Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya Scientific Report. «Traditional and New in modern science. TheoSophical View»

(Report on the VI World Scientific Congress)

V.V. PreobRAzhenskaya


Виктория ПреобРАженская

«If one does not understand how fire came into existence, he will burn in it, because he does not know the root of it. If one does not first understand water, he knows nothing… If one does not understand how blowing wind came into existence, he will blow away with it. If one does not understand how body, which he bears, came into existence, he will perish with it… Whoever will not understand how he came will not understand how he will go»

(«The Dialogue of the Saviour» from library Nag-Hammadi).

«Difficultly write only about that, what they don’t understand»

(V.O. Klyuchevskiy).

«Synthesis of spirituality is the rarest gift; it alone kindles the light of the world. Nothing can be compared to the light of the world. The light burns, but its ray is being sought»

(H.I. Roerich).

1. Cyclic of epochs and changing formations.
Involutional and Evolutionary circuit of consciousness in the «Science of Light
and Its Transformation» of the Mother of the World

Modern humanity is now experiencing one of the most critical periods in the life of the Solar System. The Universe is entering a new eon Evolutionary development of consciousness. It is associated with global metaphysical transformation processes — Quantum Leap, which means at the physical level geophysical cataclysm of global scale, and at the quantum level — the greatest alchemical transmutation of humanity. Representatives of ancient civilizations of the planet knew that life in the Universe flows in the rhythms of the great and small transformation cycles. According to ancient texts, the great cycle includes four Yugas or era. The cycle of ages begins with the Golden Age (Satiya Yuga) — the Era of Universal Harmony, Beauty and Spiritual Knowledge, and ends with Iron — a century of chaos, hatred and ignorance. Now, we live in the Kali Yuga, which ends the destruction of all obsolete and perishable, and grandiose Transformation of all forms of life on a New Evolutionary Level Formations of New Temporal Circuit of the Sixth RAce. Ancient texts, unlike modern scientific fabrications, — say of that people developed not in the process of evolution from some simple individuals, and appeared at once, as the fully realized personalities in to Satiya Yuga. All spiritual traditions mention about this time. Primordial Tradition — it is a holistic system of metaphysical knowledge superhuman origin, attributable to the world of Higher Order (Absolute) and the laws of its manifestations (cyclic manifestation) aimed at implementing metaphysical realization — the real identification of the man with the Supreme Principle of initiation. Modern Spiritual Author's «Science of Light and Its Transformation» returns humanity to the ancient Traditions, because it is given from Above by the Mother of the World. And now the time of the Quantum Consciousness of humanity comes, when from profane depths of blind oblivion in the world of karma, a man begins to ascend to the heights macrocosmic consciousness of the future Logos of the seventh octave of development and rush, according to the «Science of Light and Its Transformation» to new levels of Reality, in order to comprehend the Truth and Absolute Kingdom of Light of Sophia the Wisdom.

At the dawn of human civilization all beings perceived themselves as Fohatic Energy of Absolute Unified Burdened Sophia, manifested through Light and Sound Emanations and dimensional space of the surrounding Universe. There was not yet a veil separating the United Sophia wisdom and Her Spiritual-Lighting Creation. All living and breathful presented the Single Matrix, spherically woven together in multicolored sound polyphony of Maternal Linen of Universe. In the author's «Secret Doctrine of Light and Its Transformation» for the first time in detail reveals the secrets of the Nature of Light (Fohat) of Creatress: «The first drop a born Light-Fohat, who came forth from the Spiritual-Lighting Auriferous Womb of the Mother of Light, is Represented in the Unmanifested Condition Golden Fire Ball — was similar to the Mother and was a living Substance of White-Silver-Golden glow. It was the Ideal Particle of Fohatic Nature, Emanation of the Divine Seed! She expired for insemination surrounding without lighting space in which there was nothing, except for The Ein-Sof, Ripened Into Herself for the Birth of Life in the Emptiness. The Mother of Light Gave Birth to Light for insemination The Light of All That Is. Micro Reflection of Mother of the World in Fohat-Quantum, which is the Eternal Harmony or the Four: Absolute Lighting Unit. Measure of Light. In an instant Lighting Reflection-Flare manifest that passes five basic phases of its development: birth, growth, maturity, old age, death. This is the expiry time of Light Waves. Toric Light «Life-Death» creates Flare of Quantum, which arises from the Light Wave and again splits into spectral pencil of rays. Light Wave — it is 9 spectral rays, closed in a single ring. Quantum Flash — this is a mini-mother of all things!».

According to the Author's «Science of Light and Its Transformation», as a result of Involutional descent of souls into Matter, in the process of moving away from the Unified Sophia, the beings compacted and falling into oblivion, lost their spiritual connection with the Absolute of the Universe — Mother of the World.


Perfect Radiance (Fohatic Spirit-Lighting) — Soulful Gold — gradually dissipated, forming its sphericity in the lower levels of formed Matter. If you consider in detail the process of involutional descent of souls into Matter, it becomes obvious hermetic unity of macrocosm and microcosm, the principle of «hourglass». Ein-Sof — Unmanifested Sophia — Absolute of the Universe (Universal Womb — Matripadma), and Decomposed spiraling torus vortex of Fohat into many spheres — individual souls that turned into dense bodies of Burdened Sophia: Mother of the World. The Completed World of the Matter, at the same time being the Uniform Cloth of the Absolute, it was manifested and illusory. For compression Matter — is decompression Spirit. Visible — is the image of the Invisible. Ein-Sof — World Entelechy — in the Center of the Universe, and the world, wrapped in ten Her thin shells (swaddlingband) of various dimensions of Light and Sound vibrations — it is Her Creation, Wildlife of Creatress. From a Single Matrix of the Universe 10 Numbers-Spheres was formed. 1+2+3+4=10. These numbers are originally visualization essences, but falling into the denser layers clothed Matter (Russian: Mater i Ya (Mother and I)). There was all mankind in the Matter, in the likeness Spiritual-Light Sophia — from the Unified Androgyny. According to the principle of similarity arranged all the Universe, from the atom to the compacted body. According to the principle of similarity arranged all the Universe, from the atom to the compacted body. Physical human body holographically contains all the information about the Universe. This applies to the atoms that make up density of its shells, and the soul and mind are in a quantum state, because it is the original spiritual substances. Today, the five basic levels of consciousness — and, accordingly, five races — cyclically completed the process of its development. And now, under the Aegis of Phenomenon Mother of the World inside of Matter begins Alchemical process of Transformation souls: the Great Making of Sophia God's Wisdom. With the return of the Feminine Principle, the integrity of the Universe opens. Holistic model of the Universe: Absolute-Logos-Man-Nature begins to function. The soul transfigured man became free from the world of cause and effect, and rushes to the New Evolutionary Level of development: in the Sixth RAce of the prophets. The sixth level of consciousness opens the following five steps Evolutionary Coil of Consciousness. This process will be marked by the Quantum Leap in Satya Yuga — momentary Transfiguration of all things! You can be found more information in the Doctrine of the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, the Messiah of the Aquarian Age, the New Era of Light Harmony and BEAUTY ( Spiritual Gold — is perfection and permanent aim of Creation Nature. Roger Bacon in «The Mirror of Alchemy», wrote: «I want to tell you, that Nature always intends, and strives to the perfection, that is GOLD. But many accidents coming between, change the metals...». Gross Matter is transformed into Spiritual-Lighting Gold under the Rays of Spiritual Emanation of Mother of the World. And this is — Cosmic Reality, Inevitable Wresting into oblivion era of hatred, evil and ignorance...

2. Super-science of ancient civilizations.
Testimonies and artifacts

Along with the change of historical epochs changed consciousness of all living things. A Man from the Spiritual level of consciousness gradually descended to the level of gross Matter. Spiritual authority substituted for secular, quality — for quantity, sacred — for profane. This process is accompanied by a high birth rate, gradual reduction of life expectancy, the increasing number of diseases, suffering and madness, full degradation of human consciousness. Vision of Spirit and imagery of macrocosmic thought was lost under the influence of imposed ideologies and worldview paradigms. If we talk about traditional science that has arisen with advent of «homo sapiens», it existed a priori as unfolded formula of the Macrocosm in the Microcosm. For since the Lemurian epoch of the third race, when a man from the radiant state began his transformation into a compacted being, for him did not exist Enigma either in Nature or in the surrounding Supramundane of ethereal space of transparent Matter. Knowledge lied on a terrene, and soulful humanity may enjoy them openly and freely. Confirmations of the Omniscience antediluvian civilizations and the Siriusian civilization of the beginning present fifth race (13 thousand years ago) — great variety! It is, first of all, superspace technologies in construction of megaliths, palaces, temples! Pyramids till today serve for modern scientists as the object of researches. For example, Great Pyramid AST* (pyramid of Cheops) — this is whole receptacle of Cosmic Knowledge of Ancient Hyperborea! It served for devoteds by a zero meridian and was Earth minimodel. It is necessary to imagine the scientists’ amazement of century before last, who first discovered that the architecture of the pyramid of Cheops are present not only the proportions of the golden section, but the number of «Pi». In particular, if to divide length of perimeter of the basis this pyramid into its doubled height, there are acquaintances to everyone figure 3,14159. In ancient papyruses there is plenty of evidence that the number of «Pi» was not only well known to the ancient Egyptians, but they actively used in engineering calculations.

Plutarch writes in his writings: «Do you not know, Asclepius, that Egypt is an image of heaven or, to be more precise, that everything governed and moved in heaven came down to Egypt and was transferred there? If truth were told, our land is the temple of the whole world». («Hermetic»: Asclepius III 24 b.»).

Russian poet, one of the founders of russian symbolism Valery Bryusov, wrote about the pyramids: «… Their numbers, forms, sides — aren't casual! Egypt has achieved the goodness goal. Pyramid’s slabs still had storing alive Testament of the lost Atlantis». Not accidentally, the ancient Egyptian Ankh — called the Key of Life. His form is fully reflects the trajectory of Quantum Waves and the birth of Quantum-Fohat — Primordial Divine Energy of all things! (Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya. «The Science of Light and Its Transformation»).

Modern scientists N.Petrov and M.Tretyakov in the book «The Evolution of life and immortality soul», adds: «Research has shown that the symbolism of Egyptian hieroglyphics has a large scientific significance, it indicates that modern humanity has evolved never like it was commonly believed in science. Living process has the features of exceptional reproduction of the Feminine Principle — memory structures at the cost of many generations of sensitive elements — the Male Principle. Immortality of the soul — is in its constant reproduction».

Clear evidence of ancient scientific Knowledge — is the famous Stonehenge — temple laboratory, with precise guidelines on the equinoctial points and world-conception as One Macrosystem of all things. Pyramid of the Moon and Sun in Teotiukan, Ankhor temple complex in Cambodia, frescoes of Dendera Sanctuary — are the secret witnesses of the Omniscience Sacred Knowledge of the Golden Age of the Earth's civilization...

«At the end of XIX-th century, in India has served a british colonel James Charchvord. He was lucky, and he received from the elders of a Hindu temple Nakkal manuscript. It was in absolutely unfamiliar language. After many attempts Charchvord and the monk could decipher the text about stories of a large prehistoric civilization. In 1926 Charchvord published the book «The Lost continent of Mu». According to historical books, the Mu continent was located in the Pacific Ocean. Mu was a great and prosperous civilization with development literature, art and craft techniques and tools. At that time people had big construction skills, they could build giant buildings, pyramids, stone monuments, castles and roads. In the chronicle said that there are available capital and big cities with clean and well-maintained roads and stone channels. The walls were shining with gold ornaments. People lived a life of luxury. The inhabitants of the continent Mu were good sailors. They traveled all the oceans. They even founded a powerful colonial empire. Then Mu continent was called «the peak of world culture».

However blooming continent Mu disappeared, are believed he plunged into the water after a sudden catastrophe. The terrible tragedy began with a strong volcanic eruption, accompanied by strong earthquakes and hurricanes. It all happened suddenly. Streams volcanic lava accompanied by a strong earthquake. The earth heaved like waves of the sea, and the fire and thick smoke covered the sky. Everything was destroyed as children's toys, and quickly covered with lava, went under water. Suddenly, the whole continent Mu plunged in the Pacific Ocean.

People may think that it is a legend. On the other hand, we can be seen existence of another human civilization.

Underwater relics — clear evidence of the existence prehistoric civilizations. However, it is difficult to find in textbooks articles about these discoveries. Modern archaeologists and historians do not like to challenge the traditional historical science, because it would be incompatible with existing theories. However, we believe that for anthropologists and historians, it is only a matter of time, they will change gradually acquired concepts and take historical truth» (Source: «The Epoch Times Ukraine» with link to ZHENGJIAN.ORG).

And these facts — are a lot. Novalis in his work «Fragments» writes: «The life of the gods — have mathematics...». The Babylonians, for example, developed a 60-ary system of calculation to the level of the true arithmetic virtuosity understood and realized by modern scientists only quite recently. The Babylon inhabitants also knew formula for the construction of all Pythagorean forms for 1000 years before the discovery of Pythagoras. (For example: a triangle with sides 3:4:5.) The Chinese calendar is still based on the number 60 (60 divisible by 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 12, 15, 20 and 30). Clock with hands — is a live relic from the Sumerians. Clock represents world powers, the transience and the world order, as well as the implacability and inevitability of events. The hour hand corresponds to the Sun, the minute hand — to the moon. 12 o'clock on the dial — 12 zodiac signs. In the Apocrypha from Philip rightly said: «The truth did not come into the world naked, but It came in symbols and images...».

Highly developed science and technology allowed Atlantas and Hyperboreans to build eternal like space structures, combat aircraft and missiles, flying cities, vaitmars. It is preserved ancient treatises that described in more detail manufacturing technology of vimaanas — aircrafts capsules that have worked with the help of thought and spiritual energy and can move in a few moments of not only the planets of the Solar System, but in other galaxies «far away kingdom»! The ancient treatise «Vimanika shastra» describes in detail the various types of aircraft that can be transformed into a cloud, or any other form which serves both a means of transportation and a formidable weapon. On ancient frescoes Siriusian pyramids at Giza and other cosmic structures saved cryptograms and petroglyphs, drawings showing the aircraft and astronauts to move freely outside the atmosphere. Even location of the Giza pyramids corresponds exactly to the starry Sky of the Age of Leo, and the three pyramids — the belt of Orion. This indicates a high level of scientific knowledge of the pyramid builders. And what they presented in the official sources about ancient Egyptian civilization, in fact untrue. The history of mankind as science has long rewritten and discovered «corrected» for deception. During the excavation of Nineveh (ancient Assyria) — modern Iraq, was found an ancient artifact of the Sumerian civilization — a round shape plate with the inscription: «guide for the pilots of spaceships». A well-known expression of ancient scrolls, «write fingers fire on stone» clearly indicates the use of laser beams of antediluvian civilizations, not to mention nuclear weapons. And the same the ancient medicine was developed. In different parts of the world, including the remains of pre-Columbian cultures of the new world starting from a Peruvian sample discovered in 1863, were found artifacts showing that tens of thousands years ago, ancient physicians were able to do complex operations, including craniotomy. And it is practiced all over the world still thousands years ago... Here are a few examples of the highest scientific and cultural level of the ancients.

Frescoes, cryptograms and petroglyphs, drawings showing the aircraft and astronauts to move freely outside the atmosphere Frescoes, cryptograms and petroglyphs, drawings showing the aircraft and astronauts to move freely outside the atmosphere Frescoes, cryptograms and petroglyphs, drawings showing the aircraft and astronauts to move freely outside the atmosphere

«In the early 1980s, Reinhard Habeck worked in the temple of Hathor, in the Egypt, Tentira city, and found a few images of pear-shaped objects with wavy lines within them. Habeck considered this bulbs with incandescent. A pointed tails of «serpents» stuck in a cup of lotus — bulb-holder and bulb is connected via a cable to tank through «jed», and even the deity is in a position of respect — on his knees. It is not surprising that Pythagoras, who visited one of the ancient Egyptian pyramids, spoke about the coverage of its inner chambers: «The meek light, suitable for reading and reflections»» (the book «Journey of Pythagoras»). «Electrical engineer from Austria Walter Garn had seen in these images high-voltage discharge lamps with wires and generators. Thoth holds two knives, symbolizing switch, — not without reason they are depicted in one of the scenes moved apart different directions, and on the other — serried. He recreated this lamp with the «snake», chuck and insulator-«jed», leaded current to system and the scheme came into effect: light bulb lit up. Hieroglyphics on bas-relief has not yet been deciphered! And mysterious pillars «jed» — in Abydos a man is holding his tilted although a pillar higher him. Modern scientists have since interpreted this figure and character in different ways: a palm branch, symbol of fertility, the pillar with notches, object of a cult or the symbol of Osiris. But the frescoes next to jed depicted exceptionally priests devoted to the wisdom — this circumstance indicate costumes and special amulets around the neck or head. Peter Beauty and Reinhard Habeck wrote the book «Light of the pharaohs» about using electricity in ancient times and suggested to be jeds insulators. Before the Egyptian temple we can be seen 40-meter wooden poles in the copper shell. According to the description of the Ptolemaic era (320 BC), they «cut lightning from heaven» (lightning rods jeds existed in Egypt for tens of centuries before the invention of Franklin). Copper wires were founded the whole hanks near tombs of pharaohs in the Valley where they were buried (even at Tutankhamun). There are full coil of insulated wire and isotopic cylinders. Oxford professor Frederick Soddy in the early twentieth century advised scientists to read carefully the myths and tales of the peoples of the world and try to look at them in the view of science. Soddy has not lived up to the time when the rocket and space technology has become the pride of humanity. But whether we'll live to the level described in the ancient treatises and Indians poems «Vimanika Shastra», «Mausola Parva» in the epic «Mahabharata» and «Ramayana»? They detail, using scientific terminology, described airships beginning of time. Some of them were in the form of «special luminous ball» and did a lot of turns around the Earth, is driven by «etheric force strikes the ground during take-off» or «through the vibration emanating from unknown forces». Ships of Hindu gods radiated «sparkle like fire» and «gentle melodic sounds». Their path was not straight, and was long wavy line, zoom in or out of the Earth». They were like «azure clouds in the shape of an egg or a special luminous ball». Vimaanas material were described in detail in treatises — an alloy of several metals, white, red, and, at the same time, lightweight metal. Three components: two solid and one liquid — obtained in the laboratory in accordance with the formula set forth in the book, a scientist Narin Shethom recently demonstrated, held at Hyderabad in the national symposium «Science and technology in Ancient India». And this is serious evidence that the ancient Indian documents — not fiction» (Science and technology of ancient civilizations).

It is known that in Atlantis for lighting used crystals instead of incandescent light bulbs.

If we talk about the sacred sciences such as ancient medicine, astrology, hermetic, alchemy, geometry, mathematics, 64 kinds of arts — than ancient artifacts and manuscripts captured evidence of deep scientific knowledge of previous civilizations (including a period of 13,000 years ago, when after «the flood» Space Neters of Sirius restored on Earth megaliths using supracosmic technology and excellent knowledge of sacred spiritual science). At the same time, this knowledge Neters have left for posterity the present fifth race, which has come to its tragic end. For example, the Egyptian Sphinx — it is a marker the equinox and the index of the Cosmic epoch of Leo, which today mirror onset polarity reversal and transition into the Age of Aquarius. In «Science of Light and Its Transformation» says that these epochs lie on the one «cross» of the Solar precession and on time flow into one another, for between them — a section of time in 12,960 years, exactly half of the Great Solar Year. One turn of precession is the Great Solar Year. And ancient rus knew it, calling it Svarog Circle, which corresponded to 180 Circle of Life. Circle of Life correspond 144 years, or 2304 years, one krugolet (calendar) is 16 years. These were the ancient vedic measurement of Siriusian Russia, in which time was flying differently, and the life was blissful and eternal! 25,920 years — is a circulation period of the Sun-Yarilo around the center of our Milky Way galaxy. Location of the Sun at the vernal equinox was an arrow, that indicating hour precession cycle — 2,160 years. Constellation, which goes to the east just before the Sun, marks the place where Sun rests. Ancients was also knowing about polarity reversal. Herodotus, who communicated with the ancient Egyptian priests, wrote: «The Sun rose twice where it now sits, and twice was setting where now stands». Because all megalithic structures were oriented strictly to the cardinal directions. For the luminaries and stars was carried out constant astrological observation.

The modern scientist I.V. Kolesnikov — leading research fellow of Center for General Planetary Geostructures Russian Physical Society — also confirms his research that approximately every 12,000 years the Earth changes abruptly nutation angle within 21.5 degrees — 24.5. And the last time the existing nutation angle (23.5 degrees) was established 12 thousand years ago, in the early dryas. Now, according to his calculations, it must be replaced by one or two degrees at the same time, reaching 22.5 degrees or 21.5. Therefore, the pearl of the planet Earth — Giza — is the cosmic astro-monument of supercivilization Siriusian-Russian gods-Neters, who laid the spiritual-scientific basis of modern civilization, which still carries the karmic imprint of Cosmic Drama of the Holy Family: Isis, Osiris and Horus. It should be added that after the patriarchal revolution committed by priests of Set-Amun, which occurred 3.5 thousand years ago, the history of civilization, has been completely rewritten and was subjected to total distortion by the forces of Darkness. Thus, the Original Spiritual Tradition in all spheres of human life — the highest standard order, impeccable balance, pristine Structure of the Universe, enclosed in the concept of Maat, which means «Great Mother» — was subjected to total distortion. True Sacred Knowledge was banned by dark forces, and humanity from Omniscience passed to the dogmas and final estrangement from the Truth.

