Spiritual keeping gene pool of modern civilization at the peak of the change formations on the Threshold of the Quantum Leap of Solar System


The Biography of Maria DEVI CHRISTOS (Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya)
Doctor of Philosophy, Grand Doctor in Theology and Theosophy,
Full Professor, Diploma Winner and Laureate of the UNESCO


In an increasingly impending globalization on the planet Earth, ecological, political, social, economic, spiritual crisis and flagrant spiritual degradation of earthlings during brutal patriarchy — the hard left-brain thinking, based on rationalism, pragmatism, exact sciences, dogmas, and linear time, respectively, linear history — peace had descended to the level of self-destruction, wars, hatred, violence, aggression, ignorance, and as a consequence — a global catastrophe.

Fifth level of consciousness, as the final phase of coarse material existence — has become a critical point in the history of our civilization and the entire Solar System (see scheme «Toric Eight». Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya. «The Science of Light and Its Transformation»).

Scheme «Toric Eight». Scheme of the Solar Year. Scheme: Transformation of consciousness. Involution and Evolution. Two-Rounds-Waves: Female and Male. — Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya. «The Science of Light and Its Transformation»

The mankind appeared before a choice: where and whom to follow further? In a chasm of darkness or in New Temporary Space of Light in Which the Law of the Highest Humanity, Harmony and Order, Unity of Two Cosmic Beginnings, Absolute Knowledge, Eternity and Immortality Reigns!

Today, the world’s scientists anxiously are talking about the problem of the survival of human civilization and the preservation of ethnic groups of the XXI century. This is natural, because we are experiencing the biblical «last time», a period when even talking rocks! It is time to look Truth in the eye! Today humanity of planet Earth is experiencing a tragic crisis of its existence. It is existence, not life. Because modern man has long lost its perfect view of the present life, as a coherent system of gaining spiritual values in the first place! And this is connected not only with historical regularity of change of epochs and transition to the level of the New Formation, according to the Spiritual Paradigm of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya about the Quantum Leap of Consciousness. But also is the developing ecological catastrophe — environmental destruction of all living things. And it is caused in the first place, by spiritual catastrophe within the human soul, complete lack of spirituality; thus, humanity lost the natural path of evolution of consciousness by acquiring a True Knowledge. We are talking about a New Paradigm of Human existence — the Quantum, Cosmic Consciousness. And nowadays, when the mankind appeared in «a point of evolutionary bifurcation», cleared up that all reason lies in human soul and consciousness. It is necessary to make the final choice: either eternal oblivion and self-destruction as a failed experiment, or a sharp leap beyond the everyday way of life to Eternal Life. For only the awakening of the soul, conscience and spirit allows the human race to go through the apocalyptic consciousness deadlock. It was the open Cosmic Consciousness, which in the last century My predecessor H.I. Roerich and a brilliant scientist V.I. Vernadskiy told about, allow humanity to Make a Quantum Leap in the Immortality and Eternal BEAUTY, JOY and HARMONY of the Universe. For only the Unity of Purpose and Ways of Its Achievement will lead our planet to the Highest Spirituality and constant Welfare mind, soul and body shells. Only Quantum Science, Quantum CultUre, Quantum Education will allow humanity to unite, regardless of ethnic differences. But Eternal Formula of Spirit and Quantum Energy Fohat already was given this planet by the Siriusian Mother of the World MDC — Matrix of Spirit, but humanity, for the most mass not yet ready to contain all of this... Therefore, while only 144,000 Logoses under the Auspices of the World Feminine can become a Quantum Humanity.


Today, modern man was under the destructive pressure not only negative information, but coming under the influence of extremely low vibrations, hidden attacks microwave psychotronic weapon, affects not only the climate of the planet, but also on the «climate» of the human soul. A person has been exposed to life-threatening chemtrails spraying over the planet deadly poisons, harmful GMO products. For millennia, humans lived and did not suspect that the time will come when there is no clean water, clean air and natural plants and fruits on the Earth, which were given Mother Nature for eating to all living beings...

And now, it's time has come! Today, humans found themselves face to face with this harsh reality. And the most terrifying apogee collapse of civilization becomes the total control and managing subconscious mind of a person with using modern nanotechnology and virtual-illusory reality... Today the «Beast system» which is said in biblical Revelation of John is introducing in many countries. This is — a real danger for whole world.

