WITH 8th OF MARCH, 2012,
dear representatives of the beautiful
half of humanity!

The Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS

I CongRAtulate you, dear, that we have THIS HOLIDAY — WOMEN’S DAY! And, perhaps, it is the single day of the year, when a woman revered as a Goddess! And this signifies the beginning of SPRING, the awakening of new life! I CongRAtulate you on this wonderful Holiday! Rejoice, the Sun else emits to the planet own light and heat, and Water nourishes by moisture Mother-Earth and human body... Although the Sky over the planet for a long time is not breathing by nature, because they filled the spirit and heavenly blue of their poison NATO chimtreils, which day and night circling over Russia... For the dark forces are in a harry finally to destroy the Magic World of the Great Mother-Creator... And how rich and beautiful was our EARTH, how Endearing Hands of God Mother created it lovingly! What the Nature of Kingdom, the Workshop of Mother of the Light — MARA had become? Yes, the planet is dying... But there is one last chance to SAVE her, pull out of the animal paws the Prince of Darkness and his black servants! And it must do, first of all, you — WOMEN!

Spirit of the Great Mother of the Universe is working on it day and night! Help our planet free from the domination of Darkness, WOMEN! Make it easy for her heavy karma! From you, women, so much depend! Climb up to the knees, shed themselves the humiliating burden of patriarchal darkness, ignorance, moral and physical violence. What they made ​​you today! Why you let the dark humanoid reptilians in human suits and dresses to mock at yourself? Only the Mother-Nature dictates the immutable laws, only the energy of the Holy Spirit — Eternal Life: Shakti, Hari, Fohat shall rule over you and within you! Your true beauty — is yourself, without any artificial delusions and criteria dictated by the dark invaders of the Earth…  Every soul — is individuality and must live to the Low of Light of United MAAT! Then around and around Love will reign! I call you: courageously to defend ourselves and our Sky, our long-suffering Earth, your consciousness! You — are the daughter of the Great Mother of the World. And the New ERA OF LIGHT — this is the Era of Mother of the World. This is — your time, the women of the Earth! Try not to get past THIS GREAT PROCESS OF TRANSORMATION of the human person! Try to enter in the AGE OF MOTHER OF LIGHT! To do this you need to become GOOD, WARM-HEARTED, SPIRITUAL, NATURAL, exactly as you created MOTHER NATURE! Hold into your souls the Light! Become ambassadresses of a New AGE of the Great Mother of the World! Transform your soul and all your covers! And come, finally, the long-awaited Golden Age of the Great FEMINITY, BEAUTY, HARMONY OF TWO BEGINNERS, LOVE, KNOWLEDGE, UNITY! LET’S GLORIFY THE GREAT SOFIA-SOTHIS, MOTHER OF RUSSIA, SURIA-RA! URA! AUM RA!

WITH LOVE — your