Sophy is your SHIELD and COVER!

Reptiles headed by Antichrist and the secret world government are going to destroy the life on the Earth. They chose this Planet because just on the Earth all humain souls by via of the transformation gain an experience of the ancient wisdom for return to the Spirit World of  Ain-Soph to Great — Sophy God’s Wisdom, the Single  Creator, the Mother to Great of the Creation. Just  now the time of the transition to the new formation — to 6-th (sixth) Race of the clarity humanity. And the dark powers decided to entrap the inhabitants of the Earth in there trap, in the antigod’s lair, Antichrist-Gagtoungr.

The Universe’s Mother — the Universe’s Feminity — got off the highest plan April 11 in 1990 for to be opposed to destroy the humanity to the dark aggressors of the Earth, all marking by «the number beast». She has noticed of Slavonians about an approaching danger and Opened the Knowledge of Absolute readying the inhabitants of the Earth to the Future Transformation. She has been in time it during  Her Thorny Path for 22 years-lariat. But the darks callummiating the Saviour and the Consolating of the inhabitants of the Earth and she was been put to a prison. By fraud the darks turned away from Maria DEVI CHRISTOS millions of the thirstings desiring to know the Truth Spirit. And now the world receives a last chance to accept the Light’s Path of the Mother to Great, Her Theory and the Protective Power of Absolute. If Slavonians appeal to Messia of the Aquarius’ epoch-to Maria DEVI CHRISTOS with the prayer of Light — the darks won’t can destroy them.

Look now how the Satan’s legats take their time to prepare his arrival because the going out’s time of Beast was put off with the Mother’s to Great’s Power. And now they want chiping with its dark death mark. Globalisation into the whole world, the human rights and rules of international law are violate. At the last time above the Ukraine’s Sky the Nato’s aeroplanes regularity drop the dangerous chemicals: the barium’s and aluminum’s salts destroy all living.The USA’s painful bacterias stimulate illness and epidemic. The Ukraines are destroyed zealouly, impudencely, day and night. Many people know about it yet. And the government silences... Why? There is a scare front of the USA’s and EU’s monstres.It is not surprising.There is an information in the Internet yet,that in Ukraine «the african plague storms» and the grippe’s epidemic approaches («victoria» and «visconte»). You don’t say so! And who thinks the such names? Of course, the reptiloids are, at first in that the grippe won. It’s a psychological influence, the Slavonian’s zombing,a pumping of the panic between populations for the underskin vaccination with the nanochips,as the training of the bible’s entrance «Beast»-Antichrist: «And he forces all people-great and small, and rich and poor, free and slave to be branded on their right hands or on their foreheads and he does it so that no one may buy or sell unless one has the brand — the beast’s name or the number of his name.

In this situation wisdom is needed. Let the person who has insight figure out the number of the beast, because it is the number of a man, and his number is 666» (Revelation, 13:16-18).

At last weeks of the september-october in Ukraine were passed by hasty and without discussion a range the dangerous bills, opening the way to the inculation of «the number of the beast». It”s the bill about the single shedule, the biometric pasports for the all ukrainians, including the newborn children and electronic money. And this is the clear «beast’s system». The Universe’s Maria DEVI CHRISTOS was notifying to all at the begigning 90-s but no one didn’t want to believe it....That is why the darks threw Her in a prison in 1993.And now the world found oneself in a danger.When the pasports laid in with biochips and the electronic money — the total control will be to each person, independently from the status, religion, age etc. After that the single world ruler — Antichrist will appear. The secret world government as the reptilouds  Morgans, Rotchids, Rockfellers etc. will prepare him an arrival as a world «savior» — Mochiach.

The Universe’s Mother Maria DEVI CHRISTOS descending from the Heavens draws off the bible’s «time of the great sorrow», but the credulous people don’t feel of the reality, living ni illusion... A lot of people don’t understand the dark’s plan of the entraping the h umanity on the Earth. Last 20 years the invaders of the planet tryed to inculcate their plans for destruction and descrediting of our Motherland. They were helped their legates: Gorbachev, Kravtchuk and Timoshenko with Utchenko. All ready for the suffocating of Russia and Ukraine by power and physically. Why the rulers permit to do the such infinite of the reptiloids? Because they afraid of the aggressors of the planet Earth and look forward to the special privileges and the bunkers (in case of the global disaster!)... mustn’t believe the false reptiloids! At first they will destroy just the rulers and the power-havings as the obstacles to the finish power annexation on the Earth. You see will be! The Universe’s Mother placed one’s hopes to Vicor Janoukovich and Vladimir Poutin, but as see, their dark environment does all possible for to misinform and put to error of the rulers. By all possible methods the open blackmail and annex of the Russia goes with Antichrist’s secret world government. And this is — trouble! Reptiloids blackmail to the rulers with limitation of the departure to abroad, arrest the banking accounts. As a result, the russian’s and ukraine’s oligarchies support to the european economy. But it can stop, moving our capitals to our banks and so to support economy of our countries.

«Напрасный труд — нет, их не вразумишь,

Чем либеральней, тем они пошлее,

Цивилизация — для них фетишь,

Но недоступна им её идея.

Как перед ней ни гнитесь, господа,

Вам не снискать признанья от Европы:

В её глазах вы будете всегда

Не слуги просвещенья, а холопы»

(Фёдор Иванович Тютчев).

But in spite of this treacherous annex of the darks, Russia is under the Spirit-Light Cover of the Great Owner Universe and Solar System — the Universe’s Mother Maria DEVI CHRISTOS! Now the one-time counries CIS (Commonwealth of Independent states) need to be consolidated immediately for the prevention of their annihilation and to form the power opposition to the world government. And the Saint Spirit’s Power of the Univese’s Mother will help to win this dark to Slavonians! It need to refuse from» services» and the credits of the decaying West and our life to built on the eternal Slavonic’s values. People tired from the disorganization and humiliation, anticulture’s domination and the pseudo-value’s imposes including the thirst for the easy money and the wild  sex. It’s high time to stop this antichrist’s bacchanalia! If the destructive lows sign as a getting things put «in order» in  Russia, the Ukraine’s and Russin’s rulers will write by themselve and their countries the mortal sentence. After that — the Antichrist’s arrival and your black mark «666». Need it to stop and consolidate by immediatly our indivisible slav’s people! At first order this apply to Ukraine. Today here as a world arene pass the planet fight between the Good and evil, the White and dark army, because Ukraine is the Universe’s Centre. The universal axe pass through Sophia. The eurointegration — this is the reptiloids’ trap of the shady government, their thirst to seize our rich aoils, and our people — to transform to the slaves of the «system Beast».

For 20 years of the «independent» all seduction of the young people and the loss of the humanity values has happened. And the young people-it’s the future of the planet! All spirit values were defyed and placed to «european’s ones». The patriarchal deception attached a lot of people to the mortal old religious from the hopeless, being at the head with corruption’s inquisitors. It is no mere chance V.Lenin named the Gospel’s peasants — «useful idiots» because the superficial faith and the ignorance — it is a result of the pseudo-ecclesiastical of their pastors. For example, the Pop Venedict XYI was at the head very long the Congregation of the denomination, today the «saint inquisition is. And now this of the reptiloids rules to the deceptioned believers.The secrecy certificates about the Christ's True Teaching and his wife Maria-Magdalina, the Sirius (Russian) Cosmic Macroculture of Iside and Osirius, the Russia-Atlantid's centure History, Hiperboreia, Fatime's prophecy the phenomenon of Maria-Sophia Herself in Ukraine hide very carefully in the Vatican depository. Instead of the fable about the «chaist conception». It is possible the depraved conception, if it is the sacrament of the Mother-Creator herself and Her Father-Husband-Son? And Jesus Christos was deprived of the humanity nature...and just because that the reploids humbled the Great Woman God's Origin (beginning) and the Goddless-Mother herself consisigned to oblivion, knowing that «the Wife given the Sun» will go at the close of the times and she win the Dragon! It isn't the secret trick of the darks for all believers to keep in illusion and to rule to them with one's own hand (by themselves)? So it is! It's time to know all Truth about Jesus Christos and His Wife Maria-Magdalina by embodyed Iside-Sotis, the cathedrals she were built on all Earth. But then lately the Vatican made a statement that the persons from another planet are our «Christ's brothers»... The Pope confered on the reptilia Timoshenko-Kapitelman with the order St. Boniphacy... for she instigated to Ukraine in the abbiss, into beast's clutches. This confirms that the reptilies counted on Phokerma-Timoshenko who 300 magicians crowned on the tharina's  thron — the Antichrist's mother in Izrael nesr the wall of the weeping. And Vatican is the capital of the reptiles. It is no mere chance that the government of the USA is going to do the performance about the invasion of the persons from another planet by help of holography equipment-the project «Blue ray»: as  if an another planet civilization invades on the Earth and starts a «cosmos war'. Then the reptiloides  will go and save the world. On all heaven will be shown an imagine as if «Jesus Christos» — Antichrist who tells that it is his new green empire and people (in trance) take it on belief. After that Antichrist will chip everybody by his mark — with «the number of the beast». He will be helped from world government. Who refus to take microchip-will be kill. The reptilies will want to play it the end of 2012 so they were advertised the date 21.12.12.

The darks want to do «the end of the light» on the Earth. Just so they throw in the information about the flashs on the Sun because this end are going to dramatize by HARP for the supply of water, ligth and heat will be stopped on the town and the country at the cold time. They depend upon a looting and their technology to zomb of the earth's inhabitants using the low frequency for taking up the panic, the fear and depression to the people. Just it for the darks name «the end of the light» — their own term. In the middle of 90-s when The Universe's Mother Maria DEVI CHRISTOS was put on the prison by the darks at all magazins the fifth column printed this term and intimidated with the Great White Brotherhood to all slavonians trying to impose hedying «the end of the light». At the moment of Her Appearence in 1990 Maria DEVI CHRISTOS was announcing to people about the end of the evil's world and the Future Transformation of the Earth. It wasn't need to the reptiloids because She Was Breaking all their treacherous plans.

But people by their ignorance becomes the victims of the dark planet's invaders.

«The Bilderberg's group gave the order to chip all inhabitant of the USA and then all the rest world. Before the Health low was carryed, 2013 year was indieated by the date when every child borned in the USA will receive the microchip by simultaneously. A lot of people attack the president Obama for it but the plane itself was developped the several decades ago by the Republic Administration of the president J.Boush and at the events of 11 september was confirmed by the general prosecutor — J.Xshroft.

Evidently J.Xshroft more was puzzled with the covering of  the breast the Liberty statue on the corridore of the Ministry of Justice trying to protect our constitutional liberties, including the liberty of faith (religion)» (P.Mackbeer).

If the good sense don't rise in mind of Slavonians, the world will go to the abyss of the dark very quickly. The Universe's Mother Maria DEVI CHRISTOS went to assemble the White Army — 144 thousands true Selecteds, it was said about in the Revelation. Ir's those who doesn't take the «number of the beast». One would think a drop in the ocean... But one fighting Man of the Light costs a thousand of dark ones.And thise 144 thousand will permit to the Earth to throw its old clothes off and to follow Sophie — Sotise — Maria DEVI CHRISTOS at the Kindom of the Eternal Light! If  Slavonians don't stand up to knees and call in the praers to the Power of the Great Universe's Mother — the Unique Real Protect from Antichrist in this onesided world of the hard patriarchy — the global end of the humanity civilization will come. Think it about, people! And tell your strong «NO!» of the beast-Antichrist's mark and his system. Apply for the help to Sophie-the Mother Russia-Souria — Maria DEVI CHRISTOS — your Slavonian's Virgin. For SHE only is your SHIELD and COVER. AUM RA! URA!

Your Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya