Dear Earthlings! Happy New Year — 2015th!

Maria DEVI CHRISTOS. «Dear Earthlings! Happy New Year — 2015th!»

Dear Earthlings!

Happy New Year — 2015th!

Last year was the year of Retribution, year of the war beginning. It was begun by a Satan because Slavs of Ancient Kiev didn't accept Sophia Wisdom, Staying on the Slavic Land 24 years. And now the karmic denouement comes: everybody will get in matters to it. Ahead of — entrance of the Beast. And the Last Battle — for RUS! Victory! Glory! Revival! Protection of Sophia — over you, Slavs! Be worthy of own name! Let there be Light! Love! Goodness! Let will reduce days of sorrow for the sake of the elects! Let the mark of the Beast will escape you! Let will be done TRANSFORMATION! Let will revive Russian Spirit and the Holy RUS-Suria! URA! AUM RA!

With the Blessing — your Mother of the World