3. «Over generalizing paradigms»
of traditional and modern science according to A.Dugin

If we analyze the history of the so-called traditional and modern science, here it is appropriate to refer to a deep philosophical work of russian scientist A.Dugin: «The evolution of paradigmatic foundations of science». Modern russian philosopher A.Dugin in his fundamental work made historical in-depth analysis of the direction of science, from Antiquity and to Modern times inclusive. He capacious outlined formulas of the ideological scientific thought by THREE basic «over-generalizing paradigm»: paradigm «sphere», «beam» and «segment».

«The paradigm of the sphere, — says Dugin, — based on the fact that the Godhead (First Principle, the First Cause) is inside the world, coessential to the world, and inseparably and substantialistically connected with it. This generates the concept of «cyclic time», «eternal return». This motive pervades all mythological and religious teachings, except for the Abrahamic religions — Judaism, Christianity and Islam, but even in them it is present at a level of mystical, esoteric currents are somewhat different from dogmatic orthodoxy. (...)Paradigm of beam follows the paradigm of sphere logically and chronologically. It as though dissecting sphere, cut off from it one half, which postulated a direct flowing of the world of God, called «manifestationizm» (from the latin manifestatio, «manifestation»), or «creation exdeo». At the heart of the paradigm of a beam is the idea of the creation the world out of «nothing», ex nihilo. This approach hard breaks the continuity of the spherical world, evenly imbued with the presence of the Divine, Primordial. Here God the Creator represented external in relation to the Universe, separated from the nature of the universe. Further a segment paradigm is followed by the paradigm of a beam. Here isolation of the world from two parties is postulated. It emerges out of «nothing» and comes to «nothing». It has no direct divine source and there is no prospect of return to Deity. The Universe is represented as Godforsakenness objective reality, closed on all sides nonexistence and death. This paradigm is characteristic of New times, and is the foundation of modern science». «Today, science, scientific, — says Dugin — are called into question. The content of these concepts, their weight and significance has changed substantially. Like everything in postmodern society, science loses its seriousness, its role, its quality. This mutation is deployed rapidly, and understanding it significantly lags behind the process... Many modern scientists engaged in an applied science, history and philosophy of science, raising the question of the «end of science», which they see as one of aspects more general trend of the world civilization, denoted in terms of the «end of history» (F.Fukuyama (275)) or «post-history» (Zh.Bodriyyar (12)) and concerning mankind's transition from a bipolar to a unipolar world, which is accompanied by globalization and the unification of all historical and cultural processes».

Dugin exhaustively analyzes all the stages of transformation of science, quite logically deducing the main lines of philosophical paradigms. Speaking of the modern science, A. Dugin writes: «...the modern understanding of science as such originally is inextricably linked to the paradigm of segment and way of thinking dominant into New time, and in a certain sense, science and the paradigm of segment just identified...». For a complete understanding transformation of scientific thought in the history of civilization foreseeable period, scientist-philosophers would be useful to get know this fairly fundamental work of A.Dugin.

Paracelsus said: «Man — this is a small world inside the great universe». And R.Shteyner continued: «The world — there is a spiral motion. Any twisting should turn into unwinding. A man has to become a spiral movement…». Sacred geometry, studying the unity of all things, demonstrates the deep connection between the Absolute, space and man through the world of numbers and figures. So hexahedron — is the foundation of the world. Two triangles — are two Kingdoms — Spirit and Matter, Male and Female Principles, which are interwoven in the Perfect Man (Logos). When a man perceives himself as a person of the universe, and that the law of three points — a trinity — Spiritual and Material Worlds, he comprehends most confidential Science and finds True Knowledge of a dedicated, recognizing the unity of the Spirit and Matter! Then he becomes the lord of both Kingdoms, realizing the Unity of all things. Modern humanity was ideologically driven into fragmented segment locally exists within the Last Times, roughly torn out by the powers of darkness from holistic system of a Single Universe: the Macrocosm in the Microcosm and the Microcosm in the Macrocosm as a Single Eniosistem of Absolute. And this factor of general ignorance in total period of the left hemisphere thinking patriarchal reign has lead earthlings to their spiritual death, and accordingly: the physical death...

4. Four «pseudo-sciences» created by freemasons

A man with truncated consciousness was a product of modern distortions and manipulations of «world elite» whose task is to globalization and the total reduction of the population of Earth, and in the first place: the destruction of Ruses as proto-ethnic of the planet Earth.

In a soulless age of Kali-Yuga, disgracefully finishing the mad time, to stop general destruction of human race Subject only to the Supreme Spiritual Will, Power and Glory of the Empress of the Universe — Mother of the World, The Age of Light that will soon jerk Quantum Leap in full Program! The satan’s ball will come to the end soon! E.I. Roerich energy prepared the Coming of he Mother of the World from Above and foretokened in her Fire Doctrine «Living Ethics» about Her Future Phenomenon!

«There will be great age of Women, it is Women who have to perform the feat twofold — to lift herself and raise their eternal companion — a man. All Forces of Light are waiting for this Feat. The Star of the Mother of the World indicated time of beginning of Great Time... Great Mother is Coming!» (EIR, P1, 17, 8.34).

Oh, if only this poor fallen world opened eyes and ears, and come to know the True Doctrine of the Eternal Kingdom of Light of Sophia the Wisdom of God, in which there is no place to world evil and vices, because of a Higher Law of Light, Love and Good — Absolute World Order is governing! Did not the people could be in the slave obedience to the Antichrist and the stench of passions, formless world of illusion created by human ignorance? After all, God-isolation soul fatally leads to her death and disappearance... Today mass befuddling billion people are used openly dark forces, to infect the human race guise of satanism! By means of a small group of oligarchs monopolists, dull governors puppets, black priests of Seth, to manage the processes of destruction human matrix, which are purposefully destroying the Nature and our beautiful rich planet Earth — there is a seizure of power at all levels! On the threshold of RA LIGHT age-old Darkness rude in his agony, continuing to draw in their pitch lair and destroy thousands of human souls, deprived of the Light of Truth Knowledge! But this lawlessness satanism soon ended with the Victory of Light under the Auspices of the Mother of the World!

Modern science, devoid of spiritual foundation was built on false ideas about the world. The candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, associate professor Sergey Albertovich Sall in the lectures openly emphasizes that the algorithm of distribution of science «governors-devoted» — chooses between the truth and lie, and all others choose only the false. «Classicism, as any study of ancient history, in which more bad than good examples, we will replace to the study program of the future, we eliminate from the memory of people all facts of previous centuries which are undesirable to us, keeping only those of them that depict all the errors of the goyim boards, professors will prepare for their work detailed secret programs of action from which they impunity will not back down not a jot...» (excerpts from the documents of the Jewish messianic lodges edition middle of the XIX century). Four of pseudoscience that turned the whole world, were created, financed and distributed by the Rothschilds. These are: marxism, darwinism, relativism and freudianism. Marxism is engaged in overthrow of the objectionable governments. Marx and Engels were in satanic masonic lodge of homosexuals. And their teaching was aimed at the complete destruction of the Idealistic Nature of the Creatress. Darwinism — it is theomachism. Darwin was a mason 33 degree, had knowledge of Atlantis, had esoteric knowledge. He also wrote his works under the order of a world government. Under the purposeful influence of masons, «dedicated» Darwin was able to lower the man to the level of «monkey», thereby completely breaking the connection of the human soul with the Source of the creation. Relativism, according to which all knowledge is relative and conditional, and objective learning of reality is not possible — directly serves the monopoly on the energy market. Einstein also was a member of Masonic Lodge and, accordingly, wrote that he did not believe in. In 20 years ether, as the fifth element, was struck out from the physic and about it the world science preferred to be silent. Rothschilds generously funded institutions supporting Einstein. Although Tesla proved and declared that «energy can be easily taken off the ether», but it was immediately classified, so that humanity did not take cheap, organic and endless energy taken from alternative sources. Capitalism to the detriment of the universe, nature and man require one: enrichment and control the masses of slaves, and the merciless plundering the planet and human rights at all levels. Finally, freudianism — is a sexual revolution. Freud also was a member of Masonic Lodge and was a homosexual — a man with a sick mentality, while engaged in the treatment of the same patients, like him, who applied to him for psychological help. Thanks to the cult of sex and violence, rampant spread of sexual energies and distortions, especially among young people, dark forces could easily manage people, lowered them to the herd animal instincts. After being in the power of low instincts, the human psyche becomes weak-willed and prone to zombification.

It is from this «sexual» influence in the orange spectrum of bottom muladhara chakra in 2004 took place in Kiev maidan. And in 2013 — was «Euromaidan». All these continue to make the doers power of satan — the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Morgans, Walburgas. They tired out science to the deadlock, and human consciousness hid a mad mask of ignorance and falseness, and, thereby, doomed the world to self-destruction. With the help of punitive psychiatry of Soviet period darks fought with outstanding luminaries of modern science, such as I.V. Kurchatov, S.P. Korolev, M.V. Keldysh, V.M. Glushkov, A.V. Barchenko and others. Many got under ban and have been physically destroyed, because their research reveals the truth about the Universe and refuted imposed pseudoscience. When was made discovery of cold nuclear synthesis, scientists were exposed to defamation. And today, as soon as there are opening of alternative ways of production of the electric power, it is instantly classified, and inventors completely disappear. Behind all this is a secret dark government, is imposing on the world a «new world order». With the help of American accomplices of death, unleash war and bloody coups, satan absorbs his «ritual sacrifice» by stuffing the required information the servants of the Antichrist easily manipulated by godless world, like a puppet, invading not only in foreign countries, but also in the human brain, affecting the subconscious people as that taught general A.Dalles. With the help of Academician of RANS the nuclear waste are imported from the United States to Russia. The same is done today in Ukraine. There is an open genocide of slavs. But it is presented in the world is exactly the opposite! Development of nanotechnology — is the actual invasion of essence Nature of the Mother of Gods. This dark’s ploy for to microchipped all humanity and control consciousness of the masses, enter the total control and to turn all planet into electronic concentration camp of biorobots. Genetic engineering — is first of all, interference in Intimate Nature of the Creation of the Mother of the World. Genetically modified foods, changing human DNA, leading to mutations and infertility humans, animals, flora, hazardous to health medications, toxic chemicals in the new technologies used for the construction and household chemicals — program destruction of natural life on Earth, the conversion of human to mutant, cyborg and biorobot. The whole world — is a corporation, man — is a machine. A.Samsonov in the article «Why the West wants to destroy Russian civilization», writes: «The owners of the West are waging a war with Russia and other civilizations on multiple levels (priorities). The first priority — it is a worldview. Traditional Russian civilization ideals — justice, ethics, conscience, creative work, creativity — substitute for strangers. They are trying to make russian people consumers, slaves of consumer society and their animal needs. At this level there is a destruction of basic values, the cultural code of civilization, people. They are destroying the spiritual culture, language, morality...».

«Entrance to the Subsoil — is strictly prohibited! It is punished by universal death!» — these words from Cosmic «Messages from the Moon», telepathic received which was for the first time published in 1990 by the International Institute of Soul «Atma», are, more than ever, actual today. In 1992 the International Institute of Soul «Atma» which center was in Kiev, was closed, on a pointer of special services. The reason became widely popular of lectures among the people with which we were everywhere. Exploring the subtle energies and human biofield, healing through prayer and Spiritual Strength, we have proven the unity of the soul, spirit and matter. The source of which is the Divine Energy of the Absolute Universe. Revealing the false system of views that was embedded by darks, the Institute of Soul «Atma» disrupted dark’s program of destruction Slavs. It scared a world government, as the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS and Her Cosmic Employees disrupted dark’s plans to destroy the Rus. They used all means to discredit us in society. Massive persecution in mass media began. From destructive forces it was done everything possible that we were suddenly thrown out from society and, without means of support, left the country. When one and a half years later, we returned back, the real hunting was already declared on us. Special services on trumped case put away us in prison, accused of all mortal sins. Custom-fabricated mass media have launched frightening «myths» to create a negative «public opinion». And widespread universal philosophy, Sacred Science emanating directly from the Mother of the World, was stopped by the dark forces. To this day, zombie weapons of mass befuddling not stop hounding Mother of the World as the Women-Messiah, Bearer of the Idea of Ideal Kingdom of Lights of the Golden Age, the Truth Sacred Knowledge, Macrocosmic Universal Philosophy, the Coming TRAnsformation under the auspices of the Triune Sophia! Instead, they implanting in people's minds open satanism, greed, sexual perversions and sex cult, the cult of money, the cult of vices and other lowlands. During these years new generation has grown, completely devoid of spiritual foundation. And what is happening today in Ukraine — it is a result of action dark forces on the minds of people who have lost Spiritual Protection of the Mother of the World, Who Appeared in 1990 in the center of the Ancient Kievan Rus, to Point erring humanity the Path of Light. Speaking about «Science of Light and Its Transformation» of the Mother of the World, the Synthesis of the Sacred Science and CultUre, embodied in the «Cosmic Polyart of the Third Millennium of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya»©, as the Quintessence of Sacred Knowledge, it is worth emphasizing that the study of this Phenomenal Appearance from Above — is imperative to modern man, for to break the deadlock of consciousness and to go the Light Path of Truth, which Sophia the Wisdom of God leads to Eternity and Immortality!

5. Cosmocentric completeness and egocentric
fragmentation — two mutually opposite paradigms of
antiquity and modernity

«Music of Celestial Spheres reveals to man the highest reality of the Cosmos», — said the Italian painter and mathematician, one of the greatest masters of the early Renaissance Piero della Francesca. And Pythagoras taught that each of the planets in their orbits produce specific note — according to the distance from the center, which is the Earth. Before Copernicus, there was geocentric system of the world, and it reflects the spiritual integrity and harmony of the Cosmos. Earth, as a reflection of the Heavenly Nature of the Mother of the World, puts heavenly soul into bodily shell, and the Moon and the Sun fulfill the functions of the Father and Mother in relation to the Earth, feeding her with electric light and magnetism. In such harmony people felt himself unity of the Cosmos and by honoring the Heavenly Father and Mother, lived in the nature of forces of nature on Earth under the Cover of the Heavenly Powers. Whole Unity, Harmony and Law of the Cosmic Principles sounded human inside with Music of Spheres, and Integrity of the Universe was a Beautiful Gift and magic! Later, devoted have hidden knowledge of Unity of Spirit and Matter in the «Hermetica». «The Emerald Tablet» of Hermes Trismegistus contains seven basic principles of existence, which are detected until now in all religions of the world. And this testifies Cosmocentric completeness worldview of ancient philosophers and devoted.

In the city Kem was found «dovish book» carved on granite slabs which age totals 18 centuries. Darks hid from mankind this ancient find, which belonged to the Hyperborean civilization of the ancient Aryans. But the information, after all, flowed from it, for there is nothing hidden that would not be obvious! So, the «biblical» king David was called in the Book «Davyd Evseevich». And a lot of things about what it is written to bibles, were taken from this Book, only with big distortions and substitution of cultural wealth. With the humiliation of the Mother Goddess Sophia — the Tradition of the Golden Age has ceased to exist, and the whole history of ancient Russes was rewritten and replaced by black priests of Set-Amon.

French mystic-philosopher Rene Guenon wrote: «The history of mankind has been gradually moving away from the Absolute, falling away from the sources of knowledge, degradation. However, all previous civilization, taken together, still retained its principles in their spiritual life, whereas the modern world with its concept of progress signifies a complete break with Tradition...

Traditional civilization we call civilization based on the principles in the truest sense of the word, that is, one in which the spiritual order prevails over all others, where everything is directly or indirectly depends on it, where both science and public institutions — are only transitory, secondary, not having independent value app purely spiritual ideas»[30]. A kind of intermediary between the world of the divine principles and their implementation is a world Tradition — a set of «non-human» knowledge transmitted from one generation to the caste of priests or other institutions of this kind».

«Modern civilization, — Guenon writes — appears in history as a genuine anomaly: we know of it is the only one, developed in purely material plane, and the only one is not based on any principle of the highest order»[31].

And it's not just the decline of religion, to express Tradition simplistic and superficial: we are talking about the decline of spirituality, higher intelligence. To the manifestation of this trend Guenon considers exorbitant claims mundane, profane science, with its commitment to the experiment and the fact earthiness, cult of quantity, with its keenness on pragmatism. Signs of decline, he also believes the unilateral predominance of rationalism to the detriment of high intellectualism that combines intelligence and creative intuition; passion for «collective unconsciousness», mental «phenomena», psychoanalysis, focusing on the lower sides of the psychic nature of man, not the spiritual sphere. But such decline of philosophy and religion requires a «reform of the modern mentality» that consists of the revival of Traditions. Guenon emphasized that in contrast to the «worldly pseudo-science» gnostic knowledge leads to the transformation of the knower: «Knowledge and existence is essentially one». So, contrary to the common notions, an ultimate goal of alchemy at all not transformation of metals, and the transmutation of the personality accompanying alchemical process: while the inert primordial matter turns into a philosophers' stone, chaotic and dark elements of human mentality transubstantiated in an orderly and enlightened system of «super-consciousness»».

The ancient Heliopolis, «Sun city» — one of the spiritual centers, inheriting primordial Tradition. Been there I. Bunin has expressed in the following words sacred memories inspired by these places, «where Moses based on service Isis service to Jehovah; Solon heard the first story of the flood; Herodotus — the first chapters of history; Pythagoras — mathematics and astronomy; (...) where lived Virgin and Child». When the initial Tradition broke up to a set of the secondary centers, each of them became a spiritual axis, symbolically equivalent to «the center of the world»: from here doubling of sacred names, and, first of all, «the countries of the Sun» (Syria, Assyria, from Suria — the Sun), and the cities of the Sun — Heliopolis which ancient writers, as well as a symbol of the Phoenix, associated with Syria. These names — symbolical, but not historical, and the understanding of it will help to avoid confusion which was allowed already during an antique era, Guenon emphasized. «It is only the secret of Hyperborean source of all traditions ... could clarify the true meaning of all these names»[28].

All these sciences are symbolic, «for the doctrine concerning the ineffable, obviously, can only hint at it with the appropriate images are the backbone of contemplation ... This means that such a doctrine inevitably takes the symbolic form»[34]. The symbolical system of knowledge is higher philosophical as it by the nature is synthetic whereas the philosophy is purely rational and comprehends reality, only analyzing, dismembering it, the symbolical system conducts to the sphere of «suprarational», which for Guenon not the same thing as irrational: «That above Reason — he explains — isn't opposite to it, but is simply inaccessible». Symbols, as opposed to philosophical categories, are not invented by people, they — are the eternal, and this is another advantage over traditional knowledge over positive data. Symbols — are alive flesh of traditional doctrines that has nothing to do with a dead husk «scientific» constructions. Because «symbolic is the basic of the nature laws, and they an essence, only reflection or manifestation of Divine will». Symbol can serve as an abstract concept — a geometric figure, number, rhythmic unit, and any object of Material World, whether celestial body, the elements, animals or plants, stone or metal; symbolism uses variety of forms, and the myth is just a special case of it. «Under the pretext of the conquest of the earth man has lost any contact with the metaphysical reality — that conclusions from the work of Rene Guenon. — However, in accordance with the cyclical concept of development, the latter, the darkest phase of the cycle, the lowest point of falling away from God and Tradition, coexists with the beginning of the ascent in the subsequent cycle. If we turn to the Apocalypse — writes Guenon — then it becomes clear that in an extreme state of chaos, reaching the complete destruction of the physical world, we should expect the coming of the Heavenly Jerusalem, which will be for the new period in the history of mankind analogue of what was earthly Paradise for mankind ended era. All possible worlds, all states of being have among themselves deep conformities as «each of parts of the Universe, whether it is a world or separate being, everywhere and always similar to the entire»». This general analogy comes from the fact that «Existence, taken as a set of manifestations, individual in nature, as Being — in it’s... and is a realization in the manifest world of all opportunities that Being contains initially in its unity. Thereby, the human microcosm reflects not only all the elements of his own state of existence, but also the limitless wealth of the manifested world as a whole».

Turn again to A.Dugin’s work «Evolution paradigmatic foundations of science»: In idea of Tradition about world structure has always traced the holistic relationship of social institutions and metaphysical plans (which covers in detail R.Guenon (284) (292))... Modern science in their specific methodological, semantic, functional aspects are a consequence of de-sacralization sacred sciences. The concept «sacral sciences» (on which R. Guenon and his followers traditionalists insisted (284)) is very evident, it includes two concepts — «sacral» and «science». The process of de-sacralization «sacred science» leads to the emergence of modern science. If in the concept of «sacred science» main semantic component to consider the term «sacred» (as in a traditional society, i.e., in the sacred civilization emphasis falls on it), the deprivation «sacred science» of this fundamental quality not only modifies them, but virtually denies their ontological content, their semantic structure. Therefore, the process of de-sacralization can not be considered as a «development», «clarify», «improvement», «evolution», etc. Modern sciences appear from «sacral sciences» by fundamental substitution of their essence, through operation of the deepest desemantization, deontologization and dekontekstualization of all intrinsic aspects of initial disciplines. Such conclusion inevitably arises if we recognize as the basic the concept «sacral» (207)».

Comte was the first to propose a special social science — sociology, whose purpose was to mitigate the transition from a society of theologians and military (traditional society) to the society of industry and science. Dugin writes: ««Sacral sciences» just also served as communication between pure metaphysics of priests and economic activity of handicraftsmen and commoners in strictly hierarchic sacral society. This nature of communication, the mediating link between the highest priestly levels of the traditional doctrine and the practice-technical plan of economic and engineering activity also made a distinctive feature of «sacral sciences». Therefore, the «sacred science», corresponding to the social level intermediate between the upper and lower castes sphere of activity, linked with the cosmos, with the level of manifested world, is, in a sense, a bridge between the phenomenological and the essential level of being. Heidegger believed that «the development of the new European industrial nature science creates, respectively, a new breed of people (...), an erudite-scholar disappears, it is replaced by a researcher on the staff of the research enterprise» (191, 47)); and there is the «light of science», whose activities and language are almost «esoteric» nature that understandable only for the same as they are, «dedicated».

