Before the Face of Eternity

«Look on the world, my dear friend; you will see that there is nothing in it can satisfy us»


«Isis informs the Sacred Doctrine to those who firmness in life, modest, moderated, far from sensual pleasures, voluptuousness and passions, aspires to merge to Divine Essence; that who persistently exercises the spirit strict prayers in temples and the abstention leading to knowledge First Higher of the Being to learn Which it is possible only spirit and to search Which the Goddess calls us in Her, in the Sanctuary where She Lives»


«A man’s true happiness and blessedness consists only in wisdom, and the knowledge of the Truth»


...Man of bygone era of lies and immorality — the fallen man. Phenomenon of Horst on the planet, the image of Jesus Christos did not change the consciousness of the world, not raised it on a step higher, and with the forces of Set — plunged even deeper into the vices of rough matter. For two millennia of patriarchal oblivion Truth swept headlong, crushing under the image of a Noble Lady, the Mother of a lot of star Heaven, Isis-Sophia...

In the five Races of man (and the word RACE from RA-SHA — SHA-RA — the Name of Unmanifested Mother of the Light — Gold-bearing Shara, Which in Embraces initially all real rested), the human soul has fallen into the depths of Matter, entering into oblivion. But, having found a century experience, now needs a global shake-up! It's time to wake up, my soul! Enough to indulge to pernicious and spoilt biomass! She absorbed you with karma, and you absolutely forgot about your heavenly origin of the Bosom of the Great Mother SHARA — RASHA, which means Light of the Spirit! The Time has come to get out of the secular oblivion! And enter the NEW EON of LIGHT MOTHER OF THE WORLD! For the sixth level of consciousness — the consciousness of the prophets, sorcerers, psychics and sensitives — it is a qualitatively new level of life in a more enlightened shells...

Mother of the World — the Messiah of the Age of Aquarius appeared to Earth, to prepare a systematic transition from the lowest fifth to the sixth level of consciousness, for the Period of Yield of planetary Harvest has come...

Gold grains in the five levels of the thickness of matter should become a Golden Fruits of Creator’s Garden of Eden.

The mistress of the Universe has carefully sowed a huge field of the Earth. But there has passed time, and instead of wonderful fruits, the thistles, weeds and poisonous plants sprang violently on it... They began crushing and prevent to grow the Cosmic Seed of Wife (Zhena — in Russian; Zhna — Zna — Divine Knowledge, the Veda). Although the Hostess sent Her laborers. They were, treated soil, watered, fertilized, uprooted any rubbish, but the golden grain did not grow... Then Mistress Appeared Herself. And She saw that the wild beasts trampled Her field and birds of prey ate the planted cosmic corns, and that was trying to climb out of the Earth — absorbed weeds. The Hostess was upset, crying. And She decided to burn a useless field, and in its place once again put Her Harvest and have to take care of it without the help of Her Laborers, and with Her Hands... She was hard to deal with weeds, birds of prey and wild beasts, now and then attacked them, and impaired sprouting. Not one year She had handle the fruitless field, and then to sow Her seeds. And then, at last, Her Works crowned success! There was a time in the field of ripened harvest. Golden fruits pleased the Universal Toiler. She carefully gathered them and the Golden Soul took away with Her, grown in the harsh conditions of the Earth, in Her Abode of Eternal Life!

This is the parable, which will soon! Maria DEVI CHRISTOS Gathers Her Harvest of souls prepared for the Kingdom of Light in the Sixth RAce and in the Spiritual Abode of the Mother of the World. The darkness will disperse, and the «birds of prey» and «wild beasts» will be punished for theft, licentiousness and their unrestrained treachery. For: anyone who does not collect — he wastes! But time inevitably approaches the end of the godless orgy of dark forces. And here filthy reptilians, their cowardly legates and the Prince of Darkness himself with his black servants also rage. Soon they will be ashamed for their crimes, for the fact that hated and humiliated all female gender, Headed by the Great Mother Goddess from Which all life came into Matter, and in Which all will return — to square one!

Mother of the World Appeared in a Darkness so that She will shone in the Supreme Light of Love, Wisdom, Truth, and each man performed his own mission in the evolution of his consciousness. For oblivion of his own soul has led the person to self-destruction. The person insignificant around him, and once, beautiful world of Nature, Created for him by Coessential Mother Sophia. In the Bhagavad-Gita in the ancient Vedas said:

«Although I am unborn and My transcendental
body never deteriorates, and although I am the Lord
af all sentient beings, I still appear in every millennium
I My original transcendental form.
Whenever and wherever there is a decline
in religious practice, O descendant of Bharata,
and a predominant rise of irreligion
at that time I descent Myself
In order to deliver the pious and annihilate the miscreants,
as well as to reestablish the principlesh of religion,
I advent Myself millennium after millennium»
(IV, 6-8).

The Phenomenon of Messiah-Avatar on the Earth — it is a New Page in world history, the sign of the completion the old cycle. This is — the Way of Liberation stray souls from the chain of reincarnations, straight out of karma, finding vision. Since then, souls — the spiritual substance, start with lightning speed to free from the karmic chains and bonds. And bio-being turns into a person who identifies himself is one with his soul, starts to think on another, live and purified from the karmic accretions of the past, becomes a free spirit! As quickly, during stay of the Messiah on the Earth, the soul may fall move deeply and lower, and reborn in the black seed, if will reject Space necessity of the Light Way, which Avatara Indicate. As mentioned in the Bible, these souls will be burned as a weed... Jesus says about freedom of spirit in Matthew: «Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I have not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to set a ma against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law. And a person’s enemies will be those of his own household» (X 31-36).

Everyone — his own individual soul, and each is responsible in the judgment hour of the Court of Maat only for himself. And if at the time of the old world is still not long — everyone now must to think of his soul, which compressed in the karmic body and longs for freedom, to remember his cosmic destination. Answer the question posed by the Cosmos: why do you live on the Earth today in this historic and transition period of humanity into the New Heaven and New Earth? What is your goal and meaning of life? What did you do useful for his soul? Are you a unit of space of the universe now?

The time of five human Races are completed, also many cosmic cycles of the universe are completed. The involution of souls — digression depth of Matter — completed! Ahead — the Rise Upwards, the evolution of breathable!

The new Eon of Light Opening Mistress of the Universe in person, Mother of Light, with ten thousand Names! From the Ein-Sof (Single Sofia — Sothis), Ast, Isis (the Truth), Maat, Magdi (Great Mother) — up to Maria DEVI CHRISTOS! In the name of which is embodied History of the Universe.

Now everyone faces a choice: where to go further? On burning or in Spiritual and Lighting World of Pure Love and BEAUTY of the Creator? Light Way of Mother of the World — New Way to Heaven and New Earth — is unique and integrity, thorny and beautiful! Glory to Sofia Wisdom, Mother of the Gods, Who have Shown Her Light in Darkness! URA! AUM RA!

Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya