Esoteric accomplishment of the World-creation
(Aspect «Science about Light and Its Transformation»)

The matter is barren without the Spirit, for the Spirit fertilizes the Matter. The Spirit out of the Matter is alone and lifeless. In their primary befor-eternal Condition, these two cosmic substances constitute Absolute Unity. Hence it appears the name — Absolute. Absolute has manifested from a thought, which had matured in the One Mind, Soul and Spirit. It was concentrated in the One point, which became later on the Centrum of the World-creation, and took shape of Absolute. Absolute, in it's latent condition represents itself the gold-light globe, where there is all power of Spirit. Absolute, in it's manifested image, is the Supreme Divine Personality, which is the Divine Mother and Father, manifested in the Son, at the same time. As far as the Spirit takes shape in the Matter, it's true form is effeminate : the Mother Meera, who secretes out of Her Son-Father of Light! From the Woman the world was completed, from Her thought the Spirit has manifested and itself has filled all existence.

The Spirit is a joint of infra-red and ultra-violet light particles. It is a Fohat. The Fohat, proceeding from the Mother — the Primary formula of all existence, becomes the inspired Matter. This process is an eternal flow of light and it's transformation from the Absolute Electricity into almost inperceivable radiations, which can spiritualize any material body.

In the midst of Macrocosmic Matter, reins Harmony. The constant circle of lightful particles spiral, creating the forms of living Matter or life, which are similar to Absolute. The light is easily condensed and also easily uncondensed. That process is constant, for the life itself in it.

There are various plans of the living Matter. They are the stages of the world-creation. The high plans are natural and opened, ideal and unsurpassed. They consist of the pure gold. That gold is full of sound. The plans that are coming before them, are real in the unusual color scale. Every light wave divides, in their turn, on the 49 spectrum of particles and every particle divides too. Here you can hear the sound of the divine Music. It is unusual, as a designed-cloth of the Universe. Every sound flows in a color and the color reflects the audible picture of the living Matter.

The middle plans are transparent and sparkle in silver. The clothes here are preferencely white and pearl-like. The music differs by its regiments. The lightful formulas are allotted individually. To be here is easy, joyful and free.

The plans below that one, are saturated. In these spheres, the layers of Matter start to become more concentrated and the music sounds with characteristic period of time. The light is concentrated and almost becomes invisible to the sight. The vibrations are pure, but ponderous.

At last, the lowest plans are crude-material. The gradation of the light is formed through time. To catch the music in these spheres are possible only for the subtle structures (organisms). That is the world of things.

After the lowest plans are located the plans of the deformed spaces. The matter is distorted. The Fohat is practically absent, the vibrations are destructible. The soundlessness is pressing and the birth of sound is artificial (unnatural). The time is extended without end. (The souls, come into these spheres of Cosmic Space ( that is the hell for the Earthly people) doomed to experience constant sufferings).

Every one of the seven main plans has 49 under-plans (mini-plans). Every one of the mini-plans contains in itself the quality of the one preceding and the one following.

By the same method, all that lives is created: everything that breathes, moves and does not move.