Creationism took out the cause of peace — God the Creator — beyond the world, on the other side. Creationism introduces a fundamental difference between the methods of knowledge caste, caste decorations of «sacred science». Now, the scope of knowledge of the priests — is allocated to a special area in the realm of faith. Sacerdotal science becomes a theology that focuses on understanding the dogmas and issues Uncreated. The other levels of knowledge irrevocably cut off, are placed within the created world. All the «sacrality» of science in a particular aspect is lost: from now — in the paradigm of beam, in the bosom religions of Revelation — is considered sacred only the part that focuses on the Uncreated at what cost to the breaking point line that precedes this first point at which ray begins... The caste of priests — the catholic clergy, theologians — receive a special monopoly on truth, its science is identified with dogmas of faith. Other castes — warriors and artisans — now have to deal with a particular reality, unknown antiquity. Their science is profane, based on the criteria autonomized immanence. All of these «traditional science» are based not on objective facts produced experimentally, they are «the application of purely spiritual ideas, there is not to satisfy the material needs of society, and only in order to facilitate the spiritual perfection of the individual, indicate it towards the higher, unconditional states».

Rene Guenon critically treats the Renaissance, considering that since that time the tradition has been washed away from the scientific knowledge of the world. «People in Western civilization become a loner, devoid of roots, faceless and interchangeable, and the society, becoming a mechanical aggregate of individuals lost hierarchical alignment and interconnection of its parts inherent to a living organism. Therefore, people can easily fall victim to all sorts of pseudo scientist, be it marxism or freudianism, spiritualism or jungian. The purpose of these exercises is one — to discredit the genuine spirituality, substituting it for pseudo spiritualism». This process, however, began long before our times: «the whole program of modern civilization was laid in the Renaissance». «This conquest — continues Guenon — has no purpose other than the production of objects, as similar to each other, as well as the people who produce them». «People to such an extent limited their thoughts invention and construction machinery, which in the end turned themselves into real machines».

Belief in the power of technology endlessly, mindless worship of «scientific and technological progress», the desire to identify himself with the machine and almost physically merge with it in a satanic-surreal organism — all this caused in Guenon resolute rebuff. Disgust for a materialistic pseudo science, naturally, adjoins at Guenon to rejection of any forms of democracy as the authorities of the people: «It is clear that people are not able to use the power that he has not endowed with; true power is bestowed only from above, and that is why we note, by the way, it can be legitimate only when it asserts something above the public institutions, that is the Spiritual Hierarchy».

Traditional science, the knowing of which provides recovery of the «Primary state» — it is the cosmological sciences; these include alchemy, astrology, letters science, and everything in general is indicated by the name of hermetic. These cosmological sciences in the regular tradition arise from the higher metaphysical principles, and therefore «small mysteries» — only a step to the «great mysteries». In this plan the hermetic tradition, Egyptian by origin, in the hellenistic form was transferred to the Middle Ages, belongs to «imperial initiation» and is therefore incomplete. It doesn't mean, continues Guenon, «that the Hermeticism in itself represents such distortion or in something is illegal… but we must admit that it is very prone to this by its nature, so far as are represented facts, favorable to such distortion»[41].

Since the «great mystery» — it is an area purely metaphysical knowledge, essentially unified and unchangeable due to its original character, distortion can occur only in «small mysteries». The western thought producing a set of the hypotheses appealing to individual authority by definition finds inability to synthesis.

This situation is depicted Guenon at the beginning of the XX century: «…the western science all on a surface; being divided into an unlimited set of fragmentary knowledge, being lost in an uncountable set of the facts and details, she doesn't learn anything about true nature of things… If happen sometimes attempts of association of this supremely analytical knowledge, they are artificial and are based only on a more or less daring hypothesis that therefore fall one after the other... Eventually the western idea that synthesis is the result and the completion analysis — is radically false; the truth is that, through the analysis it is impossible to arrive at a synthesis worthy of the name, because these things are not of the same order; in the nature of the analysis — they endlessly continue, if the scope of application allows such extension is not advancing at the same time to finding a holistic point of view in this area...»[45] (Preface to the Russian edition of Rene Guenon).

And we go back to the time of full concealment of the Truth in the period of 3500 years ago, when the last dedicated to the True Knowledge left the planet Earth with the tribe of Shemsu-Hor — the royal caste Sons of God. They were replaced by the servants of Darkness: the priests of Set-Amon, who isolate from people's consciousness the memory of the Siriusian Goddess Isis-Sothis, who arranges the Solar System after the global cataclysm, Her Tsarist Spouse Osiris, and Their Son Horus. They brought from Sirius in the fifth race the Sacral Knowledge of the lost Atlantis and Hyperborea and, actually, from scratch developed the Spiritual and Metaphysical basis of a present civilization. The last continuers of Cosmic Triad of the Gods under the Name of «CHRISTOS-SOTSIRH», that means: HORUS, ISIS, OSIRIS — SOTHIS-SIRIUS were the kings of Akhenaton and Nefertiti, a female pharaoh Hatshepsut, and Jesus Christos and His royal Wife, high priestess of Isis — Maria Magdalene. But darks wiped out memory of these pharaohs and finally perverted the ancient-vedic Doctrine of Christos about Unity of Spirit and Matter, Male and Female, Terrestrial and Heavenly. Because only the Phenomenon of Jesus Christos again connected the broken-off parts of a Whole! For: the Spirit of Light became a man — it is a Higher Spiritual Power and Knowledge of the Truth. Today, This Knowledge — is Truth, Embodied in the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, the Bearer of Sacred Knowledge and the Holy Spirit. But the black priesthood of Seth again by all means are trying to hide the True Knowledge from earthlings, and to veto true information, because in a night-time the made lawlessness remains unnoticed...

Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, appeared at the end of the twentieth century, as predicted by the prophets and thinkers, and also said in all scriptures of the world (see «Science of Light and Its Transformation», «The SacRAl Book of Isis», «The Terrestrial Way of the Mother of the World» of V.PreobRAzhenskaya, and more informations — on the websites:, Opened the True Spiritual Knowledge, Proved by the Phenomenal Phenomenon the Integrity of the Universe: Macro- and Microcosm, Male and Female, Man and Universe. V.Solovyev marked ten Faces of Divine Sophia, Which should Appear, as the Messiah, in anticipation of the Age of Aquarius in the territory of Rus. A.F. Losev in the work «The Ten Heavenly Faces of Holy Sophia» wrote about it, analyzing work of the philosopher-sophiologist:

«The Perfectly Heavenly Sophia, or, as we understand it, is the first and then the only Female Absolute of the Cosmos. She is both substantial, i.e. material (of the body) and ideal (of the mind) at the same time…» «The Russian Sophia. This is the national aspect. The philosopher believed that the all-human, cosmic divinity would be embodied in the «apocalyptical» situation in the form of a female Russian philosopher. It was, after all, the Russian people who distinguished Sophia from the Blessed Virgin Mary, and Christos from Jesus Christ. Sophia was for him an independent Heavenly Being, hidden beneath the facade of an underworld, the radiant aura of humanity re-born, Earth’s guardian angel, the ultimate forthcoming Phenomenon of a Deity».

Through the efforts and Her Cosmic Works, Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS Restored the Original Primordial Tradition — Eternal Teachings of God Wisdom.

The modern scientist Alexander Groo writes: «Four-hypostatic Ancient Egyptian Amun (Amon, Amen) turned in our science worldview four-hypostatic system matter-energy-space-time, which is easily to see in the known measurement system CGS, named by the first letters: Centimeter-Gram-Second. Let's analyze the system: centimeter — a measure of extension of matter, gram — a measure of the inertia of matter, the second — a measure vibrations of matter, and energy — it is a form of existence of matter, and similarly in the SI system (kilogram-meter-second), and others. What to expect from these generalizations? Western science — at all the material is ignoring the Information (images) and the Measure (immaterial and non-information component, the matrix of possible forms of existence of matter and information) as primary generalizing categories. And after all, what enormous conclusions follow from these philosophical arguments. If the world primarily material and give in to management, and the management is only limited material possibilities, the pursuit of private goals, all wars, economic crises, and epidemics and famine, and so on., which for hundreds of years continuing on planet Earth are justified. This is a view of materialistic atheism, striving for permissiveness — might makes right.

Denying objectivity of Information, the traditional science closed for itself the subjects of researches connected with egregors, biofields, souls. As though there is no these objects in the Universe. (We will note that in the field of prospecting works in the USSR-Russia researches with use of the data obtained from psychics are known — but it is work of unrecognized, enthusiasts.) Contrary to conventional science among the people there is a perception that «thoughts are material!» But this is not exactly because the thought — it is information, images, melodies, which have become the property of consciousness. And whether they will be materialize, and to what Measure — it is the big question.

Already in the holy book of Thoth mentioned trinity of Matter-Information-Measure in terms of Sefar Sipura-Sefer (V.Shmakov. «The Sacred Book of Thoth. Great Arcana Tarot», 1916, reprinted 1993), but this knowledge is hidden from the public, not discussed. Also the Slavic Nav’, Yav’, Prav’, Slav’» (

Speaking about modern science, it is necessary to listen to fiery words E.I. Roerich. In her Doctrine «Living Ethics» she a great place removes the analysis of modern science:

«Contrived language with three-storey scientific terms the dead every thought... Please note that it is ignoramus, or small literate especially love the most intricate three-storey words in which they can not understand and accept them, seem to scientists, but all clear and simple seems to them unscientific and therefore is subject to ridicule. But in the East, it is the simplicity of the exposition is considered the highest achievement, because simplicity demonstrates clear understanding. Supreme Truth is revealed only in the grandeur of Simplicity. Of course, this simplicity is a special as well as the highest pleasure is a special wisdom... The science of Mind, in the field of philosophy, the East has been and will be our Teacher. Scientific discoveries was made by luminaries of modern science, clearly and irrefutably proved that the foundation of all things is perfect, but not material. Models in science are disappearing, replaced by mathematical formulas, and this is exactly what is taught idealistic philosophy...

...So, positive science from the former materialism came to a known idealism. There is no more inert matter. The matter turned into energy, and energy can back return to a matter. In the near future a New Psychology, a new science of Thoughts and the hidden properties of the person, as well as the new Astronomy expand consciousness the most ardent supporters of the three-dimensional <...> psychology. The most terrible thing — it is a dead end of consciousness, because so applaud every open-minded attitude to all things, and those scientists who boldly go to the immense opportunities offered by their new knowledge of the Rays and their effects on human beings and the whole surrounding Nature. Just say so — we are admirers of the Highest Knowledge, and the epithets given us by ignoramuses not only can't hurt us, but we are proud to stand in the ranks of researchers of new forces of Nature and founders of new sciences. Everything relating to metaphysics and mysticism, become a science of the day, when the consciousness of new generations find itself under the influence of new rays…».

Speaking about inspirituality of science H.I. Roerich continues: «Deprived of spiritual knowledge of the intrinsic side of a matter, the science often opens destructive forces, «the genie is out from a bottle», being not capable to operate him. This is used by the military, politicians, terrorists and often simply irresponsible persons are not pursuing humanitarian goals. Suffice it to recall what a great disaster has brought nuclear weapons, and in fact, we know not so much about the nature of nuclear energy...». Modern science does not know anything about the harmony of Matter and Spirit, about their properties; do not know the structure of the atom. «Because, the electronics can not become the science of man and his ardent forces. Force derivative is impossible to compare with the power of the life-giving. The hidden science is based on two grounds — on the illusory nature of matter and on infinite divisibility of atom. The bombardment of the atom only confirms the ancient theory of infinitely divisibility of the atom, but the divisibility of the atom has nothing to do with the spiritual thinning. The love and high thinking are manifested only at independent action of mental energy, force fiery»[19, с.129-130].

«Mental energy — writes Helena Ivanovna — manifested on process of transformation of the Internal person, or his thin shells, represents terrible power. Modern theories about atomic force are shown on initial stage, and scientists are feeling the way, but have already begun to work on the destructive power and in their endeavors can blow the Earth. After all Atom contains everything — the power of primary energy, and mental, and the power to create, but also the terrible destructive power. Atom is shown as the engine mechanic, but in the Spiritual World it is — the LEVER OMNIPOTENT. We will provide to scientists to study derivatives forces and breaking forces, we will rush to creative forces, to independent forces, to development of spiritual beauty the application of high mental energy that pulsates in every word of the Doctrine of Life»[19, с.130].

Here E.I. Roerich means that will show TRAnsformation of consciousness of future mankind of the Sixth Race. E.I. Roerich is very jealous treated a science, distorting reality and serving dark forces against humanity.

«It would seem, from science should wait for purification and enlightenment of consciousness, but, alas, morality and biology are misunderstood paradox. Disasters and the horrors of Armageddon is not taught man look higher up of dusty hearth. Wonderful invention is not used to rising and better understanding the meaning of life. Such devices as radio, would have to make to think about the transmission of thought, but in reality it is a wonderful discovery, first of all the hype. The disintegration of the atom closer to the primary energy, but the atomic bomb became a monster, [the product of hell], that employees greedy and gripping purposes. Where is the solution? It is necessary to turn to ABOVEGROUND WORLD. It is necessary to perceive it in full reality, only this way it is possible to warn an immoral man. The Law of Karma, or Cause and Effect must be learned at school. How much needs to be done in this direction! Science should help. Science must penetrate into the depths of consciousness»[19, с.102].

So wrote the Mother of Agni Yoga in the early twentieth century and her words as relevant today! Also it is possible to give still a lot of things useful of Her Doctrine which long time was under a ban dark, hiding Light of Truth from people of Earth! Her multi-volume edition of the works are worthy of extensive study. But for the sake of what she created all life — was executed today! The gold chain of a parampara going from Great Teachers of mankind didn't interrupt! Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, «The Wife Closed with the Sun» — Executed Her Sacred Word! Being the Epochal Teacher of the New Aeon of CHRISTOS-SOPHIA today Really Illumines fallen world by Light of Spiritual Knowledge, is TRAnsforming the planet Earth and all Solar System! Let Will Be Light! URA!


София-Мать, Склонённая над миром,
Налаживает Солнечную Связь,
Фохатом Проницая Все Эфиры,
Над Террой Утверждает Свою
Свершится Богозамысел Вселенной!
Познают Истину земляне навека!
В Миг Откровения Благословенный
Протянется Крылом Её Рука.
Земному миру — Длань Софии Вечной
Открыта! А в Руке — Грааль Святой!
Усыпан Золотыми Звёздами Путь
А СИРИУС и ОРИОН — над головой!
(Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya)
(KIEV, 21.10.2014)
  1. * – see Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya. «The SacRAl Book of Isis».

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