandemic of grippe" — pandemic of falsehood-is meeting in the airport of Borispol (Kiev) the mortal vaccine with nanochips for the secret injecting to the human organism of «number Beast» 666 and from everywhere she was giving false evidence about the approaching epidemic danger…And what’s more the great from the budget of the country and from slav’s beggarly pockets but (it’s very terrible!) this mortal vaccine could impose to many people…Just for it she must be punish of all rigours of the Low to MAAT, not telling about her betrayal to land and people and the substitute of her real image of the thief-billionaire, ravishing the young people by video-porno salons since 90-thsto «saint» and «white» image.

The young people’s moral degradation since childhood zombyed by an indecent advertising and the cartoons having a harmful effect on the psych, cruel serials with blood and killings, low-grade romans modern «writers», abominably telecasts cultivating hated of people, lechure, coercion, cult of gain and easy money, speculation (now it’s bussines!) — all of this was leaded to the complete degradation. The twenty-years old were born during the period «independence» and being dependent on West and USA-of their reptiloid gang — today don’t know the tales of the Russian people prophet — A.Pushkin, literary Russian classic works left to the world the rich literature-historic heritage. And what reptiloids have done once upon a time with UNIFIED COSMIC Siriusian-Soursky-Russian — Solar Language of Our Mother Land! Darks have castrated letters, roots, symbols God’s Language of the Overworld Russia and now Our Language is forbidded, wounded it sullied, cluttered up with the dirty, foreign, senseless words, slang… And the Internet language! This is parody of the normal word! But the Word as the idea-materializes and our realities becomes the same one. If this is slang or invective — the human life changes into the hell, he (the man) was wounded on the inside and the outside, begins to ache after that goes mad. Invaders of our planet — reptiloids-seek just it. They are needed to evil on blood, sex, scandals, discords, wars, cataclysms…

All of this reptiloids make by artificiality for to establish the new world order and make everybody obedient to Prince of the Dark Antichrist, who will go at the end 2012 after the making him cataclysm or the performed third world war.

But the Universe’s Mother Breaks up their predatory plans and Puts off the time widespread implantation of the microchips into the body the Earth’s inhabitants. So the Universe’s Mother,with Her Power and Will, has neutralized plan of the world government to make act of terror to the Games Olimpic in London. All symbols of the Games were filled by marks of the world government, even the distorted numbers of the year «2012» have reflected the word «SION». But a terrible act with a nuclear explosion and subsequent widespread chipization was upseted by the Forces of the Light! And reptiloids are late for quite with all their dates of the Antichrist appearance and his mark because they sense the Spirit Power, Will and Force of the Mother of the World — the Saviour of the planet Earth and all Universe. They do all of possible for to cut down quantity of the inhabitants on the Earth… But most of all they are afraid of their  D I S C L O S U R E S !

USA spend the hundred million dollars for researchs into the secret labs and creation of the different methods the extermination to the inhabitants of the Earth. On the shooting-ranges of Alaska, Greenland and Norway the American reptilians have installed the power climatic arm of the world government — HAARP. The american reptiloids cause the great cataclysms and the different anomaly weather on our planet. The principal of the work HAARP is founded to the warming-up of the ionosphere (the high layers of the atmosphere, having in influence on the prevalence of the radio waves).

The power earthquake in March 2011 and caused it tsunami in Japan — this is their work. 40 days the anomaly summer in Moscow 2010 — the result of their activity. Thousand people dead from the high temperature, 10 million tons of the grain have lost, 6 thousand enterprises were left without row materials, more 500 fires wiped out about 50 thousand hectares forests and fields, hundreds springs and tens villages… This is — a strike for the russian’s life and economic.