New world order is dictating over the past decade on whole world the total control through mass chipping population. This is done to destroy the human souls, and subdue all power on Earth and in the Solar System to the Antichrist, whose triumphant exit is prepared in the next year by the secret world government. 188 countries have already signed the «New Orleans agreement» about mass conversion of population into a manageable biomass. Using an identifier, with modern technology, which will allow the world government to exercise total control over a person without his consent. And this is — nothing else than the encroaching on God-given human freedom. The purpose of the world government — to create a global totalitarian system of monitoring and control of biological objects. In the Holy Scripture it is described as a worldwide dictatorship, leading to the complete enslave and destruction of the earth humanity. The world government is preparing the coming to power of a single ruler — Lucifer-Antichrist. His greatest weapon is — disbelief in his existence! That is the dominant cause for the sake of which unleash, the pretext of fighting «terrorism», bloodshed, color revolutions, wars, economic and political crises, using climate weapon HAARP, performed espionage, information and other kinds of attacks on human consciousness. All this is done by the hands of the dark forces who have committed in the era of Aries, the final seizure of Planet Earth and the Solar System. It was 3.5 thousand years ago, when the priests of Seth-Amon came to power. Brutal patriarchy began to dominate on the Earth in which the Mother Goddess — the Creatress of the Solar System — was betrayed the desecration and oblivion. And God-Father undertook Her Divine Function the birth of life. It is unnaturally father «to give birth to children», isn’t it? Birth of children was announced by patriarchy fathers as «sin», and all that was associated with the natural human relationships and sacred union of husband and wife — became «vicious» and shameful. When Mother Goddess was betrayed desecration and oblivion, the world captured Antigod, under the guise of a nameless «Heavenly Father» (Spouse of Isis — Osiris), began to change the consciousness of the world is exactly the opposite! As a result, the world moved to left-hemisphere thinking, there was a substitution of spiritual values and the complete degradation of moral and ethical principles. Woman from the holy priestess and protector of kind turned into a «whore» and «sex slave», mankind began to degenerate rapidly, and all mortal sins came to the world. Bygone era of Fishes finally brought mankind to one-sided thinking and full spiritual degeneration of human race. There was an apocalyptic time of darkness and reign of Lucifer. And the world came to his death. Very low level of consciousness of the world today is beneficial to the dark forces, and only flash Quantum Consciousness is able to make Victoria of Light in the Universe!


During Atlantis, Hyperborea, proto-Sumerian and Ancient Siriusian civilization on Earth reigned Triune Mother of the World. This was the period of the Golden Age, when the Great Mother resulted in complete balance planetary harmony of Her Two Equal Beginnings: Eternal-Feminine and Eternal-Manly underlying Universe. Then it was a complete unity with Nature and the High Holy Spirit that There the Absolute Knowledge of Ein-Sof: Sophia the Wisdom of God. Under the Aegis of the Mother of the Universe world worked simultaneously on the two hemispheres. It was the open Cosmic Consciousness, when people felt himself a unit of the Universe and freely commit intergalactic travel in spaceships — vimanas and vaitmaras. It was a time of Integrity of human race, hermetic harmony: that above, so below, when a Male and Female Spiritual and Earthly, culture and language were united. Matriarchal state bathed in abundant and flourished, the woman in the state occupied a very high status priestesses-protector of domestic hearth. She had 64 kinds of arts, 360 kinds of feelings, magic of word words, was a healer and a wise woman glorifying both Divine Beginnings and Natural of Life, and open Knowledge, sacral soul. And no wonder, because the female right hemisphere thinking — this is, first of all, the open Cosmic Consciousness, spiral-cyclicity time, rolling in Eternity, cyclicality hIsTory, multidimensional vision of Reality.


The word «transformation» reveals the mystery of the most ancient SacRAl Mystery about the Phenomenon of the Great Mother of Light — «Woman, Clothed with the Sun». Transformation (PreObraZhenie, Pre Obraz Zheny — in Russian), i.e. Face and Image of the Mother of the World — Sophia Wisdom of God opens to the world. World Soul, Who with Her Imperishable Light TRAnsforms consciousness of the Earth, are Opening to mankind the Real World of Spirit. And people’s eyes are opening, people is transforming in the spirit, is knowing his First Principle of creation, is founding true spirituality. This is — the most ancient Solar System Creatress Mother of the World Sva or «Matari-sva» (Aryans’ Mother Sva). She is — Kabbalists’ Ein-Sof Siriusian-Surian Sophis — Sothis — Isis, Judaic Shekinah, Buddhists’ Tara, Slavic Lady Sophia Wise. This is Prime-Energy of all structure of the Universe: Mother RA, She Who Procreated all habitable World of Spirit and Matter from the Lightbringer Womb. The world of the Matter is called in honor of Mother-Progenitress: Mother and I (Mater’ I Ya — in Russian). Ancient ancestors of the human race revered Mother of the World Sophia Wise as the One Creatress of all things. Period patriarchy completely washed out from consciousness of earthlings the «Wife Image», Great Mother, whose reflection carries a genetic memory of mankind.

Today, it is time to return the ancient doctrine of Sophia the Wisdom of God, Whose Name is called holy cathedrals. And it's THAT time of Sophia, which sages and prophets, thinkers and philosophers have long dreamed of and heralded. And among them: Jesus Christ, Giordano Bruno, Nostradamus, Vladimir Solovyov, S.Bulgakov, poets Blok and Bely, D.Andreev, Jacob Boehme, Paracelsus, Swedenborg, Helena and Nicholas Roerich, A.Teodoridi, Vanga and many other. I say nothing of numerous ancient sources of Hyperborea, Schumer, Ancient Egypt and artifacts all over the world, opening up the truth about the history and creation of the Universe. And was creating a world of Spirit and Matter the Absolute of Universe. And a world of Spirit and Matter was being created by the Absolute of Universe — Ein-Sof — Sophia the Wisdom of God, the Great Mother of all things! And it is — confirmed fact.

PreobRAzhenskaya Victoria Victorovna — is the Messiah of the Age of Aquarius

PreobRAzhenskaya Victoria Victorovna — is the Messiah of the Age of Aquarius. April 11, 1990, as were predicted by Nostradamus: by 48 degrees north latitude is Taken place the Birth from Above the Mother of the World, Which was Appeared on a 50 degree and to Accomplish on the Earth the Spiritual TRAnsformation: The Quantum Revolution of Consciousness. Having Passed the Thorny Path of Spiritual Female Warriors and Protector, for 23 years, She actively approves the New Ideological Paradigm, aimed at forming the Cosmic Consciousness of Planetary Mankind. In 2005 in Moscow She has created the multilevel «Cosmic Poliart Of The Third Millennium» © and «The Theatre Of Mystery of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya», showing a multidimensional synthesis of a new planetary CultUre of the Golden Age. She is an Author of «The Science of Light and Its Transformation», «The SacRAl Book of Isis» historical books: «The Terrestrial Way of Mother of the World», «Sophia Maria» and others, an author of numerous collections, brochures and articles, as well as the 28 musical albums. She is a famous artist, writer, poetess, composer, musician, performer of her own compositions, director, editor in chief journal «Victoria RA», Spiritual Teacher, Grand doctor of Philosophy in TheoLogy and TheoSophy, full professor of Oxford, academician IAC, member of the International Art Fund, member of the Coordination Council of the Intergovernmental Programme «Health of the Humanity» by the President of the International Parliament for Safety and Peace; she is a Diplomant of the International competition «Modern aspects of theology», Laureate of the International Competition «Modern theoretical and methodological aspects of the conservation of the gene pool of humanity» (UNESCO-UNICEF), Laureate of the International competition Programme «Health of the Humanity» (UNESCO-UNICEF) for the introduction of an unique Author's development of the «Science of Light and Its Transformation». She has state awards and commendations.

To protect Her perishing Child the Creatress of the Solar System — Siriusian Sothis-Isis — Sophia Wise descended in New Fohatic Body to Make the TRAnsformation earthlings. The TRAnsformation - it is an open consciousness radiating Quantum (Fohatic) Energy of the Absolute frequency. This is — full of Harmony and Unity of Terrestrial and Celestial, Male and Female, internal and external. This is — hermetic formula unity of spirit, soul and body, the Creatress and Her Creation, where both Her Beginnings are equal among themselves as Universal Father and Mother.


After the sudden disappearance of the fourth race — the destruction of Atlantis, due to interplanetary catastrophe that was coerced by Set’s (Amon) black priesthood — polarity reversal occurred. After the catastrophe, the planet changed its orbit, refreshed and cleansed, and opened again for the emergence of a new civilization. And then, 13,000 years ago, at the space vaitmar came to Earth Siriusian-Suriyan Deity Neters headed by Mother of the Universe Isis-Sothis and Father of Heaven — Osiris-Horus. For Solar System, Sirius acts as the center — Spiritual Sun RA. Isis symbolizes the star Sirius A, Osiris — Sirius B (or constellation Orion). After the collapse of Sirius B (when Seth-Lucifer killed Isis’s Spouse Osiris), Osiris ascended to a higher vibration level, and Isis inherited His power, having given birth to the Son of Horus. Solar System was planted seeds from Sirius and Siriusian System — from Star of RA in the center of the galaxy, from which Isis received Her Highest Authority and Power. Arriving on Earth after a catastrophe Heavenly Mother and Father returned to earthlings the Sacred Knowledge of Atlantis, laid powerful CultUre, erecting along the perimeter of the planet megalithic temples-PyRAmids. It is generators, transformers of Cosmic energy and information. And an envious and treacherous Set (Amon), the personification of world evil, committed the murder of Osiris and seized power in the Universe. Everything today has humanity — is the result of the board of Seth and his patriarchal forces of darkness, that hate and afraid of the real Creatress of the Solar System Isis-Sothis-Sophia. Whose Coming Have Committed on the territory of Rus April 11, 1990 in the Spirit of Truth, to put an end to the beast power. It is a logical Sign that the present fifth race went to the finals of their development.


On the Cosmic Clocks: Time of the Aquarian Age. And this is — the Period of the Holy Spirit, the Epoch of World Femininity, Mother of the World, Epoch of the Golden Age and Open Knowledge, which again brought to humanity Omnipotent Protector-Mother, She Who Arranged the Solar System. That SHE is Rescuing humanity from the Antichrist power and is Opening Spiritual Path to Light and Immortality. Great SHE gives humanity SacRAl Knowledge, that the dark forces hidden for centuries. In all the scriptures of the world prophets, thinkers, sages and elders had predicted about the Phenomenon on a boundary XX and XXI centuries World Femininity, Sophia-Sothis-Isis, Mother of the World, the Queen of Heaven, the Biblical «Woman Clothed with the Sun» should put an end to the era of evil on Earth and «bruise the serpent's head!». And it is valid, the period of patriarchy is complete, and there comes a natural Kingdom of Mother-Creatress who was unfairly humiliated by Lucifer and his dark forces together with all female half of humanity… But the world — is dual. And Cosmos, as the Universe — is a rigorous system of regularities, rigor, Law and Order of MAAT. The Karmic Force Retribution — are relentless!

The Birth of the Messiah of the Aquarian Age is Happen April 11, 1990, as Nostradamus predicted in a letter to the king of France, Henry Happy: 48 degrees north latitude, and the spread of Her Holy Spirit — 50 degrees. And so, Mother of the World MDC — Matrix Spirit — Output humanity beyond the three-dimensional world into Spiritual Lighting Space of multidimensional, into the Kingdom of the Universal Cosmic Reality! The Age of Aquarius, in which the present technocratic civilization entered, suggests a very different development of mankind. And first of all, it concerns a complete change of ideological paradigm. TRAnsformation Consciousness due Quantum Leap will raise humanity to the level of the New Formation — the Sixth RAce. It is, first of all, the adoption of own outcast half — Feminine Principle and full world harmony of beginnings! For man left hemisphere thinking led to the complete degradation of earthlings. World Femininity in the Person of Mother of the World MDC is Fohatising (Fills Quantum Absolute Energy of Light) the planet Earth, almost two twelve-year cycle. And this is — the best period to make God-idea in the Universe. Today, humanity appeared at the junction of hIsTorical circuits, and the Solar System is now facing several simultaneous cycles: this is 13-thousand-year cycle of the Star precession (13 000 years ago, on the verge of epochs of Cancer and Leo, Atlantis was lost, and now, the planetary transition from the brutal patriarchy Pisces to the Age of Global Feminine — Aquarius — summed Solar System to the legitimate reverse polarity). Completed a 26-thousand-year cycle of Large Solar Year (see scheme of the Solar Year). And also the period of the Fifth Sun, or the fifth race completed in the history of human civilizations. According to My «Science of Light and Its Transformation», the current fifth point (the lowest in «Toric Eight», see scheme) corresponding to the fifth level of consciousness — is the completion round of Involution Souls. For, according to the «Science of Light and Its Transformation» of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya: with immersion into Matter souls gradually involuted over the centuries and multiple incarnations, and just after passing the basic five phases of their committing, the period of Evolution — climbing over the next five levels will start (see scheme: Transformation of consciousness. Involution and Evolution. Two-Rounds-Waves: Female and Male).

The fifth race, the most fallen of the human races, in its final stage, the corresponding Quantum Flash — is a point of Transformation, a new birth: the transition to a new level Evolution of Souls.

Naturally, the process of Spiritual Transformation of Solar System will be accompanied by global metaphysical changes. Thus, the change of the geomagnetic poles involves hard cosmic radiation, for the Earth completely loses its shell before will go to the New Metaphysical Transform, which the Arranges of the Universe — Slavic Sophia-Mother of the World Has Prepared for it. Fohatic Mental Transforma for the New Earth is ready. Complete inversion of the geomagnetic field of the Earth can take place at any time! Passing through a zero point of the planet Earth will allow it to make a complete stop, and it will lead to the disappearance of the magnetic shield around the planet and changing its old clothes on New: Imperishable! The Earth will make a somersault and freed from its earthly existence, will begin smooth rotation in the opposite direction. New metaphysical conditions will created for the emergence of the Sixth RAce. Cosmo planetary thinking, open Noospheric Consciousness, Quantum Love all breathing — these principles will prevail on a new planet and the surrounding near and far Space. Heart at living on Earth, as well as an axis inclination, will appear on the right side. All will reversal and enter into a New Layer. Transfigured humanity will enter to their New Cosmic House, under the Cover of the Creatress — Mother of the World and Her Two Beginnings: Male and Female. Love, Light, Good, Harmony and Perfection hath made inhabitants of a new planet — immortal. New Eon becomes for the Universe a similarity of the Kingdom of Light of which great thinkers and Teachers of mankind dreamed. Messiah of the Aquarian Age — Mother of the World MDC — pointed to humanity way out of current impasse in the crisis period of Earth civilization. Her Spiritual Heritage — this is an Invaluable Experience of Mother-Protector of the planet Earth, That was Incarnated in the end of twentieth century in the Image of Eschatological Sophia-Sothis-Isis, the incarnation Mother of «Agni-Yoga» H.I. Roerich.


Kollagia-Great Leader Gave the world a Universal Philosophy, the ultimate Knowledge of the Absolute — Spiritual «Science of Light and Its Transformation», The Last Testament and the New Commandments-Principles of the Universal Cosmic Love of TRAnsformation Mankind of the Sixth RAce, as the Highest form manifestation Cosmo humanistic ideals of future Golden Age, the New salvation Prayer of Light as a Form of visualization Fohatic consciousness for earthlings; the Doctrine about the Absolute of the Creation, the Universe and Human — Macrocosm and Microcosm, Ancient Siriusian CultUre of the Golden Age laid in multidimensional «Cosmic Poliart of the Third Millennium of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya»©. The quintessence of multi-genre Cosmic Poliart became «The Theatre of Mysteries of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya» Her prophetic Spiritual Poetry, Spontaneous Cosmic Dance, Spontaneous symbolic Painting, combining elements of all cultures and religions, as Metagalactic basis of ancient SacRAl Knowledge, multifaceted meditative Spontaneous Music, that played once during high Meditation, harmonizing human consciousness. Numerous books and articles of Theosophical and Cosmological themes was written by Mother of the World — there is an Invaluable Contribution to the Spiritual Treasury of the planet Earth and the Akashi Chronicle of the Universe.

V.V. PreobRAzhenskaya. «Spiritual keeping gene pool of modern civilization at the peak of the change formations on the Threshold of the Quantum Leap of Solar System»

The Doctrine and Culture of the Golden Age of Mother of the World MDC is a new Spiritual Paradigm of planetary transition to a New Temporary Circuit Evolutionary development of human consciousness on the basis of Quantum Consciousness. It was the Phenomenal Appearance of Rescuer in the Image of World Feminine Mother of the World, according to the passionary theory of ethnogenesis of L.Gumilyov — it is a natural factor today. She is That Passionarity Person Who Creates on the planet conditions Emergence Evolution — Quantum Leap into New Consciousness! Multidimensional synthesis of Spiritual Creativity Mother of the World, Slavic Sophia — it is a Superterrestrial CultUre of the Golden Age, the foundation, in which is based the Beautiful Castle of Light, and a new transfigured humanity of planet Earth will go in to it!

Universal PhiloSophy, Spiritual Science, Absolute Omniscience, Cosmic Worldview, Unified CultUre of the Golden Age of Mother of the World — are Opening to mankind the Real Way to Salvation and break the deadlock consciousness. There is no other force in the world, able to return the planet Eternity, Immortality and PARADISE lost, except for Force, Will, Spirit and the Kingdom of Light of the Great Mother, the Era Which has already Begun! URA!


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