Seven Levels of Ascension


Let's sing to the Light of God's love the Eternal Glory!

On December 25 of 1995 year, the Cosmic Wedding Ceremony of the Mother of the World and Father of Lights: Maria DEVI CHRISTOS and Ioann-Peter Vtoroy took place on Earth!

The Light descended from Heavens and married the Cosmic LightWarriors of the «USMALOS» Divine — Cosmic ProgRAm of the Universal Fohatisation and Rescue of Earth by the Holy Spirit. Maria DEVI CHRISTOS has connected Her Flaming Fohatical Heart with Ioann-Peter Vtoroy. He is a Logos of Absolute LOVE of the Mother of the World! This the Greatest Event conceived the Macrocosmic Meaning, having become the Apogee of the «USMALOS» ProgRAm. This Holy Day Became the crucial moment in the history of planetary mankind, for the Epochal Fulfilment of the Unity of Forces of the Matter and Spirit has started in the Universe.

Mother of the World has put the Beginning for the Light Harmony in all Worlds and Spaces, having proclaimed the Union of Eternal LOVE by Beneficial Sacred Action. In that very moment the Fohatical Outpouring of Absolute LOVE into the Sphere of the New Earth and the New Heaven have begun for all the Existence! The Absolute Force of the Creator is all-triumphant LOVE, in Maximum Manifestation of the Beloved woman and the Beloved man, became for the Earthlings the Only Salvation from the Forces of Darkness and the World Evil created by them...


...The Trial of the departing twentieth century, in a building of urban court of Kiev, on the Sophia square. That very square, where there is a Cathedral of Holy Sophia. Sophia — Oranta — God's Wisdom, whose Coming was expected by all nations and people. The Powers of Cosmos have designated this place by the Special Energy: having magnetize the axis, passing through it. The Ancient Sacral place of Atlantis, Throya and Kiev-Grad (City). The Cosmic axis passes through the Throne of the Holy Sophia. The altar became a place of the Second Coming of Christ in the Image of the Living Oranta — Maria DEVI CHRISTOS.

The Sign of the century: The Holy Sophia appeared in God's desecrated Temple, which became the museum, the dead architectural structure (where day-to-day goes a flow of the desired tourists). She has come as all other people, previously having paid the entrance in the Cathedral... She has come to illuminate the Temple by God's Prayer and God's Word, but was seized by guards and sent into a prison at Her thirty three years, the same as it was with Jesus Christ... Meanwhile, the evil was made: the whole company of brutal armed police has beaten in blood the Lord and His Saints between an Altar and a Sacrificial place, over which, in reproach, Oranta has arised Herself. Violence, beating, bloodshed concentrated in a point of passage of the Universal axis...

The Trial, by itself, didn't have analogues in the world, because judgers judged spitefully, with hatred and by the order, the Conscience Itself, that is Evangelie (rus.word) = the Gospel (eng.) (Where : Еvа (Eve) is Pra-Mother, Life, «gelios» is the Sun, by Kabbala.) — that means the Apocalyptical, «Wife clothed with the Sun», Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS — Isis-Sothis, and with Her, together, Her Horus (Son of Isis) and Seth...

On December 25 of 1995 — on the most shameful trial in the history of the planet, the «last word» was given to Ioann-Peter Vtoroy. Maria DEVI CHRISTOS was sentenced for intrusion into the temple, sentenced for a Word of the Truth... Twenty centuries ago Jesus has rushed into the desecrated judaic temple with the Disciples and has dispersed the trading men by a thong, having overturned stores and having scattered coins by the floor. He also was sentenced and crucified by the priests of Sinedrion for God's Word. But history, though repeats, the earthlings don't take their lessons...

Meanwhile, these black pages in the history of mankind are impressed by Forces of Punishment in the Akasha-Chronix of the Universe. And, certainly, the Cosmic boomerang will return to those, whose hands were managed in this satanic action of brutal punishment over the Lord and His Saints. For Cosmos acts according to the Cosmic Law of Karma. Everyone is equal before this Law...


The consequences of non-acception of the Cosmic Ambassadors are obvious: the planet chokes with an asthma of furious satanism, cataclysms and wars, deseases which carry the death and pestilences overtake whole countries ...The people are in dormant state of mind, for «the Beast» has made everything to mark all world by his fatal label «666» (nano-chipization), having transformed the billions alive essences in controlled biorobots - zombies of demons!

«USMALOS» «The Great White Brotherhood» withstands to the program of dark forces. We actively disclose their criminal plans against the Humankind. For this we have been percecuted more than 20 years, and it is not the end, but just the beginning of the Great Armageddon between Light and Dark Forces. But We know, that Cosmic LightWarriors of the Great Mother of the World will win this battle! AUM RA!

As to «fathers» of a decomposed corpse of orthodoxy, so truly, they represent themselves a totalitarian sect, which having nothing from Jesus Christ, for a long time emasculated His Doctrine, having left the true christianity, as many other sects... So, they, these fathers in shoulder-straps, first of all, hated the Living Mother-Goddess, for they do not know Sacred Feminine, and cupolas are gild in the eve of Apocalypse, on uncountable means of the poor people. Have You ever been under central Orthodox Cathedral in the center of Moscow, for example? Under this temple there are comfortable garages and fashionable hotels with restaurants and saunas... Here's all abomination of desolation, which was predicted through the old prophet Daniel! The Complete hell and deceit for ones, who fondly kissing gold crosses, which were desecrated for a long time already and not having the Sacred Power! That's nothing, metropolitans distribute to the laymen the orders and the awards, instead of absolution!.. Truly, here is a visible Phenomenon and the authority of Anti-Christ program!


Let's return, in That Sacred Day for us, 25 December of 1995!

The walls of the trial were suddenly moved apart and the Fiery Tongues of the Living Flame descended on our Heads from Heavens. Our Hands were connected and the Holy Spirit Illuminated Our Faces and filled Our Hearts. By a white Covering, from My Head, We connected Our Fingers and were engaged, having exchanged with the Sacred Beads, similar to the wedding rings... The Grace has spread in air, Light illuminated all existence. The Mystery was performed, and became Obvious! Our All-Powerful LOVE has defeated the Darkness, having opened the walls of dungeons and has connected Us FOR EVER AND EVER! My Unique Beloved, the Lord of My LOVE, Ioann-Peter Vtoroy!

Since That Sacred Day, the Golden Sphere envelops the globe and constantly neutralizes whirlwinds of negatively — charged fields, dissolving demonic forces, clothing all the Living in an Aureole of Unputrefaction by Absolute LOVE of the Mother and Father of Lights! It is Usmalosian Process of Space Fohatisation. Aura of the planet Earth, the energetic center of Our Universe is gradually clearing, filling by vibrations of absolute frequency of the Purest Gold of Our LOVE. The Divine Alchemy is created in the Universe by the Mother of the World and the Holy Spouse of Eternity! Today Ethers are filled by the Living Gold of Fohat of Maria DEVI CHRISTOS and Ioann-Peter Vtoroy! And soon the Saved Gold becomes enough to make Transformation of the planet Earth, Space and Humankind! Then, at last, We — the Mysterious Cosmic Ambassadors, from another metagalaxy, will come back in the Embrace of Heaven, in Our Eternal Paradise Abode, having left for Earthlings a New Renovated Earth, with New Cosmic Name: BOHEMIA...(God is Mother, from RUS)

New Generation, the Children of Light, being born in Spirit by the Mother and Father of Lights, will be on the renovated planet, in the Transformed world of the future sixth race. There will be spread a New Faith and New Consciousness, there will be born a New World and the State of LOVE!


...The twentieth century dies... Before the New Epoch — the Epoch of Aquarius, the Future Transfiguration, which is performed by the LOVE of the Living Goddess-Mother, Epochal Teacher and the Creator of the New Earth and the New Heaven! There is no such force, that could turn the history of the Universe back. For the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS and the LOVE — Ioann-Peter Vtoroy, with Their Universal Community «USMALOS» «the Great White Brotherhood», withstand to the Powers of Evil — the Alien Reptilian Civilization of Annunaki

22 years has been going the Divine plan in the Universe. New Humankind, with New Cosmic Consciousness is born, from which the Eternal Light of God's Knowledge is radiated. For the Teaching of Maria DEVI CHRISTOS is a Science and Spiritual CultUre. Where «Ure» means Divine Wisdom, symbolized in The Ancient Egyptian symbol — urey. [ Urey is a diadem in the shape of a snake, which Pharaohs wore on their heads and the Ordained priests of the Ancient Egypt as a sign of God's Elite and the Clarified Consciousness.] For Isis, having come out of prison, where She was hidden by Seth, who torned the Holy Body of Her Beloved Osiris into fourteen parts, has Gathered by sells Her Light Creation of LOVE, from which was born Horus, resurrected Osiris, the Spouse of the Fiery Mother of Waters!

All the 12th chapter of the biblical Revelation of John speaks about it. Here is a fragment:

«And a Great Sign appeared in Heaven: a Woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under Her feet, and on Her head a crown of twelve stars. (In the Centrum of the Universe of zodiac circle is a New Luminary: Mother of the World). She was with child; and She cried out, being in labor and in pain to give borth. (The Rebirth of Horus — Ioann-Peter Vtoroy). And another sign appeared in Heaven: and behold, a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and on his heads were seven diadems. (Anty-Christ Image-program and the new global government, total system «the Beast» with a mark «666»). His tail swept away a third of the stars of heaven, and threw them to the earth. (Comet, cataclysms and a third of the black angels, servants of the hell). And the dragon stood before the Woman who was about to give birth, so that when She gave birth he might devour Her child. (The trial, Powers of Darkness, who hate the Living God and Christ).
And She gave birth to a son, a male child, who is to rule all the nations with a rod of iron;
(A sceptre of Spiritual Power of Horus, the Spouse of Eternity.); And Her child was caught up to God and to His throne» (Ascension on God's Throne of the Father of Eternity, who is the Son of the Mother of the World) (Bible/ Revelation, 12:1-5).


All «Revelation of John the Divine» speaks about the «USMALOS» ProgRAm. The year 2012 is a Dragon's year. Number «2» by Cabbala corresponds to Female Origin, which overcomes the Dragon by Her Divine Power. For number «2» — is two units (2=1+1). The Unit — is the Lord, in which is All Existence! Zero is a snake, biting her own tail, in other words, it's the urey, which symbolizes the being, «the wisdom of ages». In the number «2012» there are two numbers of 2. The Divine Female Principle corresponds to the Cosmic Isean Pentagram = 5= (2+0+1+2), or God's Wisdom, and also the transition to a new cycle of calculation. [To the Epoch of the Mother of the World / interp.] Masculine Origin, corresponding to the unity [1], becomes Female Essence, containing in Herself «two» [two units /interp.] — by number «2». That evidently speaks about the Coming of the Epoch of the Mother of the World, who is by Herself the Universal Femininity and the Great Harmony of two opposite Cosmic Origins: Husband and Wife or Fulfilment of the «USMALOS» ProgRAm! «USMALOS» is Upiter, [Jupiter/eng. equiv.] Saturn, Мars, Мercury. These are four apocalyptical horsemen, which gallop on a white, an ashen, a red and a black horse to the New Time. And the Aquarius pours out on them from a Big Dipper — «Los» the Living Water of the Holy Spirit! For the Aquarius Epoch is a Epoch of the Holy Spirit!

The transfiguring Force of the Lord's LOVE — is a New Knowledge and Connection in the Golden Harmony of Matter and Spirit of the Light Father and Mother in Ain-Sof Divine Matrix!

All Glory to the Light-outflow of Absolute LOVE of the Holy Mother and the Holy Father of Lights for ever and ever! AUM RA!

Hallelujah! USMALOS! ІЕВЕ! [From the Ancient Juddish IEBE translates as LIFE~Eternal Mother / interp.]
Congratulation with the New Era, dear Earthlings!
With Great Blessing —
Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS