By the Power and Force of Great Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS dark’s plans of capture on planet Earth constantly break down and removed. The world has entered to 2013. This year is decisive in the ProgRAm of Rescue of planet Earth and Universe «USMALOS». For last 3,5 years of reign of Antichrist have gone. And right now he will try to finish the artful plan on chipization the population of a planet and to show himself in all completeness of the animal power. Thus Good will be separate from Evil. All Light Forces will follow Mother of the World and will appear during the critical moment under Her Supramundane Protection and the White Toga. And all weak in spirit and godless will accept a label-chip «Mark of the Beast» and will descend in depths lightless darkness, after Antichrist. The secret world government in the name of aggressive clans of bankers-oligarchs was already prepared for his meeting and soon declares the uniform world governor — «savior», having put under this evil deed a fat end. Who is he?

On all signs and time signs it is last — the 44th U.S. President Barack Obama a black president. On January, 21st, 2013 he has officially taken the oath for the second presidential term of board. And that became the reference point of the last three and a half years of his power on Earth... Let's remind that recently Barack Obama has published the Decree according to which all Americans, including children, till March, 23rd, 2013 will receive a microchip-implant. And then his satanic rites will be developed worldwide. We will observe…

2013 year becomes solving year for the planet Earth and especially for Space of Rus. For from here, from within, Mather of the World Creates all New! And aggressors of Solar System — Set’s tribe — since the fourth dynasty of Pharaohs when the Shemsu-Horus esteeming the Goddess of Universe Isis, Her spouse Osiris and the Son Horus, have left a planet, — have begun the intrusion into consciousness of earth dwellers. And with an ulterior motive today the dark prepare a deadly stranglehold for Ukraine-Rus. This place is Marked on the Universe card, as the Earth of Promise of Holy Spirit. Ukraine-Rus is the heart of the planet Earth and All Universe. Initially, Uniform White RAce has put the ancient vedic bases of Sacral Knowledge for all Universe. It is here a href="">April 11, 1990 The Queen of Heaven appeared, embodied in terrestrial Cover. About this Phenomenon it has been predicted since ancient times. But dark have tried to erase it from memory of earth dwellers and to turn all towards one-sided patriarchal consciousness. Because coming of Antichrist prepared centuries for final enslavement of human souls. The last thing that made the envoys Seth — Cyril and Methodius: cut seven sevens ABC-letters (49 levels of the Fifth RAce), what finally have deprived ruses imaginative thinking and possession word-sound. Because Language in Rus was One! And Spaces of Supramundane Rus were Stretch for all Universe! Ukraine-Rus has appeared a target for Dark aggressors of the Earth. Mother of the World — the Siriusian Goddess of Light — Project Her Monastery on the Earth in the Bosom of Ukraine-Rus with the centre in Sophia. For She is Sothis-Sophia, or Sirius-Sothis human consciousness. She is — SIRiUS — Throne of Suria, and IsUs — the Throne of Isis, or the Throne of Sirius, Sothis-Sophia. So it has been written down in the Heavenly Monastery of Interstellar Open Spaces of the Unity Suria-Rus! So Became! She is — ORANTA. And Orion — is Her Spouse Supramundane and Eternal! OSIRIS-CHORUS — SIRIUS of ISIS, i.e. Sitting, Sitting on Throne of Osiris-Light. AST — Her Name, a Star, the Standing Star . And the Symbol ROStau — the Cross of RUS — means a Burdened, i.e. Sothis, Sophia. Everything sealed in Russian Word! That darks have hidden from mankind has opened in Our Russian-Sursky Words, in their great symbols, in their figuRAtiveness, a tracing… Though darks have reduced Our Language, no time containing there is about 150 sounds-letters, nevertheless, there were sign words-roots of the Life Aries-Ruses, the Solar Grace Tribe of the Unity Native land — Mother of RUS-SURIA — MA-RUSI!

Then, in the beginning 1990 year, Mather of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS appeared from Heavens on Fires and Forces to Start to Spin the New Cloth of the Universe from here, from without light Matter, which have wallowed in sins, Having cleared Its Body by Fohat. The darks frightened of Her Heavenly Force and Power — both a deceit, and artful designs have seduced souls of earth dwellers, and Mather of the World was hidden in a prison. Maria DEVI CHRISTOS with Honour and Advantage has Stood all tests of prisons and a colony and, She having Appeared in the lowland of the sinful world, has Won Darkness! 22 years has passed, and the world has changed. Those who have gone on Call of Great Mother of the World by Light way, — saved the souls from harm, and those who have appeared in passions of the godless world, — have lost sight In 2004 — Ukraine-Rus was deceived and blind, entrusting themselves to the invaders-reptiles and their false promises. The secret world government has made a bet on capture of Ukraine-Rus through black creature reptile Ju.Timoshenko-Kapitelman. Three hundred magicians have married it for a role of the Khazar Queen Fokerma — the future spouse of Antichrist. To the planned purpose she went, speaking to her own pearls: «breaking doors and knocking out walls»… But, to the bitter disappointment, by Will of the Great Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, she has appeared isolated from the power. For her purpose began all possible ways to sit on a throne of the autocratic queen and to operate consciousness of earth dwellers together with Antichrist. For this purpose she also has dressed White Clothes of Sanctity, having encroached, thereby, on Image of Protector and Rescuers of Russia of Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS. It also became the beginning of the end of her power on a planet. The Babylon loose woman has robed the people and has doomed them to sufferings and poverty, definitively having betrayed the Native land, has infected Ukraine-Rus with an orange plague of the changed consciousness, has started in the centre of Russia a shaggy paw of a devil… All it was made on a plan of the Prince of Darkness and his devilish den, Ukraine-Rus has appeared in a vice of a deceit and a complete dependence from Powers of Darkness. But being humanoid essence of this world, Ju.Timoshenko-Kapitelman has received sanatorium conditions, by a deceit and feigned illness, having avoided conditions in which there are present prisoners… All over the world there is no prisoner who would be in similar conditions during the conclusion. For the world is already occupied by dark, and being the individual of this world, she has received from it corresponding conditions, as they say: «render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's», and this world protects black «queen», as an eye pupil, … without understanding that harm should be punishable. This reptile uses energy of masses, manipulates their consciousness, finally disorganizing the country, and cynically continues, together with the deceived supporters, to destroy all human in Rus… Reptiles of the EU and the USA in defense of their creature discredit and humiliate Ukraine for the whole world, trying to get her into a deadly trap. Reptile Clinton, reptile Merkel and others like them — by all means try to free their black tribeswoman of Seth’s seed. Just do not understand why the authorities endure such terror and humiliation to the Ukraine? The path to the EU — is the way to destruction into the hands of satan, the Antichrist, who soon will stamp his entire label «Beast». Is it fear and dependence on the world's bankers and dealers profit? It's all an illusion and emptiness. You must firmly say «NO» to all the invaders and those who hate Rus-Suria with the Centre in Ukraine. How corrupt spies and agents of the West and the USA and other supporters of Timoshenko destroyers Our Common Motherland Whose Name — Holy Rus, trying to sell her to strangers!.. Money won't be soon. The banking electronic system of dependence won't rescue also… The dark get what they want out of the Ukraine and disconnect overseas accounts of oligarchs and rulers of this world. Soon, this godless world Shaken Retribution. For the Antichrist preparing his way to here. And if those in power do not refuse to the way satanic and satanic gatherings of world government and their breeding-ground U.S.A and the EU, the world will cover the pitch darkness. Only 144,000, coming from the Great Tribulation, will clothe in White Clothes of Righteousness and Purity and follow the Kingdom of the Great Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS! Let will come nearer This Blissful Hour! URA! AUM RA!