No doubt that the present anomaly hot summer in Ukraine, particularly in Kiev and then the flood from downpours at the time of the harvest — it’s the act of the USA’s reptiloids. Now the installations HAARP affected our weather, with a view to finally exhaust the Ukrainians. For, their main goal — it isto take Russia without firing a shot and to exterminate the Slav Russian race. The information about «the british learneds» predicts to Ukraine the anomaly climatic change with the rise temperature to 5-8 degr. And then — the sharp drops weather conditions —this is the falsehood, the camouflaging artificial influence reptiloids to the blessed of Ukraine-Russia climate. Because they know very good that Ukraine — is the Land of Promise of the Holy Spirit-Messiah of the Aquarius Epoch Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, and the climate will be the most beneficial on the planet because in the process of reversal will occur Union continent with centre in Kiev — the Mother of Russian cities and from here begin the Gold Age of Sophia-Sothis. So they want to exterminate rapidly all Slavs and then are going to populate our lands…

The main reptilian of the world government U.Timoshenko-Kapitelman will dream to ascent to "queen" throne — Phokerma the mystical wife-mother of Antichrist. Just that is why she has stolen the White Image Maria DEVI CHRISTOS — SIRIUSIAN — SOPHIA-Sothis — the Saviour of Russia, for this deception help her to entrap millions the immature human souls into her insidious nets. When Jews have permitted her to pray to the Wailing Wall (her — the only woman) than have confirmed her membership of the ruling clique of the world government of Antichrist. At the same time 300 magicians have married her by secret in Jerusalem to the throne of the Hazar queen. BUT Cosmos and the Will of the True Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS have prevented Phokerma to execute the dark satan intention of reptiloids! And although a long time Phokerma isn’t the reformatory walls and in the sanatorium luxury conditions of the Kharkiv hospital, made specially to her. She malingers, lies, vampires, attracts everybody’s attention to the whole world and continues to receive of the EU reptiloids who press with all methods on the land president Victor Yanukovych. But her mercantile, dirty and treacherous plans to the extermination Ukraine-Russia,together with Antichrist, whose a triumphal exit they prepare, — collapse!!! COLLAPS BY THE FORCE, WILL, SPIRITUAL POWER OF THE QUEEN OF LIGHTS, THE SIRIUSIAN LORD OF THE UNIVERSE MARIA DEVI CHRISTOS! AND SO WILL BE IN THE FUTURE! UKRAINE-RUSSIA WILL SOON EXEMPT FROM THE REPTILOIDS DOMINATION, AND SLAVS WILL BE PLEASED AND WILL ABIDE IN UNITY, HARMONY, BEAUTY, GREAT LOVE OF THE FUTURE TRANSFORMATION OUR COSMIC MOTHERLAND RUSSIA! URA! AUM RA!

It would like to complete this exposure of the Darkness by predicting the russian philosopher-thinker V.Soloviev about the Universe’s Mother:

«Absolutely God’Sophia, the only Woman — the Cosmic Absolute. At the same time She is substantial that is to say material (bodily) and ideal (spiritual). The Eternal Feminity.Sophia emerges as the Universal-feminist Substance, the Mother Source, is boring the humanity as the cosmic community. In this case Sophia is as the Saint Virgin Mary — our Lady… Sophia as the Cosmic and Human Divinity not be only Eternally Feminity but — Eternally Masculine Source. That is to say: Sophia — this is the Mother (Our Lady) and Her Son — Christos Other.

Eschatological Sophia. The Image of the Wife Clothed with the Sun. This Sophia was called by God to tell to the world Truth, i.e. to pass on definitive Knowledge about the Absolute, save all the world from «the End of the World» and indicate the future way of the human progress.

RUSSIAN SOPHIA. This is the national aspect. The philosopherbelieved that the All-Human Cosmic Divinity will would be embodied just to the Russian Woman-Philosopher. The Russian people exactly distinguishSophia from the Saint Virgin Mary and Christos from Jesus Christos. Sophia was for him the independent Heaven Substance is concealed under the visibility of the lower world, the Radiant Spirit of the revived humanity, the Guardian Angel of the Earth, Future and Final Appearance of the Devinity» (A.F. Losev. «The 10 Heavenly Faces of Holy Sophia»).

«Her Staying on the Earth Sophia — the God’s Wisdom finishes as GOD. The sixth level of Her Perfection — the Blessing — testifies about it… After the Blessing to Sophia waits Glory… The New nature Knowledge about Human, God and Universe will appear in the period just before the Aquarius’ Epoch on the land Russia and Ukraine…» (V.Soloviev. 6-th letter 1875).

Glory the Slavonian Sophia-MessiahMother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS! Let Will be the Light! URA!!! URA!!! URA!!!

Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya