POWER and PROTECTION against reptilians — it is SLAVIC MOTHER OF THE WORLD!

Planet Earth is captured by reptilians from Draco civilization. They assimilated and behave like native inhabitants of Earth. They are comfortable, they run the show, govern the world, manage people and brainwash them. Their mission — to quickly destroy the earthlings and take beautiful planet Earth, and to seat the Prince of Darkness down on the throne of Lucifer. After the destruction of Atlantis, they started to introduce their evil plan. And, first of all, this concerns Rus. Still reptilians Otto von Bismarck said: «The power of Russia can only be undermined Ukraine's separation from her... Not only should the tear, but also oppose Ukraine Russia. To do this, just need to find and nurture the traitors among the elite and use them to change the identity of one of the people to such an extent that he will hate everything Russian, to hate their family, without realizing it. All the rest — a matter of time».

The task of dismembering Russia was formulated by the U.S. National Security Council Memorandum 20/4 of 23 November 1948. About the current Russian Polish reptilians Zb.Bzezhinsky right to say that the «new world order is created against Russia at the expense of Russia and the ruins of Russia...». He described a role of Ukraine too. He is worried by Ukraine with Russia in economic prospect of growth: «Familiarizing of Ukraine with fight against Russia will allow quickly and to destroy successfully Russia and to solve forever the Slavic».

…And here, twenty first century. The world has come to the last point beyond which opens up the abyss. But then, to point the way to salvation earthlings, to the light, in spite of darkness Siriusian Mother Russia — Zventa-Sventana — Isis — Sothis will come down to the Earth!

The Universal Center of Fohatization Earth — is Ukraine. Ancient Kievan Rus, centered in Kiev — Mother Russian cities. Here from the Siriusian system of Sirius Orion Intergalactic Russia, Sophia — Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS descended in 1990. «The Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit, the Comforter», of Which Jesus Christ said, foreshadowing Her Upcoming Phenomenon, or His Second Coming in the «Holy Spirit». Holy Spirit, as we know, There is nothing other than the Image of the Mother: ruach — RA — Hari, Shakti Fohat — Light!

Universal Warrior, Head of the Hierarchy of Light, Maitreya (the Triple Mother) — She Came to Earth in the Light as Defender and Protector human race. Her Arrival Was on 11 Nisan 1990 in Donetsk, at 48 degrees north latitude, as predicted by the prophet, astrologer Nostradamus: «...comes great kingdom of the Antichrist ... But the grace of the Holy Spirit, which began with 48 degrees will cause the migration of peoples and will banish ghoulish Antichrist... And after THAT is highlighted from race, what for such a long period remained intertile (Goddess Isis for a long time was considered intertile. — approx. Ed.). She will Appear on 50 degrees (Kiev. — approx. Ed.). And will update the christian church».

«A Great Sign Appeared in heaven: a Woman Clothed with the Sun, with the Moon under Her feet and a Crown of twelve stars on Her head...» — said in the 12th chapter of the Apocalypse.

Daniel Andreev, Vladimir Solovyov, Elena Ivanovna Roerich and Vanga foreshadowed of Her — Mother-Savior. In the Fatimsky Phenomenon of the Sofia Mother of God concrete dates were given and the country and year of the Phenomenon of Great Mother was called, but Vatican still continues it to hide from people of Earth. The time and place of the Phenomenon of Sophia was known to all the elders in Rus. They were waiting for Her and Her Phenomena associated with their expectations and hopes for the Spiritual Revival of Rus, the Phenomenon of the Kingdom of Light. And She had to Appear in Rus in the House of Sophia… For RUS-SURIA on the map of the Universe — is CENTRUM where the Mother-Creator centuries Cultivates Hers Tribe. She appeared, as it were predicted, to Gather Her Children of Light and Get them back into the Abode of the Heaven Kingdom.

…The Phenomenon of the Messiah was Accomplished at the critical moment for Earth. By the end of the '80s, the planet was in the strong reptilian’s paws. They are being trained in the complete destruction of earthlings and the enthronement of the Antichrist, the Prince of Darkness, a dark power that has spread all over the place. Not surprisingly, that dark and predatory beasts lying in wait for Mother of the World from the first steps on Earth. They did best to hide the Truth about She. They continued to do it to this day. Despite the Spirit-Lighting Approval Idea of Kingdom of Light of Mother of the World on the planet, Her Powerful Universal CultUre and Beauty, dark continue to denigrate and humiliate Maria DEVI CHRISTOS. But contrary to machinations of the darks, SHE with an Open-Face Going everywhere on Earth, and are Sowing the Light, despite the thorns and obstacles in Her Way. And reptilians, as it is written like the snake's mouth poured out a river of water behind the Woman, go behind Her and are trying to slander and discredit Her, for they are afraid of Her Power and Spiritual Authority. They operate through an ordering media. It is their improvised tool. The corrupt media serves totally darks. Because reptiles serve there, and head all companies. They are silent about Beautiful Cosmic Poliart of the Third Millennium, which has Created the Mother of the World, and promote a lie, cynicism, violence and depravity. They do all possible to tear Rus apart and poor people — deprive the soul and destroying. Today Kiev — completely at the mercy of Darkness. If you look at the billboards in the city center, will open the black sabbath of the Antichrist, a certain triumph of Darkness... The predatory faces of reptiles watching on people under the guise of sexual abuse of women, advertise their artificial body, or mortally dangerous products. Even the children's advertising is completely crammed with sexy characters. It Openly advertised nightly hot spot — public house. The faces of Reptilians — are predatory, lips, in most cases — silicone, in the eyes — the darkness, eyelids — like dragons. They are now many among earthlings. They have leading positions in their legs — all finances, they manage information: throw to the masses what is advantageous to the secret world government that now rules the world is already open, and unwanted rulers of prosperous countries eliminates physically. Pocket press vividly all duplicates. People — zombie by fears and phobias are losing their face and mind. EU — is an appendage of the black servises-masons who promote the plan of the Antichrist — a world ruler up to chipization for all humanity and the destruction of the ruses as RAce, of which there was peace. Countries that are members of the EU (and especially former socialist) — do not know how to make ends meet and they do not know how to get out of it and become independent. An example of Greece — a vivid illustration of this nightmare. Today, the euro zone crisis is so severe that some of the policies of the European Union speak of «exclusion states and even dissolution of the Union» of individual. German functionary of SPD promotes to EU «kaput», if it does not turn into a stronger political union. That is why the reptilians so zealously pushing Ukraine into this rotten stall. Reptilian-financier George Soros is concerned about the coming crisis in the euro zone. In an interview with Dutch television, he said: «The European Union may repeat the fate of the Soviet Union, when the faulty economic policies have led to the collapse of the state, despite the 70th anniversary of the Soviet superpower. I am extremely concerned that the euro may destroy the European Union. There is a real threat, which is that the proposed solution to the financial difficulties of the euro zone creates a deep political problem».

So, why Ukraine condemn itself to certain death, not to mention, of complete dependence on U.S. and European monsters? Only natural way of Rus, which lies in the unity of the Slavic countries — there is a way of salvation, and the current economic impasse that reptile Timoshenko and her puppeteers from overseas drew Ukraine.

V.Putin said: «In the case of Ukraine's accession to the Customs Union and the Common Economic Space, the economic benefits of Ukraine will earn a percentage of GDP. According to our estimates, in terms of money, somewhere 9-10 billion dollars a year».

The obvious benefit of Ukraine's accession to the Customs Union is obvious. But it is very disadvantageous to secret world government. And it is obvious to all that all policy round Yu.Timoshenko-Kapitelman rotates today. And it isn't casual! This is a landmark demonic figure embodied on the Earth in the same year as the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, to take the time to ruin Rus and declare herself “messiah-savior” of Ukraine. And many believed in it. And today they wreck center of Rus with her help. And the world government is sending their messengers and terrorizing our country as they wishes. Oh, they are very craving for implement reptilian plan to destroy Rus. For centuries, nonhumans prepared this black action, gradually imposed humanity psevdo-kulture, pseudo-values??, pseudoscience. And filthy invaded the Center of Mother-Rus, have ruined Her, and Mother of the Light slandered, and his black Fokerma advancing to the royal throne beside Antichrist, who is preparing for his exit... It is an unfortunate outcome of their planned introduction into the life of earthlings. Everywhere reptiles governing. They do not give normal people get promoted, deprive their normal life. And his — they treated and protect as the apple of an eye. Here to you an example, Yu.Timoshenko-Kapitelman — the lady reptile in white. Her way — low and heartless, cunning and cruel. As they say, to the goal — is on the corpses! And many people zombified her crafty «image». And it's — «whore of Babylon», which says to «Revelation»! Why she is in such fine conditions and over a year simulates a «disease», contrary to the law? So as to escape from punishment for their evil deeds. Because reptiles in power won't allow to offend the main reptile on which they are relied as on «the Hazaria queen», Fokerma, mother spouse of Antichrist. Here they also protect, and fuss over she because they, probably, afraid of she… And just for the fact that she dared to try on the Images of That, Whose Name is Eternally — the Forces of Reckoning isolate her from society! And her people would never punish her for black affairs, as she constantly got away with it for as long as she is called herself a «savior», the «White Lady»... Who stands up for her today? The same reptile. Among them — Kravchuk and Filaret. Filaret in 1991 gave the intelligence agencies to pursue Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS and put in prison, he gave her anathema. For that he was soon excommunicated and unfrocked. And spiritless and insidious «Priestess of Darkness» YU.V.Timoshenko. Filaret defends and rescues. Their — their know. Here is a mystical time has come, as it is interesting to observe following current developments... Reptilians from the EU zealously trying to Tymoshenko, Kapitelman to seat on the throne «queen» president. That is why they try to pull Ukraine into the chain den of EU, which are governed faceless gays and other perverts. Look closely at their faces and you will see the face reptilians! Who is the greatest of all the fussing for Tymoshenko? Look and see their reptilian entities. Here is one: Aunt Rebecca from the EU. I want to cry looking at her anti feminine exterior! And look at the Farion, her face distorted with anger, hands and fingers hooked, she who pathologically hates everything russian, slavic. (But Kiev — is the Mother of russian cities!). This is also a reptile. Look in the shifty black eyes Lutsenko. I think he's all too clear. Uncle Fule? And he is — from the same cohort. In general, learn to recognize them. And to expose them, not to believe them. The Verkhovna Rada has — a lot of reptiles. They held out a number of anti-human laws. First and foremost, it is the laws of chipization, biometric passports, a single registry, electronic money, etc. Hosts from overseas: reptile Clinton, Obama is the Antichrist, the Rothschilds, Morgans, Rockefellers and their ilk hurry their handy reptiles from the EU as soon as possible to tighten the noose on Ukraine in order to Russia no more frightened them. They dream to occupy our territory, because it is — historically fertile. Therefore, more than one year they are etched slavs chemtrails and vaccines, GMO and Drug...

With Reptilians memorable Victory Day this year in the Ukraine was turned into a pitiful sight... Veterans of the Great Patriotic War modestly sat on the bench for Arsenal to rending sound of the music from the speakers, and stopped up their ears to not go deaf. They were deprived of the holiday. The parade was not. People were suppressed, their faces was read confusion: where the leader, you can go for? Which way to look? Someone to be? People do not know for whom to follow today. The ideals trampled. Most sane Ukrainians do not want the integrate with the European Union, because they understand that this is followed by a complete collapse and electronic concentration camp... More than half the population wants former friendship and unity of the slavs, to live according to the laws of love and morality, decency and honor. What do we see today? Sparse marching ranks of the Communists, «orange», Party of Regions, the Cossacks, the unorganized crowd ... Every movement, as they say — their own «wedding». Every second family lost during the Second World War, father, son, brother, husband, sister ... So the people of Kiev are quietly honor the memory of the fallen in battle for the Motherland. In fact Homeland of the Slavs were united: RUS! So why today authority is flirting with those who stood on the side of nazi Germany, allows to distort history, to promote the antihuman principles? Parade in honor of the anniversary of the Victory over nazi Germany canceled and gay parade — resolved. What is this? Is it the cynical imposition of anti-human? This is reptilian ideology of the West, aimed at the destruction of human beings, as a unit of the Universe as an individual soul. And if we do not rise up against those who create the Sabbath, which «Whore of Babylon» — Fokerma-Tymoshenko made in Ukraine in 2004, then tomorrow will be quite late. Why do the authority yields to these invaders? After all, there is their guile and cunning, lies and deceit. Is it may be enticing huge IMF loans, which eventually drive the country and its people into debt? For example, the same today Greece forced to sell the whole of the island with the population to pay debts to usurers of world government. Why some scumbags indicate the president, in fact — the owner of the country how to live and what to do to the state? It is called — the surrender of slavic interests and taking a pro-Western inhuman reptilian anti-culture, ideology, and if more succinctly express it, in fact — the adoption of satanism. And this is a highway to the scaffold. Does the president of the country not understand this? Apparently reptiles, again, took power into their own hands, because the president passed the position... Then, in 1993, when Sofia Appeared in Her House, and you could still change everything — the people of Kiev rejected Her and did not protect from the dark... Now that being said, we have what we have... Karma went to the slavic race.

But there is One Power and Protection, One Way and Salvation: is the Mother of the World! Only She Entirely with Beauty and STRENGTH OF SPIRIT Resists to mankind destruction! For, the Creatress of Universe — Siriusian Isis-Sothis-Sophia — Maria DEVI CHRISTOS is staying at the head of corner. And Her New Name Hides Universe History: CHR — CHORUS (Son), Ist — Truth, Isis (Mother), Os — Osiris (Father). It is the Space Trinity of Organizers of Solar System.

Life in the Universe is dramatic. Because the Way to Wisdom pass through Sufferings. When Lucifer betrayed Mother of the World, the world learned evil. Seth continued this drama, deception killed Osiris, Isis’s Spouse. Judas — exacerbated by hand the Son Horus — Jesus Christ — over torture and execution. And now, the Antichrist himself with his black retinue, reptilians and dark stooges rebelled against the Light of the Great Mother of the World, the One That Was the Last, in order to Accomplish TRANSFIGURATION, Victoria of Light in the Universe! Space Works and Thorny Way of the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS — open to earthlings. The Way is TRODDEN. And there comes a Time of Trial. The Light or the Darkness. The light is in the kingdom of Darkness. Who follows whom?

From the kingdom of Darkness into the Kingdom of Light will come out sighted, strong, pure of heart, strong intellect, those who recognize the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS — the Savior of RUS and the Universe from the dark invaders, those who for any reason do not accept the «number of the Beast» — the label chip on the forehead or on the right wrist. For it is said in the book of Revelation: «... blessed are those who observe Commandments of Christ that they may have right to the Tree of Life and enter into the City gates. Outside — are the dogs and sorcerers and sexually immoral and murderers and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie».

Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya