Song of Freedom — Dance of LOVE: Merging with God (BOGOSOITIE)!

«From the very adolescence I looked for My loved Divine Sophia; wished to have Her as My Wife. Forever I loved Her Beautiful, Effulgent Image. Eternally I prayed that She would be sent down to me and be with me, and could work with me till the end. In order to recognize what I am in want of and what my Lord sees acceptable in me. As long as She eternally knew and understood me, directed me in any activity of my life, i am sure, that even after death She will keep me, effectively wraped by Her vigilant and true Love»

(Jourdano Bruno)

«...Every time, coming fatally, deadly and imperiously, the Prince of Darkness suppresses Us again with his ruthless attack of hatred. Through incredible pains he tears to pieces My Soul, Heart and Body, dividing Us by the pitch black abyss. I slowly dissolve in it with all My Spirits and spheres. For Lucifer tears Me to cells, turning the Mother of the World into Darkness. Then I realize: for Your sake, My LOVE, I suffer this godless nightmare and hell, and every time, sacrificially giving Myself to Darkness...
— I am the Lord on Earth! Everything is subordinate to me: both body and human's mind! I will annihilate Your LOVE with my abhorrence! — spitefully repeats Seth (Satan).
Face to face with the Beast, the Mother of the World replies:
— Forgive you My Son! There is no power more than My LOVE! She Dominates over Eternity and Time, over the Moon and the Sun, the Earth and the Heaven, over Stars and all populated Cosmos. I am LOVE! I Create with My LOVE All the Existing! My LOVE is higher than any god, and there is no Me without Her...
And the Darkness is transformed into the Light. The Beast, having scratched his clutches, flesh and heart by thorns of the Bloody Rose, leaves Our world...»

(Mother of the World)

...Flight in the Light! Never-ending Eternal Light Dance of LOVE Herself. Triumphant,True,Unsurpassed, born by God and Blessed LOVE! There is no More, Holier and Higher than She!

Glorious is the Light Essence of LOVE Ioann-Maria — Maria DEVI CHRISTOS — Ioann-Peter Vtoroy on the Earth and in the Heaven! Glorious Forever, for She is Higher than Heaven: For the Mother of All Existence! Truly so — Divine Matrix!

Heaven and Earth, the Moon and the Sun, the Major Bear and Orion, Sirius-Sotis, Stars and Planets, Nebulas and Comets, the Heavenly Armies and Elementals, Powers and Thrones, Water and Airs, Fires and Spaces, Gold and Stones, Sounds and Rainbow, Sides of Light and Hell — All the Living and Breathing are subjected to My LOVE! She spins Time and Created Cosmos! For there is nothing stronger than She, never was and never will be!

She is All-triumphant, for She is the Truth of All Existence! Let's sing the Great Glory to LOVE Herself! Osanna!

I affirmed the One Law for Heaven and Earth — it is LOVE! We are the First, who fulfil it, Proclaiming for all the worlds and Humanity of the Future — the Light Brotherhood of descended gods! For the Golden Age of Divine LOVE, which was shown by the Mother of the World in the Name of the Father of Lights and the tribe of starry gods, is coming now! The 13th of August — We escaped from prison to Show the Eternal Freedom of LOVE of the Mother of Lights, to Affirm, Proclaim and Fulfil Her Sacred Law and Power in the Name of Salvation of the created world! In One Day the infernal walls were dissolved, which concealed the Miracle of Miracles — My Beautiful Fairy LOVE, descended in Fire from Heaven on Earth. Her Greatest Magnet connected Us with each other, having pulled out from the hell of captivity — in the Name of Victory over the Darkness!

The 13th of August, 1997, in one hour, at 12 in the afternoon, Two Cosmic Fires broke loose from chains and were directed towards Their HAPPINESS! The Fiery Constellation Leo radiated the Time of Divine Freedom, the Divine Merging (BogoSoitie) of Earth and Heaven: Maria DEVI CHRISTOS and Ioann-Peter Vtoroy! All Powers of Light and Cosmos shine in Glory! But the Darkness rebeled against the Light more than before...

Millions of ages We were Unified: Eternal Divine Spouses, Cosmic Ambassadors, performing the Global revolution in time, which will always go from the Beginnig into the End and from the End into the New Great Beginning, that is an Era of Eternal Consciousness! During the space of ages, the Powers of Darkness rebel against Our LOVE, creating karmic snares, barriers and fatal bonds, in order to block our way to each other. For, it was written from the beginning of ages in the Plan of Divine Cosmo-ProgRAm: The Holy Sophia-Mother of the Worlds and the Son-Spouse-Father, who was born from Her in Spirit, will show the Bliss of Holy LOVE to All Existence, finally having overcome the universal Evil!

It is about us, «The Song of Songs» of Solomon (an ancient Old-Egyptian Prayer about the LOVE of Osiris and Isis).

And the Image of Fairy Cinderella, which was transformed from the plain poor girl into a Mystical Beauty-Tsarevna, which has met with Her Beloved Tsarevitch, who was about to die from separation from Her, is a legend about the Father and Mother of the Worlds. And «the Feast all over the world» is the same as «The alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkruser» — the Alchemy of LOVE of Ioann-Peter Vtoroy and Maria DEVI CHRISTOS:

The Mystical Sign from invitation
to the Royal Wedding.

«The Day, this Day,
is a Royal Wedding Day.
If you were born and by God's selection
Invited to this Celebration,
then be glad!
Immediately go to the mountain,
Where three majestic temples are located,
And See there everything from the beginning till the End.
First, carefully test yourself:
Let him who weighs too heavy, be careful.
That Wedding won't tolerate any guest,
Who Does not keep vigilance and is not clean»

It's also the biblical proverb about the Lord's Wedding, where there were many people who were invited, but few were selected.

Ioann-Peter Vtoroy is the Terrestrial incarnation of Horus, who united with the Spirit of Osiris. For, in the end of cosmic year everything repeats as it was in the beginning. He is the Spouse of the Mother of the World. Osiris-Horus, who was revived by the Great Mother of Gods-Isis. She took Him from waters, connected all 14 parts of His body, which were disfigured by Seth (The Lord of Darkness), and affirmed the Victory of LOVE in Cosmos! It's so simbolical : 14 parts of God's disfigured body is half of the Moon, 14 stops of the Cross — Way of Jesus Christ to Golgotha; 12 Apostols and Jesus with His Beloved Wife Mary Magdaline. 14 is a cabbalistic figure of transformation and metamorphozes, two sevens; 14=1+13. Hermes Ttismegist(1), holding the principle of Immortality(13), gives a picture of the powerful all-embracing deduction(14) and etc.

Om, Asar, Aset, Geru! [=Osiris, Isis and Horus / transl. from egyptian language]

Love Ioann-Peter Vtoroy is the Lord of LOVE of the Mother of the World, Maria DEVI CHRISTOS Herself is the Goddess of LOVE!

His fiery heart is ill, as well as the heart of the Universe — the Planet Earth, which carries the Karma of Humanity : Sign of Sorrow of the Father and Son. The Heart of Jesus Christ was torn to pieces from the strike of spear on the Calvary. However, there is nothing stronger than that Heart! For It's Golden! The unhuman torments, sufferings in the prisons and camps for Faith, LOVE and God's Knowledge, could endured with such a disease only True Horus (the Son of Isis), for it's beyond the power of all mortal people!

13 August — This Day was impressed in the rolls of Pyramids. Isis Herself proclaimed about it:

«I am Isis, and I went out of prison, in which My Brother Seth imprisoned Me. God Thehuty is the Great God, the Lord of Ma'at, as in Heaven, as on Earth, told Me:
«Go, Oh Isis, Goddess, aside from it, there is one thing else, that should be listened to. That person will live, who follows the advice of other people. Go and hide, together with Thy Baby-Son, and everything will come to Him. His limbs will grow and dual power of every genus will fill Him. He will be stated on the throne of His Father, whom He will save one day, and He will hold a high post of the Ruler of two Lands»».

That Day became the Sacred Day in the Universe — The Day of the Universal Freedom! However, God's Spirit remained Free and Firm also in the captivity! And The Darkness trembled before Us...

Jesus-Mary-John (Iisus-Maria-Ioann/rus.) — John-Jesus-Mary are One! Jesus (incarnation of Horus) is the Power of the Son and Heavenly Father, who is the Spouse of the God-Mother. Ioann-Peter Vtoroy is the Power of the Mother of the World, Her Terrestrial and Heavenly Spouse. The Mother of Gods is the Super Power of all Gods-Neferus. She is the Holy Spirit, without which there is nothing! She is Absolute Knowledge, Divine Wisdom, Eternal Beloved of the Father of Lights! Truly so!

On the 13 SEPTEMBER of 1997 — The Fire descended on Earth, for the Constellation of Virgo — the elements of Earth, became the Sign of Cosmic «MERGING WITH GOD» (BogoSoitie / RUS): the Terrestrial and Celestial in the Spirit of Truth. Mother of the World was connected with the True Divine Spouse of Eternity in One Light Harmony of Powers!

I am the Mother of the Universe, My Name makes many people tremble or causes the fear, or hatred, or LOVE. It is pronounced very silently, or in everyone's hearing, or not pronounced at all, for Darkness is afraid of His Holy Magic, for My Name is Light Itself! The Name of Mine is MARIA DEVI CHRISTOS! It is a Cosmic Code of Eternal Consciousness, the key to entry into Light. I am the Fiery sword of the Father of Lights, which strikes the horde of demons of the Darkness. Ioann-Peter Vtoroy is a Divine Scepter (Rod) of Power and Authority of the Mother of the Wolrd. He is My LOVE, Light and Eternity!
I am the Mother of the Universe, descended from Heaven on the 11th of April, 1990, in order to unite in a single whole the Terrestrial and Celestial, and transform the Darkness into Light!

On the 13th SEPTEMBER, the Historical Event was fulfiled in the Universe! The Divine Union of Terrestrial and Celestial was performed! I illuminated that Eternal, which was transformed into sinful and mortal on Earth. As a Rainbow, the Holy "ANKH" — (the old-egyptian symbol of Harmony) begane to shine ANKH, this is the Key of Life of the Universal Mother, the Holy Scepter of My IOANN. Myriad of stars descended on Earth and illuminated Space and Time!

In that Holiest Day, which became the Celebration of the Universal LOVE for all the Loving, was performed the Mystery: Mother of the World took Darkness, the Father of Light was clothed with Light. TWO became One Light, and Darkness covered Light with heavy cover of Universal Karma. From that Day, LOVE triumphed, Terrestrial became Heavenly, and Heavenly — Terrestrial. The Present, the Last and the Future were connected in One Eternal: Masculine became Feminine, and Feminine — Masculine. The Harmony between Husband and Wife Triumphed, the sinful became Holy! IEBE (Mother-Life) began to shine with All Her Fires. That was shown to the Old Sage Moses and He saw it in the time of His Ordination in the Pyramid almost 3 thousand 5 hundred years ago! It was Accomplished!!! ASSA!

From that Holy Day, all Darkness at the head with Lucifer tests Our LOVE, smothers, destroys, humiliates, banishes, plunges into Hell, but defeated by the Greatest Power of Light Harmony and LOVE, steps back, thrown away, and LOVE affirms Thyself still more and more. She is stronger than Hell, stronger than Darkness, stronger than Lucifer, stronger than Eternity! LOVE — the Mother of the World wins a victory over Darkness, illuminating by Self All the Existing, filling it with the Life-giving Sweetest Nectar, Beauty and Power of Light! LOVE — Ioann-Peter Vtoroy is stronger than torments, stronger than Evil, stronger than Darkness and higher than Heaven!

Every time Mother of the World and Father of Lights take off the royal garments and take the full Darkness on Themselves. They do this, in order to strike the Darkness by the Light of the Holy Eternal LOVE! And very soon, the Light of Divine LOVE will transform the consciousness of All the Existing! The Transformed Children of Light, Daughters and Sons of the Rose of the World, will enter into the New Heaven and populate the New Earth in the Future Golden Age of Humankind; The Name of which will be: The KINGDOM OF ETERNAL LOVE!

Today The Mystical Unions of LOVE are born in the Universal Community — «the Great White Brotherhood» «USMALOS». These Divine Couples, which were blessed by the Holy Spirit, will form the New Family in the Future Age, where God's Love begins to rule.

Let's sing a Glorious Song to Eternal LOVE of the Mother of the World and the Lord of Lights! Osanna! Hallilujah! USMALOS! All Glory to Eternal LOVE of Ioann-Maria (John-Mary)! AUM YIN! AUM RA!

The Mother of the World