Not respected journalists-reptilians! I, as a Member of the Union of Journalists of the USSR in 1986, I want to remind you that for every word written by a pen that does not cut down with an ax, you need to bear the responsibility! Even before the collapse of the Soviet Union — it was always so. Journalists beared strict responsibility for every word. Lies and slander in that period were not acceptable to the media and propaganda. I, in my multi-dimensional activity — was a newspaperman, radio and television journalist. And till today I am responsible for My Word.

I want to ask you one question publicly: what do you all want of me, the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS? Am I in the way you live or do I crossed way?

Over the past 22 years, you do not stop replicating own nonsense about me and the false, distorted information, and in fact, libel. Time is short, and you should be responsible for each false word! The whole generation was already replaced, and all of you in a mortar, distorted by your brothers on a feather, the history about Maria DEVI CHRISTOS and «Her GREAT WHITE BROTHERHOOD». Normal journalist doing his own investigation certain events, but does not collect the leftovers on the dust-heap. Since My Historical Phenomenon in Rus, there was not a single normal journalist who truly would display the History of the Phenomena Mother of the World and Her Movement «of the Great White Brotherhood». And just — a distorted, one-sided, brainwash mass by information about the myths created by intelligence agencies about Maria DEVI CHRISTOS to reject the people of the Spiritual Way, and to send to the abyss. Then, at the beginning of 90th I openly Warned about everything. And today, all of you hanged over an abyss. In that abyss you were helped push defrocked Filaret, who began the persecution of Maria DEVI CHRISTOS in 1991, Kravchuk, who stood then in power, and the false messiah Tymoshenko was created in the 2004 «Orange Sabbath», and then, on learning by political consultant and astrologer I.Lepshin, she dressed up in «white clothes» to go astray the people and eventually to push into the clutches of overseas monsters and Reptilians of ES.

For the Idea (yes, for IDEA!) as the Prisoner of Conscience, unlike «orange» werewolves, I Suffer in the Ukrainian prisons and camps of 4 years (according to the full program I passed KGB casemates in an insulator on Pechersk, Lukjyanovka's 12 cameras, and including — the press camera together with «cannibal», a stage the Dnepropetrovsk prison, a «red» zone of Dneprodzerzhinsk). For dry running hunger strike to protest for 10 days in harsh insulator SBU (and walked daily humiliating interrogations, informants were sitting in the chamber and constantly smoked, worked day and night to the sound radiating installation, which constantly influenced a mental and physical condition), me and my ideological associates were convicted of hunger strike in protest by analogy (!) with serious bodily injury on article.101, p.1, of the old Code of Criminal Procedure of Ukraine. Such lawlessness was not yet in the world to give an article by analogy! More about this you can find in the Book «The Terrestrial Way of Mother of the World» of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya and sites:

The case was fabricated by intelligence agencies and «sewn with white thread»... On the courts, lasting nearly a year, came the employee of intelligence services S.Podgorodetskiy (together with prosecutor A.Mulyun he headed the pseudo-organization «Poryatunok» on fight against dissidents) and operated judges, demanded that I refused on My Own Name «Maria DEVI CHRISTOS» — and then Me will let out directly from a court hall, he checked passports to all who wished to come to courts, made lists. Then, this reptilian mutt organized persecution of the Mother of the World through the media, which are constantly blast Me. Now, this bastard again appeared on the horizon, and if then chased the believers, now he gone on art exhibitions and book fairs: to track My exhibitions and hinder to bear High CultUre to the masses. He goes by the artistic salons and demands that hindered my art exhibitions. For example, in March 2013 he led to the discovery of «The Ukrainian Art Week» (ART-WEEK) TV journalists from Inter, who made against Me false transmission. And to the members of the organizing committee he threatened to close the project if they exhibit My art prints. As a result, My work has not been included in the competition, although in previous exhibitions have always won prizes. Now, this former employee of the SBU, now pensioner, walks on the cultural activities of the capital and threatened My employees by courts that we expose he and his new agents. Who gave him* such a right: to violate the Constitution of Ukraine and continue to hold his provocations, stir up intolerance in society? It is with his false presenting was organize persecution and unprecedented courts against Women Philosopher Maria DEVI CHRISTOS.

But, even in inhuman conditions of detention, I never moaned, did not cry, did not complain and did not blame anybody, did not go against My Country, despite the real torture, mental and physical pressure and constant press for 22 years, unlike the unfortunate prisoners of Lutsenko and Tymoshenko, who, even in a vip conditions, staged a whining to the world that allegedly someone mocking above them... That's where the shame and humiliation! How to hate their country and the people to organize such shows and ask for help abroad! This is a weak and miserable mortals who are portray themselves as «martyrs». They destroy the conscience of the ukrainian people, and their place — in the dustbin of history! And fuss of them out as with both elected. That is, write about it, and leave me, gentlemen reptilians, alone! Not too tough for you to fight with the Mother of the World! Mind your own mortal traitors!

While in prison for My Word of God, I Continued My Cherished Work: Adoption of Spiritual CultUre, the Beauty, the Renaissance of Ukraine-Rus! And Harvests of My Grant and Thankless TRANSACTIONS — PERFECT! I have — many disciples and followers, fans and audiences around the world. I Founded Multidimensional «The Cosmic Poliart of the Third Millennium», which has no analogues in the world, because all THIS ARE GIVEN FROM ABOVE in the sweat of My Work, in spite of constant baiting and slander by the media — the fifth column, you represent. In the early 20's of the last century artists-cosmists dreamed of Poliart, but it was not possible to implement this idea. Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya Make this a REALITY. And not only have present Poliart, and a New CultUre of the Golden Age. (See the websites:

I am — Open to all, because My Affairs — RIGHTEOUSNESS! I Appeared Such in 1990, I am such today! The Idea of the United Rus, Its Spiritual RENEWAL, TRANSFORMATION — THIS are My Way and Tirelessly Work-Feat, This is Something for which I Suffering and Going a Thorny Way. I do not need your advertisement. It is you need in the rankings and constantly performing orders the same of reptiles, just like you. You — are the performers orders, pocket press. And unfairly, cynically continue to humiliate and denigrate the World Femininity, Beauty and Talent. Artists are guarded around the world. You — are the soulless and uneducated crowd, if for so many years did not find the opportunity to study and truthfully present the information about the PHENOMENON of the MOTHER OF THE WORLD MARIA DEVI CHRISTOS. THAT OF WHOM WAS PREDICTED BY ALL WOLD’S SCRIPTURES and PROPHECIES. Here's just some of them.

My legendary predecessor Helena Roerich and her husband, a prominent painter N.Roerich, to prepare the Way of the Mother of the World. El. Roerich in her «Living Ethics» presaged the Phenomenon of the World Feminine. She wrote: «There will be great era of Women, it is Women who have to perform the feat twofold — to raise themselves and raise their eternal companion — a man. All Forces of Light waiting for this Feat. The Star of Mother of the World stated Maturity the Term of the Great Term... Let the Heart of Women inflame by this Selfless Deed... Coming Great Mother!», «Mother of the Lords — not a symbol but the Great Phenomenon of the Feminine Origin, the Spiritual Mother of Christ and Buddha. One Who Taught and Ordained Them to the deed. From ancient times, Mother of the World Sends on a deed... After Atlantis, when Lucifer struck cult of Spirit, Mother of the World Starts a new thread. After Atlantis Mother of the World Veiled Her Image and Banned to say the Name until hour of Light will strike».

Philosopher and thinker Vladimir Solovyov foreshadowed the Phenomenon of Sophia. He described in detail the Ten Faces of the Divine Sophia and Her Spiritual Mission on Earth. «Absolutely God» Sophia, the Only Woman — the Cosmic Absolute. At the same time She is substantial that is to say material (bodily) and ideal (spiritual). The Eternal Feminity Sophia emerges as the Universe-Feminist Substance, the Mother Source, is Boring the humanity as the cosmic association. In this case Sophia is as the Saint Virgin Mary — our Lady… Sophia as the Cosmic and human Divinity not be only Eternally Feminity but — Eternally Masculine Source. That is to say: Sophia — this is the Mother (our Lady) and Her Son — Christ Other. Eshatological Sophia. The wife given the Sun. This Sophia was called by God to Tell to the world Truth, that is to say to Give us the finally Knowledge about Absolute, Save all the Universe from «the End of the World» and indicate the future way of the human progress. Russian Sophia. This is the national aspect. The philosopher believed that the human Cosmic Divinity will take for the Human image (Appearance) just to the russian woman philosopher. The russian people exactly distinguishes Sophia from the Saint Virgin Mary and Christos from Jesus Christ. Sophia was for him with the independent Heaven Substance is Concealed under the visibility of the lower world, the Radiant Spirit of the revived humanity ,the Guardian Angel of the Earth, Future and Final Appearance of the Divinity. (V.Soloviev. «Ten Representations of Divine Sophia»).

«Her Arrival on the Earth Sophia — the God’s Wisdom finishes as God. The sixth level of Her Perfection — the Blessing — testifies about it… After the Blessing to Sophia waits Glory… The New nature Knowledge about human, God and Universe will appear in the period just before the Aquarius’ epoch on the land Russia and Ukraine…» (V.Soloviev. 6-th letter 1875).

M.Nostradamus indicated the place of Birth and the Appearance of the Mother of the World. Here are his words: «...The great kingdom of Antichrist will come. But the Good fortune of Spirit Sacred, begun with 48 degrees (48 degrees — Doneck city — the Birthplace of Maria DEVI CHRISTOS), will cause resettlement of the people and will expel disgusting Antichrist... And before there will be a solar eclipse, the most dark that happened from the date of creation of the world till sufferings and Jesus Christ death and, then, up to now. Also there will be in October a great movement. And it will be so cruel, as if the Earth has got off from the natural way and has plunged into eternal Darkness. Before spring, and after it there will be extreme changes, transformations of empires and the strong earthquakes interfaced to unknown growth of new Babylon. And the horror of the first sacrifice will lead to increase in number of contemptible daughters. 73 years all it more and also will last seven months. And after this from a kind THAT will be allocated that during so long period remained barren. (Barren was considered Isis). She will Appearence about 50 degrees (50 degrees — Kiev city) and will update christian church». And it is not his only prophecy about White Mother.

And here is prophecy Vanga: «…Russia becomes again the great empire, first of all, the empire of Spirit and not only will remain, but also becomes ruler of the whole world. The apostles does not sit on the spot, they came down to the Earth, for it is time the Holy Spirit ... Christos in white clothes will Appear to Earth. Hour is come, when electee’s heart will know the return of Christ». And more: «To mankind more many cataclysms and rough events are prepared. The consciousness of people will change also. Coming hard times, people will share their belief. All religions fall. The day will come, and all religions will disappear! There will be only one thing: the Doctrine of «the Great White Brotherhood». As a white flower, it will cover the earth, and grateful that the people will be saved... It will spread all over the world. About it will published new books, and they will read all over the world. It will be a fiery Bible... The New Doctrine will come from Russia. She is the first cleared. White Brotherhood spread throughout Russia and begins its march across the globe».

Jesus Christos Spoke about the Phenomenon of the «Holy Spirit», «Comforter». In «Revelation», it is told about «Woman Clothed with the Sun». Sonoretsky old men and old believers, saints, prophets and Ancient Vedas say about the Phenomenon of the Great Mother.

Have not enough space to list all of the world prophecies about the Mother of the World. And the Whole of My Life and Works I Proved that the Cross Mother of the World — This is My Cross. Therefore, I ask you to stop humiliate THAT Whose Image is hidden for you yet, because soon have to pay for every false word, fraud and defamation. And if there is nothing to write and speak more as soon as to muddle old myths of CSS about Maria DEVI CHRISTOS — the Messiah of the Era of Aquarius, so I invite to address to the True Source, and to find all information on My sites, in My Books, lectures, carefully to study My Doctrine.

And go, at last into the topics of the day: expose the bastards, libertines, atheists, and other vermin, which today a lot in the world. Or, write and speak, popularize Beautiful, people very much need today it! For, remains a bit of time to choose: a way to nowhere — or the Way to the Kingdom of Light, to TRAnsformation! Soon everyone will be rewarded for. And it will be very ashamed on those who envied, humiliated and defamed the Savior of Russia and the planet Earth, when Appear the Glory of Mother of the World — «Woman Clothed with the Sun». Here then in front of her shall not stand lie and deception. All darkness will be on the dustbin of History, and the Light and Kind, Pure and Righteous will Go up into the Light of Sofia and to know Eternal Life!

Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya
  1. * – Filaret of Kiev.