How can you call Ukraine the «independent» country if it is entirely dependent on the West, the U.S. and Russia? Independent Ukraine was in Soviet times. Then it was a prosperous state-republic with a strong economy, agriculture, military industry, science, medicine, culture, etc. Developed, as ever, and Ukrainian language: constantly heard folk songs, movie heroes spoke Ukrainian, the Ukrainian language published periodicals, particularly in the regional centers of Ukraine, Ukrainian language schools training was necessarily, the West and the South-East lived in harmony and understand each other, freely communicating in Russian and Ukrainian. Nobody impaired Ukraine its rights: to live and to grow in the unity fraternal republics. Monolith Rus-Russia was the power and pride of all russian people. And all were called «Russian». It was the definition of a unified spirit, soul and body, that is, integrity of mind, regardless of the nation. Ancient-Kiev RUS was called as RUS because was the center of the Slavic world. But with invasion of overseas aggressors, Powers of Darkness started stratifying, dividing our Rus, creating hostility in the state and the people, and purposefully to destroy all live! Over the past two decades of «independence», or directly related to the secret world government and its marionettes, the population of Ukraine decreased to 36 million. And every month in the face of this «independence» in Ukraine is dying of 18-20 thousand people... It is fashionable word «independence» as the word «tolerance» have been introduced into practice in the global society transatlantic ideologues to destroy ethnic groups and cultures.

Nicholas Roerich wrote: «People who limit their understanding of the world to language, foreign, state, — the people of the primitive mind»...

The plan of american general Dulles has been executed successfully: Rus partitioned, humiliated, slandered. And today, they make the last decisions on its final destruction…

With the entry of Ukraine in foreign EU, the world will change completely. Ukraine will cease to exist as a state, and divide into small colonies that will be controlled world government as the bases for the supply of raw materials and the use of the territory of the slaves, and the disagreeable — will be physically eliminated. The EU will collapse itself very soon, as the United States. Need one, just one drop. And this last drop may be Ukraine. If Ukraine, after all, will go down in the notorious EU — it will be potentially explosive bomb for the fate of the entire world. Well, first, because KIEV and Ukraine are — a place Peculiar from Above. It was here Avatar of the third millennium Appeared, the Messiah of the Aquarian Age — Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS in 1990 to Rescue the people of United Rus. And Her Cosmic Force Began to Affect the whole soulless world, day after day, it Shaping conditions for the Birth of the Sixth RAce of the new TRAnsformation Mankind. RUS became starting point on the universe map for the Perfect Divine-Space ProgRAm and the Salvation and Fohatization «USMALOS». The Sirius — Superterrestrial Rus started this ProgRAm, after Explantation-Transformation of Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS on Earth. Thus began the countdown Age Division into Good and Evil. But we will return to article beginning.

In 1991, our friendly slavic sister, Yugoslavia was still full of energy and flaunted their natural wealth, abundance of food and all the necessities for population life. Belgrade was still very beautiful and affable. Townspeople could leave their cars at home with the door unlocked, and no one drove away their while... But even then, the global aggressor U.S. and the West have begun to introduce their own scenario to capture this ancient slavic beautiful country. Artificial enmity was planted between Serbs and Croats of religiously motivated and soon unleashed a civil war. Over a period of two decades, has changed beyond recognition. Today, Yugoslavia doesn’t exist any more. It was splited American reptilians. As a result, there were small Yugoslav region countries: Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, etc. Rich these countries today you won't call and the uniform people divided on a national and religious sign and became on the relation to each other, as the observer and the rival. But most terrible — is yet to come... Recently, the EU has entered a small Croatia. And now it even more will feel on itself pressure, heterogeneity, globalization and approaching world crisis. Greece, Bulgaria, Spain, Italy and other countries with pleasure would leave EU that today, rotted through from top to bottom. But world government artificially constrained them. So, lacking the last drop that the pro-Western structure collapsed at one moment! Ukraine also becomes explosive mixture for this decrepit and worn-out body-grandmother Europe.

Russia, despite strong pressure from the world's elite, even today continues in every way to keep their sovereignty. And they fear her and respect. For Russia today — it is the only stronghold of the Primordial Rus. Although she also poisoned by NATO’s poisonous chemtrails, bourgeois mass anti-culture, zombie advertising, American gray-brown-crimson «revolutionary» sentiments of counter-revolutionaries, and certainly harmful products in packages labeled — bar code «666». Inhumane laws by chipization mass population were introduced. And these plans world government that expanding in Russia, plans to implement in the near future... Alas, alas... Apparently, earthlings have come face-to-face with the Beast of Antichrist — the world's monster, devouring human souls. Because earthlings don't wish to defend the human right to life. No one is opposed to the black mark of the Beast, except for Mother of the World and Her White Armies, which still completely didn't enter into the system… Maya — is strong, illusion — is deceptive. What is needed, perhaps, world cataclysm, or even some trouble, that at last, the real warriors (kshatriya) felt themselves White Warriors under the Shambala’s Banner of Collagiya (as lords called Mother of the World) and freed the planet Earth from alien invaders-reptilians, that take their niches in the world's elite. How much can you split russians — the native population of this long-suffering planet?!. This planet is still Keeps in the Hands of the Mother of the World. For it is Her sick child. But if This Force Leaves the Earth — will later to address to Her for Salvation... Earthlings must pass a final exam at the Faith and Devotion to Their Creator — Single Mother of all things. Mother of the World from 1990 Calling for Herself everybody, She Pointed to the True Way and Gave the world the True KNOWLADGE that was hidden by the dark forces for thousands of years, since the fall of Atlantis. But, as Jesus Christos said: «many are called but few are chosen»...

If Ukraine joined the Customs Union, the U.S. and the West would lose its leading position. The world would be bipolar — and restored to desirable balance. Would separate Evil from Good, and black — from white. And whites would win... But, apparently, blacks takes revenge, and finally torn Russia’s white dress. (Russia lost to the United States «cold war» and the dark has such a sanction, unfortunately...). Russia as it possible prevents entry of Ukraine into the EU, struggles thanks to the GDP. Today, Ukraine is already feeling how hard it will have without mutually beneficial trade with Russia ... Russia just gave Ukraine a warning signal that the Ukrainian economy will suffer immediately after joining the EU. And cry is already on the whole of Europe…

Well, there's nothing to be done! The Ukrainian president (and Russian too) is Given the Cover and Protection of Mother of the World till the last moment… The southeast of Ukraine elected Victor Yanukovych the president, as guarantor of the rights and freedoms of Slavs. And if the president betrays the people — the Mercy to him already won't be from Above!

So to check the true Faith. If pope of Rome and the archbishops protect ordinary mortals, they are completely deprived of Spiritual Protection. Did Viktor Yanukovych hopes that the pro-Western monsters from the EU and the United States will help him, if he fulfills all their requirements? This is — absurd. If in addition, swindler century YU.V.T. — she is Fokerma — the embodiment of feminine incarnation of the Antichrist released. Than Yanukovych, as they say, hold on! Guys from overseas definitely will glad to this fiasco. And the country will soon cease to exist because Fokerma in the power struggle will bring people to the carnage. Well, if this worst-case scenario played out, then there will be ghetto and an electronic concentration camp. And world government take away all the oligarchs immediately, as used waste material. And then begins a bloody Sabbat all over the Earth, which was told in the «Revelation». All the abominations will be on stage: scum, perverts, and reptilians-servants of the Antichrist. And the Prince of Darkness will appear with his «whore of Babylon» Fokerma revel in human blood… And only 144,000 coming from the Great Tribulation in the white clothes of Purity, will drift above the Earth follow Sophia — Maria DEVI CHRISTOS into the Kingdom of Light! The planet will reset all the sores and a foreign abomination!

This is — the last Warning. There is always way from trouble. Today, only one Way — it is  U N I O N  of the Slavs and stand Our ranks against Dark Forces using: russian spirit, valor, courage, love of the country (Slav’s Homeland is ONE — RUSSIA!). Divine Hand of Mother of the World to the last with Love Reach out to help all slavic presidents and to all earthlings, who crave True Salvation of the planet Earth! Victoria of RUSSIA — is Ours! It is Written in the Akasha Chronicle. URA!

Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya