Stop to be afraid of reptiles! Drive them kicks from Rus!

Again and again, it should be recalled (may be sober consciousness of Slavs?), Entry into the EU — is stranglehold for Russia, it is an open door for the entry of death, this is the last revenge black servants before taking in a VICE the Slavic PEOPLE, and complete subjection to their total destruction. This task of reptilian clans that serve Antichrist: destroy most recalcitrant people on planet Earth and brand him the «number of the Beast». That is why, a bunch of reptiles so pressure on Ukraine and President Viktor Yanukovych. And if he will hand them our country, then forgiveness he will not be. Thereby, he will sign to Ukraine and himself, first of all, the death sentence from the dark. Only association with our sister countries: Russia, Belarus, and then the other Slavic countries — will give the opportunity to win this orange plague with reptilian rulers the other side of ocean and others of that ilk. South-East of Ukraine, voting for president in 2010, upholded his program of Slavic union of our countries, the renunciation of NATO, the development of original Russian Language. What forced the president to change so sharply his vector and obey reptilian world government, which is every day more and more becomes impudent and mocks at the will of humans? FEAR. Fear for himself and his family. But he was the first who took up a fitting tribute to such a black figure in the history of Ukraine-Rus', as Yu.Timoshenko-Kapitelman, that rob people, deceived him, and pushed them to the clutches of Antichrist. SHIELD of Great SOPHIA Stood over Viktor Yanukovych, and therefore only required firmness, will and self-confidence, so it was possible to defend the interests of our country. Impossible undermine the confidence of their voters, and it is — more than half of the country. If Yanukovych as «committed» in this hostile to Slavs, the EU — then only fear made ??him change his target vector. But then, in the presidential election voters will not support him anymore, because the president is not defended the idea of ??Slavic southeastern Ukraine. Sophia Herself Turn away from him if he would go this murderous course for the country: euro dump — not for the SLAVS! NATO‘s deadly Chemtrail which Kravchuk and Tymoshenko launched above our sky of Ukraine, giving their approval NATO’s monsters: poison our people by air — also with the tacit consent of the authorities continue to destroy all life. But does know about this Victor Yanukovych? What information his environment and advisers present to him? Why everything is done by order of a world government? Should not be afraid of these monsters, they are afraid of themselves! You must be afraid to betray your people and those who trust the president and support him.

Why authority does so toothless in response to insults, threats and direct incitement to extremism, insurrection? Why, in response to bullying by paid media is silent and only allows an orange to arrange in the state confusion and suppress all Laws of Ukraine? Why does the president suffers a direct mockery of his human dignity from homeless in support of Tymoshenko paid on Khreschatyk her «supporters»? It's time to demolish this filthy tent city-den and not allow to split the country and wipe it on feet! How long this coven of the dark will proceed? Why any reptilians from the USA, or lowered EU (where any more didn't remain any human norms of life) indicate to the sovereign country how to live and what laws to accept? WE MUST LET APPROPRIATE FIGHT BACK TO WHOLE GANG IMMEDIATELY! Then the whole TRUTH is on the side of the president and the current government. And the Forces of Light will help!

The fiery patriot of the small country of Venezuela HUGO CHAVEZ showed fine example of the self-sacrificing ruler, the real sovereign. This man in a short time transformed the country into prosperous state and he sent away the U.S.: there, where it deserves. And servants of darkness were afraid him, but he does not. For this, he merited the respect, national glory and a place in Paradise. This is — a true WARRIOR OF LIGHT! Glory to him in centuries! This is example worthy of imitation. Also our RUS — Ukraine, a country-pearl, in which countless natural resources and on which stands the SPIRIT-LIGHTING COVER THE GREAT MOTHER OF THE WORLD — SOPHIA-SOTHIS — WISDOM OF GOD could prosper! Only worth rely on THIS Supramundane FORCE — and we can move mountains! About the Phenomenon of Mother Sophia in Rus known always, the mystery of Her Appearance and the Vatican keeps. It is the citadel of darkness... But today Her Epochal Phenomenon opening only sighted. SOPHIA — IS YOUR SHIELD AND COVER!


Long ago it would be time to Ukrainian oligarchs to take away their cash reserves and transfer them to our Ukrainian banks. And the country would not depend on anybody. And debts could be paid from these accounts, by the united patriotic oligarchs. Here then would begin the «independence» from these overseas reptiles. But, unfortunately, probably, such phrase as «patriot-oligarch» today, so far, does not exist in nature... Modified consciousness does not contain patriotism. As it is said in the Gospel: it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the Kingdom of Heaven! Alas, alas ... And the way out - so simple! It would be, as they say: eat the cake and have it too… And now the enemies of the Slavs finally drive the UKRAINE into the authority of a unity world government. Older Rothschilds prepare the arrival of Antichrist. Most likely, it is Barack Obama. Here the last 3,5 years of his government. And now he's everybody will chipping like cattle, and destroy for indecent. All the predictions of the prophets, and the elders about the Antichrist, miraculously coincide and relate it to the forty-fourth president of the United States — Barack Obama.

And, Beast, before jumping into the abyss, lurking and bared his teeth to Rus Disagreeable and Disobedient.... In 2004, Timoshenko-Kapitelman opened the gates of Hell. She passed our country to the last iota of «thirty pieces of silver» Judas to power a world government led by the Antichrist. She took advantage of a Powerful Egregor of Mother of the World — the Messiah of the Aquarian Age — MARIA DEVI CHRISTOS, and dressed white clothes and tried to enter in Her Sacred Image. Many people believed and deceitfulness. Under the guise of «rescuer» there was black Fokerma — the mystical spouse of Antichrist — Kapitelman. And today, feigning illness, living in resort conditions of state hospitals instead Kachanovka — she craves power and blood; she craves the royal crown, she dreams of being a «president». And if Viktor Yanukovych will soften and release the darkness into the light — the universal trouble comes!..

If people do not come to their senses and do not unit under the Aegis of LOVE, BEAUTY, UNITY, LIGHT of Mother of the World — black plan of the Antichrist will be executed. And then only 144,000 «in white clothes» will save those who do not put a label-chip «beast» on the body. They will rise up under the banner of White SOPHIA-liberator Rus from the dominance of darkness. Others — will disappear forever in the abyss of Antigod... Today, still there is a chance to WIN this world evil and protect our Long-suffering RUS from attacks black servants. With each passing day more and more shadow government tightens the noose around the neck of the planet Earth. The European Union — is the citadel of darkness, sexual abuse, the abomination of desolation. The human soul — is the ideal creation of Creator. And if we address today to soul, it will wish purity and freedom of flight over this abyss. It is the black servants turned today in an abyss of darkness the life on Earth for billions of its inhabitants... Air, water and nature had been poisoned; man had been poisoned by spite... Violence, murder, animal fear, sex and profit rule the world today. All this dirt of «European values» darks sown in Rus, where two decades ago these euro-animals — reptiles that rules the world splited Her narrow national side, tore Her white tunic to pieces. Look at least one of them: MEP Rebecca Harms (by the way, a relative of german doctor Tymoshenko), and then fizzling to Ukraine in defense of his reptile Tymoshenko-Kapitelman. It's a beast's offspring — a real reptile... And there are today — a lot on the Earth. They walk among us disguised as humans, and preparing the way the Antichrist. Drive them kicks from Rus! Stop to be afraid of them — they are nothing, and scumbags who have no place in the Universe! Look attentively, and you will see who they are! All of them are ugly! DO NOT believe them, they are afraid of you and will become invalid as soon as you stop noticing them and pander to them! Stop notice Tymoshenko. This is — Dark Force on the Slavic World. She is antipode of Mother of the World. WEREWOLF. Support what today is. Nationalists and the fascists inciting a flame of hostility today on the earth — it is reptiles. DO NOT believe them. DO NOT notice them. Help to Yanukovych to unite with Russia and Belarus in the Customs Union! This will protect the Slavs economically and strategically from external enemies. To defeat these invaders — we need to unite! The Sun of Mother of the WORLD MARIA DEVI CHRISTOS is Shining for you today earthlings, slavs, ruses! There is a chance of WINNING of the Beast! It all depends on you, on your soul, on your consciousness. Realize the nightmare of this millennium, what was predicted in the «the Revelation to John» — is coming true!!! «Number of the beast» is already implanted in the right hand and on the forehead of the unfortunate people who had betrayed Christ. «The Woman Clothed with the Sun» — is Sophia — Maria DEVI CHRISTOS — Savior Protector of RUS-Suria and the planet Earth, the Ancient Siriusian Goddess Incarnate, to Oppose the Antichrist and the World evil, to Teach you the Truth and LOVE. She Gave earthlings Cosmic Knowledge and Divine Siriusian Metakultura. Address in the Prayer of the Light to Mother of the World, and darkness will not overcome you! And the Kingdom of Light — within you and to know yourself as one of the Universe, as the individual soul — the meaning of existence on the Earth. Let There Be Light, and the Absolute Victory of Light in the Universe! Let this year you will rally around Sophia-Emancipatress of Rus from the Antichrist and his dark servants! AUM RA! URA!

Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya