For the sake of the Elect these days will reduce...

«What I tell you about this terrible realm of philistinism, that borders on idiocy? Except the foxtrot, there is almost nothing! Here are eaten and drunk, and again foxtrot. I have not yet met a man and do not know where him smells. In terrible fashion is mr. dollar, and they do not give a damn for the art — the highest is the music hall. I do not want to publish a book here, despite of the cheapness of the paper and translations. Here it isn't necessary for anybody… Suppose we are poor, suppose we are hunger, cold... but we have a soul, which they are passed it as unnecessary for rent…»

(Sergei Yesenin about USA)

Brainless bloodthirsty monster out — from the USA — rules the world today. Who is he? Indisputably, he is subhuman. Its black spirit walks a whirlwind on our old patient Planet Earth. And to curb his predatory tentacles plundering of Nature and humanity, can only Absolute Power of the Spirit of the Great Mother of the World. This is Unified Real Force That is able to «hit the snake in the head». But, it is possible, only, in the last moment, when Term of final death of world evil will be Carried out, as investigation of immaturity and ignorance of milliards of earthlings, souls deceived, zombified, lost for Universe! In an instant, humans must wake up to see HER! THAT, Whose Eternally Name — is TRUE. She Don the terrestrial covers in order to Become a Sacrificial your Salvation. She is One Who Knows the World of the Holy Spirit, the Absolute Kingdom of Eternal Light, where Harmony and Toric Fohatic Space of Eternal Life! HIsTory — it is one of Her multiple Names.

I am — the smallest and The Largest. I am — the simplest and Most Great. So tell the Truth, because humbles himself in Matter, Finds Wisdom, and the Rising of Eternity — Becomes the Knowledge. ZNANIE (KNOWLEDGE) — zn-zhn — Zhena (Wife) — Zhnitsa Nebes (Reaper Heaven). Black spirit of Darkness — is the opposite of the Holy Spirit Mother of the World — Ein-Sof — Sophia Wisdom. It is the Spirit of Darkness has hid in centuries the Image of the Mother — the World Femininity, for this last time to make earthlings helplessness slaves of Darkness and blind mortals. Daat, who from the Beginning fallen into the abyss, did so, for protested Force, That Create Light. And now, The Power of Light Came down on Bottom of Matter, so Resist distorted consciousness of the fallen Archangel. Today Luciferic monad the God-created child — has risen to the level of the mental human. And, instead of INTELLECT (RAZUM) a person had a mind (um), and many have fallen into madness (bezumie). What the antigod could bring to the world? Only his distorted view. But his strength was so illusory, that the souls of the earth fell into a protracted terrible dream. This dream spread them to the level of an animal (the third octave development). And now the denouement came the denouement. Insidious Prince of Darkness filled this leaving world with spite and all vices of agonizing consciousness. People began to kill each other. And satan to get drunk blood, human suffering, energy of fear and lie, low frequencies of paraphilias. Out of this hell can escape only sighted by heart. The sighted by a heart see the Rescuer, follow after Her. And She Brings them out of this collapse of temporary space.

To awaken the Russian Spirit of the white race — of Cosmic Progenitress of all people — war, trouble, suffering is needed. Because, not gulping down grief, a fallen humanity does not know Truth. And here dark forces try for awakening of Russian Spirit. They can not otherwise, they — wicked and lying, artful and sneaky. But, apparently, the normal white souls need the good shaking, to go out from this prolonged illusion and, finally, hear Call That, Whose Eternal Name is TRUTH!

Mother of the World came out from Faraway (Three-ninth) Kingdom Fairy (Three-ten) States (Level Ein-Sof) 24 years ago, to have time to Prepare for this time of Transition of the human RAce from the fifth level of consciousness to the Sixth — the Enlightened. A few began to see clearly. If Her Army of Light gathered now — 144000 sighted and knowing Holy Spirit — Sophia Divine Wisdom Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, — the world in an instant would be TRANSFORMED! Quantum Leap of Spirit would translate All Sunny System in another dimension, in the Enlightened Oasis of the sighted souls — New Temporal Coil of Epoch of Golden Age — is Epochs of Maitreya — the Mother of the World! Where only Love, Harmony and BEAUTY governs, and evil is far beyond the plan! All of this will very soon, certainly accomplished! But now there is a division into black and white, Planetary Selection Pure Souls. Children of Suria — Siriusian Primordial Rus — will enter to Oasis of Light of New World! And branded by the mark of Beast («666»), zombified a lie, fear, thirst of gain — will appear in the ocean depth of darkness. Soon this illusion will come to an end Quantum Leap of Consciousness: than worse — so much the better! Quantum Light — Fohat of Mother of the World — is accumulated in the Universe! And only a satan Himself or Herself will go out from the wings of secret world government, — the Last Battle will be Accomplished for the Souls of Light between Darkness and Mother of the World. Kindly Sophia the Wisdom of Her Will, Power and Glory will Save the Universe from the leper degenerate, so hating and degrading the Most High Mother of Light.

Plans of dark bloodthirsty reptilians, wherewith satan commands — crumble into dust, Rus will be United, the White RAce of the Sons and Daughters of God will come on Updated Planet. Place on a 50 degree, named KIEV — is Universal Spirit of Life, — Will Become Sacred, because Unrecognizable Sophia Divine Wisdom Was here in the Embodiment at the end of leaving century of Darkness and hatred. All Darkness and abomination of desolation showed up here. But from here Procession of Holy Spirit Began on all Universe! Let Faith, and patience of Saints will help to outlive this terrible hour, because will return hundredfold to all, who knows Matters of Wisdom of God, and taken away at those, who hates Her Ways Inscrutable… What time is allotted to satan? 1260 «Bible days» is in the Apocalypse. But as said: for the sake of Elect these days will reduce. AUM RA!

Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya
(HRST — Solstice)