April 11, 1990 — the Epochal Phenomenon of the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS was Accomplished. Who noticed This Cosmic Phenomenon, which was predicted centuries by elders, seers, philosophers and sophiologists? Only sighted. Sighted by heart. That is why Jesus Christos warns that when will Accomplished Second Coming, believers learn about it only for love. Today everything that was predicted is fulfilled. Two cosmic cycle (12 +12) — Mother of the World Rescues this fallen mortal world by Her Prayer, Holy Spirit, Fohat, Will, Word, Spiritual Kingdom of God's Wisdom — Sophia, by Her Love. Light Source Universal Spirit was Appeared to world. And what the world needs in these turbulent, cruel, Last Time only the Way of Salvation, Power Saving, Power of Light is Able to Make TRAnsformation and Quantum Leap of Consciousness as soon as gather Light Regiments! 144000 Warriors of Light, the White Army of the Mother of the World!

Imagine: there is the White Army of the Sacred True of the Mothers of the World in white clothes of Purity Headed by the Heavenly Queen, and TRANSFORMATION Is Made!

Darkness with the Antichrist and Fokerma are arranging Sabbath on the planet to destroy the Rus-Slavs — the White RAce of Light, put a label-mark of the Beast on every soul, and deprive it of the Spirit of Life. Spirit of Life — this is the Holy Spirit — the Mother of Light — the Creatress of all things, She Creat New World and the New Heaven, She is Making global Revolution of Consciousness from matter to Spirit of Eternity, now — in land cover. This is Done here on the planet Earth in the Centrum of Universe — Mother of Russian Cities — KIEV. For in the name recorded Cosmic Message. KI — Universal Spirit, IEVE — Ternary Chromosome of ancient Ruses-Siriusian. Nostradamus foreshadowed the Triumphal Procession of the Holy Spirit with 50 degrees — it is KIEV! And the Holy Spirit — the Spirit of Truth, This is — Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS! Maybe this is still many do not understand, did not realize. But very soon, very soon, when all the facilities of zombiing human consciousness are disabled, because the Antichrist will capture all the blind in his hellish captivity, and the world plunged into total darkness and chaos — sighted people will be included in the reality and realize the Power and Authority of the Mother of Light. They will start to look for Her Light, the Word, Saving Protection, the Prayer of Light. And then, from Great Grief long-awaited Regiments of Light will gather! HOLY RUS Rise from the ashes like the Bird Phoenix, Revival of RUS will Come! Sixth RAce — enter the Golden Age under the auspices of the Mother of Light! Harmony of Two Cosmic Beginnings will Triumph! The mankind will be entered in Eternity, Immortality, Love and Light! Knowledge of the Mother of the World will open Intergalactic Gate. Full Victoria of LIGHT accomplish in the Universe. Evil will cease to exist. And the Universe-RUS Rejoice forever eternal! URA! AUM RA!

Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya