Dear earthlings!

There comes the bible TIME OF GREAT GRIEF. Dark Forces in every possible way capture our planet Earth. Two solar cycles (1990-2014 years) Siriusian — Surian WOMAN, Clothed with the SUN, is staying with you in this hell of deception, hatred and evil. 24 year dark did everything possible to make your consciousness into the consciousness of slaves. The Saving Force of HIGHER LIGHT that Sent FROM ABOVE from SYSTEM SIRIUS-ORION to the aid of the planet EARTH in 1990 in the Person of the Mother of the World about Which Phenomenon saint aged men of Russia knew — appeared in the Darkness den. But She Did for sighteds, reasonable souls the Mighty CULTURE OF THE GOLDEN AGE, THE SYNTESIS OF SCIENCE AND ARTS, SACRED KNOWLEDGE AND HIGHER SPIRITUALITY OF SOPHIAN DIVINE WISDOM. This is A NEW SPIRITUAL PARADIGM for TRAnsformation Mankind of the Sixth RAce. I always Warn you of an impending time when all Darkness headed by the Antichrist befall your poor head. I constantly Maintain your calm and peace in this Earthly Home. But few believed Me, but only a few have followed Me ... Today, the Bowl of the World Evil is full to the brim. Gagtungr — Prince of Darkness, is going to become your master: to enslave your souls, and mark them with his black mark of the beast (666) — code pitch Darkness. Everything is ready for this plan was implemented in your life. I Am here with you in the center of the trouble, in the center of the Ancient Kievan Russia, the Programm Point of the Solar System, From Which Starts Procession of the Holy Spirit throughout the Universe! I Am Working Tirelessly for the good of the planet Earth and saddened to Observe how a squall of Darkness breaks your poor soul. The Power of Sophia — Ein-Sof — the Wisdom of God — in Her Spiritual Fohatic Lighting Energy filling the Darkness Her Uncreated Light. Now all Darkness should be shown in full, in order to separate the White from black, Good from evil! It is must accumulate a critical mass of world evil, — for which will Jerk the Quantum Energy of LIGHT CHRISTOS-SOPHIA!

It is played a gloomy scenario. Russian Spirit lulled by the Prince of Darkness. Army of Light still awakes from centuries karma. Karma — is scary. Satan loves blood and your blood thirsty revel in full. This world vampire goes here to collect their bloody harvest. The True Light Warriors meet in Centrum around Ein-Sof — Sothis-Sophia. These are those, who reject the mark of the beast, these are those, who accept Their Eternally Mother of Heaven in the heart. White Clothes of Purity and Holy Spirit are waiting for you, True Light Warriors. And Truth — is the Mother. MOTHERLAND. White Banners of the Mother of the World await you, dear Sons and Daughters of Light, in the Centrum of the Universe. For Victoria OF LIGHT — FOR YOU! The sabbath of Darkness is just beginning. The Prince with his Fokerma will come soon. They will get drink human blood. And only 144,000 Saints whitewash their Clothes and Rise above this pitch Darkness. I ask you, dear, reject snake chains, for reptiloids disguised, today, under the guise of those who yearn for your blood and pulls your souls in beast’s chain of Antichrist. Very soon, the planet Earth will change its frequency of vibration, and everyone will see their ugly snouts. To fear them is funny! Rest assured that the one who with Light Prayer is in your consciousness — will Guard and Protection by Mother of the World MARIA DEVI CHRISTOS. For This SACRED NAME of the Mother of the World, your Intercessor and Savior — is Light Shield from all darkness. The Gagtungr flutters from of Her Name, and that his pack — even more so! All that is happening today in KIEV — the Mother of Russian Cities — is the handiwork of Darkness. Cheer up! The HOUR of LIGHT Amplification is nigh! COMING SOON — TRANSFORMATION! NOW, EVERY SOUL WILL BE TESTED FOR STRENGTH and SPIRITUALITY. Who is for RUS — he will become IMORTAL! He will GO DOWN IN WHITE ARMY OF LIGHT OF THE GREAT MOTHER OF THE WORLD, WHICH WAY INSCRUTABLE! For SHE Appear IN THE BEGINNING AND THE END! I AM THE FIRST AND LAST! ALPH AND OMEGA! STAR MORNING and EVENING! Everyone who against Darkness, that is with Me! Our Way is a GREAT and HIGH! Into the Spiritual OASIS OTHERNESS! INTO THE STATE OF LIGHT! WHERE CHRISTOS-SOPHIA REINGS! I LOVE YOU, EARTHLINGS! BE STRONG SPIRIT! There is no death! There is a transition to new level of consciousness. The Planet Earth prepares for QUANTUM LEAP — it is Emergent transition in the New Time, New Being, New dimension. Reversal can take place at any time. Only TRUE SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF SPIRIT — Will be SAVED. For low-frequency vibrations coming from hatred, malice, murder, blood, — it is the food of Satan, and whoever emits Darkness — will be in pitch Darkness. Today world government specifically created a new hot seat of war — in Ukraine to destroy the slavs — salt of the Earth. It is to deprive earthlings Russian Spirit and absorb all alive in the Darkness. Sophia the Wisdom of God — Savior of Planet — with you today, Sons and Daughters of the Light. TIME of your awakening came! There COMES DAWN! The Sun of CHRISTOS-SOTSIRH SOPHIA Is over the horizon! Let will REPEL mark of the beast and his sly fox Fokerma! Beware! Antichrist slyly luring in their meshes by: deceit, adultery, false sweet speeches. Who took the sword, — die by the sword! And only THE SWORD OF TRUTH AND THE LAW OF GOD will cut off all evil and will DEFEAT the enemy. Mother-Land — in danger until Troops of Light is not fully assembled. The Most Holy Regiments of Michael the Archangel assemble, in the Glory of Holy SOPHIA — The Wisdom of God! VICTORIA OF LIGHT — COMING SOON! URA! AUM RA!